doll faced

Zvezda means “star” in Russian 🌟

doll-faced-dolan  asked:

What is skittles vodka?

  1. so you get a shit load of skittles
  2. I’m talking a shit load, do not hold back
  3. you separate them into their respective colours
  4. you absolutely douse them in vodka
  5. I mean you empty the vodka into that shit I don’t care what the recipe says go all out
  6. the skittles dissolve in the vodka like a fun, physical representation of your liver
  7. and you get straight vodka that tastes like skittles
  8. it’s dangerous and an awful idea and I highly recommend it

a more informative recipe is here

You know, when you think about it, Ana Amari is probably the most progressive female character in any (non indie) video game thus far. 

1. She’s a soldier and a captain 

2. She only has practical, non-sexualized clothing options, even on the ‘’young  Ana’’ skin variations 

3. She’s 60 years old, which is practically unheard of when talking about playable female characters 

4. She’s African, and she has lines on her native language

5. She wears a scarf

6. She’s a mother, and that is not portrayed as a weakness or exploited as a plot-device 

7. She has her teammates’ absolute respect 

8. Is portrayed as a legend

9. Is a support character, but one wielding a sniper rifle with the capability of doing real damage

And the list goes on. Seriously though, we need more characters like her.