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Arguments ♡ Grayson

anon:Hey! If your still taking request, can I get one where like they get into a little argument and then he leaves for Hawaii without her knowing and like maybe when he gets back the reader is at the airport or something? Thank you! Btw you have great writing!!

a/n: finally back! i know most people don’t read these, but oh well. i know the timeline dosen’t add up sometimes, but i wrote this before the vidwo came out, sorry! and i loved this so much omg!

If you could take it all back, you would. The argument, the fighting, everything. You just had to get mad over stupid things, which turned into bigger things, and now Grayson was on an Airplane to god knows where, and you were stuck in the apartment, alone. You tried calling him, over and over again, but then realized he wouldn’t pick up until he landed. “God, I’m so stupid” You cried, throwing yourself onto you and grayson’s bed. You tried texting him, but no messages would go through, pissing you off more.

You refreshed his snapchat’s until you finally seen that he landed. You instantly tried calling him-it instantly going to voicemail. “Damnit Gray” You cursed, trying to think of something to do, in order to get ahold of him. You thought of calling his parents, they probably weren’t with him. “Ethan” You shouted, your finger typing faster then your brain could register. “PIck Up, Pick up, Pick up” You softly said, hoping to god he would answer. Finally, he did. “y/n? Hey!” he sounded shocked that you called him, but you instantly questioned him “Ethan, I have no Idea where grayson is. He won’t pick up my calls, or answer my text’s. I’m getting worried” You hoped Ethan knew where he was. “Really? I talked to him about-” Ethan paused, probably to try to find when he talked to Grayson, then returned to the phone “-about 20 minutes ago. It’s weird that he’s not answering your calls. He normally answers yours before mine” He laughed. You took a deep breath. “We got into a fight, Ethan.” You slowly said it, so you could register that’s the reason he wasn’t answering. “You and Gray? Fighting?” He suddenly started laughing, “Listen, Ethan. Can I just come over, and we can try to find him? Together?”  You ask, biting you lip. “Sorry, y/n I’m all the way in Colorado. So unless you wanna come here-” “You’re in Colorado? Where’s gray?” You cut him off, hoping he would answer. “He obviously doesn’t want you to know, sorry y/n” he clarified. “Fine, thanks for all your help” You spat, hanging up the phone.

You instantly went to his snapchat, seeing if he posted anything else, hoping he would post it to keep the fans updated. Sure enough he did. “Hawaii?” You questioned, “Why in the hell would He go to Hawaii?” You asked yourself, replaying the picture over and over, hoping to get a clue.

The next few days you heard rumors that Grayson was with another girl, and you hoped to god it wasn’t true. It had been a few days since he left, and you were suddenly bored. You had barely any friends, and they were all but they were all busy.

          Ethan: All I can tell you is he lands at LAX in about 45 minutes.

                y/n: Thanks so much Ethan. I owe you. Big Time <3

You knew you wanted to go meet Grayson, but you didn’t know if you wanted to get all dressed up. You still didn’t know if he left because of the fight, or if it was for a video or something. You didn’t want to take any chances, so you threw on his favorite pair of jeans, and his favorite top, and was out the door, on your way to the airport. About 10 minutes passed, and you were finally in the parking lot of the LAX Airport. You still weren’t sure if you should go in, not wanting to draw attention to grayson. You thought about it for longer than you thought you would’ve, then finally went into the Airport.

LAX was huge, if his Airplane was across the airport, there was no way you would make it. “Miss? You okay?” You felt someone tap on your shoulder, instantly turning towards them. “Yeah- Yeah” You shook your head, “Where is the Airplane from Hawaii landing?” You asked, hoping it was close. “Um,-” She pulled something out of her pocket, “Terminal 34-A” She smiled, sending you on your way.

You looked around, ‘32-D’ ‘33-A’, then you started to run, watching as the signs flew by, before finally coming to 34-A. You stopped, took a deep breath, then walked to the nearest person you could find. “I-Is this the plane from Hawaii?” You questioned, still trying to catch your breath. “Yes Ma’am. But the last person just exited, sorry.” He smiled, then walked away.

