dok ko jin

Finished Greatest Love


I didn’t actually shed many tears on this one (shocker!).  I think I just let out a few tears when Mi Na spilled about what really happened in the Treasure Girls’ disbandment.  I think to be honest, some of the ending was taken away by the fact my friend already told me months ago what happened, so I was really only seeing it just to have to seen it hahaha.  

I think after Dok Go Jin’s heart surgery was a success (just a little anti-climatic for my taste), there wasn’t really much DRAMA, so I wasn’t really biting my nails in anticipation or anything.  Okay, the surgery really was a let down!  I’m sorry, but after seeing ‘Behind the White Tower’, my hospital scene expectations have gone up quite a lot.  I felt cheated really!  Cliffhanger- his heart stops.  Next episode- he’s fine and recovering.  At least give us the surgery where we’re hanging on a little more.  Ugh. 

Loved Ding Dong though and I LOVED Dok Go Jin’s laugh, like there needs to be a compilation if there isn’t one already.  Haha.  

For as famous as the Hong Sisters, I’m not a huge fan of their romantic comedies.  I don’t know why, but there’s always something that falls kind of flat in them.  I loved 'You’re Beautiful’, but I’ll be honest, if there wasn’t Shinwoo, I probably would’ve given up on it.  Taekyung’s character was interesting, but not one I could really connect with, Jeremy’s character was rushed at the end instead of developed properly, and I can’t even express my frustration with Go Mi Nyeo.  Not to mention from about… the first or second episode I knew which guy would be her love in the end?  Nope.  Sorry, that rant should be somewhere else, but still.  'Greatest Love’, although I did like it, there were a lot of places where it fell flat for me.

The mood around the 6-7 episode range bored me and I didn’t return to 'Greatest Love’ until dramafever was being a butt and wouldn’t let me watch ep 6 of 'Heartstrings’.  And even then I felt like I was forcing myself to push through at certain episodes.  Almost like a chore really.  I can’t really tell you what it was.  I guess it was that it felt like Ae Jung and Dok Go were just making things a lot harder on themselves than they needed to be.  Not to mention, Yun Pil Ju had NO chance whatsoever.  Okay, I know second leads NEVER have a chance, but I like having a point where it’s like “Well maybe he has a chance”.  Like BOF.  I really thought Ji Hoo had a chance for a while there (until I remembered he was in the doomed Second Lead role).  Pil Ju?  No way.  Not for one second.  And that was a little disappointing.  He and Kim Jae Seok were my favourite characters and I felt like there really wasn’t enough effort to make a “battle” of winning Ae Jung’s heart.  Her heart was already made up and that didn’t create the tension I was really expecting.  

But I did like how Kang Se Ri had feelings for *gasp* the normal guy!  I’m glad he didn’t feel the same way to her, but was willing to be cool about it.  That she had to work for it.  Her character and his felt ALMOST useless sometimes once they were out of the way.  Not, because they were helpful later, but almost.  Kim Jae Seok is such a cutie and I was soooooo hoping he’d be used regularly and he was!  Yes!  His rivalry for Jenny’s heart was cute, I was almost hoping there was a definite ending on that.  

But speaking of endings, the ending didn’t… well… suck.  Haha.  'Coffee Prince’, although very good chemistry and I enjoyed it overall, it had one of the WORST endings ever.  The skipping to the future, no drama, rushed happy endings that are tied cleanly for everyone… No.  'Greatest Love’ handled the skipping time well, and although the last two episodes were kind of uneventful for me, the ending was handled well and I was satisfied with it.  

So anyway, it was an overall good drama.  There were ups and downs, but it’s not something I would have called a waste of my life :)