I thought it was about time to share my Violet Baudelaire doll custom!! Because tomorrow is the big day!!! I can’t wait too watch the Netflix adaptation!!! I’m so happy I finally have my own Violet doll, like, I wanted this since forever!! I hope you like this Very Fancy Doll custom 👀 btw this is the first thing I ever sewed, it’s totally handmade. I hope you like it (and I hope to learn how to sew better in time) 😊


this is my ava ire doll custom!

this was my first doll reroot, which was done with entirely yarn. her face was primed with krylon’s UV-resistant finish!

if you could reblog this, that would be great, because i do offer doll commissions! you can ask for any type of character (strictly humans or humanoids). the price range will be no less than 20 and no more than 50! message me through pm if you’re interested! ❤


Finally finished the second faceup on my Centaur girl! I managed to pick up a very loved and worn Avea Trotter back in May for super cheap! I gave her a very rudimental face up (the first pic) but without any Mr. Super Clear sealant I had to result to acrylics which I was never really satisfied with… fortunately I got some MSC for Christmas so over today and yesterday I gave her a whole new face! I had loads of fun with her and I’m excited to work on more dolls next year!!!