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New dress set for SD13 size bjds now up at our Etsy store. Well, Vanillia (belongs to Nena) simply inspires us to sew some princess dresses for her… Here is the second one - this time Cinderella. We thought that the “after midnight” version would be even more interesting to take pictures, so here it is! We hope You will like it :3 Vanillia is Little Monica Innocent Sophia ws and belongs to Nena Face-up by Little Monica Wig by Monique Gold Shoes by Sadol Outfit by us - Ayu&Ana Design

Yeah that’s kind of how I’m feeling right now.

Camay doll is here! I don’t know if they have names or not, I’m just calling her Camay for now.

She doesn’t smell at all! Well, she has this nostalgic scent. I remember that smell from when I was little.

She is dirty, though.

And hilarious. omg.

She rattled. It was the joint punch-outs inside her body and head. They came right out.

She came apart pretty easily, too. Her shoulder joints look great! Sometimes these older dolls, the metal hooks tear through the plastic loops in the shoulders over time.

I don’t know why they gave her breasts, tbh. I thought she had a child body.

The magic of Magic Eraser. Again.

And here she is all clean. Her hair is wiry and stiff, so it’s getting conditioned.

I tried to reset her neck hole because it’s mashed to one side, and it went back to the way it was after a bit. I might leave it, the “happy” face is all that much more menacing with her head tilted to the side.

When she’s all done I’ll put her hair up and maybe give her face some touchups.

And she’s not too big at all. She’s just right.


Here’s another commision. These two were for David Moody (one of two frequent artists who have commisioned me to make their gemsonas). I really, really, reaaaaaaally hope these two weren’t shattered. I honestly expected Steven to scoop up Blue Zircon’s gem after she was poofed while making his and Lars’s escape. Yes, I do realize high stress situation, he probably didn’t have time to do it, or didn’t think about it, but still, wouldn’t it have been cool if Steven absent mindedly scooped her up since she didn’t attack him, doesn’t seem capable of doing harm (so even after coming back there’s no danger of her murdering most of the household), and she just made everyone question whether or not Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. I just think it would be really cool if she regenerated and ends up being stuck on Earth since she’s certain that if she were to go back to Homeworld without any proof about what she said (at least if she can prove a diamond did it, maybe the other diamonds would let her live). So she starts an investigation on Earth by seeing the scene of the crime. Maybe she could drag Steven along since this is still for his court case and she needs protection or something. Plus this would be so nice for Steven who gets help in learning about the past from someone who just wants to know the truth. She may be loyal to the Diamonds, but she’s still objective about her cases. These are just my thoughts. So if you think this sounds just terrible, then well I’m not a show writer, so you don’t have to ever worry about this becoming cannon.
I don’t own Blue Zircon or Yellow Zircon.
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Spring by CandyDoll♥


Blue Diamond is finished!
She’s almost 9 inches tall and has about 5 points of articulation.
Materials used: floral wire, polymer clay, gloss varnish, acrylic paint, yarn, material and thread, textile medium, a fake gem, and LOTS of glue. She is hand-sculpted, no molds used.
>take note of her tears! They’re my favorite part.

My photography doesn’t do her justice. She is more detailed in person. Unfortunately, I am not an experienced photographer.