I have fears. I have many fears about the way this season could end for Sam/Reign.

Sam could fight off Reign and have to leave because of some jacked up reason, ultimately leaving Ruby in Alex’s care.

Sam could die before she gets the chance to fight off Reign and we get a few brief moments where she’s herself again as she’s dying in either Supergirl or Ruby’s arms and it’s a major tear-jerking moment.

Sam sacrifices herself to get rid of Reign in a final ultimate showcase of her humanity and it’s another tear-jerking moment.

Sam fights off Reign successfully but STILL dies because let’s be honest the writers would do that.

Worse still is the chance that the writers are purposefully going to kill her off/make her leave so that Alex will have to take in Ruby as her kid.

The one (1) maybe slightly possible happy ending is that Sam survives, having defeated Reign, and returns to her life with Ruby as a superhero or just a simple civilian who decides to hide her powers.

someone: hey don’t sexualize idols they’re ppl and it’s mad uncomfortable to talk abt them like that since they’re people lol

u geeks: lmao so it’s wrong to be attracted to idols? wow y'all are ridiculous guess we can’t be attracted to anybody without y'all throwing a fit xD people on here do much worse anyways mind your business!

Angry Astrology

*use Mars, Sun, and Moon 

Aries: If you have made this sign mad, you probably did not have to try very hard (probably just made one mad by saying that). This sign will do one or both of these two things when angry, yell or punch. Aries is a fire sign, so their anger is very quick with a tiny fuse. Being a Cardinal sign, their expression of anger is often a want for change. Combine these two together, and you have the very expression of red-faced anger.

Taurus: Another sign that is not very difficult to get mad. Taurus, however, will not act as directly as Aries will. Taurus is the epitome of stubbornness, so they will hold a grudge and form bitterness. You will miss out on the love that Taurus is capable of giving, so you will eventually feel worthless over time because you know that you have wronged them in some way. If Taurus is the one who messed up, they will eventually apologize, just give them about six months and twenty-seven gifts. Just kidding, but really. 

Gemini: Oh, shit. You fucked over a Gemini. First of all, they will try to laugh it off. If that is not their first reaction, run like Hell. A Gemini may not fight (but who the hell knows with this fuckers), but they will certainly use their connection with Mercury to berate and belittle you. They will likely bring you to tears and feel no remorse. This sign is also likely to blackmail you. Even if you straighten things out, they will never forget about how you hurt them.

Cancer: I would say their first reaction would be to cry, but it really depends on what kind of relationship you have with them. If you do not have a close relationship, they will be the most cold-hearted bitch you have ever met. Like Aries, they will likely want to get physical. They are ruled by the moon, so their expression of anger can be purely from how they feel, and if they are mad, you’re pretty fucked, I’d say. If you are close to them, they will try to keep off their anger, but once you have crossed that threshold, they will victimize to a point where you are nothing but the bad guy in the whole situation.

Leo: Oh, boo-hoo, you hurt their ego. They will get over it, but their anger will stem from their very weak self-expression. They will see you as a personal attacker, and they will defend themselves in any way possible. This sign can often become vindictive and is known to fight dirty. I have known some Leos to use their “Mr(s). Popularity” to turn people against the person who harmed the Leo. Being a fixed sign, it may take them a bit, but they will get over it.

Virgo: PETTYYYY BITCH. Virgo is the zodiac’s very own perfectionist. Nobody can do it better than them. A Virgo will not stoop down and fight dirty; no, they will do much worse. They will maintain their perfect status and bitch you out in every possible way. Every argument against them is flawed, and they will poke holes in those flaws. Virgo will develop the best argument against you, and when all is said and done, you will admit that you are wrong because you stand in the presence of sheer perfection.

