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魔界イチのイケメンは誰だ ~能あるヴァンパイアはキバを隠す~
魔界イチのイケメンは誰だ ~能あるヴァンパイアはキバを隠す~

Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival ~ Animate Tokuten Drama CD

魔界イチのイケメンは誰だ? ~能あるヴァンパイアはキバを隠す~

Who’s the hottest guy in the Demon world? ~A wise vampire always hides his fangs~*

Heyo, cuties! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Today I’m bringing you more translations! My friend kinokotottekoi (thanks again for the help <3) already said I was going to translate this CD, so here it is! I’m like the laziest being on Earth so I’m actually surprised it didn’t take me that long to do it in the end (but like I started translating at 1AM?? Sleeping is overrated). Anyways, do enjoy!

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I have almost… 5 pages of sketches for a comic that is so corny… so so so corny!! I’m amazed of myself hahaha. And I’m also afraid of being on the edge of what is, and what is not *in character*

I really don’t want to go too far so as to lose the characters nature but, otherwise I can’t dig deep into their feelings for each other… aagh! This sentimental being needs it anyways!, what a constant struggle….