• a small list of magic anons you should probably send me.
  • 17 Again:Muse is in his/her 17 year old form.
  • Docilely Submissive:Muse becomes an adorable little sub for a specified amount of time, as obedient as a dog and as playful as a kitten. Anon may choose who for.
  • Temptation:For the next 3 days, the Muse will be haunted by a hooded figure tempting them with everything they ever wanted if the Muse just signs a contract. If the Muse give in, they will be a dark/evil version of themselves for a week. (If the Muse is already evil, they will just go insane)
  • Truth potion:Muse has to tell the truth about anything asked for an hour.
  • Hate:For 6 hours, your muse will do nothing but spout hateful comments to everyone. Whether they liked them originally or not.
  • Double Trouble:Muse has an exact copy of themself to deal with. Only the copy secretly wants to kill them.
  • Say You'll Haunt Me:Muse is a ghost, whom can only be seen if they want to be. Lasts 24 hours.
  • Artificial Heart:The muse no longer feels emotions- no pain, no anger, no rage. They simply become an apathetic shell. Can be broken early if something strong enough manages to break their "emotional inhibitor."
  • Creepy Doll:The muse is starting to freak out, because wherever they go, whatever they do... there's always a creepy old doll following them. And whether it's a hallucination or not, they're starting to think that the doll might even be talking...
  • Afraid of Your Own Shadow:Muse is unnaturally skittish and afraid of everything around them.
  • Awkward Stage:Muse becomes a teenager. If Muse is already a teenager, they become an adult.

Now with EVENING hours!!!

Schedule Play Time Now>>

Have you ever wanted to snuggle with a baby goat? Now is your opportunity! Spend an hour in our baby goat pen at our Scottsburg, IN farm either during the day, or after work!

Tag a friend in the comments and schedule play time now >>

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Et durant
toute la soirée,
je t'ai observée.

Je t'ai regardé
évoluer, être toi.

Je t'ai écouté parler,
deviser, plaisanter.

Et je t'ai vue
telle que tu es.

Une promesse
de bonheur
et de joies.

J'ai beaucoup bu
pour ne pas trop
y penser.

Mais ça n'a pas

Quand je me suis
couché, je n'avais
que toi à l'esprit.

Et n'ai pu
de rêver de toi.

Je crois bien
que je t'aime…

tout ça?

—  V. H. SCORP

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What?? Now i have a use for my highlighters! @simplynailogical
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