noooooo my brother is going to get overwatch for christmas please god just end me now, i hate everything about that game and now the enemy will be in my house

Do people even WRITE/DIRECT/ACT characters like they’re more than  plot devices anymore ???

context : zombie apocalypse, Hero and his family are rescued on an aircraft carrier.

Military High Ranking Dude: we need your help

Hero: nope, can’t do, can’t leave my family, find someone else

MHRD: *blandly blackmails Hero into compliance by telling him that the boat doesn’t take non-essential personnel*


Now, putting aside the absurdity of the hero’s refusal, which could merely be a choice in characterization, can I just? Go insane? about how much not-a-person MHRD is? Is MHRD’s own family on the boat? Hasn’t MHRD lost anyone in the outbreak? Haven’t MHRD’s men and women lost people either? Why would you, as a writer, a director, an actor (I don’t know who to blame) avoid a GOOD opportunity for emotion? To actually give us substance about this world? about the loss, the struggle, the grief?

I mean :

Military High Ranking Dude: we need your help

Hero: nope, can’t do, can’t leave my family, find someone else

MHRD: *with a snarl* Listen here you-… *takes a breath, calms down forcefully* *maybe gestures towards the marines about the platform* How many families do you think we shelter here? blablabla


MHRD: *coolly leans in* You’re not the only person worrying about their family. blablabla


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is it just me or do desi parents like... not care about their childrens' mental health. like im so damn DONE with everything and i am anxious all the time and them stressing me out about my education and what i should/shouldnt do is making it worse

you my friend are not alone


Fitz’s ultimate goal is a good one, he wants to bring his daughter back to life and, in doing that, save Zelda. but throughout the entire guild arc he’s just becoming increasingly desperate to accomplish that and started doing worse and worse things to reach his goal. at this point he’s ready to do anything to save his family, even if that means leveling an entire city with a 26,000 ton metal whale and killing thousands 

And we’ve seen a similar version of that mindset before with Steinbeck, who is willing to turn a child into a pain tree do very morally questionable things in order to make a living and ensure that his family doesnt starve. he says he doesnt care what he has to do to protect his sister but when he’s talking to Q in the manga, its implied he still has reservations about it and hates what he has to do. he’s not at Fitz’s level of desperation to save his family but it’ll be interesting to see if he ever gets that far.

im rambling but it’s just really cool to see how similar they are and i hope we get to see more of that in the future ( • ̀ω•́  )✧



Christmas Commission for…

teach me how to background senpai

Keep drawing and hope it looks okay xD

Backgrounds probably rival anatomy on my list of hardest things to do. Actually, maybe even worse than anatomy. Understanding perspective is a must, which is something I completely fail at comprehending.There’s a lot of reference usages. A lot of weeping to myself about why I’m putting myself through this hellish nightmare.

Sakura actually gave me a reference picture for the background with the fireplace and even then I wanted to just throw myself out of the window.

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Can I ask for Belarus, Hungary, Finland and Denmark with a s/o with a sensory disorder(where the brain has trouble processing information that comes threw the sense) when the s/o is in a situation that causes it to act up(the s/o crying or shaking etc.)? Please and thank you.

((I’m not sure I understand this very well, but I tried?))

Belarus/Natalia Arlovskaya- At first she was awful at helping, and still struggles. Only becasue comforting isn’t her…strongest point. But after exhaustive and slightly obsessive internet research she tries conventional methods of coping with you. So…she tries. Which is what matters. 

Denmark/Simon Densen- Not…the best. But! The good thing is that he’ll do exactly what you tell him to avoid making it worse. Do you need a hug? He’ll do that. Need him to stay away or get you something? He’ll do it. Anything he can do to help you. You may need to be patient with him though and realize that he’s doing his best. 

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen- Another one who at first struggles but then does a lot of research on ways to help. After that, and some adjustment time, he becomes an expert at helping. He even grows to watch for your triggers and be another set of eyes to avoid them. 

Hungary/Elizabeta Héderváry- Similar to Tino, except it takes much less time for her to be an object of comfort and understanding. Really it’s amazing how well she handles you coping and be supportive. Also actively avoids and watches out for triggers, even some you may not notice. Will also yell at others who say anything at all about it.  

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names

  • the neurotypicals: sweetie...bottling up your feelings is so have to be in touch with your emotions instead of burying have to communicate how you're feeling or else you'll never get over it...Don't Let Life Shut You Up :)
  • me: *has a meltdown in public*
  • the neurotypicals: ... no...not like that