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takashi shirogane’s doki doki panic: a guide to romancing the black paladin. happy valentine’s, everyone!

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Super Mario Bros. 2 and Doki Doki Panic

Super Mario Brothers was one of the most successful and important video games in video game history, one that would launch a multi-billion dollar franchise and mold Nintendo into a major player in the video game industry. Super Mario Brothers 2 was also very successful, but it was certainly an oddity among the Mario Brothers series.  Instead of smashing bricks and stomping goombas, Mario (and a host of other characters) threw weaponized turnips and massacred new enemies called “shy guys”.

Instead of the main antagonist being King Koopa, Mario 2’s boss was a villainous toad named “Wart”.  Mario 2 is especially strange because its sequel, Super Mario Brothers 3 continued the theme of the original Super Mario Brothers, as did the rest of the Mario franchise, for the most part.  This always led to an interesting question which I pondered during my childhood; why was Mario 2 so different from the rest?

After the release of Super Mario Brothers in 1985, Nintendo decided that a sequel was needed to continue the success of the Mario franchise. In 1986 Shigeru Miyamoto, the original designer of Super Mario Brothers, along with designer Takashi Tazuka, created a new sequel.  The sequel was essentially a collection of new levels to Super Mario Brothers, using the exact same engine, animation, and character sprites.  There was one major difference between Super Mario Brothers and the sequel, the sequel is much, much harder. Some twists that tazuka added were things like poisoned mushrooms, wind gusts that can blow you to your death when jumping, and secret level warps that can actually set the player back farther in the game. Peashooter has played it before, and its gameplay can be best described as punishing. The sequel was released in Japan on the Famicom Disk System as Super Mario Brothers 2, and was very successful.  However, when the game was tested by consultant Howard Phillips of Nintendo America for a possible release in the North America, he had one major problem.  The game was too damn hard! Phillips stated that the game probably would not be popular among North American gamers and advised that Nintendo not release the game outside of Japan.

In 1987 Nintendo and Fuji Television Network released the game “Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panikku” (Dream Factory: Heartbeat Panic) in Japan for the Famicon Disk System. Doki Doki Panic added a new dimension to the classic sidescroller.  First, it introduced vertical scrolling, where characters could jump or climb vertically into new environments and screens.  Secondly, characters could pick up objects.  In fact, the main way to kill enemies was by picking vegetables out of the ground and throwing them at enemies. Doki Doki Panic also featured four playable characters, each with different strengths and weaknesses, with the main character having balanced abilities. The setting of the game can be best described as “Arabian Mythical”, similar to Sinbad or Arabian Nights, and the theme was especially reflected in the characters; Imajin, Mama, Lina, and Papa.

With the successful introduction of Doki Doki Panic, Nintendo developers stumbled upon a interesting idea; why not use Doki Doki Panic as the basis for a Super Mario Brothers 2 release outside of Japan? Thus Doki Doki Panic was converted into a Mario game, replacing the characters Imajin, Mama, Lina, and Papa with the characters Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, and Princess Peach.  Some minor changes to the graphics were made, as well as some changes to the layout of the levels, gameplay, and difficulty (The Mario game being less difficult than Doki Doki Panic), but for the most part, if you’ve played Super Mario Brothers 2, you’ve played Doki Doki Panic, and vice versa.

The new Super Mario Brothers 2 was released on July 10th, 1987, and would sell over ten million copies, the third highest selling game for the NES.  It was later re-released on the Gameboy Advance handheld system and for the Wii U system in 2014.  The original Japanese Famicom Super Mario Bros. 2 would be released as “Super Mario Brothers; The Lost Levels” in North America.

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*slides 100 dollars* au where Keith takes lotors place, how would he treat his 'pets' ;)))?

Keith is, and will always be, a one man-one pardner fella to me so have some good bean! Keef hcs right here (even if he’s killed more than 200 Galras in his lifetime lmao)

also i kept this gender neutral so have at it ;) 

