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My Clueless Valentine

Story Summary: To help Steve feel a little less lonely on Valentine’s Day, you and the guys plan out a day of fun. However, this outing becomes something so much more than a day with friends when feelings are revealed [Part of the Friends Like Ours one shot series]. 

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: I’m really sorry about the wait and I’m sorry if I forgot to tag anyone in this! It’s been a while. Just to let you know, this one shot also refers back to the events of People Will Say

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“Hey Steve,” Bucky greeted with a smile as the blond entered the kitchen, you and Sam also giving your respective greetings with the hopes that he’d actually say something this time around.

Instead, you all earned another frown in response while he grabbed a bottle of water and a granola bar before heading back to his room, closing the door. You sighed and wondered what’s wrong with your friend. Over the past couple of days, Steve has been acting strange and distanced himself from everyone, limiting his responses with frowns and sighs. You had no working theories as to why he was behaving that way, but Sam and Bucky had an idea.

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Hello dahlings! So, a few days ago, I noticed @legendary-defenders amazing Paranormal AU for Voltron and immediately the ideas started whirling. I don’t usually tend to write AUs? So this has been a new process for me. I hope you all enjoy it! I’ve also posted this sucker on AO3 if you want to comment there! 

Something Strange

They don’t find their first real ghost until about four houses in. Shiro lags behind, nervously eyeing a young spirit as she taps her heel against the railing of the rickety deck they’re all traipsing up. She’s somewhere between six and twelve, bouncing between forms with each dull thud of her shoe. She’s stable, perfectly visible, her energy radiating pure curiosity as she cocks her head at their mismatched band of ghost hunters.

Lance loudly laments that this will be their Picasso while Keith fiddles with dials on his EMF meter. Pidge checks and rechecks her video camera. Allura and Coran talk in whispers by the van where Hunk’s still dragging out the rest of their equipment. Shiro swallows and looks up at the house. The spirit stops tapping her heel when Lance makes a beeline for the door.

“Mama isn’t going to like you all on the deck,” she calls, her form flickering before she stands in front of Lance. Shiro flinches. Lance walks right through the spirit, heedless of her squeak of surprise. She re-materializes back near the railing, her cheeks blown out in annoyance. “That’s so mean! You don’t just break into someone’s house!”

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I headcanon that once Adrien gets to know someone pretty well and is comfortable with them, he becomes very physically affectionate

I also headcanon that Adrien never trims his fucking fingernails

he’ll be doling out love while also constantly accidentally scratching people with his long ass claws like the cat he is

Telling the Bees

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The telling of the bees is a traditional English custom, in which bees would be told of important events in their keeper’s lives, such as births, marriages, or departures and returns in the household. The bees were most commonly told of deaths in their master’s family. The custom was prevalent all over England, as well as in a few places in Ireland and Wales but not in Scotland.[1][2] If the custom was omitted or forgotten then it was believed a penalty would be paid, that the bees might leave their hive, stop producing honey, or die.[3] A 1950 article in the Dundee Courier Scotland, describes the practice of inviting bees to the wedding.[4]

To inform the bees of a death their hive might be hung with a black cloth, while a “doleful tune” is sung.[3] Another method of “telling the bees” would be for their master to approach the hive and knock gently upon it. The house key might also be used to knock on the hive.[1] When the master of the house had the attention of the bees they would tell the bees the name of the person that had died.[3]

Food and drink from a beekeeper’s funeral would also be left by the hive for the bees, including the funeral biscuits and wine.[1] The hive would also be lifted a few inches and put down again at the same time as the coffin.[1] The hive might also be rotated to face the funeral procession, and draped with mourning cloth.[1] If a wedding occurred in the household, the hive might be decorated, and a slice of wedding cake left by their hive.[1][5][6] The decoration of hives appears to date to the early 19th century.[1]

The custom spread with European immigration to the United States in the 19th century.[5] An 1890 article in The Courier-Journal newspaper also described the practice of inviting bees to the funeral.[5]

The custom has given its name to poems by Deborah Digges, John Ennis, Eugene Field, Carol Frost and John Greenleaf Whittier.[7][8][9][10][11]


Erik Gordon has spent the last two years roaming the West with Ol Blue, the VW van that houses Carabiner Coffee Company. With his roving java-mobile, Gordon’s mission is to share “an incredible cup of coffee along with the inspiration to do what you love.”

