doll's pram


From the British Pathe

Full titles read: “ARABIANS - to be precise, they are trying to raise pure-blooded Arab horses on a Californian ranch … whether the experiment will succeed, time will tell.”

L/S’s of several horses being led through a stable yard. L/S and good C/U of horses in stables.

Humorous M/S of man encouraging a horse to pick up a doll from a pram, this it does. The horse carries the doll over to a babies cradle and places it inside. M/S of the horse nudging the cradle back and forwards with it’s nose.

This is actually kind of cute lol. Again, not sure who the horses are. I could probably do some digging, but that’s a project for another day.


There IS one immediately identifiable horse in here, and that is the stallion, Jadaan. You can identify him from the clip where he is in a stall, and the nameplate on the stall door reads ‘Jadaan.’ I kind of forgot to mention that this is the Kellogg Ranch, but since someone pointed that out, I figured I’d just go ahead and mention that, too. Jadaan is a fun horse - asil, and an actor! He already has a tag if you want a few more photos of him.