  • listen, in every AU, Keith is an awkward bean and this is no different
    • slavs voice: in this reality, the Red Paladin is a notorious Galra hunter and there’s a 0.027% probability that he has taken you as a prisoner of war
    • Keith, in this reality: “uhhhh–okay.”
  • he sees how the Guns of Gamora treat their prisoners and he offers to take you in bc he sees how different you are from their other captives
  • you actually seem terrified and he quickly moves to take care of you bc that’s what Shiro would expect from him
  • he’s not cruel outside of the battlefield, and when you first meet the infamous Galra killer, he’s gentle as he brings you to your feet
    • would ask the leader to keep you as a pet, in case anyone thinks he’s becoming a sympathizer
    • in this reality, being a sympathizer is social suicide and he can’t risk his rank
    • but he really wants to take care of you so *insert Zac Efron indecisive meme*
  • breaks your chains the moment he brings you to his room
  • he’s awkward and can’t look you in the eye
    • “uhh, do you want anything to eat?”
    • you’re confused, bc you’ve heard abt the Guns of Gamora and their ways. why was he treating you like this? with respect? 
    • “aren’t you going to take me?” you ask in a soft voice, and Keith’s confused.
    • “what do you mean?” 
    • you gesture to the bed and he immediately flushes, understanding your implications. “No. I’m not like that.”
    • you’re confused, but at least he’s not forcing himself on you and there’s a glimmer of hope in your eyes as he allows you the privilege of bathing 
      • he covers his eyes ofc that nerd
    • he would bring you food, and remain silent as you eat. you would have to encourage him to talk bc if it was up to him, he’d stay brooding at the wall
    • he learns your name, you learn his and he (begrudgingly) asks you about your story
  • let me reiterate, he’s an awkward bean and mostly impulsive so whatever hanky-panky you guys get up to is never planned
    • he lets you rest and when you wake up, he’s on the floor 
    • you would think he’s chivalrous by keeping away from you, but in reality, he was lowkey freaking out at the sight of another person in his bed
      • you invite him onto the bed, and that’s when things get interesting ;)
      • at first, it’ll start with innocent touches and brushes of skin as you both get used to another person in bed
      • then Keith accidentally knocks his head into yours and you’re half-way apologizing when he’s looking at your lips
      • would be so awkward as he tries to communicate his need, and in the end, he just fists your hair in his hands and his lips are pressed on yours
  • it’s heavenly, and Keith kisses you with care, almost as if he’s afraid of pushing your boundaries
    • his lips are chapped but warm and feel good on yours and he tastes good as well
    • groans when he kisses you and is vocal asf
    • when you nibble on his lower lip, he gives a short moan; when you nip his neck, he gasps and when you kiss him deeply, he’ll groan at the back of his throat
  • communication is key bc Keith may be hotheaded, but he doesn’t want you to think that he’s taking advantage of you (even if he’s in the position to – he’s a good fella)
    • he’ll ask you what you’re good with and what you’re not, but he has a huge axe hanging over his head
    • since you’re his pet, he’s obliged to keep you in line, and he’s seen how the other members treat their pets
      • you would have to tell him that he has to do it 
      • he has to maintain a pretence for the others in case his rank would be threatened
      • finds out that you like the way how pets are ‘supposed’ to be treated, and he’s conflicted bc he’s not like the others, but how can he resist when you moan at his rougher handling
      • will come up with an agreement that he treats you like this, but you have to tell him if you’re hurt or you need him to stop
  • he now has a personal pet who not only ‘has’ to give him sex, but you want to as well 
    • lbr who can resist Keef and his pretty eyes?
    • he’s never been a fan of how the other pets always gasp and preen when their masters give them attention, but he finds out that he wants that with you
      • painfully
  • Keith has plans (dis boi is secretly kinky af)
  • he tests the waters by fucking you in front of a mirror, and when you respond well to his ministrations, he takes things further
    • loves how you feel clamped around his fingers and thinks that your warmth is the most intoxicating he has ever felt in his life
    • he hasn’t met your mouth
  • speaking of mouth, he’s obsessed with it
      • wants you sucking something as he’s fingering you
      • loves gagging you with your own underwear as he’s taking you from the back
      • the sight of your drool glistening off your chin and dripping lightly on your chest has him hard asf
    • once you gave him the sloppiest head as your spit dribbled from the sides of your mouth and you choked on his length and he thought about it for dayyyss
    • give him sloppy blowjobs 
    • just give him blowjobs, period
    • the sight of you licking your lips can easily break him, and he’s not above ordering you to drool around his fingers
  • lives for the sight of your blushing face as he pleasures you
    • he likes watching your face, but he doesn’t want you looking at his bc he thinks he looks dumb
    • prefers fucking you doggy style as he’s studying your expressions in the mirror
    • has tied you up to his bed as he spent the whole afternoon understanding your body
    • one of the only times he isn’t impulsive is when he’s studying and replicating what breaks you
  • he doesn’t have much of a mouth on him, but most of his words comes from his dick heart
    • “you like being a slut for my fingers?”
    • “god–your mouth feels fantastic, pet.”
    • “fffuucck Y/N–take my cock you nasty girl/boy.”
    • has whispered how much he wants you even as you were surrounded by other Gamoran members
  • into orgasm denial
    • he finds it beautiful how easily you get riled up when he denies your pleasure
    • he has a huge thing in watching you masturbate in front of him, and the anguish on your face as he cums and you’re not allowed to gets him lightheaded
    • would order you to touch yourself as he watches bc he’s a pervert that way
    • wants you thirsty for his cock 25/8 
    • nothing satisfies him more than feeling your heat clenching around him as he’s kept you denied for the whole day
    • would tie your hands out of the way in a hogtie position (sue me, Texan Keef is still a running joke, no matter in which reality) and tease you until you’re a puddle of need
    • won’t let you cum as you’re twitching in your restrains and he has a sadistic grin on his face
    • lives for the desperate way your hips hump the air as you search for any friction to push yourself down the edge
  • handsy af
    • grabs you when you sleep, gripping your body close as he rubs his face in your hair and he’s feeling you slowly
    • he uses you as a personal pillow tbh
    • during the day, he will absentmindedly fondle your ass
    • discreetly feels you up in public when you were spending some time with the other pets, running his hands down your butt 
    • asks you what underwear you were wearing for the day
    • asks you to show him and if you do, he’ll tease you through the material, lightly running his fingers down the swell of your arousal
    • draws your pants up and makes as if he didn’t just fondle you in the middle of a hallway and go along his way (the little shit)
    • has to have you in his lap as he’s doing his work, if not just to grab your waist and nuzzle his face in your neck

