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Vongola reacting to their s/o tripping, faceplanting on the floor, and then getting a nosebleed? Hahahaha! (Can you do this to arcobalenos and varia as well? If not that's ok) Thanks!

Well, it’s Reborn Day, so I thought that I might as well go over the character limit and write for all of them! (: (Also… anything to avoid studying for the tests I have next week, haha).

Sawada Tsunayoshi

           He somewhat freaks out but also immediately goes over to try and help you up. No doubt he finds this relatable, and he can’t count the number of times he’s fallen like this. If he has a tissue or something on him, he’ll definitely offer you it. There’s a lot of questioning about whether or not you’re really all right, and Tsuna feels a bit unreasonably guilty for not being able to stop you before you fell over.

Gokudera Hayato

           Gokudera just sighs and picks you up with ease while shaking his head. There’s a murmur of “idiot” before he gruffly asks you if you’re all right and if you need a tissue. He’s practical about what he carries around, so of course he might have a handkerchief or some tissues in his pocket. Although he seems gruff about his actions and somewhat unwilling to help, he’ll start looking immediately for the nearest restroom if you fell while you were out.

Yamamoto Takeshi

           He might laugh a bit if you start laughing about how clumsy you were, but if it was serious, Yamamoto will definitely be instantly there to help you up. With how quick his reflexes are, he might even stop you from falling in the first place. He’s really nice about it and doesn’t tease you. Yamamoto’s probably one of the only ones who’d offer you the edge of his sweater to stop your nose from bleeding too much.

Sasagawa Ryohei

           Ryohei would laugh for a second but then make sure that you’re all right. “Are you sure you’re extremely all right, [Name]???” If you answer “no,” he’s more than likely to just pick you and piggy back you to your house or his, depending on which is closer. If you answer “yes,” he’s still more than likely to pick you up and piggy back you to your house or his. Though, if your injury is really that serious, he’d probably help you get cleaned up and wouldn’t mind using his Sun Flames to help out.

Hibari Kyouya

           He just looks down you with a disapproving face, and he’s clearly not impressed. However, Hibari doesn’t leave you stranded, but he does let you pick yourself up. Wordlessly, he’d pass you his handkerchief, and if you’d gotten hurt at school, he’d immediately take you to the nurse’s office and demand that you get treated (first, if there are other patients). After that, even though he probably won’t say anything about it, he’s very observant as to where you step and makes sure that you don’t fall again.


           Lambo asks if you’re all right, but it’s more along the lines of, “Yare, yare… You fell?” If you’re feeling really bad about it and embarrassed in public though, he will help rush you off to the bathroom and then try to cheer you up by giving you a candy or another sweet. He doesn’t really tease you about it.

Rokudo Mukuro

           Mukuro’s definitely going to tease you about this one, especially if you looked absolutely ridiculous when you fell. “My, my, aren’t you a bit clumsy, [Name]?” The second that you’re serious about your fall though, and you’re pissed that he’s making fun of you, he’ll stop. He’ll use his illusions to hide your injuries if you’re in public, and he won’t say anything about it later.

Dokuro Chrome

           She’s really kind about it, and she helps you up while asking if you’re all right. She might have some tissues on her, but if not, she’ll find you some. Chrome’s probably one of the most considerate, not too many questions and fussing, but still helpful. Without warning, she might just place a hand to turn your face and check if you have any injuries, just in the spur of the moment. Like Mukuro, with her illusions, she’ll also give you the appearance that nothing has happened.


           Xanxus is unimpressed that you had fallen. He just rolls his eyes and tells you to get up, or he comes over and pulls you up himself. Like Gokudera, he probably might end up muttering about how you’re clumsy, but he doesn’t ignore you either. Xanxus doesn’t really help you all that much, but hey, at least he helped you off the ground. He’ll just grunt out a statement, “You’re okay,” in substitution for a question of whether or not you’re all right.

Superbi Squalo

           He instantly yells that you should have been more careful, but then he subconsciously starts bombarding you with questions about if you’re all right or not. “Vooiii! What the hell did you trip on? Did you break anything? Let me see your face!” After demanding to see your face, he’ll probably regret it because Squalo is definitely awkward when it comes to direct eye contact with you or just being that close to you face. One of the people who will have a handkerchief on him and gives it to you, albeit he won’t be looking at you when he does.


           Lussuria totally gasps and freaks out a bit. “Oh my goodness, [Name], are you all right? Here, here, let me help you up, up you go! Oh no, look at your face, don’t worry, I’ll help you get cleaned up right away!” He fusses over you and insists on helping wipe away the blood and, that if you have any scratches, he fixes them up. Lussuria is really nice about it throughout it all, though.


