Girl with a wolf mask.
girl who bites back.
girl with teeth, with claws,
girl with blood on her mouth.

he thinks he can catch her.
thinks he can hunt her down, rifle at the ready, point aim fire point aim fire point aim fire and
he misses.

but there comes a point when even god gets tired. even monsters need sleep. even wolves let their guard down.

girl with a doll face.
girl with no bite.
girl with shiny teeth, with painted nails,
girl with a lipstick mouth.

she looks in the mirror
“this is what he’s done to me,”

girl learns how to fight with bare hands. learns how to tear skin from bone.

new wolf mask
new claws
new teeth
girl never sleeps again.

—  red riding hood wasn’t looking for anyone to save her– lily rain

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I want to know what each heathers ship would call each other in a romantic way in your opinion

okay, so I’ve been sitting on this ask, cause I wasn’t sure if you meant Heathers ships as in, the Heathers, or all ships from the fandom, so I eventually went with Heathers meaning THE Heathers and not all the ships, and their cutesy nicknames. if I got that wrong, I apologise…. anyways, here they are….

chandlmara: Chandler to McNamara: cutie pie, bunny, fuzzy bee, sweetie pie, honeybun, ducky, love bun, and macky wacky. McNamara to Chandler: red hot, hot bod, queen bee (normally after Chandler calls her fuzzy bee), my queen, chandy candy, cutie patootie, and snuggly wuggly Heather poo.

dukesaw: Duke to Veronica: nerd, bookworm, dork, geek, dweeb, loser, ronica, cootie squad, greasy nobody, and occasionally when no one else is around, roni-ron, ron bon, or sweet kisses. Veronica to Duke: cutie, sugar lumps, sweet cheeks, sweetie, hershey kisses, kitten, sugar lips, pumpkin, sweet thang, baby bear, dumpling, pudding pop, and whatever she can come up with on the spot to fluster her.

chanduke: Chandler to Duke: bitch face, asshat, cunt licker, fuckling, bitch lips, dog fucker, and when she’s feeling affectionate, duckers, cutie booty, or smooshy wooshy. Duke to Chandler: ass licker, red rocket, cum guzzler, sperm dumpster, and when no one else is around, chandy, candy cheeks, and can-can.

mcduke: McNamara to Duke: cutie wootie, fuzzy duckling, cuddle bun, sweet pea, Dukey wookey, duckie wuckie, snuggle bug, and DeeDee. Duke to McNamara: goody two shoes, needy weedy (normally when McNamara calls her Dukey wookey), honey, honeycomb, macaroni, cheesy butt, mar mar, ra-ra, and Future Mrs. Heather Duke.

mcnamawyer:Veronica to McNamara: fuzzy wuzzy, sunset, sunflower, cuddle bug, cutie butt, love bug, honey bee, bumble bee, sugar cubes, lovey wovey, maccy, nam-nam, baby girl, angel, lil princess, buttercup, sunshine, and mcnam. McNamara to Veronica: ron-ron, ronnie, lovey wovey, cutie rootie, love dove, snuggle butt, kissy face, pupper, and kissy wissy missy.

chansaw: Veronica to Chandler: babe, hot thing, angel lips, rose kisses, dream girl, kink queen, lil devil, candy chandy, muffin, elegant rose, pookie wookie, doll face, and little girl. Chandler to Veronica: bubble butt, sexy, blueberry kisses, kitty cat, Roni, squishy wishy, liquor lips, and V-Ron.

jduke: Duke to JD: poser, wannabe, walking disaster, bad boy, casanova, and daredevil. JD to Duke: cactus, succubus, wicked witch of the west, miss pouty, sweet envy, and number one.

trenchcoatscrunchie/chandean: Chandler to JD: lover boy, red dawn, wonder boy, honey badger, and kingy. JD to Chandler: head bitch, boner killer, ladybug, wonder woman, panda bear, and queenie.

jd x mcnamara: McNamara to JD: boo boo bear, fire cracker, binky, tough guy, bunny wunny, cutie booty, snuggle butt, and jason wason. JD to McNamara: squeaky toy, mac nam, doodle bug, mac mac, and cuddle butt.

if y'all want other ships not here,or if I missed any, lemme know??? and I’ll come up with some more.

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Pet names daddy's use on reade r

Newt-Darling, love. (Can also put ‘my’ in front of them) I could also see sweetheart, but not too much.

Stephen-Dear, darling. Uses their name mostly.

Marius-Dearest, love. Mademoiselle upon the first meet lol

Jack-Doesn’t really use them. But, dearest, or love can be used by him.

Eddie-Darlin’, sweetheart, honey, baby, doll, baby girl, doll face.

