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Here’s the Belle painting I finally finished last week. It was originally supposed to be a fun project for when the remake was released back in March but I started to get really specific and kept changing it. She was originally going to be in her green library dress but the village dress seemed more fitting with the dandelion.

Anyway, I’m really pleased with how it turned out and she should be going to her new home soon!


Here is my Ooak Hermione Granger doll. I used the 17" Limited Edition Belle doll from Disney Store. I gave her a haircut and styled her hair. She already looks like @emmawatson so no changes needed to be made to her face. When it comes to the outfit, I was super lucky to find the Tonner outfit from a Hermione doll. It was a little big but after doing some alterations it fits perfectly and it actually makes her head look more proportionate. I love how she turned out 😍

My Disney doll collection! Recently I’ve been massively downsizing this collection of mine as was getting out of hand and hadn’t been as fun yo collect as it used too (not to say I’ve stopped collecting, i haven’t by any means, just being more choosy as what comes home. 


Disney’s Fairytale Designer Collection