After two years of meeting friendly faces around the country over a good, strong cup of joe, Gordon is hoping to find a permanent home in Boulder, Colorado, where he can “start spreading the love in a whole new way” — while still doling out the same beloved, sustainably sourced pour-over, aero-press, and small-batch drip coffee that he’s served in Ol Blue. As part of this new venture, Gordon also hopes to start the Carabiner Collective, featuring and supporting local grassroots companies looking to make their mark in the outdoor industry.  

“The love and support that has come from those who have walked up to the door of the van has been overwhelming and never ceases to put a huge smile on my face,” Gordon says. “I couldn’t be more stoked for this next chapter.”

Advice to the Powerball Winner

As I’m writing this, the Powerball jackpot is estimated to be worth over $1.4 billion, making it the largest potential lottery prize of any country in history. The lump sum payout is estimated to be just shy of $900 million, though these numbers are expected to climb significantly before Wednesday.

We might – or might not – have a winner this week. But there will eventually be a winner, and this very lucky individual will immediately become one of the wealthiest people in America.

But newfound wealth – if not managed carefully – can quickly turn into a nightmare. In addition to immediately getting swamped with requests from family and friends, the money itself can be overwhelming. If you fail to plan well, the money can vanish as quickly as it appears. A study in Florida found that bankruptcy rates were actually higher among lottery winners than among non-lottery winners. There are countless stories of regular working Americans becoming overnight millionaires…only to have to return to work a few years later after blowing through it all.

So, should you be that lucky person that walks away with the lottery prize, let me offer you a little advice.

First, take a few weeks, blow a little money on frivolous things you’ve always wanted, and have a little fun. You might as well. But once you’ve gotten that initial splurge out of your system, it’s time to get serious about your money.

When you’re suddenly worth tens of millions of dollars – let alone hundreds of millions – you are no longer managing for a single lifetime. At that point, you are managing a mutigenerational fortune, and your needs are closer to that of an endowment fund or foundation. So, what does that mean in practice?

Foundations are required to pay out 5% of their assets every year. As an individual, you’re not required to do that. But I’d say that 3% - 5% distributions per year is a more than reasonable rate. On an $800 million jackpot, that would be an annual income of $24 million to $40 million per year. If you can’t live on that, you’re clearly need to prioritize.

Secondly, you’ll probably want to make donations to charities or to causes you support. On this count, you need to remember that you’re wealthy now, so your charitable contributions are going to look a little different than they did before. Wealthy people don’t just write big checks. They form organizations like foundations that will, ideally, continue to make the world a better place long after the original patron has passed. Consider the case of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Rather than write checks to every cause they supports, both gentlemen donated much of their respective fortunes to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Long after Gates and Buffett are dead, the Gates Foundation will still be supporting growth and development in Africa and other developing parts of the world.

This isn’t just good for the charities you hope to support. It’s also good for you, in that you can get a large tax break today while doling out the funds over time.

And finally, let’s talk investments. At this level of wealth, virtually nothing you think you know about financial planning still applies. The uber wealthy do not buy mutual funds or build 60/40 portfolios of stocks and bonds. Their portfolios often look a lot more like what you see at the Harvard or Yale endowment funds.

Source: Harvard Endowment Allocation

And what does that actually mean? Harvard’s endowment only has 33% of its funds in stocks. It has another 18% in private equity and 12% in real estate. The rest is spread across everything from timberland to absolute returns hedge funds.