Balem-My Queen, My beauty, little dove, little bird, I’ve recently grown on him using kitten occasionally, also beloved (only when he’s head over fucking heels lol) and Beautiful.

Baby Boy


Hello!! Im gonna just say thank you again for likes and reblogs and follows! I’m still in shock that Greedy got more than 100 notes. I’m still working on Part 2 so it’ll be awhile till I post it but I thought why not write a quick Monsta X story???? Im not exactly sure what to call it but i wrote it and its here and its ready to be read! I hope you enjoy it!

Genre: Wonho x Reader. Fluff. Super Fluffy.

Rated: Mature?

Warnings: Mentioning of cyber-bullying. Bad words.

 Word Count: 1766

You never were really one to use cute nicknames, even when you started dating your best friend, Wonho. He would constantly call you cute names like princess, doll face, baby girl, you name it, he said it. Before you guys had gotten together he would call you ‘baby’ and 'beautiful’, it was just who he was. You on the other hand wouldn’t, scratch that, couldn’t call him anything other than Wonho, Hoseok, and the occasional 'babe’ but even that was hard for you. You didn’t know why but anytime you tried, it just wouldn’t feel right and you felt you were too far into your relationship to randomly start calling him cute names.

 So when you pressed post on your picture captioned “My baby boy.” you couldn’t help but grimace at yourself. You couldn’t change it though, the minute you posted something, you were spammed with likes. The picture of Wonho snuggled into your side, reaching 200 likes in the 13 seconds. Being the girlfriend of a Kpop star had its perks but it also had its down sides. You let out a small sigh as you caught a glimpse of a few hateful comments but ignored them, already used to the familiar tightening in your chest. You shook off the feeling and laughed at some of the stupider comments like “You fugly botch.” and “Your eyebrows are uneven.” knowing full well that your eyebrows were pretty fucking perfect.

You were laughing at some other comments and before you knew it, you had spent an hour and a half stalking commenters on your post. As you looked through some girl’s feed a notification popped up. You wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for the fact that it was a dm and that is was from Wonho. 

He had sent you a screenshot of the picture you posted and written out:

baby boy huh?????? I like it ;)

You felt your face get hot at his words and quickly closed out of the message, leaving him on read. You immediately regretted posting the photo as you convinced yourself that he was going to tease you about it till the end of time.

 Wonho always found it adorable that your were too shy to use anything other than his name. He never actually had an issue with it but he enjoyed bugging you about it just to get you to call him something simple like 'babe’. He loved how red your face would get and he never grew tired of it; just like how you never seemed to get used to his cute name-calling.

 As you lay back on the bed, trying to think of ways to avoid his imminent teasing, you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of your new nickname for him. It wasn’t like you were actually going to start calling him baby boy but it was still nice to say in your head. Although Wonho was older than you, you knew the nickname was perfect for him. He was always under you, touching and calling out for you like if he were a child and you were his mother.

 You swiftly got up from the bed, wearing nothing but a large t-shirt, and made your way to the kitchen deciding to make dinner for yourself since Wonho wasn’t going to be him for about another hour.

 As you finished pouring your ramen into a bowl when you heard the front door close.

 "Wonho! Are you home?“ Your voice rang through the apartment.

 When you didn’t hear a response, you got nervous. Of course it had to be him, you thought. No one would break into the 6th apartment on the 4th floor randomly.

 You made your way towards the living room, stepping between the couches.

 "What the hell?” You whispered to yourself. You thought you were going crazy as you turned your back to face the large window to the left of you.

 Suddenly you felt two hands wrap around your waist from behind. You let out a yelp and jumped slightly.

 "Hey baby girl.“ He laughed into your hair as you calmed yourself down.

 "Pabo!! That’s not funny. I nearly had a heart attack.” You turned to face him and reached up to smack his chest but he quickly caught your hand.

“Ah I’m sorry babe… It’s just so funny to see you get all worked up.” He said and pressed a light kiss to your hand.

 You pouted and pulled away from him to walk back to the kitchen trying not to cuss him out for being such a jerk. He quickly followed after you and frowned when he saw the single bowl of noodles.

 "Did you make me any?“ He questioned as you snatched a soda from the fridge. You ignored him and continued to grab things for your meal.

 "Hey! I’m talking to you.” He said blocking you from grabbing your chopsticks.

 You glared up at him and pushed him out of the way harshly. He stumbled to the side and you heard an angry huff come from the back of his throat. This brought a smile to your face but you didn’t let him see it. You quickly grabbed the chopsticks, your drink, and the soup before waddling out of the kitchen.

 "Oh come on don’t ignore me! You can’t stay mad at your baby boy for too long can you?“ You could hear the smirk in his voice as you stopped midway to the kitchen table.

