dokis man

My virginity has nowhere to go, but it sure as hell isn’t going to you guys.
—  MC in Act 2 maybe

Who said Jack can’t be an anime character without his green hair?

*deep sigh* I wasn’t able to make the gif more high quality for you guys, I am so so sorry, at least now the gif is cropped properly and actually shows the beginning part.

Oh well, hope you guys aren’t annoyed that I posted this like 2 times before ^^;

This didn’t have anything to do with this fandom but I want to wish to whoever that a read this a Merry Chritsmas

Myself, I am on team Oxford Comma. An Oxford Comma is the optional (but not really optional) comma one uses in a list. Here’s an example: Let me introduce you to my wife, my best friend, (Oxford comma) and my sister. Sounds reasonable enough, doesn’t it? If you don’t use the Oxford comma, instead you get: Let me introduce you to my wife, my best friend and my sister. So yeah. Good luck with that, you Targaryen freak.
—  Yuri, teaching the Literature Club about grammar
Surprised, MC? Let me tell it to you straight, I am IN LOVE! Get back here, MC! Eeeeemmmmmmm-Ceeeeeeeeeeee! You can’t escape me!! I’LL CHASE YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!!!
—  Yuri if she pulled the knife on MC rather than herself