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i want 2 add to the author praise by saying that even though i'm not even really someone who tends to read fanfics often, yet alone enjoy them, the way you've composed MSA (havent read BYGGUALOM yet oops!) is honestly so refreshing and captivating? like i really love your takes on these characters and oh god the concept itself is just so amazing?? i totally mean it as a compliment when i say that the story/characters thus far are so unique it could almost stand as its own original story? (1/?)

(2/3) i hope that makes sense, but i feel like you’ve taken the groundwork of these characters/environment and just gone in your own direction with it and its just. so cool. i’m not a writer myself but i value stories a lot and i try to incorporate them into my own art, and i find it so inspiring how you’ve not only weaved this captivating idea, but you’ve also clearly put a lot of thought into creating characters who still hold their original essence, even though their arcs are now vastly

(3/3) different. i hope my ramblings have made sense haha, and i really can’t wait to see how your stories will unfold in the future! ( ´∀`)b

thank you for this message, it was really sweet!! i’m really glad the worldbuilding has been holding up in msa, i’ve spent a lot of time thinking up new fuckery for this au and im honestly really excited to write them all. really glad you’re looking forward to them too!! 


Finished the aprons for my final project in my graphic design tech class! I had to make a last minute change and turned the RTAA one in to a “Million Dollars But…” one instead, but aside from that not much has changed from the original plan.  Now that they’re all done I just need to print it off and turn it in. Wish me luck!

**double post: one post two confession!

I truly love Isaac, and it’s thoughtful he’s making these little plaques to sell at Hanson Day. But let’s be honest, they’re awful.  Yes the quotes are inspiring, but they look rubbish. My dog could make a better effort with a black sharpie pen.  The ones he’s posted so far look like quick notes he’s scribbled on post-it notes. He’s not even written in straight lines for christs sake.  But knowing this fandom, they’ll lap them up and pay over the odds for them.

If Isaac charges more than five dollars for his gallery art work, I am so done with this band. LOL-who am I kidding? I’m here til the end.


Logan and Veronica Appreciation Week

4. Favorite LoVe Book Quote -The moments they’d spent together before he’d shipped out on his latest naval tour had been the most peaceful she could remember–even with her anxiety about her dad. It’d been the first time she’d felt complete in a long time.  And then, just like that, he was gone again.


After an August tease, Bugatti has unveiled its Vision Gran Turismo, a hypercar designed for Polyphony Digital’s ever-expanding slate of fanciful, incredible cars designed for Gran Turismo’s virtual world. 

It’s pretty amazing to see a staid, century-old maker of multimillion dollar works of art even participate in the project, but what’s even more amazing is that this looks like it could be a real car — and it will be, on the floor of the Frankfurt auto show later this month.