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My submission for the Killing Stalking fan contest~  I had to split it into two parts due to the image being shrunk!

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American McGee fan?
Here’s a sneak peek of Alice Madness - work in progress!  
She will have custom boots, leather arm buckles and of course she has her signature necklace and vorpal blade ;)  She’s over a year in the making but she is happening!

Alright my lovely dollowers.  It’s been a while since I decided to open up my commissions and I am still deeply flattered and touched that people are willing to pay for my little dollies.  However, I suppose it was inevitable that something was bound to happen and I would get my fingers burned….  So as the saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me.”  With that in mind, I’ve decided to update my commission guidelines (? is that the appropriate term?  I have no clue)

  • First of all, if you admire my work but you have better things to spend your money on that is 6000% understandable, I respect that but please don’t waste everyone’s time by saying “Hey Doll, will you make me this <insert name of whatever here>?” if you know you’re not going to follow through.  If you know what you want, then let me know.  “Hey Doll will you make me this thing wearing this outfit?”  Got pictures?  Brilliant!  Send me them for reference so I know what to look for when I’m drawing the doll.  I always send the drawing for approval anyway but then at least we’re all singing off the same sheet.
  • Full payment will now be taken up front before I do ANYTHING. Payment through Paypal, safest way for all I figured.  Cost of the doll is £25.00 plus £4.00 worldwide postage & packing for a normal doll.  I am considering adding a £5.00 surcharge for really detailed dolls due to the additional time it takes, which would be on a request basis.  Want me to make you a doll but you can’t afford it at the moment?  I get it, we all have things that we need to pay for and stuff that happens.  I’m not an unreasonable person, I’ll just put it on the back burner til you’re ready.

  • This last year (2016) has been quite hard for me for personal reasons that I won’t bore everyone with, which has meant I’ve been hella slow at sewing.  I work full time, with a husband and kitties to look after as well as occasionally trying to have a life.  I try to be as quick as I can but if you think I’m taking too long hell yes you can message me and be like “Oi Doll!  About 7 millions years ago you starting making me this thing!  What’s going on?”  You are a paying customer after all.  If you want to see it while it’s a WIP, also not a problem.  Want to keep it a surprise?  You will never see it til it arrives in your letter box.

If you get your doll and you’re not happy with it for whatever reason, please let me know and I will do what I can to try and remedy it.  You have paid for it at the end of the day and you should at the very least be happy with it.

I hope those terms are agreeable to everyone and that it’s not too bitchy the way I’ve written it.  My inbox and message boxes are always available if you have any questions, or you’re unclear on something.

Thank you again for all the love and support you’ve given me, my blog and my dolls.  I wouldn’t be sewing still without it.

Otayuri week, Day 3


Word Count: 1,521

Summary: Yuri finds something in Otabek’s apartment that apparently, he gave to Otabek when they were kids at Yakov’s summer camp.


It was a warm afternoon when Otabek and Yuri were cuddling on the couch in Otabek’s apartment, Yuri was lying on top of Otabek with his head resting of his large chest, Otabek was running one of his hands through Yuri’s soft golden hair as Yuri sighed happily shutting his bright green eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of Otabek’s fingers brushing through his hair softly, Otabek ran his other hand down Yuri’s back and slipped it under his leopard print shirt, Otabek’s cold hand touched the warm smooth skin of Yuri’s back making Yuri scrunch up his small button nose

“Your hands are cold asshole”

Otabek laughed causing Yuri to bounce slightly on his chest “Sorry Yura you’re just so warm” he said as he pushed his hand further up Yuri’s shirt lightly tracing his spine which made Yuri shiver unconscientiously

“Stop it” Yuri complained but made no sign that he was going to move so Otabek continued to trace random patterns on Yuri’s back with the tips of his fingers

They lay in a comfortable silence with the sun shining through the living rooms window keeping them warm and content to stay in each other’s arms all afternoon

“What the hell is that?” Yuri asked breaking the silence

“What?” Otabek looked down at Yuri’s confused face

“That” Yuri said as he started to get up off Otabek, but Otabek grabbed a hold of his small hips with quick hands and pulled him back down on top of him “Where do you think you’re going Yura?”

