30 Day Disney Challenge - Day 5 - Favorite Disney Hero: Aladdin!

Okay.  Confession.  My boyfriend looks totally like him, sans hair.  I’ll post a pic later of him dressed as Prince Ali at the MNSSHP a few years ago.  It’s great.  Anyways, so I love him because he is kind, cunning and again, a bit full of him self.  He is brave but also sweet. 

And he has a monkey.


30 Day Disney Challenge - Day 12 - Favorite love song: Bella Notte

Sssshhhh…  don’t tell, but I would love an acoustic version of this played for our first dance at my wedding.  This song is so romantic and lovely.  But the real reason it is my favorite, is my boyfriend (see the photo a few days back of him as Aladdin) and I ate at Tony’s Restaurant on Main Street in Disney World on our very first Disney visit together…  so this song always makes me think of that magical moment.