highlight of anime expo 2k15

walking around on the exhibit floor on friday, every fifteen/thirty minutes or so you would hear someone yell, “just DO IT!” and people within like a 15 booth radius would start yelling back, “JUST DO IT!” “MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!” “DO IT!”

every fifteen minutes. everywhere in the exhibit hall. I swear to god.

this definitely beats the 2008/9/10 trend of people carrying around boomboxes playing the Caramelldansen and having to plow your way through like 30 naruto cosplayers wiggling their hands above their heads



I hope you had an amaaaazzing day~! And brace yourself for the many years to come >3<  *hugs*  CHU ARE GETTING OLDER BY THE DAYYYYY… Should i take you to an elderly care home thingy…. how is that even called uvu….

WELL NEVERMINDDD.. EYY I LOVE U AND SO DOES TUMBLR (my love for you is stronger though shhhh) Hope a lot of great things will come to you in life ! You are one amazing gurl okie? You always make me laugh, you are so good at heart gurl GIMME A HUG XDD AND YOU AND LIZ GIVE ME EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTERS WITH THAT DAMN STORY OF YOU BOTH…. devillsss

And since i promised Josh sixpack…. HERE IT IS.. so yeah like i might as well throw Lee and Abel in there too….. AND I SWEAR TO GOD I WASN’T PLANNING ON MAKING THEM SAY SUCH KINKY THINGS….

….But i had to….. they just wanna congratulate you on their own way ok don’t look at me like that

The Doors Theory Take Two

Alright people. Let’s get down to business. The doors are a very hot topic at the moment and I’d like to propose my own theory. Here’s what we know so far. -There are four known doors in Greendale, Golden Hills, Moorland, and Hollow Woods. The last door is somewhere near The Old King’s Road, the Secret Stonering, or a place unknown to us on the map. -All of the doors are marked with a star and dot, as well as a symbol that’s almost indecipherable. There’s also a latch-looking thing. -The doors make a perfect star. -The center of the star is the oil field. Here’s what we don’t know so far. -Where the last door is exactly. -What the doors are for. -Why all of them emit a yellow light. -Why they are connected as a star. Here’s a picture of the door, explained below. This is the Hollow Woods door.

There is a weird symbol on it that looks like a house or some letters. If you trace it, the symbol lines up to be G.E.D. with another character that is unrecognizeable to me. There’s the star. Each door has a different dot on a point of the star depending on where the door is. For example, this one is the Hollow Woods dot. Two rectangles are lined up side by side, forming a latch. This tells us that the structure is a door. There’s also the light, which when on is yellow. There is no other light that is this shade in the game. Here is a map, drawn by anna-bravewood​ of the lights and how they align.

As you can see they form a star, with the Golden and Valedale light straight across from each other, same with the Moor and Greendale light. If you look at the map, each light is close to a place that has a significant role in the main story. The Hollow Woods light is close to both VOTHD and the Valedale Lake Dark Core base. The Moorland light is close to the G.E.D. site in Moorland and the Dark Core port on the beach. The Golden Hills light was harder to figure out, but it’s close to the Secret Stonering, and if you want to be a bit broader it’s as close as you can get to the oil rig platform in the ocean, and maybe even the primevil tree on Scarecrow Hill. The Greendale light is close to the silouette of Starshine and Lisa as well as the Pandorian rift that Lisa was trapped in. Now, the mystery light is close to a few things: the UFO in a broad spectrum, the Secret Stonering, and Pi. After figuring that out, I found the center of the star. My friends and I debated this, but we all agreed on the oil field. However, if the center was Silverglade Village, the absolute dead center would be the fountain. The ducks in the fountain sometimes swim around to form a star, however that may just be their program loop. The oil field, on the other hand, is the absolute, dead, guaranteed center. It also happens to be, suprise surprise, a G.E.D. site. I thought for a bit and finally figured it out. Each door is close to a G.E.D. or Dark Core site, or both, and they all connect. DC and G.E.D. are working together on this, whatever it is. Then I thought quests. Remember the G.E.D. trainee? The location he came from was the oil field. He was digging underground and ran into the cellar. The oil field is the center, the doors lead underground, and he was digging. The trainee was digging a tunnel to the other doors. Let that sink in. Now, we have some proof that SSO doesn’t want us to meddle with the doors or try to pry for information.

These doors aren’t just background decorations, as said by Anna Bravewood as well. They’re something else, something dark.

  Then there’s this.

Now I’ll talk about what the doors could be for. They obviously emit a light and make a star. What’s underground in Jorvik? Pandoria, sort of like another dimension. The village is close to the oil field. Remember when all those pink lights popped up in Silverglade Village? Well, what if Dark Core and G.E.D. are trying to ressurect/bring back Garnok through those tunnels? Now, Garnok is in the sea- but which sea? What if it’s an underground sea in Pandoria? Let’s think about this. Does anyone else have any thoughts on the doors or what they mean? I’d love to hear your ideas. Well, I’m done ranting and theorizing now, I hope others have more definitive answers about the doors soon…



How my first day of my summer job went... (also birthdays and life update)


Employer: Just relax and you’ll be fine.


Seriously tho it went fine XD I just have to learn how to measure feet properly…

Also, there are so many birthdays (INCLUDING MINE O7O) coming up and events and requests and I want to draw for all of them, but I’ve also been cooking a lot, so, expect more desserts and more art real soon! Oh! And I’m finally going to update my fanfic! Promise! Have a great day/night chappy choos! :3


So, weaponizelesbians tagged me in the six selfies thing and most of these were literally in the last month I’ve been feeling really rad d=(´▽`)=b

I’m also going to tag way too many people because I adore all y'alls blogs and I’m sure you’re beautiful people. So high-flying-fan, neon-king, shtuphnie, spocks-and-sandals, doochecanooe, mamisempai, ghostgetters, jazzcat1231, and cat-eyed-boy. I’m also tagging everyone else who wants to do it so you have an excuse, bc iv been wanting to do this for a while and it only just got around to me ( ^∇^)