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P4GA Episode 6&7 Audio Commentary Summary+Translation

The DVD’s for both of the Persona 4 anime series contain commentary tracks where the staff watches the episode and talks about the creation process, the characters and inside stories. I own volume 4 of P4GA containing the Adachi episodes, and since these episodes seem to be generally well received, I thought some might be interested in knowing what the staff had to say. These two tracks contain commentary from Yu’s JP actor, Adachi’s JP actor, the producer and director. If you like these episodes then I definitely think it’s interesting, It’s also nice to hear the actors talk about their roles.

Since it’s quite a bit of text I’ll put it under a read more.

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megidola-dancing-deactivated201  asked:

what are your thoughts or Headcanons about Yu' Parents?

I personally like the idea that they are rather strict and yet “neglectful” regarding their son, due to how busy they are as business people, since it would explain a lot about his personality, his high levels of independence (he could run the Dojima household completely on his own if he wanted to) and the pretty obvious anger in his dialogue options regarding how Dojima treats Nanako (it probably reminds him of his own situation). Also, note how in the whole game Yu never receives a letter from his parents even once. Also, both, the Manga AND the Anime heavily hint that Yu had given up on trying to make friends before coming to Inaba, due to moving around a lot. That shows that his parents just kept dragging him around from place to place, not paying attention at all to how it would influence the mental development of their son. It would seriously have been more responsible to leave the boy with Dojima to begin with. 

That’s my stance on Yu’s parents.