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Opinion: Luxury Balls are a waste of game currency. They're expensive and they don't have a higher catch rate at all OTL

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yaknow with this Fine Bros shit goin on and just youtube in general turning into this mega-corporate, sterile, soulless, click-bait, shameful thing ive been doing a lot of thinking about my channel and the future of it going forward. this is gonna sound very rose tinted, but i remember a time when interesting, creative, and funny stuff was made just for the sake of doing it. not too push for the most ad revenue possible and become a click-baity cum stain that has FLASHY THUMBNAILS. ive watched countless channels and creators start out as just some friends doing something they find fun or cool and then turn into these mechanical beasts that push out shameless content on a schedule once they become super popular so they can make the absolute highest amount of money.

now im not negating the fact that making money as a content creator is very important. everyone has the dream of turning the thing they love into a living. but it gets to a point where people get so bloodthirsty hungry for that goal, that they forgot why they even started making content in the first place. this is how you end up with things like game grumps. its all fake. they arent enjoying playing those games, theyre grinding it out because its an easy way to make fucktons of money. their personalities are fabricated and flanderized so the lonely viewer at home can feel like they actually have a connection to these guys that are actually just in it to pump out thousands upon thousands of dollar billz.

there has to be a healthy median between making money off your channel and not turning into literal cum. i want to see actual genuine passion, but thats hard to come by on youtube these days.

i dont know how onyourcomputer will end up in this big clusterfuck of sad men making money off of impressionable children, but i will say this. at this point in time i want onyourcomputer to be solely about what i want to make and have it be exclusively on my terms. i do this because i enjoy it. i have a burning fire in my soul for comedy and directing. i do want to eventually get to a point where i can live off of onyourcomputer comfortably financial wise, but i dont want to do it in a mechanical way. even if it takes way longer to grow, i want to grow organically. i dont want to be a part of the beast that is slowly killing creativity and artistic integrity. i want onyourcomputer to stay independent for as long as it exists. the farthest id step out of these bounds is if i got a show on adult swim (thatd be pretty fucking sick) and thats only because i feel that they have similar interests in mind.

if i ever deviate from this and become part of the beast, im a fucking liar piece of shit and you should unsubscribe from me.

love you all,