 The sound of him walking out of the kitchen made you quickly set your stuff down on the table before running to the bedroom and shutting the door closed. You heard his laugh and the sound of him shuffling down the hall before you climbed into the bed and covered yourself in blankets, trying to hide yourself from him and his taunting.

 The sound of the bedroom door opening made you squeeze your eyes tightly. You held your breath as you felt the dip of the bed and heard his light breathing. His hands pulling back the large blankets to reveal you wrapped up in even more blankets. A small laugh escaped him as his hands wrapped around you and pulled you into him.

 You kept your eyes closed until he pulled the material away from your face. Your eyes and the tops of your red cheeks being the only thing he could see. You looked up at him and he let out a small 'aw’ before you pulled back.

 "I’m ignoring you. Go away.” You said, your voice muffled.

 "Y/n.“ He sounded more serious than before and this made you look up at him but when you saw the smile his face held, you rolled onto your stomach and let out a muffled groan.

 "Go ahead! Tease me! Tell me how much of an embarrassment I am. I hate myself already. My self-esteem is lower than the average persons already so lets see if we can get it to go down even further! Come on I can take it!” You unwrap yourself from the bundle of blankets aggressively and sit up criss cross applesauce. You lift your chin and shut your eyes expecting to be hit with a bunch of harmless jokes and ridicules.

 Obviously you were joking but you still wanted to get the teasing over with so you could get over the regretful statement and get back to eating your ramen.

 Instead of laughter, there was just silence. You slowly opened your eyes to see him staring at you with an amused twinkle in his eyes.

 "Are you done now?“ He asks crossing his arms.

 You let out a huff. You were annoyed with yourself and Wonho. Frustrated, you allowed your body to slump toward into his, your cheek landing on his chest as you breathed in the familiar scent of him.

 "I just don’t get how it’s so easy for you to call me all these cute names?!” You sigh into his chest. “It’s not fair! When I try, it feels forced and awkward.”

 He lets out a chuckle and runs his hand over your exposed leg, pulling you into his lap.

“Maybe it feels awkward because you are making it awkward.” He shrugs. “I actually find it super cute when you get embarrassed about it.”

 You let out a strangled groan against his t-shirt and pull away from him. He doesn’t let go of you as your eyes lock.

 "Stop worrying about it princess. I don’t care whether on not you call me anything other than my name. I’ve always used nicknames for everyone, it’s just a quirk. Like how you’re crazy good at being adorable, it’s just a natural thing.“ Wonho chuckles and brushes his thumb against your cheek making your cheeks get red once again.

 He smiles wide at your reaction towards him and shakes his head before leaning in and leaving a small kiss on your lips. You sigh and lean further into the kiss. His hands now squeezing at your thighs making you wrap your hand around the base of his neck. He deepens the kiss but as he does so, you are reminded of your ramen when your stomach growls quietly. You disconnect your lips from his and look at his now red lips and cheeks letting out a small giggle.

 You quickly climb off of him and jump off of the bed. "Where are you going baby?” He asks with a frown.

 "To go eat my noodles.“ You say simply and walk out of the room towards the kitchen table.

 "Don’t you want to share with your baby boy?” He laughs as he follows you out of the bedroom.

 "Wonho.“ You warn.

 "Don’t you mean baby boy?” He teases from behind you.

 You quickly turn around and watch the smirk wipe off of his face as he sees the glare you serve him. He spins on his heels and runs back towards the bedroom but you jump onto his back. You litter the back of his head and shoulders with light punches and slaps as he tries to apologise.

 "I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry i couldn’t help it!“ He laughs as both of you land on the bed.

 "I hate you.” You mumble and try to get off of him.

 "No you don’t.“ Wonho chuckles and pulls you into a small kiss.

 The two of you forgetting about the ramen and spend the rest of the night in bed, Wonho trying to convince you that you don’t really hate him.

Hotel Motel Holiday Inn

Dean Ambrose smut @hardcorewwetrash @welshwitch5 @squirrel666 “Damn it!!!” I yelled slamming my fists on the wall of the divas changing room. I lost my title match. The other divas already avoided me, now they will do so more. “I need to cool off..” I thought as I packed my bags. “Now to see if anyone will room with me” I mumbled as I noticed all the girls were in conversation with each other.

“Hey Becky!” I walked up to the Irish lass kicker, “would you wanna room with me? I haven’t been able to get a riding buddy either.”

“Uh sorry, I’m rooming with Nattie already” she never looked up from her bag.

“Oh that’s ok… I’ll probably just go on and drive to the next town. It’s no big deal.” I faked a smile and waved it off.

The other divas had already shuffled out of the locker room and where all headed to their cars. Everyone had a buddy except me. “God I don’t fit in. This is going to be such a long drive!” I didn’t realize i was thinking out loud while gathering my final things. Suddenly i felt a chill run down my spine. Someone was watching me way too closely. Jerking my head to the doorway I see Dean Ambrose standing there eyeing me. “See something you like ass hole?” I snarled at him.

