doll does art


my beautiful boy Gnoland!!

I tried to get his pupils but just…couldnt get them right…idk maybe I can figure it out later

but this is like….p much done??

let me tell you he is so soft and plush and I just love my soft boy so much and am so proud of how this all came together!

We know him as Agent Xavier Dolls on Wynonna Earp but Shamier Anderson is a man of many talents. Shamier also performs as a DJ and produces mixes as DJSHAMGOD. Starting this Friday (July 8th) he will be dropping mixes every week. Follow him on twitter @ djshamgod

To give you a peek at his work check out the following Mellow House Mix 2016. This is one of my favorites! Be sure to check out the others on his SoundCloud account (DJSHAMGOD). Enjoy! Excited for the big launch!

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My first pilot OCs, aaA-

These are my pilot OCs, Benji (left) and Doll (right). They’re both humanoid robots created by some small company (Which I may or may not start giving background to) to be musicians. They’re most known for their album “Friendship” (Refer back to first 3 images), a pop album with songs labeled as “girly” and “cute”. When working together, they create pop music. But when working separately, it’s like they become completely different people.
Benji creates dubstep and chiptune music, while Doll creates acapella, pop, and (sometimes) rap.

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