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It still pains me that Jackie/Hyde had so much potential to be a healthy, loving couple, that made one-another better people and loved each other enough to talk about their problems and support each other through them without jumping to conclusions but it was all ruined because the writers choose unnecessary drama over giving the audience a well developed relationship.

Simply A Gentleman

“Shit, are you bleeding?”

Simply A Gentleman

James was many things. Handsome, graceful, quite, an introvert, kept to himself, didn’t talk unless he had to, a simple gentleman. So when he spotted a red stain beside him over the couch once his fellow Tech avenger had gone up to the bathroom complaining her stomach was hurting, he was concerned. Because he had no fucking clue what the hell was happening.

“Shit, are you bleeding?” He hollered, the girl hadn’t even stepped foot out the living compound when his voice, ever so elegantly made its way to her ear.  

She stood frozen, afraid if what he said was true, and if so she had just stained Tony’s million dollar couche cushion.

“Crap, Doll your on your period.” Bucky concluded, pointing to the stain beside him. He had finally connected the dots. Realization washing over him, he stood up and instantly flipped the cushion. “Tony’s gonna kill you.” He stated, moving over to her fragile form. “Let’s take you upstairs.” Bucky murmured softly, as he pushed her in front of him and kept behind her to block the scarlet stain.

She still didn’t say anything. What could she say? Wearing white cotton shorts and a tank top side had its perks for being comfortable in, but what she wasn’t expecting was Mother Nature knocking her eggs early tonight.

“I’m sorry,” She finally uttered, her hands fumbled with the hem of her tank, her hair in a messy bun but streaks slithered out to frame her cheekbones.

“It’s fine,” Bucky nodded. It was the least he could do to her, she had helped him in so many ways he couldn’t even count. Taking her to his bathroom was not even considered helping the poor girl. “Take a shower, I’ll get you something to wear.” He instructed once they entered Bucky’s room. He locked it, rummaging around his closet for his slim fits. While the girl went in his bathroom, the sound of running water filled the void in his room.

After a few minutes, he knocked on the bathroom door. His old shorts that don’t even fit him with it’s matching navy Henley shirt in his giving hands. “Sweetheart, wear these…” His voice was smooth, like he was afraid of what she would think of his proposal. The team had made fun of them being too close, albeit the platinum haired man was beyond happy Bucky was conversing with a female.

Non the less, she opened the door with a towel wrapped around her body, “Bucky, I need a pad… and… never mind I’ll get it myself.” She trailed uncertain after receiving a worried look from the brunet. He still didn’t understand all that female products.

“No,” Bucky abruptly answered, “Just show me a picture of what it looks, you go sit on the toilet.” He suggested, trying to push her back in the confined bathroom.

“It’s fine,” She answered. Taking his cloths from his hands, “I’m going to change in my room.” She stood on her tippy toes, then reached for his stubbly cheek. “Good night Bucky.”

“Wait, why are you taking my cloths then?”

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Tag game

Tagged by @tenoko1 (do I freak out or laugh like a villain and crow “my stalking has paid off”… decisions, decisions)

Countries I lived in: USA (Michigan), Cambodia for a month, Thailand (currently)

Languages you speak: English, French, Russian, smattering of Polish, not nearly enough Thai… bits and pieces of fictional languages

Favorite film of 2015: Uhm…. Inside Out.  Pixar is awesomeness.

Last article you read: … cannot remember the name, but it was something Joss posted on Twitter about the mass societal dissonance going on in America that has lead to the current election mess and why Republicans were desperate enough to back the Cheeto in the first place.

Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: “Our Happy Home” David Crowder* Band, “Mollymauk” Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends, “Just Might Change Your Life,” Sidewalk Prophets

Last thing you bought online: Not counting plane tickets and crap… Eyes.  (Doll eyes for amigurumi like these guys)

Any phobias or fears? Talking on the phone (when there’s a chance it might be a wrong number)

How would your friends describe you?  Past examples: “This is Becca, she has chickens.”  “This is Ryll, she speaks like eight languages” (”I do not speak eight” “it’s the best way to describe it you speak too many”), sassy, and the most current one is apparently “tale pale american with red hair?” (distracted friends are so helpful lol) Ah, updated is “loyal, considerate, motherly”

How would your enemies describe you? Uhm.  I’ve never asked.  Probably rude, a know-it-all… and if I had no self control around them “obsessed with Sweeney Todd” would probably be on the list.  (Something so therapeutic about singing songs about murder…)

Who would you take a bullet for?  My friends, my family, kids in general…

If you had money to spare what would you buy first?  A guitar, I miss mine so much.

Rules: Tag ten people you want to get to know better.

(I apologize in advance) @mittensmorgul, @kefka334, @tree-of-blue-squirrel (Squirrelock come play), @ladynikitablack, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell, @helvonasche (*tags again* *runs away*), @dont-dropp, @theflufwiththefandoms, @queensdontwaittobesaved, and @wildtendermythologia (do one last sane thing before the pasta sets in…)


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