Libra: Oh my dear Jesus have mercy God, you done fucked up, haven’t you? We all know that Libra is the sign of love, beauty, balance, harmony, sugar, rainbows, etc. However, if you have made a Libra mad, you have truly fucked up, and you deserve it. Libra serves justice, being the scales of law. The Libra will begin with the cold shoulder, then, when you least expect it, the exalting Saturn nature of Libra will serve justice. Every bad thing you have done, Libra will remind you about. Being an air sign, Libra’s anger is very powerful and forceful, but not explosive like fire. Libra will take and take and take, and when they finally lose balance, all hell will break loose. Libra is not one to hold a grudge, but if you have pissed them off enough, you may as well kiss every good thing goodbye. 

Scorpio: This is the scariest sign to see truly angry. Pluto and Mars rule this sign, so we have the abyss of the unknown but the pulsing energy of mars as well. Scorpio will, like Cancer, victimize themselves. Secondly, like Gemini, they will pull out all their receipts on you so they can blackmail you. Their anger is so intense that you can feel it radiating from them. If you happen to earn their trust and forgiveness again, you know that their heart belongs to you.

Sagittarius: Okay, this sign can go a lot of different ways, one way is that they will laugh their ass off at your stupidity. You have pissed them off, so prepare to pay the consequences. Their fiery nature will want to fight you. If you get into an argument with them, you will likely lose, so don’t bother trying unless you’re a Virgo. Once they get over it, they will never bring it up again, and honestly, your fights and arguments may bring you two closer together. Now, when they totally ghost you, you may never see them again.

Capricorn: Oh dear, this is not going to be pretty, so prepare yourself for the absolute heartlessness of an infuriated Capricorn. This is kinda the feeling you get when you were a little kid and your parents were upset with you. First of all, the Capricorn will remind you about how disappointed they are in you. Secondly, they will begin this condescending rant about your childishness. Lastly, like Leo, they will try to turn the masses against you. They will not admit they are wrong, and like Libra, they are a pretty chill sign, so if you have angered them, you have truly fucked up.

Aquarius: This sign will start off by hurting your pride in every way possible. Aquarius is about social balance, so they need to bring down their mighty enemy. It is possible that this sign will go out of their way to find things to be mad at people about, so you shouldn’t get super defensive when they come at you with something. However, this is not to say it won’t hurt like hell when they attack you. They will remind you how dumb you are for attacking them, and how “you will be sorry.’ Just get over it yourself, and they will.

Pisces: Okay, first of all, you bitch. Pisces are some of the sweetest people I have met, and if you pissed them off, you probably deserve what is coming to you. They will cry and victimize themselves, probably rightly so. Now, for the scary part, they will leave you feeling completely alone. Every form of anger of every sign falls deep into the soul of Pisces. Good luck earning their favor back!


When are the antis going to stop?

Bex >reblogs/likes proshaladin stuff

Gets harassed and tagged as a “predator”

Josh >says he’s on board with sheith

Gets spammed graphic images of pedophilia

Jeremy >says he sees klance as more of a brotherly relationship

Gets unsolicited comments regarding their disgust and disappointment towards him under his instg posts (and I know this is just the beginning, the antis are probably getting ready to do something much worse to him and I am praying so hard that they will have even the slightest decency not to)

So. What’s next? You pieces of shit going to get a bomb and blow up the world just because your ship doesn’t become canon?

Honestly, the Voltron creators and VAs deserve better than this. They work so hard for us every season every episode just to make us happy.

They are more than free to speak out their opinions and feelings on a ship. It’s NOT in ANY shape or form YOUR POSITION to force your views onto them. You do not have any right to threaten them to see things your way, or harass them with your ridiculous disgusting comments. Chill the fuck down you immature brats. It’s unsightly.

Title: The Haunting of Thomas Sanders (pt. 8)
Warning: MAJOR DEATH TALK, car wreck mentions, blood, alcohol mentions, uhhh Virgil snaps
A/N: “oh, when i saw the idea this is based around, i thought it was going to be all angst!” “this is such a funny story!” “i know the angst is right around the corner, but i love this!” ha…hahah………i brought the angst

Master Post | AO3

Twenty minutes late.  Thomas was twenty minutes late.  He said he was only going to be gone an hour at the most, and that he only had a few groceries to grab.

