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Doll Divine Game Idea: Pirate Lady Scene Maker

Basically, you can make any doll you could with the original, but with tons of new options.

Three different figures, including one with a similar pose and build to the original

the original backgrounds + some new ones

original items made color-able + new clothing and accessories

original facial features made color-able + new features

make up, face paint, tattoos, and scars

optional headband/bandana

fabric patterns

customizable pets with accessories, including a parrot, cat, key-dog, and a well-dressed monkey

Corsair and Asian clothing

1760s style dresses

False legs and such

“Cursed” fantasy options

“cameo” items, stuff from Pirates of the Caribbean ride and movies, such as new doodads Captain Jack has tied to his hair or belt, his “Cannibal Island” stuff, Angelica’s outfit, concept art stuff, “The Redhead’s” dress, Anne Bonnie and Mary Read’s outfits from the queue paintings, Captain Hook’s stuff, Adam Ant stuff.


Test two of all polished parts. There are still lots of adjustments to be made yet, and I’m still in the process of making eyes that suit the theme the customer specified. The cat has to have a pastel goth look to it. An unusual request, but gonna do my best to figure it out. The photos here don’t show the colour as nicely as they could. The polishing has brought a lovely matt sheen to the clay, making it look similar to porcelain.

So, here’s the cat with its tail and back feet added : ) more progress later!