“Fuck” You mumbled, under your breath. You sat down on a nearby chair, pulling out your phone, trying to call Grayson again. No Answer. Groaning, you threw your phone into your jacket pocket, then got up again, trying to find him. “Grayson?” You yelled, not caring if fan’s where in the airport. “Gray” You called again, getting aggravated. “Grayson Dolan?” Someone asked, coming up to your side. Turning around, you seen a girl who looked about 13-give or take a few years. “You were yelling Grayson, I was wondering if it was Grayson Dolan” She repeated, you still standing still. “Yes. Yes, Grayson Dolan, he should be here somewher-” before you could even finish the girl squealed, running off to go find her friends. You slouched your shoulders, knowing you fucked up.

“y/n” you heard a deep voice call, making you turn around. “Grayson” You whispered, jumping on him. You instantly connected your lips, and he spun around. “I missed you so much” He smiled, once you broke the kiss.”I missed you, too baby girl” He smiled, grabbing your hand, and walking out of the Airport.

“So, you’re not mad at me” You questioned, as you loaded his luggage into the trunk. “How could I ever be mad at you, princess? I mean, yeah, sure, I was mad at first, but me and Ethan have been planning this for months. The fan’s are going to love it” He chuckled, closing the trunk, then grabbing your hands. “I love you, y/n. I could never stay mad at you for more then 10 minutes” He laughed, making you laugh too. He gave you a small kiss, before you both went home, him telling you all about the trip on the 15 minute drive home.

Commentary Crew Preference - You interrupt their video.

Commentary Crew Preference - You Interrupt their video.
A/N I luv you all. I left bamanboi out soz.
, jameskii & nfkrz

•"Hey Niall I was just wondering if-“ "Y/N”
•He would shout at you as soon as you came through the door.
•"Y/N stop what you are doing.“
•As much as he wanted you in a video with him - you didn’t want to yet.
•When you were confused as to why he wanted you to leave, he turned the camera on you which caused you to do exactly that.
•Maybe you’d be in a video with him soon.

•When you entered his video, he went extremely off topic.
•"This is Y/N, My actual real life love.”
•Him being super soppy when introducing you to the audience.
•Flower crown edits would follow.

•"Y/N get out I’m playing cs:go.“
•"But i-” “No”

•"Do you fucking mind?“
•"Your mum let me in, I need help with home-”“Can it wait”
•Will would make you sit to the side while he filmed. He was completely unaware of your adoring gaze as he talked cynically to the camera.
•"That was y/n by the way, I suppose she’s alright. Follow her twitter.“

•"Y/n mate get out of my fucking room.”
•He would then rant about interruptions for 3 minutes, later apologizing and calling himself fat.. Again.

•"This is Y/N she’s my favourite.“
•Cuteness 👍

•"I’d like to introduce you to y/n, she is very kind except when she interrupts my videos. Despite this, I like her alot and I hope you do too.”

A/N FUCK ITS SO BAD. requests r open.

Since I Was A Kid

Request: Ethan Dolan imagine where Y/N is a famous actress since she was a kid and Ethan and her are dating and go to an award show together? 

a/n; I had a lot of fun writing this

Word Count: 429

Pairing: Ethan Dolan X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Baby, please don’t say anything out of line when we’re being interviewed.” I sighed to Ethan, watching as we pulled up along the “orange” carpet. “I would never.” He teased me in response, my nerves picking up. You’d think after all theses years that I’d be used to it. 

“M’lady.” Ethan chuckled as he took my hand, helping me out of the car. I smiled at all the cameras, not wanting to have a picture of me looking rude out there. “Ready?” He asked, lacing our fingers together as we started walking. I nodded in response to his question, feeling my face heat up momentarily when he kissed my cheek. 

I did the typical poses and facial expressions as Ethan and I got separate pictures, before he joined me. Everyone cheering as his hand slid around my waist, his lips laying softly against my temple. I gave a soft smile, allowing the cameras to soak up our moment.