He let out a deep laugh. “See doll that’s why no one wants to ride or room with ya. That attitude makes ya too big for your britches.” He never moved his gaze. “ Do you really plan on driving 5 hours to the next stop on your own?” He finally asked slight concern in his voice.

“What’s it matter to you?” I mumbled throwing my bag over my shoulder. “ You won your match. Everyone likes you. The lunatic fringe.” I forced a laugh.

He shook his head and moved aside for me to leave the locker room. Following closely to the parking lot where my rental was.

“I’ll make a deal with ya doll,” he finally broke the silence between us, “you can room with me if I can ride with ya in the morning in ya rental car.” He half smirked at me.

I think he knew I was way too tired to drive that whole way. “Fine. Two beds though. I don’t want people getting any weird ideas about us.” I practically whispered

A smile crept along his scruffy face. He hasn’t been shaving like he used to when he was in the shield. Dean gently took my bag off my shoulder and tossed it over his. “ Which car is yours doll? You want me to drive?” He practically skipped to the car I pointed at.

After about a 30 minute ride to the hotel Dean had already booked I slumped out of the passenger side. Dean jumped out of the driver’s seat and darted to the trunk grabbing both of our bags. I silently stood next to his arms crossed as he checked us into our room.

I didn’t hear anything about the room, what floor, what number, nothing. I was too focused on the group of divas in the hotel bar laughing with one another ,drinking, having so much fun. Finally Dean grabbed my arm pulling me out of my own mental battle.

He opened the door to our shared room. All I wanted was to take a shower and sleep. Fall asleep in a big queen sized bed and hog it all to myself. Turning the corner in the room I noticed one bed not two.

“The fuck is this Ambrose?” I snapped pointing to the king sized bed. “We agreed to two beds!”

“Well doll while ya where in la la land they told the both of us that all they had available was a honeymoon suite. So here we are princess.” He bowed and pointed to the bed.

I stood in total shock. Could this day get any worse? “I’m gonna go have a drink in the bar. When I come back I’m going to get a shower and then go to sleep. I’ll sleep on the sofa over there.” I pointed to the sofa Dean had thrown our bags on.

Dean furrowed his brow. “I’ll sleep on the sofa doll. I didn’t have my ass handed to me tonight.” he didn’t even try to cover up the fact he felt bad for me. My loss was a big one. This was my one and only title shot.

My face reddened. I could feel the heat from it. My stomach was in knots. How many people felt bad for me? How many were nice to me because they felt bad? How many people avoided me because they knew they would pity me to my face? Without a word I stomped out of the room slamming the door.

I sat at the bar sipping on fireball and coke. My go to drink. All the divas were still sitting there laughing amongst themselves. A couple of the super stars sat with the girls flirting and getting chummy with one another. I groaned and kept sipping. Aj styles kept side eyeing me from the other side of the bar.I nodded my head at him finally and he came and sat next to me.

“So how sore are ya?” He asked as he sat down.

“I’m not.” I mumbled into my drink.

“Why aren’t ya over there with the girls doll face?”

Shrugging I tipped my glass to the bartender requesting a fresh drink.

He smiled at me and put his hand on my leg. “Well if ya ain’t too sore doll face…” his hand started guiding up my leg.

I swatted his hand away. “What the fuck are you thinking Aj???” I snapped at him.

“Don’t mean any hard doll, just figured I could help get your mind off that loss.” He promptly put his hand back on my thigh. Pushing his hair back with his free hand. “Let me buy ya a couple rounds good lookin.” He mumbled to the bartender who quickly made a much stronger drink for me.

After around 5 of these stronger drinks I started feeling the effects. “Uh Aj I need to go to bed. It’s a lot later then I wanted to be out.” I slurred. What is the world was I even drinking?

All the roster that was in the bar had already left a while ago. It was just Aj and I. Aj smiled at me saying something that didn’t register until he was pushing me to the wall in the elevator intruding my mouth with his tongue. He was taking me to his room.

“No Aj!” I managed to finally get out from his grip. “I want to go to my room!” I crossed my arms. “God I’m drunk” I kept repeating in my mind.

Aj finally agreed to taking me to my room after he tried kissing me a few more times. The elevator dinged at my floor and I swiftly escaped Aj still trying to talk me into going to his room.

I arrived at mine and Dean’s hotel room door after what feels like a 30 minute walk in the hall. “Fuck! I didn’t get a key from Dean…” I slurred. “Uhhhh…. I guess I’ll just knock.”

