Tumblr Crushes


the placement of icons here is really great. kat’s still staring at kristen and ceri’s screaming at tali and kristen looks concerned at them and jacob’s just like “nope not gonna get involved not even gonna look at them”

My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. stalkingstalkerthatstalks
  2. scotts-sexy-wolf-eyes
  3. premoonsyndrome
  4. characterdevelopmentwrites
  5. dokidokidirkstrider
  6. beaconchills
  7. fyiimeveryonestype
  8. teenwolf
  9. destiellockedinthetardis

kjhdfajhf;sdaj. I miss my glee friends on there. but I geuss that makes sense because teen wolf.

dokidokidirkstrider replied to your post: i came to your blog because you have a komaeda url and THEN I SAW YOU LIKE TWEWY TOO wow hello friend you are a neat person

awww! im glad haha. and yes wow i love twewy a lot. i cosplay josh whoo

OOOOH MY GOD THATS SO COOL!! joshua’s a character i want to cosplay as really really badly but i’m way too uncomfortable rrrhgh but that’s really neat that you do it!! (whispers “do you have pics”) rrhgh joshua is one of my favorites i love him so much

ehncredible  asked:

how about the top three people in your tumblr crushes?

(oh god the husbando needs more love)

Fuck Akeemi, Marry Red, Kill Doki


Fuck Akeemi because she’s an adorable precious child and I would not be adverse to snuggling with her afterwards

Marry Red because then this means I get to spoil them ABSOLUTELY ROTTEN and then Bunne won’t want to murder me.  Or is at least less likely to.  Uh.

Kill Doki because YOU GET TO GO TO ACEN WITH MY ROOMIE or something idk you’re actually an AOKAY person you jsut get the short end of the stick