doktor flake

Doktor Christian Flake Lorenz Live

If you ever saw Rammstein live, you may know Flakes different poses (and moves). Like:

The “Double Keyboard”

The “Shaky arm”

The “Walker”

The “Keyboard smasher. Yes. Smash it!”

The “Grampa”

The “Sailor with the matching boat”

The.. pfff.. I can’t. This is too hilarious! The helmet.. the glasses…

The “Dancing Queen”

The “Beer Fan”

The god.

10 awesome pictures

…of Doktor Christian Flake Lorenz. 🤓

Just drown in his lost gaze 😮

He’s the master of lost gazing! *sighs*

That’s how I look like most of the time. Leave me be. Let me smoke. Also! Hands!


This is an outstandingly good shot!

Suit up. 🖤

In the studio 🎹🎼🎶🎚

From the Feeling B days. And again: The lost gaze.

I love the colors in this one! 🖤

This is probably the best foto ever. 😍


30 day RAMMSTEIN challenge

Day 8 - Favorite Member

You may have already guessed hence my username, my text posts, my blog and so on…
It’s that sarcastic amphibian and keyboardist  Doktor Christian Flake Lorenz.

I’m seriously not sure. I just like his behaviour, the costumes on stage, his keyboard skills, how that guy lives his life and of course all his hatred for stupid people and television, I really can relate to.

He’s great. Has been my idol for a long time already.

Thank you, Flake, for joining Rammstein even though you first didn’t want to!!! Really. Thanks!