doll details

American McGee fan?
Here’s a sneak peek of Alice Madness - work in progress!  
She will have custom boots, leather arm buckles and of course she has her signature necklace and vorpal blade ;)  She’s over a year in the making but she is happening!


I created this little room in a box almost half a year ago. Every time I got a new doll, I added some details which fit their personality. So far, my Spectra, Kiyomi, Gigi and Catrine have been living here. At some point, I owned far too many dolls and didn’t have the motivation to give everyone a proper home.
However, I tinkered with a Boo York Boo York Catty Noir lately and she turned out to be my lovely spacecat, which now occupies the room. u.u

Batty for Bats [insert bat emoji]

Top: Black Milk Clothing
Skirt: Sourpuss
Shoes: Bat Royalty for Iron Fist
Bag: Dysfunctional Doll
Jewellery: @thecryptofcuriosities

More details on my YouTube channel and Instagram (ReeRee Phillips)