Yuri looked up at Otabek “Let me go and see that weird thing!” he huffed out putting his hands on Otabek’s chest as he tried to push himself up

Tightening his grip Otabek shook his head “No you can’t leave the cuddling position”

“Beka” Yuri began to say and pulled himself up towards Otabek’s face, he started to place small butterfly kisses on Otabek’s jaw, as soon as he heard the breathy moan leave Otabek’s lips he took action and pushed himself up and off Otabek and the couch they had been comfortably cuddling on

“Traitor!” Otabek yelled from the couch

Yuri ignored him and walked up to the object he had just noticed, it was brightly coloured and sitting on top of Otabek’s TV “When did you get this?” he asked picking up the small object bringing it close to his face, it was a Matryoshka doll or more commonly known as a Russian nesting doll, Yuri had seen so many of these and he knew that the one in has hand was the doll from the very end of the set “Where’s the rest of them? You can’t just buy one Matryoshka doll, you have to buy the whole set”

Otabek sat up on the couch that he was currently laying on, he looked Yuri in the eyes seeing pure confusion in them “You don’t remember?”

Yuri frowned “Remember what?”

“You have that to me”

Yuri gaze shifted from Otabek’s dark eyes to the brightly coloured Matryoshka doll “No I didn’t, I think I would remember giving you a Matryoshka doll, I haven’t owned one of these in years”

“Well that would make sense since you have it to me when we were kids” Explained Otabek

Yuri’s green eyes widened in shock “What?! When?”

Otabek patted the empty spot next him on the couch, Yuri walked over and sat closely to Otabek the small Matryoshka doll still in his small pale hands

“It was at the end of Yakov’s summer camp when we were kids” Otabek started



“Have fun today Yurachka, I’ll pick you up at the end of the day” Otabek watched from the corner of the room he was standing in as the older man bend down in front of the small blond boy

“Ok grandpa” He heard the little blond say and watched the two embrace tightly “Bye”

He had been watching this blond boy throughout the whole time he was at this camp, Otabek couldn’t keep his eyes off of him and he’s little 13-year-old mind couldn’t figure out why

Otabek looked away as the blond boy turned around and hoped over to where everyone had placed their bags in the far corner of the room right next to where Otabek was standing alone as he always did before class started, Yuri threw his small bag into the pile and looked over at Otabek, he gave Otabek the smallest of smiles and walked off to start stretching

Sighing to himself Otabek shook his head, he didn’t even want to be here, he was terrible at ballet and was older than everyone in this class, he just knew he was going to embarrass himself in front of everyone like he had for the past few days he’d been here

“Ok class let’s get started, everyone in a line now!” the teacher had yelled causing all the students to hurry into a straight line next to the barres

“Let’s start off with some simple positions”

As the day went on Otabek stumbled and fell twice even with the help of a barre, the blond boy kept looking at him strangely and he kept watching the blond make the positions with elegance and grace but had this fierceness in his big green eyes

“Ok class have a break and eat some lunch and we will reconvene in an hour”

Otabek sighed in relief, he was exhausted and all he wanted to do was have a cold shower and lay down somewhere cool, he grabbed his bag and walked to the small park area that was located behind the ballet studio, he found a large tree and sat down under it whilst he tugged his lunch out of his bag, he wasn’t particularly hungry but he knew if he didn’t eat his lunch he’d never hear the end of it from his mother

“Can I sit?” Otabek heard a small voice ask, glancing up from his lunch he saw the green eyed blond boy standing before of him

“Um yeah if you want”

The small boy sat down directly in front of Otabek and brought out his own lunch “What’s your name?”

“Otabek” he said after swallowing his lunch “And you?”

“Yuri” the boy replied and bluntly added “You’re not great at Ballet”

The statement had Otabek blushing whilst looking away “I know”

“Why don’t you do something else then”

Otabek shook his head “I can’t this is supposed to help me”

Yuri looked at him with a small confused face “I could help you if you’d like, it might take a few years but I’m sure you could be a ballerina with some help”

Otabek’s small cheeks turned pink “I’m not hear for long, I go back to Kazakhstan after these classes are finished”

Yuri lowered his gaze but before he did Otabek was sure he was sadness in those green eyes of his, he didn’t know why Yuri would be sad about his departure but it gave him a warm fuzzy feeling inside, he was about to say something to Yuri when he saw the small boy grab his bag and start to dig around in it, turquoise green eyes lit up when he found what he was looking for, his little hand came into view and he opened it revealing a small Matryoshka doll, it was very detailed with a floral like pattern all over it, Yuri brought the small doll to his lips and gave it a small kiss then thrust it towards Otabek

“Here! Take this it’ll give you good luck in your journey towards becoming a ballerina”

Otabek took the small doll from Yuri and looked at it smiling “Thank you Yuri” And before he could explain to Yuri that he wasn’t practicing to become a ballerina he wanted to be a figure skater, the teacher yelled for them to come back inside to resume their training

*End of flashback*


Yuri stared at Otabek in astonishment “You kept it since then?”