           He picks you up and gets you back on your feet, but if you’d fallen inside the Varia Headquarters, he’d run around and get you everything you need to clean up yourself. However, he won’t let you go anywhere; you’d just have to sit in the bathroom and wash up a bit while he gets everything for you.


           Definitely, you’ll get called out by this guy. He snickers at how ridiculous you looked, and he doesn’t offer you anything to stop your nosebleed. Belphegor might help you up though, but he won’t have a tissue on him. Really, though, if you’re in a relationship with Belphegor, you should be able to handle his teasing and mockery, but he does know some limits to it if it really hurts you.


           As usual, Fran takes a jab at you, saying that if you fell it must mean you’re clumsy or you didn’t see where you’re going, the obvious. He is not going to help you up. If you ignore him, you’re better off in fixing the issue than asking him for help. Though, he might not mind using his illusions to hide the blood; this he might do without being asked.


           She’s super helpful about getting you cleaned up and off the floor. Yuni probably has a handkerchief on her and doesn’t mind letting you use it. She also finds you some ice or asks someone politely, and they end up giving it to her. She doesn’t say anything about your fall in a way to blame you and just asks if you’re all right and what she can do to help you.


           He might just stare at you for a second and then sigh, but he’ll give you a handkerchief after you stand back up. Reborn might also throw in a comment about how you might have to work on your balance or observation skills depending on what kind of a mood you’re in after falling. If you’re in a pretty nasty one, then he’d forgo the teasing unless he wants to be ignored for a week. He definitely plays along if you laugh about it, though.


           Instantly, Fon will help you back up and find you tissues. If there are none around, much like Yamamoto, he’ll be really sweet about the whole fall and probably wouldn’t mind using one of his sleeves to stop the bleeding. He can always get his clothes washed (he probably knows a good way to get blood stains out of clothes anyway), and if he’s helping you then he’s okay with it.


           He might tease you a bit when you fall, but he’ll help you up and take your injuries seriously. Colonello would ask if you’re all right and then get you ice or band-aids for other injuries if you’re at home, too. Though, he might be a bit showy like Ryohei and pick you up and just carry you to somewhere that has a restroom or somewhere you can clean yourself up if you’re out.

Lal Mirch

           She’s not impressed at all, but she does ask if you’re all right while helping you up. If you laugh about it, Lal might crack a smile, but she’d tell you to be more careful. She also does help you get some tissues and makes sure that the bleeding stops and checks for any other injuries you might have.


           Skull freaks out a little bit that you fell, but then he helps you out. Unlike what people might think of him at first glance, he’s pretty sweet and asks if you need any help, in a really loud but concerned way. He’ll frantically get you anything that you need and make sure that you’re cleaned up and all right.


           They just sigh quietly at your fall and silently pull at one of your arms to help you back up. Definitely unimpressed, but not unsympathetic, because they will give you a tissue or something else to help stop the bleeding. If you’re in public when this all happens, just like the other illusionists, they’ll use illusions to hide your bloody nose and any other injuries you might have.  


           Verde just sighs and shakes his head. He might also lift a brow while asking if you’re all right. He does help you out a bit though, and he holds his hand out to you to help you up. If he has a handkerchief on him, you can have it… As long as you buy him another one or wash this one thoroughly because he doesn’t want to see blood on it.

Which Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Character Should You Fight?

Normal Tsuna: His Guardians will fuck you up in ways you can’t even dream of (if his eyes don’t make you surrender out of guilt, first.) Don’t fight Tsuna.

Hyper Dying Will Mode Tsuna: He’ll tear you a new asshole. If he doesn’t show pity and spare you. Don’t fight him. Don’t even think about it.

Reborn: He MAY look like a baby (no seriously. He’s cursed to look that way) but he’s still the world’s greatest Hitman. (Tsuna and ALL OF HIS GUARDIANS COULDN’T TAKE HIM IN A FIGHT, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU WILL FARE ANY BETTER?). Do nOT FIGHT HIM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Kyoko: Ryohei will fuck you up if you so much as LOOK at her funny. do N O T fight Kyoko.

Gokudera: Dude’s as volatile (explosive) as the dynamite he REGULARLY USES AS A WEAPON. Don’t Fight Gokudera.

Yamamoto: He’ll think it’s a game and shrug it off but he can cut you in half if he gets serious (but he’ll spare you. and you’ll have to live with that shit.) Keep that in mind. You can probably fight Yamamoto.

(Reminder: No more than a friendly sparring match.)

