dollar and fish

A small portion of my seashell collection, the more unique ones ─ my mom found all of these while travelling (except for the little starfish, which my friend gave me in elementary school, and the quartz point) 💖 to me, the broken conches (farthest left) look like magical wands, the broken shell on the top right looks like a bat wing and the piece of coral on the bottom right hand corner looks like a mermaid’s tail! 🐚✨

Fight, fight!!

Since today is the last day of Mermay, here’s another one! Based on a fish I had when I was a kid

Holy Fuck, Someone Kept A Silver Dollar In A Bowl For 3.5 Years

Yeah, you read that right. I had to drop off something a neighbor left at my house, and in the windowsill was a dusty old fishbowl. I assumed there were dead/dying succulents or something in there, because the in the bottom of the bowl was a grayish-greenish-brownish lump. (Idk go with it I didn’t have my glasses on) I’m really into plants, so I walked over to it on my way out. Upon closer inspection, I saw it had eyes. And gills. And what was left of rotted brown fins. Yeah, someone had kept a fucking spotted silver dollar in a .5 gallon fish bowl. I asked my neighbor for her, and they gladly gave her to me. “I’ve been waiting for this god damn thing to die for 3 and a half years.” So this poor little girl has been kept in a bowl hardly bigger than her for at least 3.5 years. So naturally, I dropped it off, grabbed the bowl, and got the fuck outta there. I put her in my 20 gal. cory tank as soon as I got home, because my 55 is already overstocked. She’s about 3.5 inches long, her find are tattered and brown, her eyes are cloudy, but she seems otherwise active. She doesn’t have any issue with feeding or swimming other than she’s a little slow. As soon as I rehome my loaches from the 55, she’ll be going in there. Does anyone have advice? I think she’ll make it, but I’m not depending on it. If anyone has some advice, I’d really appreciate it. I love her already, and I really want her to pull through.

just to be clear

acceptable: pranking your children every once in a while ( scary maze game, silly string surprise, dollar bill on a fishing line, fake poop etc )

unacceptable: physically and emotionally abusing your children ( breaking their toys, pushing them around, yelling and swearing in their face ) and consistently exploiting your children’s discomfort and pain for profit


“So, what you’re saying is that you’re essentially a fish.”
“I am not a bloody fish, Hux.”

Kylux Merman AU in which:

  • Hux is an overworked CEO of his family’s multimillion-dollar fishing company, First Order fisheries. Following a major stressed induced nervous breakdown, he’s forced to his grandparent’s old seaside mansion to recuperate. Doctor’s orders. 
  • Whilst sullenly walking along the private beach by the house, Hux catches sight of what looks like a person hopelessly entangled in one of his company’s fishing nets. 
  • Wanting to avoid a potential publicity nightmare, Hux rushes over to the figure, swiss army knife in hand, only to find that the individual trapped in said net is not exactly human.
  • Meanwhile, Kylo is the headstrong prince of an undersea colony ruled by his mother, Queen Leia. 
  • The heir to the throne and the colony’s fiercest warrior, he is also a chronic rule-breaker who frequently breaches the surface and swims near the two-legs’ dwellings (which is how he got caught in the net in the first place)
  • Kylo’s colony is also currently in conflict with another colony ruled by a mysterious being known as Snoke (but that’s a story for another time)
  • Although Kylo’s people have vocal cords, they communicate with each other primarily through telepathy (though clicks and squeaks are also used under certain circumstances!)
  • Hux is shocked enough to find what looks like a merman entangled in his company’s fishing net, but he near passes out when he hears Kylo in his head for the first time. 
  • Kylo is badly injured by the net, too hurt to return to his home in the sea. In a rare moment of compassion, Hux takes pity on him and takes him into his home to nurse him back to health (anything to break the tedium of day to day life without his work).
  • Hux is only going to take care of Kylo till he recovers, and then he’s going to dump him back into the ocean. Not a day longer, he swears. 
  • Yeah right. 

I am thrilled to share this AU with you guys! Anyone who’s known me for a while will know that I love mermaid au’s, and really it was only a matter of time before I turned my greedy eyes to my current OTP!

A HUGE thank you to @hux-you-up who not only didn’t balk and run screaming for the hills when I hesitantly suggested this AU to her, but has spent hours and hours enthusiastically discussing it with me, building and fleshing out this verse to something pretty damn solid! We definitely have enough material here for a full-length fic of epic proportions. Maybe someday, maybe someday. ;)

Bettas for littles

Okay so since there is a lot of misinformation going around about betta fish being easy to take care of I decided to make a post with the actual facts.

