Can I Just Say...

I am devouring the Dollanger series by V.C. Andrews. I couldn’t put down Flowers in the Attic. I loved it. It was a stay up all night reading and neglecting your responsibilities kind of love. Petals on the Wind was good too. That one made me feel a little bit like a pervert for actually rooting for a brother and sister to get together. I got over it though. Now I’m reading If There Be Thorns, and I want to beat the snot out of Bart. Seriously, that kid needs a whoopin. I already have the next book, so i can start it as soon as I finish book 3.

{ Y O U  P L A Y  W I T H  T H E  W O L V E S } a red riding hood fanmix 

she did not know that the wolf 
was a wicked sort of animal,
and she was not afraid of him.

little red riding hood – jade bennett//dogteeth - nicole dollanger// bones of a rabbit - young heretics//disarm - the civil wars//i know i’m a wolf - young heretics// howl - florence & the machine//the wolf - fever ray//begging for thread - banks// no angels - bastille// drowning - banks