Tumblr Crushes


the placement of icons here is really great. kat’s still staring at kristen and ceri’s screaming at tali and kristen looks concerned at them and jacob’s just like “nope not gonna get involved not even gonna look at them”

Thank you

You guys are the best people ever and are the most welcoming and nice fandom i have ever been in and this con proved it to me. Homestuck cosplays have done so much for me this con and i wanna say thank you so here are shout outs!

*Lil cal and someone else who helped on friday

~Right before the shoot my mituna horn fell right off my helmet and i was gunna cry but these lovely people during the shoot glued my horns right on for me with their own glue


~a equius was to strong and broke 3 of my horns off my helmet (broke my horns off 4 times at this con ;( )) as i ran freaking out and asked a table of homestuck if they had glue a fef used their hot glue to reattach my horns

*photoshoot people

~for helping me when i almost fall and posing with me

*pretty lusus lady ~

i couldn’t unscrew my neko ears to change the batteries but she helped out and brushed my jade wig as it wasen’t working for me

*kigu person near my spin bottle game ~

drew me the best picture randomly of me!!

*beautiful cd

~Sewed me by hand right there a scalemate!! That’s a shocker!

*a jake

~who tried helping me shop but cant help deside which hate looked best!!

*a gamzee

~for offering to buy me food,without knowing me, because my blood was so dangerously low

*my truth or dare circle ~

for dealing with my clapping, jazz hands, and craziness (Special for dokidokidirkstrider) and everyone in general as this is getting very long but there is sooo much! Just thank you