doll details


My submission for the Killing Stalking fan contest~  I had to split it into two parts due to the image being shrunk!

Note: To get a better viewing, right-click on the image and “Open link in new tab.”


4 Pack #1: Fully articulated dolls with earrings, accessories, phones, detailed and collector quality outfits that shows off each characters personality perfectly, unique and detailed hairstyles, stunning make-up that is completely unique to the specific doll, beautiful and detailed shoes and purses with painted accents. Retail 44.95. Year: 2013

4 Pack #2: No articulation in the elbows or wrists, basic hairstyles, cheap accessories with no painted details, boring/generic dresses, ugly purses, horrible, clunky and reused shoes, ugly face paint that they’ve re-used at least 5 times. Retail 44.95. Year: 2017

We know that Mattel can make beautiful and detailed dolls again but they choose not to. They’re dumbfounded as to why Monster High is failing yet they’re producing literal plastic garbage in hopes that we as collectors will blindly buy anything they put out. Monster High is dead unless they remember what made it so popular in the first place. Until then, #RIPMH.

I can’t take any really decent pictures right now BUT my babies finally arrived and they look AMAZING!!!  I can’t stop staring at Mulan!  Her face is adorable!!  And her little outfit has so much detail to it!  I’m so glad I held off on getting any of the older Mulan dolls because this one is absolutely perfect!