After knocking about 10 times Dean answered the door in nothing but his boxers. Rubbing his eyes he looked at me. My lipstick was a mess from AJs drunk kisses. My face was red from a mix of embarrassment and the amount of alcohol I’ve consumed.

“You have a fling or something? You look a mess.” He said sleepy

“Uh no Aj got me at the bar and bought me some drinks then uh…” my face reddened even more “he well tried to take me to his room” I twisted my hands at the end of my tee shirt.

Dean moved so I could get into the room. I stumbled around for a moment before he was in front of me. I couldn’t stop looking at his bare chest. He looks great. So toned. I shook my head to remove the thoughts of me kissing all over him.

“I’m gonna take a shower to sober up.” I mumbled gathering my things to shower. “Shit.” I had forgot my PJs were a very sheer very short baby doll night gown.

“I’m gonna go back to bed” Dean said still stretching and rubbing his eyes. “And because ya were out so late and woke me up ya can either sleep on the sofa or in the bed but I’m sleeping in the bed for sure.” He walked over and flopped back down.

I didn’t say anything I swiftly went to the bathroom and started the shower. Looking into the mirror I gave myself a pep talk. “ That’s Ambrose, the lunatic fringe, you know the rumors of before he came to the WWE. Don’t forget the hurts people for fun.” Or at least that’s what I’ve heard through the grapevine. Peeling off my clothes and tossing them on the floor, I gently crawled into the shower.

For a long time I just stood under the water soaking my sore muscles. Images of Dean’s chest and body kept creeping into my mind. I tried shaking them but couldn’t. I felt a throbbing down in my pussy. Well he is very attractive I’ll admit that. I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild. What if Dean woke up and came into the bathroom. What would he do to my naked body. His chest pressed to mine kissing all over me rubbing my clit invading my mouth with his. I’d grab his thick cock and stroke him until he couldn’t take anymore and him pick me up and slam me against the wall while slamming into my pussy over and over again. These images were enough to cause me to please myself. I felt the pit of my stomach coil and finally I released with a too audible moan.

“God I hope he is asleep.” I thought as I got out of the shower.

Tip toeing out of the bathroom it seemed he hadn’t moved other than to get under the covers on the bed. I slowly slumped into the bed as well. I practically was hanging off the edge.

After a few moments of silence I started to get cozy. Suddenly a huge arm flew over me pulling me close. Dean and pulled my body flush against his. He was hard. I blushed and tried to scoot away but his arm was hooked.

“Dean please let me go” I whispered softly wishing he didn’t listen. He didn’t in fact he grabbed my hips and slammed my rear into his bulge. I released a whimper.

He was still again after a few minutes of him grumbling. I could feel him getting harder against my back. Oh that throbbing was back. I could feel all his muscles as he took deep breaths. Slowly and silently I slid my hand down to my pussy and realized how wet I was. I began to work my clit. “God Dean don’t wake up” I kept thinking while images of what I wanted this lunatic to do to me.

I was so close to the edge when suddenly Dean’s strong hand grabbed my busy hand. With a gasp I jerked my head to see him staring at me.

“Oh my god Dean! I’m sorry oh my god!” I tried getting out of the bed but he had a strong grip on my arm. I couldn’t help but blush and look at him in horror. “What have I done?” I kept thinking. Dean didn’t say a word. He just kept his eyes locked on mine.

“When’s the last time you done this?” He finally asked. “When’s the last time ya had sex doll?”

“It’s been a while.” I whimpered still trying to break his grip.

“Hmmmm” Dean propped himself up with his free arm. “I heard ya moanin in the shower. It seems ya can go a few rounds fine.”

“Dean I’m so sorry. I’ll sleep on the sofa…”he cut me off with a wet kiss. I sat there in disbelief. “He isn’t mad?” I thought as he sat up kissing me hard.

His free hand made its way to my clit and my breath hitched. “Yer already wet I see.” He mumbled his lips hardly leaving mine. “So this’ll be easy.” He slipped his fingers into my throbbing pussy still working my clit with his thumb. My whole body shook and ached for his cock to replace his fingers.

I ran my hands across his chest. He stopped suddenly and I took my hands off his chest. “Is that ok?” I said breathless. His fingers still in me. Swiftly he removed them and I let out another moan.

Dean slowly slipped my nightgown off never breaking eye contact with me. He began placing kisses all over my body. Staring at me jaw nipping sloppy kisses, then my neck, collarbone, breasts, taking his time kissing and nipping at my nipples treating each just the same working one with his hand while kissing the other. He continued down my body my stomach my hips until he was finally level with my pussy. He never broke eye contact even with me wiggling under his touch. Now a smile is on his face. Slowly he sticks his tongue out and makes contact with my slit. I arched my back with pleasure.

