Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Sequel (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU)

So… There is no other way to go other than this.

I want to do it. And I will do. There is only one tiny thing: LET ME HEAR YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

Literally, what would you like to see in this special story? 

Consider it a christmas gift, by the way. So I would love to hear your suggestions, even a phrase, about what you would like to see now that the time has passed about our beloved characters!

The product of my earlier streaming, thank ya to everyone who came by Cx it was fun. Just a damn cute picture of Faa and Star, which me and @furgemancs began shipping a little while back.

Also, changed up Faa’s hoodie design and got rid of her socks xD cause she really doesn’t need them.

Hope ya enjoy!


So first off, let me fill ya in on some stuff….so you all remember my persona, Faa?

So Faa and Grey are from the same AU, which has been lovingly named UnderShade. This Au looks like a black and white movie, there is absolutely no colours, only shades of grey. Faa is actually BurgerPants daughter in this AU, she was severely miserable living her life. Yusebi visited UnderShade while investigating a problem, Faa ended up holding onto Yusebi’s coat before he teleported out of the AU. 
So Faa escaped and in doing so she discovered colours and gained the stars in her eyes. The stars literally show her constant amazement of the world outside her AU. She actually stole the hoodie and socks she’s wearing, those are not her original outfit….

Now, Grey is the Sans of UnderShade! ta-da! and he and his Papyrus, Charcoal (or Char) live in Hotland in this AU. This is Char….

After Faa left UnderShade the AU started to fall apart. Grey, being the hotheaded weenie he is, decided the best thing he could do is hunt down Faa and bring her back. In a story i haven’t quite figured out yet, Grey gave a part of himself to the void in order to travel AU to AU (he isn’t able to teleport AU to AU normally). He then began to travel through the multiverse as a bounty hunter literally searching for Faa. 

Instead of teleporting, Grey transports himself; this is a process where he literally melts himself down into a black fluid which seeps into the ground and travels AU to AU through the core. Every time he does this he damages his body, which is why he lost vision in his left eye (his face actually cracks and splits like Gaster when the transport process starts. Grey has recently become epileptic due to the damage he’s sustained from transporting himself through the multiverse. in a sense, Grey is slowly killing himself as he continues hunting for Faa.

In UnderShade Grey was trained as a warrior, the symbol on his forehead is his “star of determination” which identifies him as such. In his AU every monster earns a symbol at birth that illustrates their destiny, sorta. Charcoal’s symbol is below his left eye (these symbols are tattooed on) and (i haven’t decided what Char’s symbol stands for but Char was trained as an assassin). Both Grey and Char have fire magic as well as their original magical abilities, they are VERY strong fighters.

Grey is a complete sex hound, let’s be honest. Ever since leaving his AU he has been ‘banging’ his way around the multiverse…. yup… he has no concept of love, he doesn’t feel it and if he was to feel it he wouldn’t be able to put words to it.

There is probably more information i am forgetting about UnderShade, but that’s what i got for now xD hope that fills ya in a bit! Please do ask questions if you are curious of more stuff!


VIETNAM. Near Cambodia. March 19, 1964. A father holds the body of his dead child as South Vietnamese Army Rangers look down from their armoured vehicle. The child was killed as government forces pursued guerrillas into a village near the Cambodian border. 

This picture won the Pulitzer Prize in 1965.

Photograph: Horst Faas/AP