Otabek nodded taking Yuri’s hand in his and bringing it to his lips to kiss the pale hand “Of course, it gave me the luck I needed to become decent enough at ballet”

He leaned down pressing his lips against Yuri’s soft ones “Also I’m pretty sure I loved you even back then”

Yuri looked at Otabek’s chocolate brown eyes “You love me?”

“Of course, you’re surprised? You don’t have to say it back until you mean it”

“No one’s ever said they love me before, no one except for my grandpa” Yuri didn’t know why he felt the stinking sensation of tears welling up in his eyes but before he knew it one slipped from his eye and dripped down his porcelain skin

Otabek wiped the tear from his cheek “Well it won’t be the last time I tell you that I love you” he whispered leaning in to kiss Yuri’s damp cheek and bringing him to his chest for a tight hug

Yuri chocked back more tears and he wrapped his arms around Otabek’s waist “I love you too” he said shakily


A/N: Ok so this one still isn’t up to standard but I’m glad I could write a bit more than just 500 words lol 

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"All league females have super smooth, baby faces" - Rek'Sai, Illaoi, Taliyah, Lissandra, Shyv. "Meanwhile, the males are all super aged and scruffy" Ekko? Nunu? Jayce? TARIC?

Cinematic. I was talking about the videos riot has put out.

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All of the females have smooth, doll like faces. Every detail is smooth and contoured. Even when covered in dirt and blood or scars.
Garen has frown lines, draven looks ancient, they gave graves appropriate gray scruff. ect

The Magnificent Toy Emporium

Alfred is in Northern Ireland on vacation, and makes a quick stop to pick up a souvenir for his brother. He walks into a toy shop to meet the mysterious owner, who’s just as lonely as he is strange. Usuk. //

Alfred jogged down the brick path as rain fell, looking at the buildings on either side of him as he ran.  He scanned the signs hanging from them, looking for one in particular.

The sign, and by extension the shop he was searching for was called the Magnificent Toy Emporium. It was somewhat hidden away, squeezed between the rest of the side-by-side buildings on the street. Alfred never really saw any advertising for it, but it’s reputation spoke for itself. The store was famous, but there was only one location.

The Magnificent Toy Emporium resided in the Newcastle of County Down. It had opened there, and it hadn’t moved locations since the first day. Though, Alfred felt that surely a store as well known as this could stand its ground in large cities. Or, it could start a chain of toy stores.

But, hey, what did Alfred know about running a business. All he needed to do was grab something for Matthew and head back. He didn’t need to worry about keeping the shop’s doors open.

The rain was starting to come down harder, so Alfred was thankful when he saw the hanging sign of the toy store rocking back and forth overhead. He took a glance at the building as he went in.

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Because We’re Friends

Title: Because We’re Friends
Fandom: Natsume Yuujinchou
Characters: Natori Shuuichi, Natsume Takashi, other mentioned characters
Relationship: Natori Shuuichi & Natsume Takashi
Prompt: Favorite chapter/episode/arc (for May 17)
Word Count: 2263 (not including the additional scene in italics below)
Summary: Shuuichi isn’t stupid. He suspects– knows that Natsume has always been carrying something important with him. He doesn’t know what it is exactly, but he just knows it’s something dangerous. And so Shuuichi’s worry grows. And grows. 

And grows.

Warning: Contains content from manga chapters 14, 60-62, and 72-73, so if you haven’t read up until those chapters then don’t read this yet

Notes: This isn’t actually a single chapter/arc; it’s just that my favorite part/s is/are scattered throughout the manga, as seen in the warning above. 

I just love Natori’s relationship with Natsume and he’s honestly so protective of him, which is why Natori knowing about the Book of Friends really hit it home with me. This is basically just the scenes in the manga written in Natori’s perspective along with my own headcanons. Some of the dialogue were copied directly from the ones in the manga, so, yeah. Disclaimer.

Also, I crammed writing this so I’m sorry if it’s a bit messy and inconsistent. And b o i, I did not expect for this to exceed 2,000 words at all. I thought it was just gonna be a drabble with about 1k or so words, but then this happened. :’))

Anyway. On to the story.