Why was he twenty minutes late?

“Kiddo, what’cha doing?” Patton asked when he spotted Virgil staring out the front window.

Virgil leaned his head back, slight fear on his face.  “Thomas is late.”

Patton gave a soft smile and sat on the floor beside the teen, looking out the window.  “Maybe he ran into a friend?  You now he gets when he starts talking,” Patton said, trying to be reassuring. Virgil nodded, but something in the back of his mind kept nagging him.  How well did Thomas drive?  …How well do other people around him drive?  Oh no.

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Kookies And Cream (Part 1)

Word Count: 11.6k (oh man holy shit)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff. The whole package. 

Author’s Note: You know the definition of a switch? Just look at the two characters in this story lol switch heaven

2k Requests, Masterlist

When Jungkook first came to room with you, you were less than ecstatic about it. You had only ever roomed with one other person before at the start of your freshman year of college, but you quickly got fed up with it. Not that your roommate was bad or anything. In fact, if you were being fair, you’d admit that she was a sweetheart. But you are an only child, and you were never used to sharing anything with anyone, and despite what everyone said about the joys of having siblings, you simply weren’t interested. You have none and that’s the way you liked it.

Tell that to your parents though. They were convinced that you needed the company after years of keeping mostly to yourself unless you had to, with the exception of a couple of close friends. They thought that if you keep at it, you’re going to turn insane from being in your head too much. Where they got that shit piece of pseudo-psychology you don’t know but it had enough hold on their minds to make them force you to get a room in the college dorms -yuck- and live with a stranger for an entire month.

Or it would’ve been a month anyway if you hadn’t made that poor girl’s life a living hell so much so that by the end of the third week, she was running away from your shared dorm room like the devil himself was behind her.

The series of students who came and went through your dorm didn’t last long enough to qualify as roommates. Your record was six hours, that’s how long it took to send one dude,-Hoseok, you’ll never forget the name- running for his life. It’s a shame too, he was cute, and you had to forever ruin your chances with him. But, oh well, there are much more important things in life, like having a bathroom all to yourself.

Soon enough, your college caught on to your reign of terror and they, not so kindly, asked you to vacate the premises and restore the harmony to the student body. Your parents were forced to rent an apartment for you, seeing as you weren’t allowed in the dorms anymore and they lived too far away for you to stay with them. Yeah, they could’ve withheld their money from you and taught you an important lesson about the consequences of being such a spoiled child but they loved you too much to do that. They’ve never been able to deal any real punishment to their baby girl, and that’s probably how you turned out to be so headstrong.

Little did you know, however, that your comeuppance was coming for you. It took three years, three long years where you enjoyed your solitude to the max, but as your fourth and final year came around, instead of the peaceful climax you were counting on it to be, it turned into a shitshow of the highest degree with the arrival of a certain bunny-toothed brat.

Jungkook is the son of your family’s next door neighbours. But other than the daily ‘Good mornings’ and the occasional dinner invitation, your families weren’t really close, and the only contact you had with their shy son was that one year you tutored him in math. To be sure, you were shit at math but that didn’t stop you from attempting to make some money off the kid.

You see, Jungkook had a painfully obvious puppy crush on you, and even though you didn’t teach him shit, and what you did teach him was mindbogglingly wrong, he still never spoke a word of it to his parents, studying on his own and getting good marks just so he’d keep seeing you.

To say that you were a bitch to him would be an understatement. You’d frequently invite your boyfriends over, taking advantage of the fact that his parents were never around because of their jobs, and using his place to hook up with them, knowing Jungkook would never tell on you. You did not care or even notice much that you were breaking the boy’s heart.

Eventually, though, he got sick of your shit and asked you to stop coming over. But he still didn’t tell either of your parents, ever the sweet kid. You didn’t hear or see much of him after that, and you suspect that was intentionally his doing, until now.

As if the universe was punishing you for all your sins against the boy, it made him appear again in your life, but this time you were the one who was going to suffer.

