doll cemetery

Top 4  scariest places to be 

1. Riddle House

The Riddle House in Palm Beach County, Florida, was actually a funeral parlor

The house was later on, dismantled and rebuilt in Yesteryear Village.

In the 1920’s the house was owned by Karl Riddle. However, the horrors was soon, to be discovered. When

a former employee was found hanging in a noose in the attic. His name was Joseph. Joseph for some odd

reason despised men and would constantly attack men that entered the attic. To this day men are not

allowed in the attic  

2. Stull Cemetery

In early 20th century

A small amount of people used to live there

Two of them was a son and a father they somehow died in a mysterious accident

They were buried in the farm field. to this day their death is still a mystery

Some years after their death a large amount of people were found murdered and hung from a tree  

3. Aokigahara, Japan 

This is the well-known suicide forest

It is said more than 50 people took their own lives here in 2010

There is an annual body hunt for those who are willing to go there

Visitors are advised to use plastic tape to mark their route and avoid getting lost.

4. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

This island in Xochimilco is known for its odd forest

Where dolls appear in the trees it is said that

A girl once died there and it is her soul that keeps the dolls appear


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