Ryohei: Fight him in a friendly boxing match. He’ll love it.  But fuck with his little sister, Kyoko? He’ll punch you in the SOUL with enough force to break STEEL. (Seriously. He broke both his hands. Then Kyoko arrived. AND THEN he shattered his opponent’s steel kneecap in a fight USING HIS BROKEN FISTS AND SHEER WILLPOWER. HERE’S PROOF.



Don’t fight Hibari. Ever.

Lambo (and Lambo Ten Years Later): You can fight him! You get the added bonus of seeing him cry. In both forms. Also, In contrast to Tsuna or Kyoko, nobody will have any qualms about you fighting him. (Probably deserves it. Hell, Gokudera and Reborn do it ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME.)

Mukuro: He’ll go easy on you just to fuck with you. Then he’ll hide a rock in his illusions that’ll strike you in the temple, giving you serious head trauma. Then he’ll kill you with his trident. Slowly. Don’t fight Mukuro.

Chrome: Do you want to be brutally eviscerated by Mukuro’s trident? No? Don’t Fight Chrome.

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Hello! Can I ask a scenario where Vongola s/o and their mentally strong (like the kind of nothing keeps them down-and usually doesn't like dramatic scenes such as that) suddenly cried in front of everyone one day? Like, REALLY hard crying?

(I kind of imagined Gokudera’s, Yamamoto’s, and Mukuro’s in TYL!)

Sawada Tsunayoshi

           Yes, you were a part of the Mafia, and you knew what you had signed up for, but this was painful to see. After all, you were still only a sixteen-year-old… Witnessing a massacre, an all-out war wasn’t something you liked to see.

           You resisted the urge to throw up at the sight of how many charred bodies lay in front of you. Yes, although you also had a reputation of being a strong person with nothing able to take you down, you didn’t know if you could look at this any longer. It wasn’t because you had known that Tsuna had killed them all, it was just…

           You wanted to ask why it had to be like this, but you already knew the answer: It was always like this, people always had to fight, and you were a part of this world and couldn’t get out. Was that the price that you had paid to be in love with Tsuna?

           “[Name], you’re…” Tsuna was in front of you, but for some reason you could barely see him past a strange blur that seemed to fog up your vision.

           You heard his voice again, but you weren’t listening to what exactly it was that he had said.

           It was when you felt his bare hands against your cheeks that you were aware that they were wet, not with blood, but with your tears? Unbeknownst to you, you had been crying, crying so hard that Tsuna had been fearful of what was wrong with you. He’d never seen you like this before, and he wasn’t sure what he could do.

           However, you responded first, in a seemingly violent way that startled Tsuna.

          “Sorry, I’m being so fucking dramatic,” you snarled out, slamming your fists against your knees as you sat down in the dirt.

           Tsuna knelt down beside you and smiled softly. “You’re not being dramatic.”

           As you continued to cry, you leaned into his chest, Tsuna’s arms slowly winding around your form. He could understand why you cried; sometimes, he felt just as you did.

Gokudera Hayato

           You had just come out of a meeting with the other Guardians and a few other Vongola members, the horrific news you had received then still lingering in your mind. The thought that you would never see your best friend again…

           During that meeting, you’d learned that one of the smaller allied families of the Vongola had been completely wiped out the previous night in a raid by a coalition of other families, with alarmingly many members. It seemed their objective was to eventually take down the whole Vongola, and they were starting with the allies.

           Your best friend—the one you had met in your earliest days of mafia school—had been killed in that attack.

           The thought hit you again, that you would never see your best friend again.

           However, when you’d found out about your friend’s family’s end, you didn’t bat an eye, and you continued to listen to the report that was being given by Gokudera and Yamamoto and finished by Tsuna’s next plans of action.

           It was all coming to you now, the reality of it all.

           So much so that you didn’t even notice the tears falling from your eyes and onto your clothes, the burgundy carpet beneath your feet, and then onto your hands as you pressed your palms onto your face. Your body shook hysterically, and you were aware the Vongola family members present were probably staring at you… Or looking away in regret as you grieved. You hated that you couldn’t stop crying at all, especially in front of your colleagues who had never seen this side of you. Hiccups drawn from your throat rang in the nearly quiet hall, and you wanted to scream in frustration.

           The silver-haired Storm Guardian that had been walking ahead turned to glance at you, and his eyes softened when he saw your trembling figure. He’d never seen you cry before, but he knew what the feeling of losing a loved one was like, and he knew that you weren’t weak because of this showing of emotion. Gokudera was never really the best at comforting people, but he figured he would try for you. Just as he approached you, you made a move to run off, but he grabbed a hold of your wrist and pulled you away from the others, who tactfully took the hint to leave.

