dollar art work


Finished the aprons for my final project in my graphic design tech class! I had to make a last minute change and turned the RTAA one in to a “Million Dollars But…” one instead, but aside from that not much has changed from the original plan.  Now that they’re all done I just need to print it off and turn it in. Wish me luck!


After an August tease, Bugatti has unveiled its Vision Gran Turismo, a hypercar designed for Polyphony Digital’s ever-expanding slate of fanciful, incredible cars designed for Gran Turismo’s virtual world. 

It’s pretty amazing to see a staid, century-old maker of multimillion dollar works of art even participate in the project, but what’s even more amazing is that this looks like it could be a real car — and it will be, on the floor of the Frankfurt auto show later this month.