The first time Shuuichi realized Natsume was carrying something important with him, it was at their trip to the hot springs. He had caught the tail end of Natsume’s conversation with the Youkai – Sumie, was it? – and even the part where he had a piece of paper tucked in between his lips.

Shuuichi thought odd of it, but he didn’t have time to think into it further as the Youkai was gearing up to attack Natsume, and he couldn’t have that, so he threw away everything but the thought and the instinct to protect him.

And then everything, his true purpose as to why he was in that inn as well as his motives in bringing Natsume along with him, kind of just unfolded from there.

Needless to say, he felt a little bit guilty about deceiving Natsume to go with him on this trip, when all he could have done was ask, but he couldn’t quite find it in himself to do anything but lie at that time because he was so used to doing so. It was hypocritical of him to say to Natsume that he wouldn’t need to lie when he was with him when he himself did so. But, well… he’d say that old habits die hard, but he feels himself letting up a little bit when Natsume admits that he’d been keeping things from Shuuichi himself, and that statement brings Shuuichi back to what he was doing with the Ayakashi before.

However, that was something that could be done at a later date, and right now what’s more important is to seal that Youkai properly.

Shuuichi could admit to himself that he panicked just a little bit when his paper dolls failed to subdue the Ayakashi, but then he proceeded to feel relieved and amazed at the fact that a Youkai that Natsume had saved prior to their trip had been the one to save them when the exorcism failed. Huh, maybe helping Youkai isn’t so bad after all…?

He’ll… entertain that thought another time.

The next time the matter comes up, a few months, close to a year, had passed. Tsukiko-san had called and he’d sent a paper doll containing the details of their meet up, only to find out that that doll had fallen to the ground due to the rain and was picked up by none other than Natsume.

It was funny how fate decided to let them meet again, and under this circumstance no less, but it was even more frustrating because Shuuichi didn’t want Natsume to be involved in his exorcism business. The various times he was involved, Shuuichi had been infected by his compassion and kindness and recklessness, three things that the people in his line of work usually lacked – and for good reason, because those three things entail weakness, and Ayakashi leech onto that.

But… when Shuuichi looks at Natsume and all his compassionate glory, he can’t associate him with the word. Natsume is anything but weak; he’s brave and determined, and he’s also just a tad bit fragile, but that doesn’t make him weak. He knows that anyone who’s had a childhood dealing with Youkai couldn’t have grown up being fully accepted, and it shows with Natsume’s actions because, just like himself, he’s grown accustomed to lying, he finds certain acts of kindness directed toward him surprising, he has a hard time trusting people, and he…

He keeps secrets, no matter how dangerous, just so he could protect other people.

Are you the Natsume of the Book of Friends that I’ve heard so much about?

And that brings Shuuichi back into the present, because there it is. There it is again. The… recognition that Youkai have of Natsume’s name.


“Tsk, so the exorcist brat is here. Did you overhear us?” the Ayakashi asked.

“…No,” Shuuichi answered, choosing his words carefully. “But it sounded intriguing. Care to fill me in?”

The Ayakashi snorted. “Who would tell a halfwit exorcist like you?”

Shuuichi paused. The way the Ayakashi said it… it seemed more than just an insult. He’d have lapsed into a thoughtful state right then and there, but alas, the Ayakashi has fled, effectively stopping his thoughts and putting him back into reality.

Later on, after the affair has ended and he’s told Natsume that whatever he had to say, he can say when he’s ready, Shuuichi thought. The amount of recognition Natsume holds over various Ayakashi is downright alarming, if only because it means that Natsume is so deep into Ayakashi business that he’s well-known by them across the land. Originally, Shuuichi had thought that that recognition was brought about by Natsume’s big heart for all the beings around him, but maybe there’s more to it than that.

Maybe… maybe he was well-known because of something he has, something that holds importance and– and power over the Youkai. Something powerful and terrifying and dangerous.

Something that the kind Natsume maybe shouldn’t have in his possession.

The Book of Friends, huh…?

Shuuichi had just exorcised an Ayakashi when he heard two small ones fretting over being exorcised themselves.

“Hey, isn’t that an exorcist?”

“Eh?! How scary… we might be exorcised if he finds us.”

