Anon asked: ‘how is Blackbolt and Medusa’s son a teenager when Luna is still a child.  Isn’t Luna older that Ahura?’

It’s a good question, and one for which I don’t have a good answer.  You’re right, Luna is definitely a bit older than Ahura.  She was shown as an infant in Nocenti and Blevin’s ‘Inhumans: Right of Birth’ in which Ahura was born.  Since then, Luna has remained a preadolescent for a good long while, whereas Ahura has seemingly leapfrogged right into his teens. 

I suppose there are two possible explanations, neither of which is especially satisfying.  In his appearance in Nocenti and Romita Jr.’s run on Daredevil, a toddler-aged Ahura was shown as growing and developing at an accelerated pace.  So it may be that Ahura just ages faster than average and this is why he now appears older than his cousin, Luna. 

The other possible option is that time may move at a different pace in the shadowy realm of the Pacifiers where Ahura grew up.  Ahura was handed over the these Pacifiers shortly after he was born, as decreed by the genetic council… a precaution in the case that he might develop destructive powers on par with those of his father.  Later, the council secretly expelled Ahura from Attilan, sending him to a small town in Oklahoma where he was found and taken in by a kindly older couple.  He was ultimately tracked down by Gorgon and Karnak who returned Ahura to Attilan (where he was once more placed in the care of the Pacifiers). 

It’s yet to be fully explained who or what these Pacifiers are and what it is that they actually do.  Ahura wasn’t seen for a long while.  When he finally reappeared, in the pages of Hine and Irving’s ‘Silent War,’ he had aged by a considerable margin.  Perhaps the Pacifiers had taken Ahura off to some neither-realm to teach him control over his abilities, returning an older version to Attilan.  Who knows? 

The post ‘Secret War’ soft reboot will likely address varying continuity blips and perhaps the age disparity between Luna and Ahura will be among said blips.  Still, it’s probably best not to get too caught up in the ages of comic book characters.  I mean, Franklin Richards has remain a tween for near thirty years now, so what are you going to do, right? 

above image by Dokolog