This doesn’t mean that you should copy Harvard’s asset allocation verbatim. But you should definitely have a similar mindset. Focus on absolute returns strategies rather than on “beating the market.” Earning a safe 7%-10% per year is preferable to the wild swings you’re going to experience in a stock-heavy portfolio.

Charles Sizemore is the principal of Sizemore Capital Management.

Photo credit WII C. Fry

anonymous asked:

HelloI wanted to ask you, what would you say to someone who says that Juvia molested (sexually) Gray? And because it's something that we see often in real life, and people can identify with this, and this is the reason why Gruvia has many haters.

Juvia has never even asked Gray on a date, let alone molested Gray. The only person who’s ever been close to being molested in the Gruvia ship, is Juvia, because Gray has groped her twice. 

Again, at this point, it is a waste of time to argue the same things over and over again. If Gruvia is so relatable, where is all the outrage over Natsu and Lucy? They are a gender-swapped (which is ironically what most people relating to Gruvia are doing anyway, by seeing Juvia as the male in the situation) and even more inappropriate version of Gray and Juvia, minus the fact that unlike Juvia, you don’t know what Natsu’s feelings are (just friendship, or is something more motivating him?) when he does things that cross a line (sneak into her house, sleep in her bed, try on her clothes, display her clothes in his house, purposely try and see her while she’s in the nude, purposely grope her) and make Lucy uncomfortable (to the point that she gets violent). 

It’s only Gruvia and Juvia that gets flak, even though 99% of the main characters that get any screen/panel time have participated in far worse behavior (see the Christmas special, and Erza doling out orders).

Oh, but those behaviors are TOO outrageous, so thus, not as relatable. Because we all have known that person with a room stuffed full of plushies of people they know. Or bending over asking to be punished in public. Or asking to go on love love sliders together, or bake breads with people’s faces on them. [/intense sarcasm]

My problem isn’t that people relate to Gruvia in a negative way. You don’t have to like everything in a story, after all, and you certainly are allowed your reasons for that dislike. I have characters and relationships I dislike in FT, too. The difference, of course, is that I don’t obsessively talk about them, but there you go.

My problem is, however, when people continue to insist on something, when one of the characters in the story, and involved in the fictional relationship, contradicts your entire view point of the ship, and the story and character themselves are telling you that in THIS case, that’s not what’s happening (Gray being harassed and genuinely uncomfortable with Juvia’s actions). 

“I’m grateful you’re here… you’re always by my side.”

And again, Gray’s character trope is tsundere. People who hate on Gruvia constantly dismiss this trait, because they have to, in order to make their discomfort over the ship valid. 

But even with all the story facts presented above, people continue to insist, and impose their personal issues onto the story, and onto the fandom, and then use this situation to SHAME and INSULT the fans who genuinely LIKE the ship for what it actually is, while doling out hate on a regular basis. THAT is my issue. 

But, again, I’m wasting my time. People will continue to feel how they do, even well after Gruvia are canon, and feelings are proven mutual, because they have already decided that what they are feeling is more important than the story Mashima is writing. To each their own, I suppose. 

Overwhelmingly, large charities aren’t meant to solve problems, they’re meant as a way to line pockets and to act as Indulgences for the rich while doling out help in a specifically conspicuous fashion so that they can reterritorialize problems of capitalism as problems of humanity, solved through the goodwill and generosity of the capitalists themselves. 

They are part of promoting both a specific mindset about their issue of choice as well as creating a controllable way of bestowing aid based on capitalist standards of merit and goodness so that it continually ends up in the hands of those deemed worthy through sufficient shows of specific sorts of dignity in the face of suffering. 