Yes, Bettas are relatively easy pets to take care of, but they still require lots of love and special attention!

🐬 Bettas need AT LEAST 2.5 gallons, thought I highly recommend 5 or more, you cant have too big of a tank!

🐬 Water conditioner is a must! You can get a small bottle of Seachem prime at your local pet store for around 5 dollars

🐬 Betta fish need both heaters and filters! Bettas are originally from a very warm place, therefore they like their water around 80 degrees.

🐬Its extremely easy to overfeed Bettas! Pellets are easier to use than flakes, I feed my boys two pellets a day, and thats plenty!


🐬Water changes should be done regularly, I do a 50% water change weekly. Never change 100% of the water!

Though bettas are great pets for littles, they can become expensive and do still require work if you want them to be happy, and nobody wants a sad pet!
Remember, just because an animal is surviving, doesn’t mean its thriving!

Food Network Gothic

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives is on. They play 5 episodes in a row. They play the same five episodes again. And again. And again.

You are watching Chopped. Someone is crying over an unsupportive parent. You wonder what it has to do with their food. The answer is nothing. The judges chop them. The pasta water was not salted. 

You are watching Chopped. A chef claims to be above a basket ingredient. They have not yet realized they are competing on TV for money. They serve uncooked chicken. 

You are watching Chopped. For the dessert round, the ingredients are ground beef, cilantro, horse hooves and a rare fruit from Alaska that is poisonous if not peeled correctly. Both chefs make bread pudding and open the oven every 30 seconds to check it. 

Bobby Flay has a new show. No one asked for Bobby Flay to have a new show. You wonder why no one has punched Bobby Flay on his show. You look up how to be a contestant on Bobby Flays show for the express purpose of punching him in the face when you meet him on his show. You watch three episodes.

A new daytime cooking show has appeared. You have never seen the host before. Their aunt is a guest and insults how they cook. They are already on season 6.

Ina Garten is having a dinner party. She has invited her friend who is a florist, her friend who does tablescapes, her friend who owns a bakery, her friend who owns a cafe in paris, her friend who has connections to an underground truffle ring, a friend who knows where the truffle pigs do not forage, a friend who owes Ina big time, a friend who can carry something roughly the weight of a medium sized human named Jeffery who missed his Friday chicken dinner and threw Ina a subpar anniversary party and should have known that store bought was NOT fine, and a friend who owns a million dollar fishing shack in Nantucket.

Giada is carefully sounding out words in an Italian accent. You didn’t know you said the names of so many ingredients wrong. You are not sure Giada knows this either. 

There is a contest show about food trucks. Someone tries to sell a quesadillia off a truck for $25. There appears to be a line around the block. You question your college degree choices.

Iron Chef has given Morimoto a voice over. He is speaking perfectly understandable english. 

Cupcake Wars is on. One contestant tries to put meat in a cupcake. The judges eat cupcakes gravely, with faces like they are sentencing people to death. The theme is clowns. 

TalesFromYourServer: Visible tattoos

Hey everyone. So I just wanted your opinion, input, etc on how you deal with this. I work at a 30+ dollar a plate fresh fish restaurant. We wear white shirts, black vests, black trousers, tie, and bistro apron. We are encouraged to roll our sleeves up to make hand washing easier and just stay clean. It is hot af most of the time so I roll my sleeves up past my elbow. I have some very visible and pretty flower tattoos on my arm, I’m working on a sleeve. Here is my question: how do you deal with people touching your tattoos? Seriously at least once a shift, more if the ink is fresh, total strangers at my table think it is okay to grab my arm, poke my tattoo, or try to pull my sleeve up higher. It is fucking shocking to me. I don’t know you! How do I preserve my tip and get them to stop it? I guess I could keep my sleeves down but like I said, it’s hot and uncomfortable to wear it that way. I don’t mind showing or talking about my tattoos, but who tf raised you to think that it’s perfectly normal to grab someone’s arm and twist it around without their consent to look at their ink? Side note, if I walk up to a table and say hello, and you immediately ask me “that rose, what does that mean to you?” I will shut you down. It’s personal. I don’t know you. Why do you think it’s okay to ask me such personal questions? Bitch you did not even say hello to me and you want to interrogate me about the personal significance of my art?

Tl; dr

How do you nicely tell a customer that it is fucked up to grab your arm?

By: torienne4lyfe