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Hi I'm really new to khh and kpop too, so my questions may be stupid... I found out Dok2 is pronounced dokie? Right? Why 2? Also, WHO is giriboy? I love his name and face but I know nothing about him. Can you rec some of his songs? Who is the swings military guy they show in smtm4? Also I have grown really fond of jay park's nose piercing. It's just so nice on him. Does AOMG stand for something? I found just do it (gray & loco) a few months ago but I didn't know them til now. Loco recs?

don’t worry sweetie, feel free to ask. no question is stupid ;)yup, dok2 is pronounced dokky/dokki because 2 in korean (이) is pronounced as yi . dok2 also uses 도끼 which means axe.Giriboy is an adorable,cute boy . his real name is Hong Si Young, he was born in 91.01.24; he was a contestant in smtm3 and he’s signed with Just Music entertainment. As for songs you should listen to all his songs, but for the start : you don’t look good to me, camp, take care of you, special, back and forth 30 min, tik tok, you’re a chemical, 계획적인 여자, 다른꼴, 밤이필요해.

Swings was a contestant in smtm2 and a judge in smtm3. He was in Brand New Music Entertainment and now he’s under his own label Just Music . his real name is Moon JiHoon. he’s 28 yo (14 October 1986 ). you should listen to his songs, I personally like his music ;)

AOMG stands from Above Ordinary Music Group. Loco and Gray are signed under AOMG. Gray’s real name is Lee SungHwa; he’s a producer, singer and rapper. Loco was the winner of SMTM1 and he’s now a judge in SMTM4 together with Jay Park. his real name is Kwon HyukWoo. I have the biggest crush on loco’s songs : you don’t know (my fave), hold me tight, growing up, no manners, high, thinking about you and ofc Respect <3

hopefully I helped you with these info ^^

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My beloved second home is facing hard times. I can’t explain how much I love Egypt, even if I faced a lot of bad situations, I’ve been threatened with death, I’ve been harassed, I felt lonely and scared. But I can’t forget the smiles, the good people, the simple things, the amazing views, the tranquillity I feel every time I see men praying in el Hakim mosque. I love you Egypt. Eslamy ya 7bibty.

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