Solving the problem would mean the charity doesn’t need to exist anymore, and that’s just about the last thing a lot of charities want. 

nancy drew replays: a parfait named hell
  • I love how even though carson is always the one responsible for getting nancy a calling card he’s never actually a contact. poor thing.
  • while swimming around underneath the catacombes I was struck with the best picture I could’ve possibly imagined: zu swimming past nancy with a merry wave. why didn’t we ever get to meet that crazy bastard?
  • something is so very very wrong with the teeth designs in this game. I’m extremely aware of them on every character. jean mi especially has teeth that look like tiny rounded marshmallows. so glad that design didn’t make it to the next game.
  • while I’m on the subject of jean mi, allow me to roast him for a bit. sonny mentions that his medallion is as distracting as sinclair’s tie but I think his outfit, stolen directly from aladdin’s closet, and his truly magnificent murse have been unfairly cast to the wayside. this is a man who finds himself fit to pass judgment on other people’s fashion choices. 
  • annoying him is also probably my favorite part of the entire game. I speak french to him whenever given the chance just to see him get worked up into a tizzy. it is a great joy to watch him listen to nancy butcher the french language.
  • actually, I must amend that: my favorite part of the game is undoubtedly the trash talk that nancy starts doling out while fighting minette. “your goose is cooked.” “I’ve fought imaginary elves stronger than you.” it honestly makes me lament the fact that instead of a fight-style ending, we weren’t blessed with a guybrush threepwood style ending in which minette and nancy throw equally lame jabs at each other until one of them cracks.
  • the lack of discretion nancy takes into consideration when climbing out of the sewer at pont neuf is a s t o u n d i n g. what did the vendors think. 
  • what the fuck is ranger akers doing in jane’s computer game?? has jeff akers abandoned ranger work to pursue a professional modeling career. is my calendar coming true
  • isn’t it incredible that nancy’s two years of high school french keep her from pronouncing the simplest of things correctly but allow her to translate, on the spot, noisette’s entire letter. entire french letter. she astounds us all.
  • jj ling is honestly the most unnecessary person in this entire game (not that I don’t enjoy her spreading rumors about snakes and forcing us to bake cookies so we don’t get fired even though she’s really… the one…. whose job should be on the line if she’s refusing to go to work……) who hardly says a single thing of worth. even when a smidgen of evidence appears against her—books on electrical engineering in her cupboard—and nancy mentions this to frank and joe before ultimately deciding that the only way she’ll get any answers is by asking her, she still doesn’t ask her a thing. A THING!!! if not even nancy is bothered to grill a suspect I cannot be bothered to take them seriously 
  • at one point when reaching for the bottle during the diving portion of the catacombes visit I accidentally clicked on the fan behind it, triggering a death sequence that was announced via the newspaper headline “dazed teen wearing jacques cousteau wetsuit splahes down as startled parkgoers run for cover” which is inexplainably one of the best things I’ve ever read. all in all it’s good to know monsier marchand wasn’t lying about jacques cousteau owning that wetsuit. 
  • can someone also please explain to me why you would call a parfait a l’enfer. hell. this parfait is hellish. is it warning you? 
  • my parting words: monsier marchand’s name literally translate to mr. merchant. how long do you think it took her interactive to come up with that. 
Derek: Pack Dinner

This is a fluffy Derek thing, with hints of the pack and dorky things. It’s not super romantic, but I thought it was just right.

You paced the loft, waiting for the group to get back from this week’s misadventure. You were the only one here, everyone having agreed, even you, that you worked better remotely, in the safety of musty and glowing pages.

It’s not like you couldn’t fight. You’d learned and you were decent, and sometime you were even struck by the idea of getting into a fight to let out some pent up frustration at the enemies that battered you on all sides.

But then you thought of Deucalion and old Peter and cringed. What good was it to get involved if you were so severely outclassed?

Your mind went to Stiles at that thought, Lydia appearing along with him like a pop up. It was different for them, Lydia being able to give last minute predictions as she doled out punches, while Stiles morally batted at people and untangled the on the go info.

The heavy door slid open loudly, filling the high ceilinged room with the sound of groans, pants and shuffling. With a thunk, it closed behind Derek and you breathed a sigh of relief, counting heads.