bonus: fluff hcs!! 

  • touch-starved to a degree and will want to hold you forever if he could
    • always has an arm around your waist
    • will grip your hand if he’s talking to you bc he wants you close
    • loves it when you run your hands up and down his chest (not necessary in a sexual way)
    • will melt if you press your cheek on his heart, listening to the erratic rhythm
  • cuddle sessions are mandatory! 
    • he spends at least half an hour in the morning cuddling with you before he has to leave for his duties
    • Keith just wants your body pressed to his constantly
    • he grew up with no affection and you’re one of his only outlet besides sparring so he makes full use of your cuddling tendencies
    • loves burying his face in your neck as he inhales you scent lightly (bc of his Galran genetics maybe?)
    • Keef’s always been sensitive with scents and he has an uncanny ability to describe how you smell (”like sunshine with almonds mixed with an edge of musky oranges”)
      • and you’re like okay??
  • a dork when he’s in love
    • some random Gamoran: Keith…are you…are you smiling??
    • Keith: whaaatt no! I was just…thinking of killing someone. yeah.
    • in all honesty, he was thinking of your sleeping face in the morning and his heart went all doki doki panic 
  • more affectionate than he lets on
    • gives you more freedom to touch him than the other members
    • lets you hold his hand in private 
    • when you’re both walking down empty hallways, he always has to have an arm around you
    • he says its for protection purposes, but everyone knows he’s lying
    • gives you quick pecks on your cheeks and lips when he has to leave for his duties
    • loves running his lips down your body and kissing every mark 
  • falls in love quickly, though he freaks out and asks Shiro if it’s an allergic reaction
    • “Shiro, I think I may be allergic to Y/N. whenever I’m around them, my heart grows faster, my face starts heating up and when I see them naked, I no longer want to take them immediately! like yesterday when Y/N gave me a strip tease, all I did was stare–”
    • Shiro: “whoa whoa, TMI lil’ bro”
    • Keith: *red faced, holding back tears* “help.”
    • Shiro: *holding back tears* “why me.”

Probably unpopular but maybe popular opinion whatever here’s my hot take, but I really dislike the concept of DYK Gaming as a YouTube channel. It’s just some guy putting together a script of entry level facts about games and having some generic YouTube Celebrity boy read them out loud.

It’s as if that one Mario blog just stopped posting obscure stuff from the games’ files and photoshopping pieces of lost artwork together to show a render of fat Yoshi and instead posted stuff like “Super Mario Bros 2 in the US is actually Doki Doki Panic in Japan” and “The GameCube menu theme is actually the Famicom Disk theme slowed down” and not much else besides that.