BBi Coca Cola fashion doll (here’s an eBay listing for one still in the package) head from the late 1980s, sent to me, hairless, by @oak23 .  I airbrushed it green, along with the articulated Barbie body (not Fashoinista.)  The head was rerooted with nylon from a Bratz (that I’d thrifted with terrible hair and sent to @cheshiretiffy who worked her magic on the hair and used a lot of it to make an Aja custom and then sent what was left to me, which turned out to be exactly enough for this doll), and with waaaayyyy more rooting holes than the head originally had (I also had to work around a hole along the front hairline where the original part had been.)

The paint is holding up wonderfully on the head, even with all the flexing during the rerooting process, but the body is already chipping and scraping in weird places–the paint was custom mixed, I’ll have to see if I have any of it left…  Or maybe she’ll get tattoos!


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New wig par Shaiel


It is 7 days to International Release!
Hello!( 。ớ ₃ờ)ھIt is official!
Two of my sculpts, Midori (the large-headed tiny) and Voador (the flying piglet) are going to be released on Sept 5 , and the ordering period will last until Oct 07!
My website has been updated with information for this event:
It is my first time doing any sort of thing internationally. I am both very excited and very nervous! ( ˃᷄˶˶̫˶˂᷅ )

Black lolita dress with purple accents and matching socks in #mnf size is up on my #etsy ^^

I hope you guys will like it! #abjd #bjd #bjds #fairyland #fairylandbjd #superdollfie #balljointeddoll #instadoll #dollstagram #doll #liria #minifeeliria #dollsofinstagram #minifee #bjdclothing #bjdoutfit #bjdclothes #bjdinstagram #bjddoll #kalcia #kalciaworkshop

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