dokidoki yummychums


Possibly the weirdest Sanrio line to exist (at least at the time) was Dokidoki Yummychums and the weirdest/most awesome Sanrio thing I own is this box of chicken nugget stickers. They’re from 2003 which, to my knowledge was before all the weird eyeball and egg stuff was popular.

If I had some more money, I’d consider getting a tattoo of the chicken chums because I think it’s kind of funny and random.

I snatched up the sticker set on the left, the toy; top right and the chocolate hamburger candy is not a Sanrio product but just a yummy box of treats from Japan… I picked up a box (a few boxes) at the local Japanese market and they were so tasty… It was 2 crisp cookies with chocolate smush in between.  Had to stop buying them because I’d eat the whole box at a time… and then some.  Anyway, glad I picked up some of the dokidoki yummychums products when the opportunity was there… they didn’t run his character for very long.