           Once they disappeared from the hall, he spoke up, “It’s fine.”

          Gokudera seemed to catch the possible misunderstanding in his words—not that it was fine that your best friend had passed away—and amended it hastily, “I mean, it’s fine to—uh, you know—cry…”

           There was almost an unspoken comment that hung in the air as well, “Because even I cry sometimes, too…”

           You felt only a fraction of a bit better when you heard his voice, and you snuggled into the somewhat stiff embrace his arms had pulled you into. For a long while, Gokudera held you, unsteady and still sobbing, against his chest, his head resting against yours.

           He wasn’t sure when you would ever feel better, but he wanted you to know that he would be there for you.            

Yamamoto Takeshi

           Upon arriving at the designated rendezvous point, you were met with a scene of disaster and turmoil. You had smelled smoke on the way, but you didn’t think that the warehouse would be destroyed and in smolders by the time you had made it there…

           You observed from afar, deciding to stay put at another warehouse across the street and try to figure out what had happened.

           “Voi! Over here!” There was a somewhat loud whisper from behind you, and you drew one of the small daggers from your side before turning to face—

           Squalo and Lussuria. The former had a petulant expression on his face while the latter—while you did understand that this mission was serious—appeared much less vibrant than usual, his lips pulled into an uncharacteristic frown. Even Squalo looked more concerned than annoyed, and as you sheathed your weapon, you couldn’t help asking, “What happened?”

           The two exchanged a glance and then stepped away from one another to reveal what was hidden behind them.

           A motionless body, covered in blood. Your eyes widened; there was supposed to be one more person to meet with you, Squalo, and Lussuria. That was supposed to be Yamamoto…

           “Fucking enemy blew up the whole place before we got here,” explained Squalo, a low growl in his voice, “or at least, before we arrived and Yamamoto was already here. He was probably hit by the shockwave of the explosion, since he only has minor burns… But there were a lot of bullet wounds, probably from snipers.”

          You were aware that with the mafia, and with this war the Vongola was engaged in, came high prices. As a sniper yourself, you knew there were casualties to be expected and damages to be repaired.

          However, it was when you saw how battered his body was—that he was so heavily injured—the tears slipped from your eyes.

           You knew exactly why you were crying: Because Yamamoto Takeshi, the one who saved you from your worst bouts of self-doubt, the one who helped you become the formidable person you were today, and the one you loved with all your heart, was nearly gone.

           Hearing your sobs, Lussuria glanced up from the unconscious Rain Guardian, whom he had spread a wash of Sun Flames over, and whispered sympathetically, “Oh, [Name]… Dear, he’ll be all right. They missed his major vitals. Don’t worry about a thing, I’ll do my best to help him all I can.”

           Unable to thank Lussuria as you were crying so uncontrollably, you didn’t know how to calm yourself down, your eyes watering continuously. Abashedly, you tried to stop your hiccups from being so loud, but it was nearly impossible as more and more tears fell. You didn’t even think about how small you must have looked, in front of two Varia assassins, as you cried; you wouldn’t be surprised if they said anything about your current state.

           Contrary to your thoughts, they didn’t say anything, and perhaps they realized that you believed Yamamoto was worth every tear. (In reality, the two knew well enough that you were strong; you killed when you had to without looking back, and you didn’t show weakness in front of your opponents. This was the first time they had ever heard or even witnessed your lack of composure.) Though, as you sobbed, you were also aware of one more reason why you were crying.

           You were sad, yes, but you were angry.

           You were furious; you were going to make sure that those directly involved with Yamamoto’s possible death paid their dues fully.

           Clenching your fists, you vowed that you would never let them get away with this.

           It was when you felt a hand on your head for a fleeting moment, did your eyes start to water a bit less and your body cease shaking a little.

           “Voi.” Certain that your eyes were puffy and red, you still looked up and met the Sword Emperor’s hardened gaze. Squalo nodded once, and you realized that he understood your drive to punish those who had done this to Yamamoto.

           After all, those who dared to attack any Vongola were in for the retaliation of the whole family.

Sasagawa Ryohei

           “[Name]! Are you all extremely all right?” Ryohei was by your side in an instant, and he was holding onto your arms as you began to cry so uncontrollably. The tears were pouring down your face, and Ryohei was undoubtedly rattled by your frenzied state.

           You were holding your head in your hands and murmuring to yourself. “I couldn’t… I couldn’t save him…”

           The mutters leaving your lips were almost haunting as you continued to whisper to yourself a chant of blame and guilt. Ryohei knew this wasn’t good. He knew that you had killed your brother who had defected and become one of the top agents in the enemy family now attacking the Vongola. You had always vowed to do it when you had learned of his betrayal and that his actions had caused deaths of some of the Vongola you held close to your heart as family.