Dean held my legs tight as he began an assault on my pussy with his tongue. I wiggled under his touch. His assault was relentless. I felt a tightness building in my stomach.

“Dean….” I moaned breathless “I'm… Dean…I’m gonna come….” I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled as I reached my climax but that made Dean suck on my clit even harder than before which made my orgasm that more intense.

Before I could even gather my thoughts he was back kissing me. I could taste myself on him. I’ve never came from something so intense before.

“Dean….” I moaned into his kiss

“Oh this is just the start doll” he said gruffly kissing my neck as he slipped his boxers off and tossing them onto the floor. “Are ya ready?” He asked as I felt a hot throbbing pressure at my entrance.

“Dean I don’t know about this.” I said as he sunk into me bottoming out all too quickly “ahhh…. fuck!!!” I moaned into his shoulder biting down.

He seemed to be into that because he slowly pulled out of me and slammed into me harder this time. Each time I moaned his name louder trying desperately to muffle myself by biting his shoulder and collarbone. He relentlessly assaulted my pussy, I could feel my orgasm building again.

“Dean….fuck… Dean…I’m gonna… I’m gonna come again” I moaned arching my back as he kept bottoming out. He never let up as my orgasm washed over me more intense than the last. I began to see spots as he kept going.

“Fucking shit” he moaned as he gripped my his hard slamming into me so hard I felt like I was going to break. “Fuuuuck!!” He finally pulled out and came all over my stomach.

He rolled off the bed leaving me there to catch my breath. “Oh my god… I just fucked Dean Ambrose” I kept repeating the same thought as he clanked around in the bathroom.

Dean promptly returned with a towel and tossed it on my stomach. “Sorry for the sloppiness, it’s been a while.” He finally broke the silence.

“Dean that wasn’t sloppy… that was… was… incredible!!!” I huffed cleaning myself off.

“If ya think that slop was incredible wait until I get my flow back.” He said kissing me hard.

“So this whole riding together rooming together will be a thing now? I looked at him puzzled.

“Well you riding something will be a regular thing. He grabbed his still hard cock and stroked it a few times smiling a crazy lunatic smile.

“Oh I can’t wait” I smiled back at him

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Got 7 Short Stories - #2 The Class Reunion

Got 7 Short Stories - #2 The Class Reunion

You received a message in the mail from an old classmate back in the early teen years. It seemed there were talks of the school being rebuilt and before that, classes wanted to get-together to see how everyone had turned out. Some were dad and moms, some successful entertainers, others just living a quiet life. You really wanted to meet your old kiddy friends and see everyone again but at the same time, you knew it was gonna be awkward.

Sitting on the mail without indicating your attendance, you received a call this time, from your old Monitor.

“Hi is that Mandy?”

“Yes, may I know who’s this?”

“………………. Mandy?….. Its…… me…”

“(Irritated) Hi ME, you might wanna identify yourself before I - ”

“Jaebum. Im Jaebum.”

It was your turn to gasp in silence.

“He-hello? Do you remember me? I was in your class back in 2005… We sat together..” He quickly added.

You found no words to speak except a “Yes.”

“Well I… Was asked to gather the numbers for the reunion tmr and I wasn’t sure if I’d get through your old number. Glad you’ve not moved.. ” his voice audibly relieved and friendly.

“Oh, I… Yeah, I didn't move… So you kept my number all these years? Wow! That’s amazing of you!” You laughed and couldn’t believe your ears.

Jaebum was the monitor of the class for a good 4 years and although he wasn’t outstanding academically, he was heck of a popular guy from the day he started wearing the school uniform. You had a hard time for being the girl assigned to sit beside him, being the target of envy, for crazy fan girls who would write him love letters and ogle at his looks. It didn’t help that he was always trendy, the life of the party, the best sportsman, and the coolest b-boy that could serenade any song to sound like a confession.

Suddenly you had the biggest urge to go for the reunion, like right now, just to see how he had grown up to be.

“I didn’t exactly KEEP it but since I knew it by heart it wasn’t that difficult. So anyways, you haven’t indicated if you’d be there.” He said.

“Yea sure, of course I’ll be there!” You replied, feeling excited and immediately wanting to plan a stunning outfit for your appearance.

“Great! Oh, hey… If you haven’t moved, that means we still live close by. Do you wanna head down together? I could swing by to pick you at say, 5pm?”

“That would be awesome. Thanks, I can’t wait to see how you’ve changed, seriously! Wow…” After you hung up, you decided that it was time you dolled up yourself for once, and pamper yourself, well, just in case one of the guys were still single and you pretty much wanted to look your best for the reunion. Heading to the salon, you spent the rest of the evening getting a new hairdo and picking up a new dress. Afterall, half the class were guys and you’d stand a good chance of them growing up well and fine.

