Update: for those who care

I am starting cosmetology school on the 26th. It is 6 days a week and 46 weeks long. I plan to have my own studio/salon within the next three years. I am going to continue to live with my parents for now, it is beneficial for my future at this point to remain in their house due to the fact that it is most cost effective. The whole full-time school think kind of throws a kink in the whole full-time work thing for Starbucks. But in all honesty the way they have treated me lately has kind of pushed me in the direction of realizing I need to pursue my dreams and not climb a corporate ladder to unhappiness.


#repost from @smirfboi_muziq just being a humble sk8ter I’m really some trash 😑 #100happydays #day89 #doingwhatmakesmehappy #becauseimhappy (at Crystals)

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Can’t please everyone… So fuck it … Find those who fuk with u … Keep em round … And make them eat im with u …. Smoke with u … And enjoy life with u …. #DoingWhatMakesMeHappy 😙💨💨 …. 😏💭

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Just Another Random Thought...

     Been thinking about this one thing for the past few days and it’s making me finally be completely done with the way society is with aspects of everyday life and how I want to live my life. If I want to date a certain girl then I’m going to date her if I can see the relationship working out for a long time. Even if I will probably be judged because of how fucked up society can be but oh well  I think i’m even more done with caring than before.