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What Makes You Beautiful may have been overplayed and we might’ve grown tired of it, but you can’t tell me that when you’re out in public and it comes on the radio that you don’t bop along to it with the biggest smile on your face!

reflecting on 1st year of uni

what i nailed

- i made friends who i enjoy the company of and really care about me
- i passed first year
- attended at least 80% of lectures and all tutorials
- at least attempted all homeworks
- found an awesome house to live in next year
- joined societies, including being on debating society’s committee
- survived a break up
- didn’t fall out with my flatmates even though they really annoyed me
- cooked for myself pretty much every night
- loved myself again

what i can improve on

- be more patient with people you love, it’s not a big deal that the kitchen is not immaculate or if they nick your vodka sometimes
- keep my desk and room tidy 
- exercise more
- mastering course content early on so i avoid cramming at exam season
- bringing back structure in my routine

- i invite you all to do the same thing
- srsly think about all the good things you have done this year
- it can be as “small” as getting up and getting dressed in the morning :) 

mrslittletall  asked:

I want to thank you. Lately it bothers me, that most interpretations of Papyrus are one extreme or the another, but you let him be himself. Thank you for that.

And I would like to thank you for sending me that. I’m trying my best, and Papyrus being himself is the best Papyrus ever.

Thank you <3

pomrania  asked:

I just had a thought. Vader wants to dote on Leia, but she wouldn't be receptive. So instead, he takes Han aside, and doesn't JUST give the shovel talk, but ALSO tells Han all the things he should do to make Leia happy and spoil her. Sets aside an account specifically to use for Han paying for dates with Leia.

Oh gosh, definitely yes. Though Han would be resistant to taking anything of Vader’s at first. I can spoil her myself, thank you very much, and she’d probably bite my head off if she ever found out where the money is coming from.

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I hate it when I see a great looking prompt but then it's chrason or some au and I'm like "WHY CAN'T IT JUST BE NORMAL STEPHEW"

Then my guy! Take the prompt and write a Stephew version of it! Be the change you wish to see in the world! There’s always room for more Stephew, plus you’ll be able to put your own spin on it and make it tailored to your wants for fanfiction!

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why havent you been active or like updated any of your stoires it sucks

Well, anon, I can’t really answer this precisely. [after ranting writing this completely, it ended up way longer than anticipated. so I’m putting a cut.]

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i’m almost entirely done processing Feelings About C, i think—although of course i’ve probably said that before and will perhaps say it again; these things come in waves, it isn’t a linear process, &c—but i keep getting stuck on, like, how do you reconcile (1) having someone assert [in that last conversation, even, so it’s not as if the data was out of date] that your relationship has been good and valuable to them, with (2) their seeming total disinterest in maintaining said relationship? i mean, more and more i think, well, probably i just don’t get a reconciliation; we humans contain multitudes and not everything we do is logically explicable or even in accordance with our own nominal values, and we lie to each other and even to ourselves, sometimes without even realizing it, because we need to preserve our own egos or are trying to preserve those of others, and ultimately i have to accept that we can’t wholly possess other people, even in understanding; sometimes to exist in this world is to have mysterious wounds visited on us without warning or justification, and the only thing to be done is to learn to bear that wounding with grace…

but still and all, a tiny wailing abandoned part of me can’t help wishing i understood!

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1. Video Girl by fka twigs

2. Blue by Troye Sivan

3. Where’s my love (Acoustic)By SYML

4. Hold yuh by Gyptian

5. Burn the Witch by Radiohead

6. Crucify Me by bring me the horizon

7. Power play by Holychild

8. Not in love by Crystal Castles

9. Sky is Falling by Anti-Flag

10. White by The Left Rights

I’ll tag @prinxeofplants @truelypetty @sephiroths-sword @pup-boy @heartcramp I tried real hard to think of ten people but it’s almost one am and I’m tired smd have no friends so

i was lost in dream daddy all day and i’m trying my hardest to not make a blog for any of those dads,,