Petunia may have initially hated Lily and her world but I think if it weren’t for Vernon they could’ve become a lot closer before Lily’s death. It seems as though most of the Dursley’s bullying behaviour came from Vernon and it was him who probably encouraged Dudley to mistreat him. I think that Petunia is quietly fond of him but doesn’t speak out against her husband. Certainly, she would have known that students can’t do magic outside of Hogwarts so it seems like she deliberately hid that from her husband and son and quietly supported her nephew where possible.

Sometimes I feel like a bad fan, because even though I love Harry Potter with all my heart, when I see those shirts that are so popular on Facebook ads (for example: You’re lucky I’m not allowed to do magic outside of Hogwarts), I think they’re SO cringey and embarrassing. They’re just not good quotes/shirts and I literally cringe when I think about wearing one of those. Do other HP fans really like these??