dollar bill



Mark Wagner ’s intricate Currency Collages are the complex work of someone with the patience of Job. His rendering of the Statue of Liberty alone used thousands of dollar bills that were cut into 54,234 pieces. The collages sometimes feature portraits of presidents - often depicted pruning mystical creatures or trying to tame beasts of the wild.

Wagner has transformed and also managed to redefine the value of the currency he uses - are these painstaking works of art worth more than the thousands of one dollar bills he uses to create a single piece or vice-versa.

But I especially like how the artworks handles through Wagner’s own words…

“Money is human invention and subject to human redefinition. It is sometimes an overwhelming and illusive thing to consider…this often makes money seem oppressive. If anything, I’d like my art to help diffuse some of this tension about money. See…its not such a bully…you can cut it up and make pictures out of it if you want.”

His work is being exhibited right now thru Oct 5, 2013 at the Paul Zoubok Gallery - 531 West 26th Street - New York, NY 10001

via paradigm magazine, the awesomer

image credit - mark wagner website