On the last day of your summer break, your mum dropped the bomb on you, informing you that your old pupil was to shack up with you this year, and no amount of whining or begging or scheming was going to get you out of it. She gave you an ultimatum: either you let him room with you and look after him, or she stops giving you money and leaves your spoiled ass out in the cold to fend for yourself. Any funny business from you and you’re done.

You were in denial at first, convincing yourself that it couldn’t possibly be that bad. From what you remembered of Jungkook, he was a shy kid who did anything humanly possible to please you. You were sure that his crush must be long gone by now but he would still be the timid boy you remembered. Right?

Wrong. Jungkook was the devil incarnate.

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Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, teasing you with his scruff and lips when he knows you fantasize about him and in return you show him how dirty you can and have been for him.

Related to these: Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, getting jealous when he sees a guy leave your house in the morning when your parents are gone on a trip.

Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, implying there are more things he can to you than the boy you had over a few days ago. And going into detail.

Imagine changing in your room while your neighbor, Dean Winchester, is watching from his own window.

Imagine going for a swim in a bikini to tease your neighbor, Dean Winchester, who has been doing the same all day.

Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, suggesting all the things he can do to you in return to you implying the things you want him to do when your parents are gone. 

You knew you should appreciate the small break he had given you, but you were too busy missing him. You were a masochist, that was the only way you could describe it. Because when he was here you couldn’t stand to be close to him for fear of just being unable to hold yourself back and kissing the life out of him or… doing much worse after all the sexual tension he kept building between the two of you. And when he was gone for three weeks to help his brother with moving in – or at least that’s what your mother had told you – you were an idiot spending time thinking about him and how you missed seeing him next door and, hell, even that sexual frustration that he brought up with teasing you. You were almost counting down the days until he was back.

What an idiot you were. An idiot and a masochist, those two words could describe you perfectly so.

“Coming!” you shouted at whoever was on the other side of the door. You had been perfectly happy snuggling with your blankets, wearing his flannel, and thinking about how much you missed him until the doorbell rung and you had be rudely interrupted.

“Hello?” you breathed out, almost even before opening the door and realizing who it was, but when you did all air got knocked out of your lungs.

“Hey” a boyish grin formed on his lips that made him look so much younger every time but now it just… wouldn’t do it because of-

“H-Hey” you stuttered, blinking “Oh uh Mr- Mr Winchester, I thought you were-” you tried to swallow the lump in your throat “With your brother, gone for uhm until the end of the week?”

“Oh uh yeah” he chuckled, licking his lips “We finished early, I mean I put a little more effort to get back soon and now here I am. Couldn’t stay very long away from you.” he winked and your heart did a flip “Missed me?” he smirked and you couldn’t even stop yourself to think.

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Toshiyo must have been freakin wild when he was young if his son was someone capable of drunk strip dancing against a pole in a formal event lol, Victor told the story to Hiroko once and she just laughed like "oh, just wait till you're married, THAT's when the real fun starts" and honestly Victor's so gone and giddy at the thought that Yuuri could do so much worse. Victor and Hiroko are convinced it's a Katsuki family strategy to attract husbands/wives LMAO hahahaha


Under the mistletoe (~900 words)

Cas isn’t too versed in human customs, but it isn’t for a lack of trying. So they indulge him when it’s Christmas, buying every single thing he sees in the store (yes, even the horrible Santa Claus who’s dancing, or more like wiggling his butt when you press a button) and drive back with a bunch of stuff even Dean and Sam have never heard of because Christmas for them was never this big.

The thing is, the fact that Cas really doesn’t know much about these customs becomes a problem. Or well, it becomes a problem for Dean, not necessarily for anyone else, but that was to be expected because Dean always has his special problems with Cas.

By request of Cas, of course they also have to put up a mistletoe because he insists that it’s a Christmas tradition, and it sends Dean’s heart into overdrive. But that’s not the worst thing by far. While Dean is already figuring out twenty different scenarios how he’s going to avoid the kitchen doorway for the next few weeks, Cas and Sam put the thing up, and then… then –

Then Cas kisses Sam.