I smiled as we reached the first of a few interviewers on the side of the carpet, “Y/N, Ethan! Good to see you both!” The interviewer said over exaggeratedly. I smiled, “you too!” I responded, pinching Ethan’s arm behind my back as he unconsciously allowed it to fall down a little. He slid his arm back up to my waist, stifling back a laugh at my actions. 

The interviews felt like they went on for ages, don’t get me wrong, I love doing them, but we’ve been standing here doing them for what feels like forever and quite frankly, a girl in the shoes I’m wearing should not be standing for this long. 


“And the Teen Choice Award for Choice YouTuber goes to…” I anxiously sat there, waiting for them to say who won. “The Dolan Twins!” I grinned, as Ethan and Grayson looked shocked for a split second. I quickly stood up and hugged them both, kissing Ethan for just a second before ushering him off. 


“How do you feel about Ethan and Grayson winning a TCA?” An interviewer asked me as I glanced over at Ethan and Grayson to the left of me, having questions thrown at them from everyone. “I’m so proud of both of them, being into any kind of industry that leads to acting or anything in “Hollywood” really can be tough. Since I was a kid, I’ve been doing these types of things, so for them to win after being up against such great people, it’s amazing. I’m really happy for them.” I explained, pausing here and there to gather my thoughts. 

Grayson Dolan Imagine • Sloth

“Y/n!” Grayson yelled. “Where are you? We need to go!” You and Grayson were heading over to Nate’s house and you didn’t want to go. “You go by yourself G! I’m not feeling it right now.” You were feeling fine- great actually. You just hated Nate. You didn’t know what it was; his face, his attitude, his voice? Maybe it was just him in general.

“Y/n really?” You could hear Gray climbing up the stairs skipping one stair like you do. He opened the door and saw you laying in bed. “Babe why don’t you wanna go? I thought you loved Nate.”

You turned your unnaturally curled up body to look at him. “Yeah- i mean I do but…. I don’t want to go today. Can’t we just stay home and-” you rolled ever so sexily over to the side he was standing near “do what I love.” You bit your lip with a wink for extra. “Sleep?” Grayson questions. “Yes sir!” You rolled back over to your original spot. “You are so lazy.” Gray chuckles.

“Pleeeaaasssee stay here with me!” You whine to your Gray Bae. “No. I’m going with or without you.” You stick your tongue out at him and he reciprocates the action. “Goodbye y/n. Have fun being a sloth.” He walks out of your shared bedroom.

What a bummer you thought. All of a sudden you hear heavy, fast footsteps. You’re confused until you see Gray running towards the bed- and you. He jumps and lands semi on top of you. He puts his leg over your waist and his nose in the crook of your neck. You move your arm so it’s not under him and you both get comfy. “I like being a sloth.” Gray says and you agree completely.

Grayson Dolan - Something else

Request:  Hiiii can you make a Dolan twins imagine where y/n is cousins with Cameron and y/n comes to visit and Grayson ends up getting a crush on y/n and while doing a vine he kisses y/n or something like that😘thanks ily💖💖


“There is my favorite cousin!” Cam shouted spreading the door open for me.

“What are you talking about? I’m your only cousin,” I told him handing him my super heavy bag and walking inside.

“This was the part where you had to laugh, but good to see you too, Y/N,” he smiled ushering me inside. “The twins are already…” he started, but then two boys who he was talking about ran into the living room, fighting each other for God knows why and they were violently shouting at each other. “So I was about to say that they are here, but you already noticed it,” he laughed. “Guys, let me introduce you my cousin!”

The twins stopped their fight and stepped to us. At first they looked exactly the same, but I knew them well enough to tell them apart. Since Cam was good friends with them I started to stalk them online and I saw all their videos already, I just hadn’t met them yet.

“So she is Y/N, my cousin I told so much about, and this is Ethan and Grayson.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Ethan said giving me a hug, and then Grayson did the same.

“We heard a lot about you,” he said letting go of me.