           Ryohei knew that you were strong, and you never liked showing that you were weak, but he knew it was one thing to say that you were going to kill him, but it was another feeling after it was done.

           The other Vongola watched in horror as you seemed like you were losing a hold of yourself.

           “[Name],” repeated the boxer as he held you close to him. “You tried to talk him out of it. You did your best. It isn’t your fault.”

           What you did next surprised him.

           You broke away from his grasp and stood up furiously, your eyes blazing. Red flames surrounded your hands, and as you hiccupped and sobbed more, you yelled, “No! It is my fault! Who do you think killed him? I did! I killed him! I’m the absolute worst!”

           “[Name]!” yelled Tsuna, out of instinct as he stood, mortified, alongside the other Guardians and other Vongola.

           Just as you were about to run away, Ryohei grabbed your hand and ignored the burn he felt when the Storm Flames licked at his skin. “[Name]. Sometimes, we all do bad things.”

           And when he pulled you against him for the second time, you just continued to cry.

Hibari Kyouya

           When you started to cry without stopping, Hibari would never admit it, but he was absolutely stunned. He’d never seen you cry before, and he’d never expected that you would cry this much. He’d always had the impression that you were a carnivore, and he didn’t know that it was possible that you could cry. A little naïve of him, no doubt.

           He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know why you were crying. When he had been walking towards the Committee office, he had found you sobbing outside of it. Because he’d never seen you cry before, he knew it was serious.

           Walking over to your figure, Hibari stood in front of you, still unsure of how he should act. He’d never dealt with someone who was crying before. What was he supposed to say? Maybe he shouldn’t say anything. Well, he supposed the first thing he should do would be to get everyone around you to stop crowding, because it was annoying him to no end.

           “Leave,” he commanded, a snarl sounding in the back of his voice. Settling his sharp gaze on the students in the hall, Hibari watched in satisfaction as they scuttled away before ushering you into the Disciplinary Committee room. He let you collapse onto the couch as more tears ran down your face.

           Seating himself beside you, the head prefect stiffened instantly when he felt you latch onto his arm and continue crying. You had never so boldly grabbed onto or tried to hug him before, and Hibari had to admit that he was a bit worried about you. Even though he wasn’t a fan of physical contact with other people all that much, he supposed it would be easier to convey what he wanted to say through actions than words.

           “[Name].” Hibari wasn’t going to ask what had made you so upset or sad. You were a rational person, and Hibari respected you; that was one of the reason he fell in love with you.

           Just hearing his voice calmed you for a moment, but you still continued to cry. Hibari moved one of his hands onto your back and awkwardly held you against him. He didn’t know what he was doing, really, but if it calmed you down, Hibari supposed he would try.

           “[Name],” he spoke again, resting his chin on top of your head as he found one of your hands with his free one. There was no edge to his voice; the way he simply said your name made you feel a little more secure.

           The simple actions he took to make you feel better made you feel a bit warmer inside, your crying starting to cease slightly. Maybe you would tell him how you had been feeling and what was going on, but right now, you were grateful for the comforting side that Hibari had shown you.


           Lambo thought he was supposed to be the one who cried.

           He’d never seen you cry before, and to be quite honest, he was scared. You were always so strong and fearless. What was he supposed to do when you were trembling and sobbing?

           Even though he wasn’t really certain of how to deal with this, he took a couple steps toward you.

           Lambo felt a gently nudge to his shoulder, and he looked up to see the warm and knowing brown eyes of his boss and “older brother,” who nodded to him. There was an understanding look in Tsuna’s eyes that told Lambo that he shouldn’t worry about approaching you. You needed someone, and Lambo should be there for you.

           “[N-name],” Lambo murmured as he kneeled in front of you and hugged you. “You’ll be okay.”

           A few tears even slipped from his eyes. He hated seeing you so upset… It made his heart hurt as well.

           “You’ll be okay… I’ll make sure you’re okay,” repeated the teen, keeping you pressed to his chest as he breathed in your scent. He didn’t know how you had held up for so long, but he was so proud of you, as well.

           Lambo didn’t think you were crying because you were so happy to see the Vongola. Although he knew you were so relieved to see them, for them to rescue you from the prison of torture you had been in, he knew why you were crying now.

           You had been so indominable in front of the enemies and unwilling to reveal any of your family’s secrets, that you had been through so much. He didn’t think now was the time for you to recount any of the terrors, but he knew what you needed right now.

           You needed him to remind you that you were safe, and that it was all right to be weak now.

