sleepinthegardn Actors don’t often get to choose who they work with. Someone can be cast as your love interest for 7 years that you really have nothing in common with (or worse do not get along with). Someone who doesn’t make you laugh til you cry or endures your bad moods or asks you how they can help you get through your worst days. So when Spencer got together with Toby, I felt like I won a lottery of friendships. @keeoone Is a unicorn of a guy (yeah yeah he is insanely talented in a lot of ways, but I mean heart wise, in kindness) I couldn’t wish him more happiness and success in life and on his birthday. Keegs, thank you for being the Oby to my Sp. I’d play you in scrabble any day. Happy Birthday dork. #spobyisendgame

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Warlocks terrify the positive shit out of Azeroth. You're telling me there's a group of people out there that individually can enslave demons, make you explode or bleed out your eyes or vomit up your intestines or something, then consume your soul to do that, but worse, to your buddy over there? They're terrifying in a way Demon Hunters and Death Knights aren't, in that Warlocks mainly sought out this power for the sake of having that power, not to combat some greater threat.

Confirmed. I think a lot of Shadow Priests are thought of in a similar way too. They like to get together sometimes and host meetings to discuss new ways to scare the shit out of their peers. 

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You have stated before that you have performed a successful number of love spells for your loved ones. If you don't mind sharing have you ever casted a successful love spell for yourself? Has it brought you great happiness in return. Love is something I truly desire and if I can make the one I have fallen for love me... I always think I would be very happy.

Yes, I have. And yes, I was happy when they lasted. You see, I let them break.
My problem was that I always chased romances that were doomed from the start. Or I caught them too late. 
It wasn’t the magic that failed there.

Very seldom do I wish to be the center of romantic affection for someone. There are plenty of other emotions I wish people to feel for me, and if I wish it, they will. Love though… I’ve swam in it long enough to know what it can do, for better or worse. For now, I don’t want it. 
So I use it for those who do. And for those who receive it but don’t know it, they will thank me one day. And for those who will never thank me because they don’t know me, I’ll smile to myself. 

But love magic, perhaps more than any other, has equal chances of being a blessing or a curse. It’s rather like a surgeon’s blade. With the right cut, you might expel an illness. With the wrong cut, you die. 
It’s best to know how to wield the blade before you use it on yourself. 

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I'm really really sorry from what is happening in Poland (I read that they approved the bill). I'm very disgusted but I can't even imagine how you feel this moment. I don't know how I can help you (I can't, I'm just a person) but I want to say that you are a wonderful person and artist and everyone here love you

Hello, Nonnie!

Yeah, they did.
I am ashamed and I am angry and I am disgusted, too. 
I dislike all of them greatly - they are destroying my country, trying to rewrite history, are generally xenophobic and homophobic and racist and awful in every way imaginable. And they are so full of hate and have no respect for /anyone who has views different than their own. 
This is, in other words, a pretty shitty situation. 
And Nonnie, Nonnie thank you so much. Your message means a lot, knowing that people care means a lot  ❤︎ 

Just a quick update & the reason for the lack of (personal) posts recently...

Meik has been doing worse in the past four weeks. We’ve been to the vet five times, to the clinic twice. Had to listen to a lot of BS over the past weeks. Turns out if you feel like your dog has no quality of life anymore you can’t just tell your doctor to put him down (at least not here in Germany). In the last month, we’ve spent over 1500 € in vet bills and I feel like he’s actually doing worse than he was before. He now gets 4 different kinds of pills twice a day. There’s also this eye specialist in the clinic who wants to do some risky procedure on him to (maybe) get (at best some of his) eyesight back (even tho we’ve been told by the cardio guy that he wouldn’t survive a surgery). 

Anyways, I called the quits last night and canceled all of his upcoming appointments. I sat down with our vet, talked it over and told her about all my thoughts and concerns. We both decided that it was time. Didn’t set an appointment yet but I’m going to call her up on Monday and schedule an appointment for his euthanization. 

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I read your ask that you say you're gay (mod k) and this reminds me of how people generalize who likes a straight ship as being automatically cis/hetero. I really hate this fandom, they say you can't presume a character's sexuality through their behavior, but then do worse: presume a real person's sexuality through a single ship

Mod K:

I’m bisexual, actually – but that’s something I hate about the fandom as well. It proves that they are really young in mindset, thinking that your sexuality reflects the ship you like, lol. Mod A is bi as well, and Mod M is a lesbian.

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aND ONE MORE THING: who the hell let michelle call 911 when jessa started bleeding??!the poor operator was trying to ask about jessa and michelle kept going off about how wonderful the baby was doing

Michelle is worse than useless.  I’m glad she never got it into her head to be a midwife or a labor coach as a “calling” once she stopped popping out her own babies.

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Omg omg. Peter and yn really like each other but they're both super oblivious, and two of the avengers (Steve and Bucky preferably, or Nat and Clint) team up to get them to confess to each other?

“This sucks,” Bucky announced. “If I have to sit through another movie night where (Y/N) and Peter just stare at each other, I’m putting myself back in cryo.”

