The Ties to Time Bokan: Team Rocket (Pokémon)

If there’s any noticeable characters inspired by the Dorombo gang and their counterparts throughout the Time Bokan series, it’s the Team Rocket trio, Jessie / Musashi, James / Kojiro, and Meowth, from the Pokémon anime.

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Yatterman Character Biography: Dokurobei (Yoru no Yatterman / Yatterman Night)

(It goes without saying that this spoils a good deal of Yoru no Yatterman / Yatterman Night, so watch that series first if you’re interested, and if you’re curious, go here and check out what Doku-chan did in prior Yatterman media)

For the most part, Dokurobei is mentioned in passing throughout most of Yoru no Yatterman / Yatterman Night. However, his presence is hinted at from the beginning of the first episode and through the ominous looking skull shaped moon (normally a gag from the end credits of prior Time Bokan series, here not so much.)

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Yatterman Character Biography: Dokurobei (90s spinoffs)

Go here for Dokurobei’s beginnings and personality traits

From here on out, whatever shroud of mystery Dokurobei had is discarded and he often shows up “in person”. The actual twist regarding Dokurobei is surprisingly not brought up though, so one could watch or play these spin-offs without completely ruining Yatterman’s ending.

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