           He was always going to be here for you.

Rokudo Mukuro

           Along with the others in the underground Vongola base, you assembled in the control room, apparently a call from Byakuran having been sent to Tsuna.

           “What is it?” asked the brunette as he approached Giannini.

           “Byakuran is on the line,” answered the mechanic worriedly, tugging at one of his sleeves. “Shall I let his communication through? I believe he will find a way to our systems anyway if I don’t…”  

           When Tsuna nodded, Giannini allowed Byakuran’s face to appear on the flat screen in front of them all.

           “Hello, Tsunayoshi-kun!” The chipper tone in the white-haired man’s voice seemed ominous, and everyone instantly felt the tension in the room increase.

           “Byakuran,” acknowledged the young Tenth, his brows knitting together.

           The man in question laughed and squished one of the marshmallows between his fingers. “I bet you’d like to know what happened to your Mist Guardian, Mukuro-kun!”

           Besides the quick clenching and unclenching of your jaw, you didn’t have any reaction to his statement. You couldn’t, and you hoped that Byakuran hadn’t seen anything. You just had to keep your cool.

           Tsuna didn’t respond, but the way his eyes widened a bit told Byakuran enough.

           “Hmm~ Well, I sure know you want to! I’ll tell you!” The Millefiore’s boss chuckled before revealing his piercing violet eyes, a tinted and dark look within them. “I killed him.”

           Your breath almost stopped in your chest. You continued to breath, however; you were well-trained and could control yourself. You could, yes, you could.

           “No!” shouted Tsuna. He was in disbelief, and he slammed a fist against the table in front of him. “You’re lying!”

           The boy was saying everything you wanted to, so you felt no need to speak up, no matter how much anxiety was welling up inside of you.

           “I’ll let you believe what you like, Tsunayoshi-kun!” Byakuran made a small wave at the camera before letting it turn black. He knew exactly how to unsettle you all—a short, toxic statement without any explanation.

           You had told him not to go spy on Byakuran. You were angry. If he was dead, you didn’t know what you were going to do.

           Unaware of what you were doing, you were already starting towards the room’s exit before someone’s voice stopped you.

           “[Name]-san!” You weren’t sure who it was, but you didn’t want to turn around and look. “Your hands are bleeding! Let us help you!”

           Just as felt the blood on your palms from how hard you had dug your nails into them, you felt the wetness of tears on your cheeks. Ridiculous, you thought to yourself. You didn’t want to cry here, in front of them, but your chest was heaving and your eyes were clouding up.

           You’d never cried so hard before, and you knew you shouldn’t believe Byakuran’s empty statement, but…

           “No,” you snapped, your eyes blazing as you continued towards the door. “I’ll be fine.”

           As the door shut, the others looked at one another, expressions of uncertainty blatant on their faces.

           Mukuro was the only one who knew you well enough to make sure that you didn’t do anything foolish. Tsuna just hoped that your prudent nature would come through, and you wouldn’t do act rashly. You never had before… He didn’t want to believe Mukuro really was dead either.

           You knew Mukuro best as well, so if you didn’t believe he was gone, maybe he wasn’t.

Dokuro Chrome

           She wouldn’t forgive the people who did this to you.

           Chrome felt her head grow a bit light at how angry she was despite her impassive expression. You were always so impressive, and nothing could bring you down.

           How dare the enemy take your friend hostage and then kill them after the Vongola had promised the money. You had already broken down in front of everyone despite holding it in for so long. It was when she had wrapped an arm around your shoulders did you let the weight of the situation fall over you.

           Everyone knew you were strong, and they knew better than to comment on your state at the moment. She didn’t think you were weak for crying. She was just concerned that you wouldn’t be yourself after this. She was going to make sure you were going to be all right.

           Pressing her cool hands against your heated cheeks, she brushed away the tears from them, her efforts futile since more continued to fall, but still comforting and calming.


           Chrome knew how your friend had been your rock for so long, your confidant about things before you had fallen in love with the illusionist. As you continued to cry, Chrome could sense the anger radiating from your form. You usually didn’t cry because you were sad; you cried because you were so incredibly upset with something that you couldn’t change or a circumstance that you couldn’t accept it.

           If Chrome felt bad for the Vongola’s enemies at that point, she would have pitied them, for your wrath was insatiable. That is, until whoever or whatever had infuriated you was gone.

           Only “if” she felt bad.

           And Chrome didn’t.

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Having never played this game myself (because I am a wuss and I am not a fan of horror haha), I hope I got descriptions and stuff accurate (I think I’m going off FNAF 1)? I kind of made this a bit shorter since I’m busy, so it’s sort of a combination between a react and short scenario‼ I hope you like it!