The next day, you woke up early and went for a facial, feeling more excited as the hours past. Looking at the old photos you dug out to bring along, you laughed at the stupid poses you made.

“Sheesh, I wonder how Jaebum looks now… And Park Jinyoung!!!” Your best friend at school that always let you copy his homework in exchange for getting shoulder massages. Thinking back, it was a really strange deal but it worked anyway.

Slipping into the bright floral bodycon dress, with a racerback front, you put on your favourite white killer heels that were almost 5” tall, and stepped out confidently in your newly permed locks. You knew you were surely turning heads for this party and definitely dressed to kill. Not overly revealing but subtly saying “look at me I’m sexy”.

As you went to the main road to wait for Jaebum, you felt like a million bucks, with both men and women turning heads to check you out. After all, you did work hard for the body so why hide it?

A small convertible drove close by and stopped before you. Stepping out, it was a familiar face, one that you recognized from TV but weren’t sure who. It was just a very photogenic and chiseled face of a celebrity.

Just then, your phone rang and picking it up, you saw that the man put a phone to his ears too.

“Oh, hey Mandy I’m right at your place. You can take your time and-”

“Jaebum?????” You exclaimed a little too loudly in shock, and the man turned to look at you.

As your eyes met, his face turned from a smile, to a shock, and to bit of a fluster.

You quickly stepped down the curb to have a closer look, seeing that he didn’t move.

“SERIOUSLY, JAEBUM?????” Your heels made that glamorous walking sound as you walked around the front of the car to his side, in fast small steps and looked him from top to toe.

Are you really IM JAE BUM the kid that made my teenage years a living hell with your hoards of girl fans?” You laughed.

Finding his senses at the familiarity of your voice he laughed out Loud sheepishly, “and are you really the doll faced girl that always gave me the death stare every morning?”

You both could hardly believe what time had done to shape your lives and looks.

“Cmon get in, looks like we’ve got plenty to catch up on.” He walked over the the passengers seat and held the door open for you.

“After you.”

Impressed at his new found mannerisms, you kept your cool and played along with his cheeky advances, reminiscent of how it was like when you were still adolescent. Deep inside however, you were desperately hiding your loudly thumping heart that hadn’t stopped racing ever since you first saw him again.

He was definitely going to turn many more heads than you, with his sharp chiseled features and that killer eye smile. It didn’t help that he looked dashing even wearing such simple plain clothes, a contrast to your showy fare.

“Did you keep in touch with other classmates?” You asked casually.

“I guess you haven’t really been in the country lately, have you?” He replied.

“Well, yea but how’d you know and how does that have to do with being in touch with anyone..?” Puzzled as to how he derived to that conclusion you asked.

With a knowing nod, he just smiled and continued steering the wheel.

“You’ll get your answer later, when you see it for yourself.” He smugly cocked his head to your side and gave you the sly smile - that SAME old smile that you used to find so annoying and return it with daggers in your eyes.

As you arrived, he stepped out first again, “I’ll get your door.”

Opening it, he even led you by the hand up the short flight of stairs.

“What a change, Jaebum, are you in the government service or something, haha never in a million Years could I imagine being treated like this by YOU of all people.” You poked fun at him as both of you strolled into the fully packed school hall, the venue of the alumni gathering.

“I wasn’t that bad was I? I did carry your bag for you once when you twisted your arm, and I walked you home in the rain, That’s how I remembered the way to your place.” He said emphatically, seeming to remember more than you did.

“Looks like you forgot my arm got twisted because of a CERTAIN SOMEONE that insisted to do some breakdancing with a partner and pulled me into your act without my consent! As for walking me home…that was because you didn’t want to go home when you failed your papers! And you conveniently followed me home!” You corrected him in a hushed voice but firm enough to make your point.

“OK OK chill babe, my fans gonna hear that.” He spoke even softer, slightly moving behind you as you both walked down an aisle to look for your seats.

“Omo isn’t that JB???!“ You hear and saw other younger batches of the alumni taking pictures of him with their phones.

“How is it that it seems everyone knows u? have you been on tv or something?"  You stopped in your tracks and turn to him to be answered. 

"Well, something of that sort… ” he mumbled, while trying not to draw too much attention, he picked up his pace and tried to push you along the aisle quickly, with his hand pressing on the small of your back guiding you ahead.

When you finally found the table labelled with your class year, you realise you were surrounded by semi-familiar looking individuals, busy chatting and laughing to each other. As you sat down, you tried to identify them by their faces.

Just then you heard a voice come up from behind.

“Oh Hyung - you made it! I thought you had a recording today!”

JB stood up immediately in response, “Yeah, I pushed it forward and came as soon as I could.”

You turn and saw who it was, taking a few seconds to register the face of another equally dashing male.