Steve chuckled. “Sure you will. They’re just kids, they’ll work out that they like each other eventually.”

“I’m a hundred years old, I don’t have time for “eventually”.“

The blond soldier rolled his eyes. "Well what do you propose we do?”

Bucky grinned secretively. “Luckily for you, I have a plan.”


You clutched your laptop to your chest as you made your way down the corridor towards the common room. Looking up, you noticed Bucky walking towards you, looking like a man on a mission. You thought nothing of it, until he smoothly put his arm around your shoulders and turned you to walk in the opposite direction with him.

“Um I was going that way,” you said in confusion, gesturing over your shoulder as Bucky walked you towards the research room.

“Plans change sometimes,” he replied mysteriously, holding the door open for you. You walked in, still very confused.

“Okay…so is there a reason why you’ve kidnapped me?” you asked, quirking an eyebrow. Bucky wheeled a computer chair over and sat backwards on it, resting his chin and arms on the back.

“When are you gonna tell Peter you’re head over heels for him?” he asked bluntly. You frowned.

“Never, because I’m not?” you responded, trying to sound casual.

“Doll, you can’t lie to save yourself. He’s a good kid, you could do worse.”

You sighed, sitting down with your head in your hands. “Exactly. He’s too good for me, Buck.”

Bucky frowned, wheeling his chair over so he could wrap an arm around your shoulders and give you a gentle squeeze.

“No one’s too good for you, kid. You’re amazing, and Peter’s probably complaining to Steve right now that he’s not good enough for you either.”

Your head shot up, your eyes wide with alarm.

“What the fuck is Steve telling him?”

Bucky raised his hands in surrender.

“Don’t panic, I’m sure he’s being subtle!”


“So, you wanna date (Y/N).”

Peter looked up in surprise from the web shooters he was working on to see Steve leaning in the lab doorway, arms folded and a concerned expression on his face.

“I don’t know what you’re t-talking about,” he mumbled. “(Nickname) just sees me as a friend.”

“But you don’t see her as a friend,” Steve observed, raising an eyebrow. Peter sighed.

“That obvious, huh?” he asked bitterly, sitting down behind his workbench. Steve frowned slightly, pitying the young boy.

“I’m sure she likes you too. If you’d only tell-,”

“I can’t!” Peter said loudly, before wincing at the way his voice cracked. “(Y/N)’s too good for me, Cap, she’s just too good. You don’t get it.”

“What, because I’m old?” Steve joked, chuckling. “I’ve known (Y/N) since she was nine years old, Peter. I know when she cares about someone, and she definitely cares about you.”

Peter looked up at him, doubt in his eyes. Steve shook his head, smiling slightly.

“If you don’t believe me, ask her yourself. I have a feeling she’s on her way.”

Peter frowned in confusion, before he heard your voice carrying through the corridors and his face lit up. Steve grinned at him smugly, stepping out of the doorway so it was clear, just as you skidded into the lab.

“Peter, hi!” you blurted out, wincing at your high-pitched voice. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

He cleared his throat nervously, trying to ignore both the way your sentence sent his heart racing, and the thumbs-up Steve was giving him from behind your back.

“Well um, here I am,” he replied lamely. You took a deep breath.

“Okay well um, I wanted to ask if you would like to go for pizza tonight? As a date?” you added out of nerves, worried that you weren’t being clear. Peter’s jaw dropped, before a grin spread across his face.

“I’d love to,” he replied. You beamed at him.

“Great! Well, I better go…I’m supposed to be helping Tasha translate some files…”

You hurried from the lab before you could embarrass yourself, and almost bumped into Steve and Bucky. Both of them were grinning smugly at you.

“You can both shut up,” you warned them.

How to do Math if You’re Struggling

You don’t have to use all of these all they may not all work for everyone, but this is just a list of helpful tips for anyone!


When you are introduced am new concept, instead of just learning HOW to do it, try learning WHY you do it. Just looking up the term on the internet can help a lot if you aren’t understanding a concept

In Class

  • Pay attention as much as you can! this may be an absurd request for some people, but do as much as you can
  • When taking notes, write down the steps of solving the problem
  • Write examples that the teacher does. If you have trouble following these when reading your notes, try writing any change in the problem in a different color in the different steps
  • Distinguish each section or chapter. Keeping things in chronological order can really help.
  • I there is something that you don’t understand, ask. Whether it be the teacher or a peer. It helps to ask specific questions because it makes sure you are addressing exactly what you aren’t understanding
  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK this is the MOST IMPORTANT if you are having trouble understanding. When doing your homework if you get something wrong, try again a few times. If you still don’t get it, ask.

If You Still Don’t Understand

  • If you have tried new techniques and really tried to understand and still don’t get it, ask for help. Whether it be a teacher or a peer, just get someone to sit down with you and explain it
  • Getting help from a peer can be very helpful. They may have an easier time explaining it in terms that you will understand
  • No matter who it is, Someone will always be willing to help.