Sawada Tsunayoshi          

               Tsuna is definitely terrified of the game. He takes one look at it and has to be forced by Reborn to sit down and actually play it (and keep his eyes open). No doubt, he loses within the first few minutes, and the next few times he has to play, he always makes sure he doesn’t see the jumpscare. Tsuna can’t handle the music that starts to play in the background when the electric power runs out completely.

               “HHHIIIIEEEE!” shrieked the brunette, covering his eyes the instant the screen went black. He’d already failed the game so many times, but he was still absolutely frightened whenever that bear popped up in front of him. Tsuna felt as if he was going to faint, and he never knew it was possible his heart could beat this fast.

               There was no mute button on this computer Reborn had him play the game on, and its speakers had no knobs to adjust the sound levels. Leave it to Reborn to have such a rigged computer, thought Tsuna as he curled up into a ball on his seat in terror. He tried to block out the noises, but he was still scared. The brunette really didn’t see how this was some kind of training…

               “Fine. You can go,” commanded Reborn, and instantly, Tsuna bolts from his chair and out of the room while wailing dramatically, his arms flying in the air behind his head.

               Never, never, never again was Tsuna going to let Reborn rope him into something like this. It was undeniably horrid.

Gokudera Hayato

               Gokudera will probably be the one who points out all the flaws in the game (in his opinion)—“Why are the cameras so shitty?? Get some better equipment to guard the place‼ Why would you even be a security guard in an abandoned building to begin with???” (Gokudera… there won’t be a game anymore then.)

               He might just be kind of bitter that he got scared by being jumpscared when he lost the first few times. After that though, he might be pretty pissed about losing and will eventually end up beating the whole game despite how many times he complained about it. Knowing Gokudera, he’d be able to figure out either some semblance of a pattern (if there is any) in the game or conduct a whole “cost-benefit-analysis” on what to use electrical power for most efficiently.

               Olive green eyes flicked back and forth, hand poised about the mouse. He made sure that he’d win this time, and then he’d be done with this. Even though he told himself that he was tired of the subpar end goal, Gokudera didn’t like to lose. Having already passed so many of the levels that other mediocre players had deemed “hard,” he was ready to finish, finally.

               “Yeah, and fuck you,” muttered the silver-haired bomber as he slammed a door shut, preventing an animatronic from entering the room just as time ran out.

               Once he finished the level, Gokudera leaned back in his chair and stretched and checked what the real time was. He cursed to himself; he’d spent hours playing when he should have been doing homework.

               Gokudera flipped open one of his notebooks, slid on his glasses, and sighed. Neither the game or his homework seemed to challenge him anymore.

Yamamoto Takeshi

               Now Yamamoto knows this is a game, but he’ll be a bit creeped out by it. He’ll have this nervous laugh and hesitant smile, but he’ll still sit down to play. Yamamoto does try to win, but after losing a couple times, he’ll give up and do something else. He’d much rather be practicing baseball and being outdoors than playing a computer game inside, so that’s mainly the reason he doesn’t pursue it any further.

               Yamamoto blinked and jumped back a little when Freddy appeared on the screen to jumpscare him, which turned out to be rather successful, judging by the Rain Guardian’s response. The teen chuckled apprehensively and subconsciously raised a hand behind his neck.

               “Ahaha… Well, that guy sure is mean.” The baseball player pushed his chair back and stretched, shrugging his shoulders.

               He took a last look at the cackling bear on the screen before a shiver crawled up his spine, and he shook his head with a small laugh,

               “Hah… Maybe I should go play baseball,” suggested Yamamoto to no one but himself before quickly shutting off his computer.

Sasagawa Ryohei

               Ryohei’s somewhat scared of the game, but he’s also enthusiastic about trying to beat it. He’s definitely the type to get bummed about losing so quickly, though he’s basically the only one who enjoys the thrill and genuinely doesn’t want to punch the screen if he does lose. The game’s concept and goal might need to be explained a couple times, but Ryohei’ll get the hang of it, although he probably does forget that he can’t use all of his electrical power or he’ll lose.

               “I see you, hahahaha!” laughed the boxer, appropriately shutting the door on one of the animatronics that he had seem approaching. He compliments the guard in the game even though he’s the one controlling him. “Extremely well done, Mike!”

               Ryohei kept his eyes focused on the screen as he switched on the lights in the hallway and scanned the area for any animatronics. He was so intent on finding one of them that… He let the power go out…

               “OH NO!” Ryohei exclaimed, instantly slamming a fist onto the desk and making all the papers and pencils on it scatter. “I’ve extremely failed!”