Stiles, Malia, Kira, Lydia, Scott, Derek, Liam and Isaac. Present and accounted for you were able to grab the massive med kit and struggle from pair to pair, doling out the small bags of disinfectant, swabs and gauze you’d prepared while you waited.

It was one of your more ingenious ideas. Packing the basic necessities into general amounts and handing them out willy-nilly meaning not having to scramble through the loose healing thingamabobs in the box to find something basic.

Finally, you reached Derek. He was sitting alone, waiting for you patiently and in ominous silence.

“I’m pretty great right now, did you know?” You whispered as you put down the big box and took a small package out.

He sighed tiredly but gave you his attention all the same, just like he did for everyone. “How so?”

“Well, my grumbly prince, I waited here and didn’t die. Then I made these handy dandy packages,” You gestured to the back in your hands as you dabbed at the cuts on his face first, “And then I made dinner, because you’re all going to be starving, and now I’m purposely hurting the grouch-master.”

You gave him a sly grin, a mischievous sparkle in your eyes. He gave you a tired smile before flinching slightly at the disinfectant.

“Shirts up, Mr Hot Bod,” You giggled, tugging his shirt off his barely helping body. He was practically asleep already. Quick and careful, you dabbed at the various cuts on his back, covering them up here and there.

Once you finished his back, you gently pushed him back, letting him lay down on the couch instead of trying to stay sitting up. He gave you a grateful look, but followed it by a don’t-try-anything frown.

You smirked down at his prone form, his eyes open a hint before kneeling beside him and cleaning the wounds gently and carefully.

“Now, I assume you have some kind of concussion, so while I fully support lying down, I cannot allow you to sleep, my friend.” You murmured at one of his cuts, before doing a pathetic attempt at a karate chop on his chest, dodging cuts left and right.

“Ugh, damnit, Y/N!” He grunted, his face turning blank and hard.

“Did you know, if this was a movie, we would end up making out? Yeah, I see you listening, Isaac, Liam. You don’t have to make out, it’s not a movie.” Your voice drawled as you fretfully pressed down the final bandage, to the tune of their chuckles.

Rising, you kicked his thigh gently. “Any more cuts, your majesty, or should I get to dinner?”

Derek mumbled something incoherent and you sighed. He couldn’t stay laying there. Taking his hand, you felt his fingers automatically interlock with yours, a pavlovian reflex after all this time. Tugging him up, he grumbled but knew not to fight you.

As practically Hand Of The King, he knew to follow your directives by now.

“Who’s hungry?” You called, dragging Derek toward his stainless steel kitchen to the chorus of ‘me’.

Inside, you gently pushed him against a counter, before moving to the oven and pulling out the two lasagnes you’d spent at least two hours slaving over. Eyeing them, they looked like a lot but you knew that just like every afternoon you’d be back here using up Dereks wifi with your research.

At least with leftovers there’d be food in the fridge. Derek was more of order in kind of guy, and you couldn’t take any more take out.

“Plates.” You ordered him, just in case he ended up falling asleep against the counter.

He grunted unhappily but did as you asked, pulling out the dishes and getting you the cutlery as you cut into the Bolognese cakes.

“Ugh gross.” You shuddered, murmuring under your breath. “Bolognese cake.”

You heard a chuckle and blinked, realizing you weren’t alone in the kitchen like usual. Derek was here.

Without further ado, you picked up one of the trays and carried it out to the table, Derek trailing you slowly with the plates and cutlery.

“On the table, my little monsters!” You called as you headed back to the kitchen. Derek padded after you and it made you smile. Opening the kitchen, you pulled out the bowl of salad and put it on the counter before turning to him.

Stepping close, you rose to your tip toes and he lowered himself to your level, expecting a ridiculous whisper. Instead, you kissed his cheek and grinned at him.

