dollar and fish

I love to meditate, especially before bed 💕 “If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air” ☁🙏️🐚✨


took the wife to the pet store to get a betta setup

(we were prepared to drop like 200 bucks on spoiling a single betta, weeks of research all that,)

accidentally fell in love with a fish so we have that too now

which is like

personally hilarious to me, because

jesus fuck we spent 200 bucks on a tank and live plants and heater/filter/etc but the 8 dollar fish no THAT was the splurge/irresponsible purchase


(Pics later)


“So, what you’re saying is that you’re essentially a fish.”
“I am not a bloody fish, Hux.”

Kylux Merman AU in which:

  • Hux is an overworked CEO of his family’s multimillion-dollar fishing company, First Order fisheries. Following a major stressed induced nervous breakdown, he’s forced to his grandparent’s old seaside mansion to recuperate. Doctor’s orders. 
  • Whilst sullenly walking along the private beach by the house, Hux catches sight of what looks like a person hopelessly entangled in one of his company’s fishing nets. 
  • Wanting to avoid a potential publicity nightmare, Hux rushes over to the figure, swiss army knife in hand, only to find that the individual trapped in said net is not exactly human.
  • Meanwhile, Kylo is the headstrong prince of an undersea colony ruled by his mother, Queen Leia. 
  • The heir to the throne and the colony’s fiercest warrior, he is also a chronic rule-breaker who frequently breaches the surface and swims near the two-legs’ dwellings (which is how he got caught in the net in the first place)
  • Kylo’s colony is also currently in conflict with another colony ruled by a mysterious being known as Snoke (but that’s a story for another time)
  • Although Kylo’s people have vocal cords, they communicate with each other primarily through telepathy (though clicks and squeaks are also used under certain circumstances!)
  • Hux is shocked enough to find what looks like a merman entangled in his company’s fishing net, but he near passes out when he hears Kylo in his head for the first time. 
  • Kylo is badly injured by the net, too hurt to return to his home in the sea. In a rare moment of compassion, Hux takes pity on him and takes him into his home to nurse him back to health (anything to break the tedium of day to day life without his work).
  • Hux is only going to take care of Kylo till he recovers, and then he’s going to dump him back into the ocean. Not a day longer, he swears. 
  • Yeah right. 

I am thrilled to share this AU with you guys! Anyone who’s known me for a while will know that I love mermaid au’s, and really it was only a matter of time before I turned my greedy eyes to my current OTP!

A HUGE thank you to @hux-you-up who not only didn’t balk and run screaming for the hills when I hesitantly suggested this AU to her, but has spent hours and hours enthusiastically discussing it with me, building and fleshing out this verse to something pretty damn solid! We definitely have enough material here for a full-length fic of epic proportions. Maybe someday, maybe someday. ;)

Alright aquatic and reptile community, just a reminder that Petco’s $1 per gallon sale starts tomorrow (Sunday, September 27th) Great time to upgrade for your little friends! Best deal is obviously with the larger tanks, instead of paying 119 you can pay 40 for a 40 gal breeder, signal boost this shit not just for the enthusiast but for the beginner as well. If you’re tight for money but find your pets growing out of their baby tanks, now is the time.

You leave all the open-ended questions unanswered
and your secrets locked behind your lips. You leave
me alone drowning in the middle of an ocean created
by my own tears. I’m like a dog chasing it’s own tail
or a child running after a dollar bill being pulled by
a fishing line. I’ll lay awake at night, unable to sleep
because of the fantasies locked inside my head, and
hope my heart won’t hear their loudness, but 
it always does, beating itself to more bruises, and
my gut will cringe because, when will I learn?