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Hooray! The Disney Store is finally stocked with merchandise for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure! Here are all of the plush dolls they have, which I had hoped they would, and I just ordered them before they could be sold out! 😄

Unfortunately, the Kristoff doll is already sold out, but I can just get it once it gets back in stock. 😉


Jack and Sally Disney store Limited edition dolls!

Limited Edition of 2000…. I love them so much 😍 They are part of the Disney 17" limited dolls but they are definitely a little different. Jack and Sally are both made out of metal and resin so they are extremely detailed but very heavy lol

So I was finally able to take some better pictures of my Mulan and Shang set!

I love this set so much!  Pictures do NOT do it justice!  I’m so impressed with all the details Disney put into Mulan especially!  I would honestly liken the quality of Mulan’s outfit to that of the first line of designer couple dolls.  She’s THAT impressive!  And she’s not even wearing a dress!


Here’s the Belle painting I finally finished last week. It was originally supposed to be a fun project for when the remake was released back in March but I started to get really specific and kept changing it. She was originally going to be in her green library dress but the village dress seemed more fitting with the dandelion.

Anyway, I’m really pleased with how it turned out and she should be going to her new home soon!