               The boxer took the jumpscare as he already knew it was coming, and then he made a move to restart. He cracked his knuckles and got ready to play again. He was going to beat this game, somehow.

Hibari Kyouya

               Good luck even trying to get him to sit down in front of a computer and play the game. He’d much rather be fighting the actual creatures featured in the game than being “cowardly” and just keeping them away from the player in it. He’s probably thinking why is it so ridiculous that the player can only defend himself with doors?? If Hibari loses, someone is definitely going to end up with a broken computer and met with a steely proclamation of how idiotic the game is.

               “Ridiculous,” snarled Hibari, his lips pulled back in a frown. He stared disapprovingly at the computer screen, which had flashed with Freddy’s face, and then he raised one of his tonfas (which had somehow appeared in his hand). No, he hadn’t been scared by the sudden appearance of the animatronic; more than anything, he was irritated. Apparently, he had lost the game, and Hibari really didn’t enjoy losing. Then again, he had already deemed the game a waste of his time, and he wasn’t really sure why he was supposed to play it in the first place. Something in the promise of that baby offering to fight him.

               The head prefect paused before slamming his weapon into the glass of the screen. It was Namimori Middle’s property, and he wasn’t about to get it replaced.

               Fine. He was leaving. He didn’t have to deal with this idiotic game anyway.


               Really, really scared out of his wits the entire game. He probably won’t even be able to sleep at night because of it. He’s tied with Tsuna for being so petrified by all the characters and the whole situation. Of course, he’s called a wimp (courtesy of Reborn, probably, and Gokudera) for not wanting to play it out of fear, but he doesn’t care. It’s stupid, and he hates it. He’d much rather be

               Lambo sat still in his chair when the screen instantly turned black, and then he jumped out of his seat. A terrified scream left his lips and he hid behind the chair, his knees knocking and his eyes shut.

               “Gyaaa!” he cried, plugging his ears and doing his best to ignore the game.

               He wasn’t sure if he was happy if there was no one else in the room to see him so scared… Though, at least, if there was someone else he would be feeling less scared right now…

               Lambo was never going to listen to his friends’ game suggestions again.

Rokudo Mukuro

               As he’s probably made scarier and more grotesque illusions than the kinds of graphics that’re in the game, so Mukuro’s definitely more amused by it than anything. He probably goes through all the levels without losing, and by the end of it, he’s just yawning and not going to come back to it. It’s somewhat boring. Though, the second Ken complains about not being able to beat it, Mukuro will probably sneak in a sly comment about how easy it was to clear the hardest levels.

               (However, Mukuro might not be too keen on the backstory of the animatronics.)

               “How primitive,” Mukuro commented offhandedly, easily breezing through all of the nights without much trouble. Shutting the door on another animatronic, the teen rested his cheek against one of his hands, his elbow propped onto the table. He’d barely needed to expend the electrical power, and he knew when he should close the doors.

               With one of his typical, smug smirks, Mukuro announced, “Hmm, well this game didn’t seem to be too hard.” He knew who was listening.

               Instantly, the illusionist heard the complaint resonating throughout the building, “Mukuro-sama probably cheats at the game somehow!”

               Mukuro snickered; he couldn’t help it if he was too good.

Dokuro Chrome

               She’s pretty unfazed by the game; as an illusionist, she’s steeled her mind to a lot of things. What might be normally scary to other people doesn’t bother her, even though she still does harbor her own fears. Chrome is also really successful at the game, since she’s probably played it before. Even if she hadn’t, she probably would only need a couple tries to get the hang of it.

               After failing Reborn’s “test,” Tsuna stood behind Chrome as she sat at his computer. The brunette was still internally and externally screaming about how scary this game was, and he was in awe of how Chrome quietly and efficiently played.

               “H-how… How do you do that, Chrome?” asked Tsuna miserably, now ducking behind the chair.

               Chroma looked behind her at Tsuna (to which the young boss shrieked at her to pay attention to the screen) and smiled softly. “Ah. Well. I’ve played this before…” She had even stopped an animatronic from entering the office without even having to see the screen.

               Reborn nodded approvingly. “Very good, Chrome.”

               “Thank you.” She had a winning smile on her face as Tsuna remained mortified.

You know what i always thought. Instead of a trident, or keeping that spear for her weapon, Chrome would rock it with a naginata!!! (get it NAGInata) It would be really cool if it had a skeleton ornamental like the Undertaker from Black butler too, That’d be so Chrome!!! the cape and stuff was just an add on cause i love when neck lines can cover the mouth and it leaves the character emotionless, it fits Chrome. AND THE CAPES A CAPE!!!