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WOOOOOOOO.  At 10 PM EST on some day during E3 on June 10th, Nintendo will be hosting an hour and a half event to discuss Sm4sh.  Now we don’t know if this will be streamed (similar ones were not streamed last year) but I will be keeping you guys updated with all information that comes out.  That day is going to be AMAZING.  Assuming everything happens, we have the E3 Digital Event at 12 PM, hopefully the Smash at Best Buy that afternoon and Sm4sh Developer event at 10PM.  

DOJO Events

C Plus Video Shoot for ‘Cardo On The Drums’

This Tuesday we will be shooting the video for 'Cardo On the Drums’, the first single from C Plus’ debut album, All C.I.T.Y. and we are currently looking for extras to be in the video. If you’re interested please read the flyer above for all details. This will be an open set for friends and fans alike to be apart of the video but we please ask that you respect the location and it’s owners by not actin’ a fool while on set! Also, wearing your 'Plus Says Chill’ could boost your chances of being in the front of the video! See ya’ll there.