With all of my ohana back home in Hawai'i, I know how much it sucks to spend the holidays alone. Swooped up $200 worth of toys 🎁 and visited three different hospitals 🏩. After a few games of 🍬 candyland 🍭, one 👑 princess tea 🍵 party, three separate Barbie make-overs 💆🙆💁 and a whole lot of smiling-children later, I’m glad that myself nor any of these sick children had to spend another Christmas Eve alone 🎄🎅🎁🎉! Shout out to the nurses and doctors working late into the holidays that let me spend some time spreading holiday cheer and to the youngins for keeping me company. Once in a while, we could all use some new friends. 💚#cancersucks #nooneshouldspendschristmasalone #barbiesarestupidexpensive #gotmycandyasswhoopedincandyland #connectfourgameproper #comeseethechamp #doingitagaintomorrow (at the north pole 🎅🎁🎄🎉)