“I hope all he said was the good things,” I laughed glancing over at Cam.

“Sure, sure. Now let me show you your room.”

I was spending my spring break at Cam’s place and I had been waiting for this week the whole month. I loved hanging out with him, we always had a great relationship even though we were almost six years apart. When he told me the twins would be there too I got super excited to finally meet them, especially Grayson because I may had had a crush on him.

Packing all my stuff out only took just a couple of minutes, but by the time I got out of the room the boys were already fighting again, this time Cam was taking part in it too.

“What the hell?” I asked laughing and sitting down to the couch so I could watch the show. “Are you guys always fighting?” I asked arching an eyebrow at them.

“Usually,” Cam groaned freeing himself from under Ethan. “You hungry?”

“A little bit. What do you have?”

“Um, nothing? We have to order if you want to eat,” he said like it was that obvious.

“What? Are you living on take-outs? Because that’s not working for me. I’ll go shopping and cook something,” I announced standing up from the couch.

“You can cook?” they all asked unanimously looking at me like I was just offering to give them a thousand dollars.

“Duh, of course I can. Give me money, I have to go grocery shopping.” Cam gave me a few and I was about to leave, when Grayson caught up with me.

“I’m coming with you. Someone have to carry the heavy bags,” he said winking at me and I was just hoping that he didn’t notice how nervous I got.

“Thank you,” I said clearing my throat.

On the way to Wal-Mart and while we were getting the things he wouldn’t stop asking me questions like where I live, what I like to do and stuff like this. I would have done the same, but I already knew the answers for these questions.

“Do you often visit Cam?” he asked on our way back to the apartment.

“Um, no, just maybe in breaks, but usually he is the one who visits me and my family.”

“I’m glad you are here this time,” he said with a cute smile.

“Yeah, me too,” I admitted nervous tugging my hair behind my ears. When we got home Cam and Ethan were playing something on the TV, I think they didn’t even noticed that we were back. “You can join them, I’ll take care of the food,” I told Grayson unpacking the bags.

“No, I want to help. I can’t cook, but I want to help.” I was surprised that he chose helping me over the guys, but I liked the idea of us having some intimate moments in the kitchen.

I was planning on making some pasta, nothing complicated, because it was the fastest I knew. Grayson’s task was to watch the water and then put the noodles into it in the right time.

“You know this kitchen looks ten times better with you in it,” he said while I was making the sauce. I laughed shaking my head.

“This was the weirdest compliment I ever got, but I kinda liked it.”

“Should I say it in another way?” he asked raising his eyebrows with a wide smile.

“You can try,” I shrugged.

“At first I wanted to say that you are the most beautiful girl that ever stood in this kitchen. I this better?”

“I don’t know, I like both of them,” I laughed.

“You should do a cooking show,” he suggested.

“I actually does it when I’m alone, I usually commenting what I’m doing, it’s ridiculous.”

“Do it now, I’ll record it,” he told me taking his phone out. He started to film as I was making the sauce, I was just saying what products I’m putting into it and then mixed it all.

“And this is the result,” I proudly showed the sauce and he turned the phone to the bowl. We were standing really close to each other at that moment, just the bowl was between us. He lifted the phone up and looked right at me, then all of a sudden his lips were on mine, kissing me firmly. I was shocked at first, didn’t even know what to do, and since I was just standing there like a statue he pulled away.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” he started but I tossed the bowl to the counter and kissed him hard making him shut up. I put my arms around his neck and he hugged my waist tightly as we were making out effortlessly. We could have just done it for hours, but then the water boiled and the sound of it interrupted us.

“Sorry, I forgot about the noodles,” he said a bit out of his mind. He poured the noodles into the water and looked at me with a playful smile on his face. “You gave me one task but I almost fucked it up,” he laughed.

“No problem, you are good in something else,” I said biting my bottom lip and kissing him once more.

My Twins.

