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So basically, I wanted to really surprise Seán with his gift, and hear him yell ‘Toriko’, so I was like ‘oh I’ll ask him to close his eyes, yell Trico, and then ask him to open his eyes, and like BOOM! Trico.’ As soon as I asked him the words ‘close your eyes’, I knew it sounded really creepy (fuck), but he humoured me, and it was lots of fun. I’m really happy he likes it! 

This is that moment:

I hope derka-derk is happy in Ireland with @therealjacksepticeye!

(also I’m almost 27 so it’s fine that he called me a girl, you think I’m an adult yet, hell no)

(and can I just say that I love that Seán’s voice for Trico in the unboxing video is the same voice Felix gives Edgar his pug, LOL)

Linachouchou Doll UNBOXING

OMG ITS HEEEEIIRRRREEEEEE!! I bought a Linachouchou Basic doll, May head sculpt! Only took 2 months to arrive ! *cries*

Here is the box right out of the package! it’s baby blue!! wrapped very well!


FOAMMM… + some goodies!!


putting my thumb onto his little buttbutt

AND TAA-DAAA!! this is him all styled up!! (temp eyes!)

I highly recommend this company! The details on the body are so nice, down to the toe nails on his little feet. I was super impressed with the quality of resin. No over powering smell and no seam lines!!!

The only thing I wish I had noticed in the product photos of this doll is the pouch-y tummy he has. It doesn’t protrude under his clothes and i get that it’s supposed to be “baby-like” but it’s kinda weird. Eh, that’s my only gripe ^^~

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
I’ve watched you run 8 miles straight
and eat 4 strawberries for breakfast
and half a slice of toast for lunch (with a teaspoon of jam)
and pride yourself for being healthy

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
I’ve watched you use the phrase “nothing is impossible” as a weapon against yourself, a driving force to attain the unattainable

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
you got that internship you wanted and the straight A’s you desired
and I know you want a round of applause but sadly I can’t join in
I watched you pop pill after pill and never smile and wear yourself sick just to achieve your goal
and denied it when I asked why the little space under your eyes were becoming black holes

Take care of yourself
I sat and watched as you screamed in my face and got defensive when I said this
when I said “take care of yourself”
Because whatever chord those four words hit,
It hurt too much to bear
And you’d much rather be comfortable with being uncomfortable
and show everyone how wrong you think they are
Than admitting this all to yourself
And giving yourself a break

I hope you take care of yourself
Because you’ve turned yourself into a robot
Forced to oblige by numbers set by calories and pounds and inches and grade point averages and amounts of achievements and successes and wins
But can’t remember the last time you slept in
Or treated yourself to the warmth of those chocolate chip cookies made fresh and by hand
Or wrote an entry in your journal
Or had a deep soulful laugh
Or didn’t turn down a night out with the friends you had before they got tired of trying to reason with an empty being
Or even considered getting help (because you are human yet strive to be spotless like an unboxed doll)
but please
because I can’t force you, only hope for you
take care of yourself

—  n.c. “Take Care of Yourself”

Unbox Daily: Mattel DC Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor Combo Pack- Doll Review - 4K -


Unbox Daily: Mattel DC Wonder Woman & Horse Combo Pack - Doll Review - 4K -

My first Ken EVER this calls for celebrating. How? I dunno. I kinda need to clean up today so I probably should wait on unboxing he and Zig and Zag… Who will automatically be called Ziggy. Here comes the horrors of unboxing dolls. damnit why do they have to put the plastic thing in the head?
I kinda want to change his hair some day… what color I dunno… Mainly something longer than what he’s got.

Luts Kid Zuzu Delf Corni Unboxing! *Warning: Doll Nudity*

She’s here!!!! After two months of waiting, my new bjd has made it home to me! I received the tracking number for her a mere three days ago, and today she made it to my doorstep! I was shocked with how quickly she arrived!

This is the box she came in!

….And inside that box was this pretty blue box! The card on top is the Certificate of Ownership and it has my order number on it as well as the doll type. :) 

Upon opening the blue box was this little booklet and a couple of cards placed in a plastic bag! The pictures are so pretty! ^_^ Before proceeding any further with the unboxing, I decided to take a sneak peak inside the booklet, and it happened to be an instruction manual on how to care for your bjd and how to change their eyes and restring them. Very useful for a beginner like me! :) Between the two cards were two strips of velcro with an adhesive backing, which I assume is to keep the wig in place. 

This is the new wig I had ordered for her! x3 I was glad to be able to place the order just in time to combine the shipping with my doll, because the original wig I had purchased just wasn’t going to work for her. After seeing this wig in person, I feel like I made the right choice! The colors are gorgeous and it’s so soft! The waves are really beautiful, too!