“OH!!” he instantly recognised you. “Mandy!”

“mmmmmm…….. Jin-youngie?” you weren’t 100% sure but it did seem like the resemblance was strong.

“OMO, omo…. look at you, you’ve become so gorgeous after these years!” His eyes literally widened and lit up.

A little pleased yet embarrassed, you hurriedly shift one seat down and told him to sit for a chat.

“Eyyy….. hajima….. you’ve grown so much that I couldn’t recognise you! You were such a scrawny and pale kid that looked like you would faint anytime. But you’re really looking good now, Park Jinyoung!” you gave him a playful punch in the arm, to your surprise, your fist was met with a firm touch of hidden muscle beneath the clothes. 

Just then JB tugged at Jinyoung and whispered, “she doesn’t seem to know what we do for a living, she must’ve just come out of a cave.”

“Jin-jja??” turning to you, Jinyoung started asking about how you were and what you have been up to, while JB listened quietly at the side.

You noticed than in the short span of 15 minutes, he had to turn away a few requests of photo-taking or autographs, and was trying not to make too much eye contact with passerbys.

“Yah, Jaebum-ah, so what is it that you’re working as, are you an actor or a singer of some sort? Seems that everyone’s trying to take your photo." 

Jinyoung politely explained in his eloquence, "we were asked to form a duo and we released a single some time back, after a few more years, we formed a boyband, then we went into acting and got casted in a few movies as well. Right now, JB Hyung has a few commercials and gets asked to appear on entertainment shows regularly. As for me, I’ve ventured into theatre and film.”

“Wait a minute, so both of you are celebs? and you’re a unit of your own???” feeling so tremendously stupid for not knowing, even thinking that everyone was coming over to sneak a peak at you instead, 

“How come you don’t watch TV? Or are we that unknown??” asked JB jokingly.

The fact was that you were more of an English speaker and preferred the western entertainment hence you had never paid much attention to other countries’ celebs or programmes. 

“You guys probably look too different from what I imagined you to be.” you shot back at him.

As the evening began, lights dimmed down and Jinyoung stood up and went on stage to give an opening speech. You turned to JB, wanting to ask him why it was Jinyoung making a speech, but in a split second, he had also turned his head to you. 

Faced with the world’s most awkward moment, your faces nearly grazed each other in the dark, as you could feel his breath in that split second before you both quickly pulled away in utter shock.

Staring straight ahead to compose yourself, you notice that he was doing the same, but head down with a stoned expression.

Breaking the awkwardness, you playfully hit his arm “YAH. stop acting like you just saw a ghost!”

He shifted a little in his seat, and slowly lifted his head, and looked directly into your eyes. There was just something in his steady gaze that was so strong, it just sucked you right in without you knowing.

Holding his eye contact for a good few seconds without saying a word, the corners of his lips started to break into a smile that you couldn’t help but realise how seductive he looked.

As much as you did not want to continue staring at him, you just were not able to tear your eyes away. 

“Now you’re the one that looks like you saw a ghost.” he said, while still holding the dead steady gaze into your eyes.

“uh.. Jaebum ah..” you mumbled, but still unable to look away. To your surprise, he leaned in towards you. 

Your heart at this point, was in your mouth and beating hard like a pounding drum in your ears, blood rushing in and out of your brain like a million litres a seconds.

“shhh……..” he hushed you, as he was now just a few inches from your face, he whispered in a low voice, “don’t say a word, otherwise I might just end up kissing you.”

You immediately pressed your lips together and swallowed whatever words there was. Nervously, excitedly, awkwardly, and most of all, cluelessly.

Again, with that wry smile that made his eyes turn into a thin line, he pulled back, and nodded towards the stage, indicated that it was time to turn your attention back where it belonged.

As if hypnotised, you followed and stared straight at the stage.

But not a single word was registering in your mind. All you could hear was JB’s voice looping over and over again, matched by the vision of his lips pressing forward onto yours. So surreal, and so near, yet so far. 

While sinking into the pits of deep thought, the speech was over and Jinyoung had returned to his seat. JB shifted again to make way for him to sit close by, But nonchalant to the gesture, Jinyoung sat down next to you instead.

“Did you hear the speech I made? You’re the one I was referring to.” He smiled a warm smile that could melt ice.

“Oh-uh… re-really???? Heh….. ” you didn’t know what to respond since you didn’t hear a single word he said.

“Of course, is there anyone here you think that would take my breath away?” he asked, and at the same time, took off his muffler around his neck, and lovingly put it around yours, to the raised brows of those around you.

Rather taken aback again, you managed a thanks as you continued the night, hoping the ground would open up to swallow your chair and you on it, as you became the centre of attention - but for a very different reason, that you knew was going to be the start of a very complex but exhilarating ride.

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