Shuuichi finds himself amused, and he butts in, telling them that if he kept exorcising the small fry, it would be bad for his health. The low-level Ayakashi, fearing for their lives, blurt out that they’d do anything he demanded while also asking for forgiveness. Shuuichi, not one to pass up the opportunity, asks.

“Have you heard of the Book of Friends?”

The small Ayakashi are quaking and are weak-willed but they say nothing helpful about it and quickly run off. Shuuichi purses his lips.

Hm, so it appears that the Book of Friends is a well-kept secret among the Ayakashi that, for some reason or the other, should not be known by exorcists.

Now the question is: why?   

What power could the Book of Friends possibly have that would threaten the Ayakashi greatly should an exorcist get his hands on it?

Shuuichi thinks.

Youkai are generally afraid of exorcists because they do not want to be exterminated. So, if an exorcist in possession of the Book would be much more dangerous and fearsome for the Ayakashi, then Shuuichi could safely assume that the Book is fairly powerful.

Now then, Shuuichi mulls over what possible use a book could be to an exorcist. A book contains writings, and Shuuichi could think of a few things that require writing for exorcists.

It could be a book of spells, for example, spells that could effectively and efficiently exorcise Youkai. However, Shuuichi could not see the wisdom in simply carrying a book of spells around so he scratches that thought away.

A collection of circles, perhaps? That could serve some purpose for exorcists, having a ready-made stash of different types of circles made for different purposes. It may be convenient in some way for some people, however, for Shuuichi, it would only limit the sizes of the circles and he’d have to redraw them on the ground anyway if he needed a bigger one.

The last thing Shuuichi could think of that would need writing in an exorcist’s job would be forming a contract.

That… is not a pleasant possibility.

Shuuichi has caught only a glimpse of the Book, and from what he remembered, it was thick. If that thing contained contracts, then it means that a lot of Youkai were involved, and for such a thing to be in Natsume’s hands… he didn’t want to think of the possibility. Not yet. Shuuichi lowered his hat.

He best be going back. Natsume’s coming soon.

When Shuuichi had gone back to his condo with Natsume after picking him up, he was surprised to see one of his acquaintances – Aimiya-san – hanging around by the entrance of the building. And because fate just liked to screw with him, said acquaintance had also invited Shuuichi to an event in the Hakozaki house and managed to drag Natsume along.

Shuuichi had been careless. He should have never paraded around with Natsume, and now some weird rumor had spread about him.

He managed to suppress a sigh as they entered the premises of the Hakozaki house and quickly put on his business smile, listening attentively to Hakozaki-san’s request to find the elder Hakozaki’s study and seriously considering it.

It was a great opportunity, Shuuichi thought. His only regret was having Natsume be in the presence of other exorcists, especially since the Matobas are most probably elbow-deep into this matter as well.

But really, it was an opportunity that Shuuichi could not pass up, and he’d just have to take the risk. Natsume could defend himself fairly well enough anyway, and he had his cat bodyguard too, but just to ease his own conscience a little bit, he asked Hiiragi to go with Natsume as well, and also made Natsume dress as a shiki for good measure.

With that done, he set out to do some searching on his own. Urihime and Sasago had reported back to him after a while with a non-affirmative of the study’s location, but they both promised to search harder and Shuuichi only nodded. He’d thought as much anyway. There was no way his shiki could find it that quick if the people that came here before him hadn’t found it yet by now.

He continued searching on his own but no such luck turned up on his end as well. He sighed forlornly, thinking if it was impossible after all.

Ah, but if it’s Natsume…

Shuuichi found himself thinking. Natsume is different after all; he might just be able to find it.

He might have mused on it more, but then he was interrupted by the presence of another exorcist.


“Natori!” the elder pleasantly exclaimed. “As usual, you pick up on interesting stories very quickly.”

Shuuichi blurts out his greeting and they proceed on chatting. When asked about Natsume, Shuuichi simply waves it off and states that he hasn’t seen him.

He doesn’t want Natsume doing anything with the Matoba clan, not after he read Matoba’s letter to Natsume.

Nanase-san finally leaves and he takes the opportunity to look for Natsume and warn him about her. When Shuuichi does find him though, he was being attacked by a Youkai, and he tries so hard, his hardest, to pretend that he didn’t hear about the Book of Friends from the Youkai, only telling it to stay away from Natsume and attempting to rescue the younger male only for the fat cat to jump in and save him instead, but he knew Natsume knew that he heard it, so he tried placating him, telling him he’d just pretend he didn’t hear anything.