“You’re fantastic, don’t forget it.” You beamed, his cheeks flushing a little. You grabbed the salad and exited for the table, pretending you didn’t see the tiny goofy smile that tugged at his lips and the glad look in his eyes.

“Have at, preciouses, its first come first serve.” You proclaimed as Derek set down the second lasagne tray and everyone tucked in. You smiled down at them all for a moment before taking your seat between the previously mentioned helper and Isaac.

Its slightly shorter than the others, but it’s not as lovey dovey as the others, so it is sorta even?

IF you have been to Disney World and heading to Disneyland for the first time here is a list of things that are great to check out at Disneyland!

 Of course you’ll want to check out California Adventures! You might want to add Blue Bayou as one of your places to eat its the most popular of the park and you’ll get to sit in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction! 

Disneyland is the only place to see “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” so if you are wanting a place to rest or to cool off you should check this out! 

Before you leave the Town Square area, take a look at the firehouse.  See the window just above the big firehouse door?  That’s Walt’s apartment!  It was built for him to have a place to stay while he was in the park.

Disneyland is so magical in the fact that its the only park that Walt touched! 

Space Mountain at Disneyland is different from that at Disney World so you’ll want to check that out! 

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.  If you love the show you will want to check it out at Disneyland!  This is the original and is still mostly the way Walt designed it.  If you like, save it for later in the day and have a Dole Whip while watching.

Jungle Cruise.  Again I would say this attraction because it’s an original and different from Magic Kingdom.  Early in the morning there should not be a line, so it’s an easy and fast attraction.

Indiana Jones Adventure   This is another unique attraction to Disneyland and not found in any other park. It might be a long wait but this one has an awesome queue

Pirates of the Caribbean  Don’t miss this!  You will see the full attraction with all the scenes that were left out of the MK version.  Plus you get to go through the Blue Bayou restaurant on the ride

Haunted Mansion  Don’t miss this!  This attraction has many differences than the Magic Kingdom version and again, this one is the original.  

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough.  This attraction is fast and unique to Disneyland and worth spending the time to see.

Matterhorn Bobsleds.  This is a classic attraction found only at Disneyland.  

Of course try and check out the shows, fireworks, and parades you can only find at Disneyland park! 

I hope that helps! If you have any more questions please feel free to ask!

