Doldrums - Ch 1

TITLE: Doldrums 

Chapter One

Character: Actor Tom

Genre: Romance

Summary: American university student Eva is spending Spring Break in an unlikely place, but what happens might just might be worth the lack of a sunny beach. 

Rating: T for now.

Authors Note/Warning: None

Just. A. Little. Bit. Farther. I chanted to myself as I was finishing up my five-mile battle with the treadmill.  God, you’re so out of shape Eva. I decided to finish up my workout on a high note, so I cranked up the treadmill up to 11, and began the somewhat quicker pace. I was on the second day of my week-long vacation for spring break here in Toronto. Not exactly the most idealic location for spring break, but I won the trip on an online competition, so no complaints from me. The promotion put me up in the Ritz, with beautiful views of Lake Ontario. One of the  best parts of the hotel however, was the hotel gym. Set on the top floor, I did my workout overlooking the city from twenty floors up. Toronto in the morning was truly a beautiful sight. I had flown in yesterday afternoon, and by the time I got through customs, it was dark out, so I retreated to my penthouse suite and ordered in. Rising early, my first goal was to enjoy the gym and pool. I made my way up one floor to the gym, and am now nearing the end of my hour long work out in the empty gym. Is anyone else even awake, I wondered. Sure it was almost seven in the morning, but I, the ultimate nigh-owl, anti-morning, person should not be the only one up here. I shrugged and strode the last few thousand feet in peace and quiet.

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Sub Pop - 2015 Mix #1


  1. Father John Misty - Bored In The Usa
  2. Daughn Gibson - Shatter You Through
  3. THEESatisfaction - Recognition
  4. Doldrums - HOTFOOT
  5. THEESatisfaction - EarthEE
  6. feedtime - flatiron
  7. Doldrums - My Friend Simjen
  8. Rose Windows - Glory, Glory
  9. METZ - Acetate
  10. The Helio Sequence - Stoic Resemblance
  11. Doldrums - Loops
  12. Koes Barat - Kelelewar

it took a while before we found this video (this second), they (doldrums, Claire & friends) probably haven’t seen it yet.