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Hi everyone, in order to celebrate the One Month Anniversary of my Etsy shop, TheDiscerningHoarder, I am having my first themed give away! This month’s theme is The 90s! 

One lucky winner chosen at random will win:

  1. 2 Holiday Hair Clips (Pumpkin Print and Santa Print)
  2. 1 Vintage Marge Simpson Mug
  3. 1 Official Beanie Baby Club Tube Thing w/Beanie Baby Bear
  4. 2 Troll Dolls
  5. 2 Barbie McDonald’s Toys in the Package
  6. 4 Fear Street Books (The Cheerleaders Complete Storyline)
  7. 3 VHS - The Mask, Lion King, Space Jam (I don’t know if these work, they’re just some of my favorite movies from the 90s so I had to include them)
  8. 1 Power Rangers Fan Club Insulated Lunch Bag - Pink Ranger
  9. 1 Lisa Frank Mini-Binder (yes, this specific one is from the 2000s BUT the 90s stuff is too hard to find!)
  10. 1 Twin Size Vintage Goosebumps Sheet 

Total Value of Items If They Were Purchased In My Store: $110!!!!!

Also, to show my appreciation, I’m offering a coupon code in my store.  Go here and at checkout put in the code TUMBLRBUDS for a 15% discount that will last until May 28th.  I’m always adding new items to my store and have some sweet stuff lined up for tomorrow.

Winner Will Be Chosen on May 28th, 2016 and will be chosen by a random number generator.  

Rules For My Giveaway:

  1. Must be following @TheDiscerningHoarder 
  2. You can reblog as many times as you like. Reblog with your real blog and not some stupid give away blog, please. Blog blog blog.
  3. Liking does not count as an entry! Only reblogs and if you’re following me!
  4. Shipping and packaging covered by me unless it’s like a million dollars and you live in Antartica or something and I may ask you to cover half.
  5. Be willing to give me your address!  If you are under 18, please get your parent’s permission in order to make sure it’s okay to give out your address (I don’t know how I’ll check that but I’m looking into it).
  6.  Winner will be chosen with a random number generator and I’ll tag the winner in a post.  You will have 24hours to contact me or it will go to someone else.  I’ll probably send you a message too.

Thanks so much for looking at this AND I hope you like the items in my shop.  I’m just a weird thrifting person with a good eye whose house is too full to take on anything new!  

I know I’ve already written about baby!Dirk Gently having emotions about his Sea Monkeys, but can you imagine him with the following toys from the 1990s?

  • Tamagotchi (he never works out that you have to push the button twice to actually feed it, as a result it keeps starving to death and his parents end up having to “accidentally” run over it with the family van in order to stop the ongoing cycle of guilt)
  • Furby (his parents think that getting him a fake pet will stop him from finding all of the lost cats in a 10-mile radius but it only makes it worse because now he’s on a mission to get his new friend yet more friends)
  • Polly Pocket (you would not believe how many cases he needs to solve for these dolls)
  • Beanie Babies (years later, he’ll wonder why the universe manages to provide multiple corpses and yet never provided him with any of the particularly rare and valuable collectables)
  • Easy Bake Oven (the only and only time he’s ever been a good cook)
  • Tickle-Me-Elmo (he unintentionally steps on it when he gets up for a drink at 2am and it starts cackling and vibrating; he throws it in the closet and it’s only after the CIA takes him away that he begins to think that maybe, just maybe, his house wasn’t actually haunted)