This was what was under the top pillow! The doll, as well as the extra parts she came with, were protected very well by thick layers of bubble wrap!

Her ears and tail! They are magnetized, so it’s easy to put them on and take them off! I need to figure out how to put the small magnet to her back though, since it didn’t already come attached to her body like the ones on her head. 

Whoa! Look at those eyes! They really jump out at you! It was surprising to say the least when I finally removed the bubble wrap from around her head and saw those peepers staring back at me!

She’s finally free from her (cozy) box prison! She’s also quite naked. ^^; But I think she has a lovely body. I was impressed by the details. ^_^ (For anyone that may be wondering, I picked the Luts Type 1 Romantic Body for her.) and she stands so well on her own! <3 I didn’t struggle in the least to get her on her feet!

A closer view of her faceup! She’s drop dead gorgeous! *_* The colors are beautiful and I adore the blushing on her face! <3 I’m more than pleased with everything about it! Luts get’s 5 out of 5 stars from me, and I will most definitely order from them again in the future!

And now, I present to you the lovely Serenade! She is finally is all put together and fully clothed! (It took me a few minutes to get her all dressed up.) I’m so happy that everything I had bought for her fits her perfectly! Now I know for certain that MSD sizes are what she wears. I was  really concerned over that. I am also really glad that the style of the clothes really suit her! I love her look! <3 I’d love to know what you all think about Serenade, too! I plan on posting more photos of her soon, as well as her story! 


Sugar Coated Ginger Breadhouse Playset Unboxed

Doll playsets are something I just don’t feel compelled to own. While the dolls in them are almost always appealing, the price for them in a playset isn’t, especially because for the most part I don’t typically unbox my dolls; not yet anyway, because I don’t have proper places to display them, but even when I can, I don’t see myself having enough room to have giant playsets set up all over the place.

That being said, I liked Ginger’s ‘look’ as soon as her basic doll was released, just not enough that her doll felt like a must have for my collection. When I read her book though (Kiss & Spell), I fell so much in-love with her character as a whole. And her being a baker, like me, was just one reason. So… if there was ever a playset that seemed appropriate for me to have, a treat baking scene seemed like the one. Still, I really didn’t want to pay the $40 bucks for it, so I put it on my Christmas wishlist and lucky for me, my sister got her for me!

I must say, the details in the playset are phenomenal! Wherever this scene ends up on display, I’m sure it will look awesome. While there are plenty of places for her to sit in this set, I do wish she’d come with a stand because she doesn’t last long when you try to get her to do it on her own. I also need to learn how to do some damage control on her hair because there was this awful gel kink in her ponytail and brushing it out only made it a puffy kink. Overall, though, I LOVE this set and it was really fun to finally open an Ever After High doll. :)

Here’s a funny tale. I got my first resin doll recently and, uh, I’ve never had an anatomically correct male doll before. After I’d unboxed him I’d put some clothes on him pretty quickly without really looking at this but one day the curiosity just gripped me. I just had to check it out, for, you know, science. So here I am, pulling down his pants all casual-like and suddenly his leg swings up and kicks me right in the face. guess he didnt want me oogling his dingledong. I apologised.


My brother told me that I couldn’t be a doll collector if I kept none of my dolls brand new in box. Like, what does that even mean? I don’t have the space to be storing in-box dolls and I don’t have money to throw around for dolls that won’t come out of the box. I get that a lot of people do buy doubles of dolls, and good for them, but I don’t. And I don’t think that invalidates me as a collector or any unboxer either. It made me wonder if others have been told that their collection is meaningless because they took the dolls out of the box.


BEHOLD. First videos from my new Monster High unboxing and review channel.

They’re a lot more kid friendly than what you’re used to seeing from me :p 


Well with Christmas come and gone, you certainly could expect a doll unboxing from me soon. Actually this was my sister’s Christmas gift from me and she graciously let me look over her Art Class Abbey for this unboxing.

I feel like this is one of the most underrated dolls of the late 2013 releases. Honestly I do. We’ve had a lot of Abbeys in the past couple of years, but there’s something about this one that really makes her stand out. Maybe it’s her dress, a clear homage to her Basic outfit in different colors and patterns. Or her hair, which is less thick and massive then we’re used to on her, and thus more manageable.

I don’t know, but what you really wanna hear about is the highlights: the Heath sculpture and the chainsaw. And yep, they’re a hoot. I just love the whole sense of humor about this doll and she has a lot of that Abbey-like personality. If you’re an Abbey fan, she’s a must buy, and she’s definitely my new favorite version of our yeti ghoul.


New video is up on Youtube and this time it comes with voiceovers O.O 


New Monster High unboxing and review videos are up, this time it’s pirate ghost girl Vandala Doubloons :D