For Tests

  • Write up a summary of all the material that will be on the test. Write the steps and explanations
  • Make a practice test. Compile problems from all the sections or chapters that will be on the test. If you get stuck, use your summary sheet, and remember to ask for help if you need it
  • when you do take the real test, TAKE YOUR TIME. don’t freak out, and remember to think about what you are doing
  • Remember, if you finish half the test and get them all right, that is better than finishing the whole test and getting them all wrong.

In conclusion, please do not get discouraged! All it will do is make it worse. I once could not understand math at all, but over time I just figured out what worked for me. These are obviously not the only things that help understand math, but these are some things I learned that have helped me to have an understanding of math.

First impression vs New Impression of Blue Diamond
  • Blue Diamond first appearance: Crying over the death of her sister Pink Diamond.
  • Me: Awww, I feel so bad for her.
  • Blue Diamond in the Steven Universe Wanted Promo: I want to know what she think we are going to do to her, because I want to do something worse.
  • Me: Holy $#*! This show got freaking dark and intense and Blue Diamond is out for blood!
Steven Universe: 1 Hour Special Trailer AHHHHHHH




The promo for the 1 Hour Special of “WANTED” has been released and I AM SHOOK



“I want to know what she thinks we’re going to do with her. Because I want to do something worse.” 

We live in a small, musty dorm room
but it’s perfect because it is the first place
we’ve ever lived alone.
We put plastic bottles of vodka
in our tiny refrigerator and laugh.
We watch reruns of our favorite childhood shows
and sleep until noon.
The boy I love never visits.
The boy you love visits
until you break his heart.

We live in a four-bedroom apartment
just the two of us. And even with all that space,
we’re usually in the same room.
We throw parties more often than we should.
There is a designated place that I go when I’m drunk
to cry. You always know where to find me.
The boy I love comes over and ignores me.
The boy I love comes over and kisses me.
The boy you love comes over and you break his heart
again. The boys stop coming.
It’s just us.

I live in my parents’ house but my parents are gone.
It’s strange, this open space, this haunting.
A boy loves me but I don’t love him back.
He stays on Skype while I fall asleep.
I don’t know how long he waits to hang up
but when I wake up, everything is new again.
I stop answering his calls when I fall in love
with someone else. Soon, I know him
and his apartment as well as my own.
Soon, I don’t know what I did before him.
I show him my childhood bedroom and smile.

We live in a house a mile away from campus.
The boy I love helps us move in. He’ll be gone
before we move out but we don’t know that yet.
I would have screamed if someone had told me.
We lose things slowly that year, incrementally,
one piece at a time. We don’t notice until everything is gone.
This house, this time, is the last of the golden time.
We would have screamed if someone had told us
what was coming.

We live in a two-bedroom apartment with no natural light.
It’s our last year of living together so we make a small effort
to decorate, but end up leaning a picture against a wall
for six months before mounting it.
Things are getting bad and my mother is calling you
to make sure I’m breathing in my room.
Things are getting bad and we’re hiding in our apartment
sealed against it all, watching bad TV shows and eating
Chinese food. In this apartment, we feel lucky.
We feel protected. It is the last of these moments.
At the end of our lease, I fall in love again.
This one sticks.

I am back at my parents’ house
and you are in an apartment across town.
The first time I visit, it seems so strange
that you have to give me directions to where you live
after so many years of living down the hall from you.
This year, it’s your turn for things to get bad.
This year, it’s my turn to comfort you.
I try my best. It’s not enough.
I try harder.

I am still at my parents’ house
and you are still in the apartment across town.
Now, we are both mourning and both comforting.
You are watching someone you love die
and I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that
my own body is trying to kill itself.
Neither of these things are easy.
We look back at the early years and laugh
at what we thought we knew of grief then.
We do our best. It’s not enough.
We do worse.

We drive two hours away to look at a new house
in a new city. We sleep in the same bed
in a mid-priced hotel room and eat breakfast burritos.
We drive to the new house and meet my new roommate.
I have never lived with anyone other than you
but we like her, so I sign the lease.
You go back to your apartment.

I live in the new house in the new city
and the worst thing happens.
When the worst thing happens,
you tell me in a text message
and I call your mother then pack my car.
I drive two hours to your apartment
and sit with you. We watch TV.
We eat burgers. We do the things that need to be done
when the worst thing happens.
At the end of the weekend, I drive back
and leave you in the apartment.
Even as I turn out of the driveway,
I’m wishing I didn’t have to.
I want to tell my professors that the worst thing
has happened and I can’t be expected to leave you
but that’s not the way the world works so I drive
towards the highway and blink into the sun.

You move a few states away. You live in a house
I’ve never seen in a city I’ve never been to.
I move across the country to an apartment
you’ve never seen in a city you’ve been to twice.
We couldn’t find each other on a map.
It’s absurd, this distance. We don’t know
how to be this far away from each other.
But we learn.
But we find a new way to bring the golden days back.
—  Fortesa Latifi - All The Apartments We Lived In