“I’M HOME!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.I just walked into my favorite house in the world. The Dolan house.“Y/N” Two very similar voices yelled back from upstairs. Followed by fast and heavy footsteps. On my way to the kitchen I was pulled in by two pairs of arms. How I didn’t see them, they’re like six foot tall. “Nice to see you too,now I need food.” As soon as i said that they let go, knowing how I am about my food.I turned back to the kitchen only to have my arm yanked back by grayson. “hey gra-” He cut me off by kissing me hard. When we let go, I saw Ethan and he looked really sad.“Ethan what wrong?” I asked him as i walked closer i could see his eyes brimming with tears. I engulfed him in a huge hug. Ethan and I have been best friends for about 14 years, so basically our whole lives. Grayson and I just started dating 6 months ago

“Y/N can we talk in private.” Ethan asked me. “Of course” we went into the living room while grayson stayed making my food. damn I love him. “Promise me you won’t ever leave me. Incase anything happens to you and Grayson. Please.” What is happening. “Ethan I would never let anything happen to us you’re my best friend. I promise.” Just then grayson walked out “Babe here’s your food” “Thanks Gray.” I sat on their couch and put on Teen wolf ‘because they both secretly like it. I sat on top of both of them. My upper body against Gray’s chest and he put his head on my shoulder. i put my legs over Ethan’s lap and throughout the show he would caress my legs and grayson would kiss my cheek and shoulder. “I love my twins” i stated both smiled and said “we love you even more.” in unison. gah what would I do without them.

What’s your name? | Ethan Dolan imagine

characters: Ethan Dolan x y/n 

Writer: Nicole 

prompt: you meet him for the first time 

Originally posted by thewritingbranch

you stand in front of a dainty coffee shop in LA.your face is scrunched up in worry..

you were doing your hours to get your licenses, your older sister told you to drive by this coffee shop to get her some coffee. But after you purchased the coffee, the car and your sister is no where to be found.

‘thank god this is a nice neighborhood’ you thought to yourself.  

Your small stature would not make it in the ghetto, you struggle to take out your phone and hold two cups of coffee at the same time.

As you pathetically struggle, two attractive young boys approach the same coffee shop.

“ohfuckmyasshole” you say to yourself, your cup of coffee spilled all over your leg as you helplessly attempted to reach your phone. 

you catch the attention of one of the boys, he tilts his head a bit smiling. He takes in your small cuteness from afar. He rushes over.

“ Hey are you alright?” he asks, helping you hold one of the coffee cups.

“ oh yeah i’m fine, tha- holy shitballs” you yell-ish, your mouth gaping a little. 

‘IT’S ETHAN FUCKING DOLAN ‘ you think to yourself.

“ That’s an interesting word” he laughs, you stand in utter awe, he’s so beatiful.

“fuckme” you whisper.

“excuse me?” he chuckles a bit, giving you a weird look.

“ what?” you act dumbfounded.

‘you shit stick why’d you say that for? you perv’ mentally slapping yourself with  brick.

“you just sai-” you cut him off, not wanting repeating your spurt of words.

“ thank you for helping me! imlikeatotalmesspleaseforgivemetodayisnotmydaybutitwouldbegreatifigotapicturewithyou” you smile after quickly saying that sentence. 

His face goes blank for a few seconds, then he breaks into a cute laugh. he re positions his hat, and places the coffee cup onto the table.

“ yes of course you can get a picture! only if you give me your name and phone number” he shines a grin.

you bite your smile, shaking a bit considering Ethan Dolan just asked for your number.

“How do i know if you’re not a pervert or a rapist or something” you jokingly narrow your eyes at him.

he spreads his arms, signaling for you to look at him.

“ Do i seriously look like a rapist to you?” he asks

“ I mean i guess” you said, titling your head to look at him. He rolls his eyes.

“ So what’s your name?”

“y/n” you smile, giving Gray your phone to take the photo. you both smile greatly at the camera.

“ y/n… that’s a beautiful name” he whispers, looking down at you.

you smile…

this is gonna be good 

it’s currently 1:20 AM i apologize for the quality of this imagine