Nora's Disneyland Bucket List for Victoria
  • 1: Walk through Downtown Disney while trying not to cry, then get a small pastry and coffee/tea breakfast at the La Brea bakery.
  • 2: Take a picture in the main entrance in front of Main Street station and Mickey's face.
  • 3: Take a pic with the original Walt and Mickey statue
  • 4: See Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln because it's hella cool.
  • 5: Walk through all the shops on Main Street.
  • 6: Eat ice cream from Gibson Girl on Main Street.
  • 7: Ride the trolley
  • 8: Do the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk through.
  • 9: Visit Snow's White wishing well on the right side of the castle. That's where you may find a couple princesses and Peter Pan! Sometimes the Evil Queen, the Fairy Godmother, and Captain Hook are there, too!
  • 10: Check out Fantasy Faire and watch the Tangled or Beauty and the Beast Show. Don't forget to see the princesses and take a picture with Flynn Rider's wanted poster!
  • 11: GET A FASTPASS FOR RADIATOR SPRINGS RACERS IN DCA AS SOON AS THE PARK OPENS! Fastpasses are usually gone before 9 a.m. and the standby line for the ride is never under two hours (in my experience).
  • 12: Make riding Space Mountain in Tomorrowland your first ride. The wait time is usually under 20 minutes in the morning but quickly escalates to 70 or 90 minutes by 10 or 13: Take a picture of yourself trying to pull out Excalibur in front of King Arthur's carousel.
  • 14: Go see Anna and Elsa one morning straight away, because they're so sweet and worth the wait!
  • 15: Do the Disneyland train loop around the whole park. It's a truly magical experience. Start from New Orleans Square (my fav station).
  • 16: RIDE INDIANA JONES!!!!!! It is my favorite ride in the entire park and IT IS AMAZING, OKAY? Get a Fastpass for that!
  • 17: Ride the Jungle Cruise multiple times! You will never get tired of hearing, "And now, the 8th wonder of the world, the Back Side of Water!" and headhunter puns.
  • 18: Go to the Enchanted Tiki Room and get a Dole Whip while you wait for it to start. You're allowed to eat it inside the Tiki Room.
  • 19: Eat lunch in New Orleans square at the French Quarter on the Rivers of America. Sit back and soak in the magical atmosphere. (This is my favorite thing to do!)
  • 20: Walk around New Orleans square. Also, scope out the roof tops of the buildings and look for the masts and sails of a ship...
  • 21: Ride Pirates of the Caribbean! My second favorite ride.
  • 22: Get an afternoon Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain.
  • 23: Ride the Haunted Mansion! (If it's open- it might be closing so that they can get it decorated for Christmas.)
  • 24: Go see Winnie the Pooh and his friends in Critter Country!
  • 25: Ride Autopia in Tomorrowland at night. The line is shorter just before the park closes.
  • 25: Ride Star Tours at night when the line is short, or get a fast pass.
  • 26: Go meet Captain America and Thor at Inoventions in Tomorrowland! You can also see all of Iron Man's suits and Window's house that what someone in 2007 would have thought was a "Dream Home."
  • 27: Watch the Jedi Training Academy show in Tomorrowland! Check a brochure to see what times the shows are at. It's really cute to see all the little kids become Padawans.
  • 28: Ride the original Monorail!
  • 29: Ride It's A Small World
  • 30: Ride the Matterhorn! Take the left track, not the right.
  • 31: Go scope out Toon Town. It's not that interesting, but you can visit Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Chip and Dale's houses!
  • 32: YOU MUST WATCH FANTASMIC! Go the the last show because it's not very busy at all and you can see everything from almost anywhere. (It's on the Rivers of America.)
  • 33: Watch the fireworks show. You will cry.
  • 34: Watch Soundsational parade! It's really awesome. Make sure you catch the Frozen pre- parade!
  • 35: Watch World of Color in DCA!
  • 36: Ride Grizzly Bear Peak in DCA bug get a fast pass!
  • 38: Catch one of the shows on Buena Vista Street!
  • 39: Watch the Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular show in Hollywood Backlot because it's seriously better than the Broadway show.
  • 40: Pose for a pic with the Red Car Newsboys on Buena Vista street!
  • 41: Ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror!
  • 42: Ride California Screamin!
  • 43: Visit Ariel's Grotto for a princess breakfast in DCA!
  • 44: Visit Bug's Land in DCA!
  • 45: Listen to the Dapper Dans on Main Street!
  • 46: See if you can catch Mary Poppins and Burt at the ragtime piano on Main Street in the morning or afternoon.
  • 47: Visit Pixie Hollow at night when it's all aglow!
  • 48: Check out the fire station on Main Street.
  • 49: Pose for a pic with the Indian in front of the Steamboat Willie theater on Main Street
  • 50: On the last day of your trip, cry in agony as you leave the Disneyland gates for the last time. Go into post-Disneyland depression for the next year.

This is funny, right?
It may just be hot.

AU » Go On as a comedy about a bunch of high school teachers. Lauren is the school counsellor who (unconvincingly) pretends to have her life together while doling out sometimes terrible but always well-intentioned advice to teens. She may or may not be into Steven, the gym teacher who’s great at his job but tries too hard (who also, may or may not be into her).

Also starring Ryan as the cool-ish English teacher who constantly uses Shakespeare as a means to publicly cry over his dead wife, Anne as the exasperated vice-principal and Sonia as a social science teacher who only talks about cats etc. Everybody who works there is also weirdly co-dependent. It’s great. (for jokeperalta).