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Okay lets be real. these fuckers would risk their life for this new baby and if you disagree with me then thats okay i guess cos we all have different opinions.

This is just a small lil sketch because I’ve had this idea for ages. I’m not particularly happy with how Waverly turned out but hey-ho. Also that baby better have a name that begins with W or I will not release my werewolf!Nicole drawing. 

P.s. I will draw boobs Rosita when she earns my trust because lord knows i do not trust that girl.


image description below the cut

Soooo I can’t be the only one who assumed Doc’s note was gonna be baby name suggestions, right?

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my beautiful boy Gnoland!!

I tried to get his pupils but just…couldnt get them right…idk maybe I can figure it out later

but this is like….p much done??

let me tell you he is so soft and plush and I just love my soft boy so much and am so proud of how this all came together!

Somewhere in the afterlife, Annabel is screaming


My first (of hopefully more) for sale art dolls!

He’s a wire armature base, foam body, with fleece and faux fur. His head, hands, and feet were all hand sculpted and painted with a matte finish. The armor is all real leather and fully removable. 11 ½ in tall and 7 in across at the shoulders.

I plan on getting an Etsy listing up for him and would like to ask about $200 USD for him (considering the materials that went into him but am still looking for feedback if that price seems reasonable and all)

In any case spreading this around so people can see would be appreciated and if you are interested in him you can message me!


…so it unfolds.

Damn, I’m actually hoping this Degtyarev does look like Degtyarev, not like some Major Fuckup :v (I got the scale a bit off in comparison to Zone Boy since papier mache has a life of its own and it’s always a gamble with fate how the sculpt will turn out in the end once it dries so Deg looks a bit bigger… but Major Badass is a lot taller so yea… I already imagine the fun with Scar, hoo boy :v With Strelok 5″6′, Deg 6″ and Scar 6″5′ more-or-less tall comparison all makes sense but how do I make it happen? Who was the smartass that prodded me to create some company for the Zone Boy, haw? I feckin love y’all, mates, for making me do stuff like this x’D)
If I ever thought Strelok had complicated physique well, I’ll be damned- Deg is one hell of a tough customer to work with. Then again, the sculpt has dried and there’s nothing in this world I can do to change anything anymore so, my dudes, we’ve got one Major Awesomesauce heading this way, I guess xd [watch me suffer during the painting process in the following days, blin :v]


Follow me along as I make Pennywise out of construction paper, again! Pennywise is the killer “Dancing Clown” who terrorizes the residents of Derry, Maine in Stephen King’s It. This design is based off of Bill Skarsgard’s terrifying portrayal in the 2017 film adaptation. This costume is TOTALLY different from the original 1990, Tim Curry portrayal, most notable in that it’s almost completely white! And I do admit, it was a little absurd cutting and pasting all those white pieces on top of one another, and the end product does kinda look like I drew it all on one sheet of paper and just cut the outline… But this IS “how to make Pennywise out of construction paper,” and not just “how to draw Pennywise,” and I have to say I could NOT be happier with the final product! I really enjoy making these geeky, pop culture paper doll crafts, so if there’s anyone else YOU’D like to see me make, let me know in the comments! Thanks for watching!!!

We know him as Agent Xavier Dolls on Wynonna Earp but Shamier Anderson is a man of many talents. Shamier also performs as a DJ and produces mixes as DJSHAMGOD. Starting this Friday (July 8th) he will be dropping mixes every week. Follow him on twitter @ djshamgod

To give you a peek at his work check out the following Mellow House Mix 2016. This is one of my favorites! Be sure to check out the others on his SoundCloud account (DJSHAMGOD). Enjoy! Excited for the big launch!

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Gnoland’s armor is all put together now! it isn’t at all how I drew it originally but ah well. 

I still have knick-knacks I wanna make for him to carry and honestly would like to try making a armor breastplate for him too

also wanna make his mace and shield….and gotta make his scarf…

(he can’t actually hold anything in his paws but I want to make everything he’s got pretty much cause its fun making the little items fffff)


My first pilot OCs, aaA-

These are my pilot OCs, Benji (left) and Doll (right). They’re both humanoid robots created by some small company (Which I may or may not start giving background to) to be musicians. They’re most known for their album “Friendship” (Refer back to first 3 images), a pop album with songs labeled as “girly” and “cute”. When working together, they create pop music. But when working separately, it’s like they become completely different people.
Benji creates dubstep and chiptune music, while Doll creates acapella, pop, and (sometimes) rap.

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