Because that’s what you do when you’re under a mistletoe together, right, and of course you can’t expect Cas to know. He loves them all, and it’s not – it’s not even a real kiss, nothing breathtaking, nothing proper, he just – puts his lips on Sam for a millisecond and then steps back.

To be fair, Sam’s only reaction is to look at Cas and then laugh, like it’s just a funny misstep which it is, except for Dean of course. So while it’s already over for them, Dean’s mouth is still snapping open and shut again, muttering “hey, hey, hey” for the next few minutes.

Cas looks at him confused, and Dean scrambles to come up with an explanation why you just don’t do this. It doesn’t help that Sam just shrugs, saying “come on, that’s what’s a mistletoe is for” and even worse “do you really want to take it down?” which, no, Jesus.

The thing is Sam kind of does hit a nerve because well, putting down the mistletoe would suck because he wants to kiss Cas, and it’s kind of difficult to explain to Cas what he did wrong when all he can think of is getting a sneaky kiss for himself.

(Which is embarrassing in itself, that this half second of touching Cas’ lips is something he’s jealous of.)

So if he explained, really explained why you just don’t do this – because you have to be in love with someone, not just love them – then every hope of that would be shattered, right, so he just throws his arms up in defeat, muttering something about not being in the Christmas spirit and do the rest of this shit yourself, and vanishes into the hallway to bury himself in his blankets.

After that he both becomes a master in avoiding Cas and stalking him, trying to work up the courage to get his kiss while simultaneously talking himself out of it. Sam continues to laugh, both at him and Cas who’s still completely engrossed in every Christmas tradition from all over the world, and he probably really does look stupid enough to be laughed at but he doesn’t know what to do.

The mistletoe hangs over the kitchen door, looming and menacing, causing him to order food more often than not, and it’s that way until Christmas’ Eve when he’s finally alone with Cas because Sam has to make one last round of shopping for Christmas presents.

In this moment Dean decides that if he’s ever going to be stupid it has to be today, because it’s now or never, and if Cas rejects him then at least Sam won’t know (somewhere inside him, a tiny voice screams noooo, and also: you’re always stupid what the fuck are you talking about which – true).

“We could make something to eat for him while he’s away,” he suggests to Cas and Cas agrees. And why shouldn’t he, because it’s reasonable, really, except all Dean wants is to pull Cas under the mistletoe, of course charming and smooth as fuck like the womanizer he likes to pretend to be.

Suffice to say, it’s not charming as he all but pulls Cas’ arm and leads him into the kitchen because the thing is, Cas actually thinks they are making food and he steps over the doorway, determined to get to the fridge so he has to pull him back, right back under the mistletoe and now they’re standing here and it’s stupid and what the fuck was he thinking and the voice inside his head grows louder and louder as it chants fuck fuck fuck rhythmically and –

Then Cas kisses Dean. And this time it’s not a shy, timid copy of a tradition he read about ages ago, but a proper kiss. One that’s breathtaking and deep and making his heart stand still and flutter at the same time.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he says when they finally pull apart, both their cheeks flushed.

“Is this what you wanted to do?” Cas asks, suddenly looking fidgety. And of course it was, except he was supposed to be the one who’s smooth and cool and just kissing him, but hey, he got all of that and even more, so he’s not trying to complain and just nods.

“Good,” Cas says and kisses him again.

its not that big of a deal

probably an unpopular opinion but jack smoking weed isn’t that big of a deal. people his age (my age as well) do shit like this all the time and maybe because he is famous or he should be setting a better example he is under fire but kids and teenagers shouldn’t be seen as role models or should be examples for other people. he is young and stupid and is inevitably going to do stupid shit. he is growing up and figuring out who he is, that doesn’t necessarily mean smoking weed but it means that every decision he makes isn’t going to 100% great. he is growing and still like most people his age doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing half the time. also hate to be the stereotypical stoner but its just weed!! not meth or alcohol or he released a sex tape. he could be doing a lot worse shit and people his age shouldn’t be seen as examples/role models

thanks for listening to my ted talk

The Tale | Stranger Things

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

Summary: A month after Eleven closes the gate, you’re still suffering with flashbacks and nightmares. Steve helps you through that.