Natsume surprised him with his response.

“Natori-san… I won’t say it now because there are Ayakashi around, but after everything is done, will you hear me out?”

The statement gave Shuuichi pause, but he smiled and replied, “Of course.”

“My grandmother was called Natsume Reiko. It seems she had strong spiritual power.”

Shuuichi perked up at that, slightly surprised at Natsume’s straightforwardness and not expecting him to open up immediately after they’d finished, but he listened closely nevertheless.

“She was bad at dealing with humans so she was always involved with Ayakashi.” A pause. “She would challenge some, and when the Ayakashi lost, she made them write their names on a piece of paper. It seems she collected these.”

As Shuuichi heard the words, he was overcome with a grim disposition.

Natsume had said that she’d made them write their names. Shuuichi isn’t stupid; he’d deliberately told Natsume a while back that contracts formed with Youkai would require a name other than their real one, so the younger male’s lack of elaboration meant only one thing: the real names of the Ayakashi had been written.

It was a forbidden act.

Shuuichi listened on mirthlessly as Natsume continued to tell him about his grandmother, about how she’d made the Book of Friends out of loneliness, about how he’d inherited it and…

And about how, since he’s the only living blood relative of Reiko, he’s the only one able to return the names to their respective owners, which was why he’s now made it his life’s mission.

It was all… very difficult to accept for Shuuichi, because he knew, even if Natsume didn’t say so, that it was dangerous, risky, unsafe, and– and life-threatening. And he knew Natsume knew that as well, yet the younger still persists in doing so, if only to free the Youkai. Such a heavy burden for someone so… young and innocent. Shuuichi resists a shuddering breath.

Natsume was kind.

Natsume was too kind.

“It would be better if… such a dangerous thing was burned,” Shuuichi breathed out amidst the crackle of fire. Natsume, not having heard it because of the noise from the fire, asked what he had said, but Shuuichi merely brushed it off.

When Natsume had gone and the whole Hakozaki affair had been left behind, Shuuichi contemplated. He didn’t want the Book of Friends to stay in Natsume’s hands any longer, but Shuuichi had a feeling that nothing he’d say would persuade Natsume into giving it up, because Natsume’s just like that. Shuuichi can’t see him willingly throwing away the book; if anything, he’d probably fight tooth and nail just to protect it and to not let it fall into the wrong hands.

Shuuichi sighed exasperatedly, looking at the sky.

What was he going to do with Natsume?

End Notes: And yeah, that’s it. That’s the story. I now realize it’s more of a character study actually…? Of Natori, that is. 

Okay, uhm, I lied. That’s not the whole story yet. There’s still a scene I haven’t included in here ‘cuz I’m not yet done writing it, and is2g if I don’t get what I have done out right now, my brain is going to explode. 

The additional scene I’ll add tomorrow, but it’s going to be in a reblog sooo yeah. Y’all better read that additional scene because that’s where the title of this one-shot came from.

Thanks for reading and good night. 

On second thought, I’m gonna add here what I’ve written of the additional scene bc gahhhd I really need to get it out of my system/drafts and if I don’t my frustration would only grow and grow and grow.

So. Here you go.

“Natori-san! Natori-san, wait! The Book– it’s reacting!” Natsume shouted, stopping Shuuichi’s assault on it and momentarily distracting him from the Youkai.

“Watch out–!” Hiiragi warned, and Shuuichi turned to the Youkai, expecting to be hit, but that was prevented by the fat cat turning into his beast form and grabbing the Ayakashi in between his teeth.

“Natsume, now!” The white-furred beast looked to Natsume, his deep voice carrying across the land to where Natsume was, the Book suddenly out and opened.

“One who would protect me…” Natsume chanted, and Shuuichi looked on, confused and at the same time enchanted. “…show me your name.”

As the words were pronounced, the pages of the Book started flipping on its own and then abruptly stopped, a single page left standing. Shuuichi watched, enamored. He saw as the younger male ripped the page from the book and held it between his lips, a sight which he has seen only once before, at the inn with the hot springs.

And then, Natsume clapped, and blew.

The characters from the paper flew towards the captive Ayakashi in Madara’s mouth, and then a bright and soft light filled the air as the ink sank into the Youkai’s forehead, symbolically indicating that its name has been returned.

Yeah, just take it. And don’t give it back. Ugh.

Okay bye, for real now. See you tomorrow.