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Get someone who looks at you the way my kid looks at donuts

Little one woke me up early this morning, dressed herself after I gave her some clothes, and demanded donuts so we ran to Shipley’s.😋 She also decided that she wanted to sit at the table like me and not her high chair🙃 Donuts = mistake. Too damn early for that much sugar, got my ass handed to me when Kendra got there and saw how hyper Haz was lmao. But anyway, I hate being away from her but I’ll have her again next week. How’s everyone’s day so far?🤷🏾‍♂️ 


Duchess The Doll

Quote: “Something about that doll gives me the creeps” - anonymous.

Those who enter ‘Dainty Dollies’ doll shop in Willow Creek think they are going to be greeted by a smiling toy shop owner. Instead they are met with the silence of an empty toy store. Sims will find themselves surrounded by shelves of dolls and their accessories, quiet and alone. 

Sims may yell out for assistance but be surprised to find that nobody answers back. Should they decide to wander into the backroom of the toy store, they may be startled to find a disturbingly life sized ball jointed doll. The doll is posed in a tattered chair, sitting still and lifeless, with hollow blue eyes that look off slightly to the side.

Most sims are unnerved by the sight, and walk right back out of the room, leaving the toy shop. The sims who are more brave, stay a little too long, and get a little too close to her.

What happens next is unknown, but those sims are no longer in the toy shop, or anywhere else for that matter. Yet Duchess The Doll remains….


let’s pretend i posted this yesterday for barb’s birthday, okay? okay.

every time our chat glitches on my phone it tells me we been mutuals for 3 years & i find that crazy but i am so happy we began talking & became friends you are so funny & amazing even when you pass out the second your face touches the pillow when you say you won’t asdfghj i wish i could’ve done something more special if i hadn’t died yesterday but i will make it up in the future don’t worry c;


My first youtube vlog ft my sister and mom.! 

We took my sister dress shopping yesterday, she’s gonna be a bridesmaid at my friends wedding! 20′s are a very weird age, everybody’s either living with their parents, in University, Getting married or having babies, they’re partying and traveling.

A toddler, a newborn, with another baking in the oven along with a very virile wolf man and 5 non-stop meowing cats (2 of em ran away) makes up The Grim Reaper Household. 

  Stress factor to the nth degree I say. 

                   good luck to em 

                                                 cause I ain’t helping.


So… Would it be weird if I went with you and your mom next week?

I don’t think so.. Do you want to go?

I wouldn’t mind it. Plus it’s for your dad and with how you took it you don’t really seem like you’d want to go on your own… No offence.

I guess so..  

Well uhmm actually…I think Amalia’s family is gonna be there, too.

You know her family?

I dated her brother, dude.. You don’t know them? You’ve been friends for a while now.

Uh, obviously not?? Do you think she actually likes being friends or something?

But now I have to go whether you like it or not.

Im rewatching high school musical and it reminded me of a funny story that you probably don't care about but im going to tell anyways.

Okay so when I was younger I had Troy and Gabriella barbies(?) I always really enjoyed making stories and drama and stuff so, I ripped both of Troy’s forearms off, had him cheat on Gabriella with a rockstar barbie doll that I named Roxy, and then had Gabriella fall off a cliff and die.

I was a weird 7-year-old.