A/N: There may be a couple of spoilers throughout this. Also, it is not my best work since it is my first ever Stranger Things imagine. I’m pretty sure this is just me talking about how much Steve deserves everything and more. Slight PTSD.


Originally posted by dailystrangerthings

Hawkins was quiet, so quiet that it almost made what happened a little under a month ago feel like a nightmare, like it didn’t happen. The only reminder of what happened was the constant flashbacks that made you jump in fear at a sudden loud noise and made your blood run cold. The image of the faceless creatures would invade your thoughts whenever they pleased, especially at night. They never stopped, they were always there to welcome you into the darkness. The demogorgons waited, waited until you were in a peaceful sleep until they towered over you, the loud screech making your eyes snap open but you never escaped them, no matter how fast you ran. They always got you, and they always killed you.

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the worst fashion fuckup I’ve ever pulled, and I do mean worse than my entire scene phase put together

was the time i was going to a funeral and I have one of those hats with a black net in front of it that covers your face and my fashion sense is so outlandish (i blame my mother; she even bought me the hat) that in my head i was like “yes this is a perfectly acceptable funeral hat to wear in the 21st century”

and i got there and no one was wearing anything like that OBVIOUSLY and everyone kept bringing up my hat and it seemed like I tried to make a fucking fashion statement at my friend’s uncle’s funeral and it was BAD!!!!!!!!

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asexuals aren't members of the lgbt community

nah i include the ace/aro community in the LGBT+ community, and i’m not going to stop using the A or pretend it stands for “ally” that’s ignorant as fuck, the ace/aro community also shares the same wants and needs as the LGBT+ community, and they are heavily discriminated against. they’re told that they’re broken, that they’re less than human, they’re forced through conversion therapy, and told they’re mentally ill all for how they experience love/sexual attraction. and that discrimination clearly falls in line with the LGBT+ community. being LGBT+ isn’t all about being gay or trans and it isn’t all about issues that are only important to those communities, it’s really about how one experiences sexuality and gender in many of the complex ways that can not completely align with being cisgender and/or heterosexual and how we choose to go about this emotionally and physically.

and you could argue “okay but what about ace/aro people who have heterosexual relationships” YEAH they’re included, because like i said being ace/aro is about how you experience sexual attraction and love. and if you’re thinking that being heterosexual and being ace/aro are the same exact things then you’re already setting yourself up to not get it, you’re already thinking that them partaking in hetero stuff means that they aren’t still very much ace/aro which is no better than telling a bisexual woman that she must be straight if she dates a man. and you’re ignoring the fact that ace/aro is more than asexuals and aromantics and has people who are biromantic, heteroromantic, panromantic, homoromantic, grayromantic, graysexual, demisexual, demiromantic, etc. you can’t just throw these people into the group of “hetero” as if hetero is what someone automatically is the moment they aren’t gay

LGBT+ has always been a big umbrella and it is a group for people who’s rights and lives are viewed as lesser because of their sexualities/ genders (or lack therof), and their bodies and what they choose to do or not do with their bodies, and it’s a community for those who experience sexuality, love, and gender in ways that don’t fall into the definitions of being cishet. and there is more than enough room for the people who deserve to be here and share mutual issues and experiences.

ace and aro people (and all of the people who fall under that umbrella) are apart of the LGBT+ community regardless of their gender and/or sexual identity (bc yes ace/aro people can be in sexual and/or romantic relationships contrary to popular belief), and frankly they’ve always been in this community it’s just that people like you have refused to acknowledge them. just as trans people weren’t always considered part of the community because transphobic gay people refused to accept them. stop trying to push them out, you’re just showing your ignorance and you’re on the ugly side of history. and worse, you’re doing this to members of your own community, people you should be protecting.