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Pairing: Y/N + Michael || Y/N + Calum

Word Count: 1,413

Summary: You’re overly attached to Calum, Calum treats you like a second choice, Michael’s in love with you, but you don’t know it. What else could go wrong?

A/N: lmao hey i’m back and this probably sucks ass but pls read it

You’re caught into one of Calum’s trap again.

The thought of that was stuck at the back of your already messed up mind, but at least the smell of bitter alcohol and sweat was slowly making that thought fade into nothingness.

It’s funny, really; how he never really does put any ’bait’, it’s just the pure thought of Calum that made you so damn attached to him.

You brought the typical red solo cup to your lips, scrunching your nose at the strong bitter smell of the whatever the fuck that was supposed to be, before taking a small sip of the almost neon blue liquid inside the cup.

You cringed, an overwhelming taste of bitterness overcoming your taste buds as you brought the cup as far away from you as possible, the contents inside of the cup sloshing, spilling slightly onto your hand.

“Not your cup of tea?”

You smile at the voice, turning around to face the owner of the voice. The bitterness in your mouth seemingly almost disappears immediately at the sight of Michael, who was grinning as he pulled you into a hug.

“It tasted like sorrow,” you replied, burying your face in his chest, inhaling his scent. It really seemed to be a scent that you liked.

“Is that just a reflection of your feelings right now?” He asks, as you reluctantly pull away from his warm and comforting hug.

You snort, not bothering to answer his question.

“Well then, are you looking for him?” He questioned again, and you glance up at him, raising an eyebrow.

“You sure are asking a lot of questions. But yeah, I’m kinda looking for him,” you mumbled, and Michael frowns.

You look away, avoiding his gaze as you picked at the rim of the solo cup.

“You do know it’s getting kinda toxic, right?” He stated, but you stayed silent, not wanting to answer the obvious.

“You should— Y/N! There you are! Been looking for you all night. Oh, hey Mike,” before Michael could finish his words, Calum had already interrupted.

“Babe, you wanna stay here or do you wanna go back to your dorm? Riverdale?” Calum asks, giving you those puppy-dog eyes before you even think about declining.

Maybe this time he’ll stay with you.

You grin, nodding, as Calum’s arm moves to grip at your waist, and suddenly you’re feeling as if you’re on cloud nine.

Michael gives you a ’wtf’ look, as you shrug slightly, mouthing a “what?” at him as Calum gestures for you to move.

He raises his eyebrow at you, crossing his arms as he watched you moved closer to Calum.

You shrug off the look on Michael’s face, before proceeding to walk away, with Calum following behind you.

You’ve done it again.

No, no, no, of course Calum didn’t stay. Whether be it a ‘movie night’, or a “I just really want your company”, he never does stay.

He never did.

He was always gone by the time you woke up, leaving the other side of the bed cold.

And leaving you heartbroken, dazed, and confused.

You were really like a meaningless fuck. Him just coming over, masking a facade of where it looked like he really, maybe, wanted you back.

You’re a second choice.

It’s been that way ever since the beginning. He only ever went to you just so he could fuck, probably when one of his other side-chicks were boring him.

It was a toxic, deadly, never-ending cycle, where you continue letting Calum knock you down over and over again, but you still wait for him just because it’s him.

You scoff at yourself, getting ready for your afternoon class.

And preparing for a night of no sleep.

You sighed deeply, turning sides for what could’ve possibly been the fiftieth time of the night.

You’re battling with yourself; one of which is the mind, and the other, the heart.

And it’s mostly a debate between ‘call Michael, and just get him to comfort you or something’, and ‘no Y/N, don’t be a bitch and treat him nicely. Not as a second choice.’

That’d been the topic for your mind and heart to argue about the whole day, and you could barely focus on your professors’ voice that strangely sounded extra boring today.

You took useless, redundant notes, and if that didn’t already make you tired, your jumbled mind made you even more drained.

You were so, so, damn exhausted, and you really just wanted a good deep sleep, a great massage to ease those tense shoulders, and a trip to the fucking heavens, away from all this bullshit that was happening.

But then again, you couldn’t even get the first thing done; sleep.

You pulled at your hair in frustration, huffing as you muttered profanities, reaching for your phone on the bedside table.

You quickly call Michael before backing out, not even sure if he’d answer, seeing that it was 1 AM in the fucking morning.


His voice was raspy, and laced with tiredness, and you suddenly felt apologetic, hearing the fact that he’d probably been in quite a deep sleep (which you really needed), before you woke him up with a call.

You sigh.

“I can’t sleep,” you softly spoke, and the other side of the conversation was silent, and the only thing you could hear was the soft sound of his breath, and for some reason, it calmed you down.

“I’ll be there in 5.”

That was the only thing he said before he hung up, and you were slightly confused by his quick understanding of what you wanted.

The knock on the door broke into your debating thoughts, and you briskly walked towards the door, pulling it open.

Michael took a glance at your exhausted appearance; the dark eye circles, and the almost blank look in your eyes.

“Let me guess. Him?” He asked, before stepping into your dorm.

He moves towards your room, steeping inside, immediately sitting down on your messy bed.

You don’t answer him, but he continues talking.

“He’s not worthy of you, Y/N, you need to get that in your head,” he grumbled, and anger starts to boil in you.

“You don’t fucking get it,” you replied, not exactly wanting to argue with him.

He glares at you.

“Y/N, you’re just a fucking goddamn second choice, and that’s what I understand! Face it, Y/N!” He yelled at you, and you frowned.

You couldn’t help but feel a hurt from his words, and Michael could see it in your expression.

“Wait— Fuck, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean that. I’m such an asshole, I shouldn’t have said that,” he rambles, sighing.

“I just wanna sleep, and I want…” You trailed off, sleep being the only thing in your mind, and you realise how much you wanted to cuddle into Michael.

“Actually, scratch that. I need you to stay. Please?” You snapped, and Michael’s slightly shocked at your words, but still obliges.

You climb into your bed, as he lays down beside you. He puts one of his arms around you, as you cuddle into him, burying your face into his chest, inhaling his scent.

You could smell his cologne, and honestly? You actually loved it.

He pulled the covers over, and you were engulfed in warmth, and for the first in such a long time, you feel at peace. The cacophony of arguments in your mind seemed to shut up, and you were left in a peaceful silence, quickly lulling you into sleep.

He feels your breath slowly getting to more deep ones, and your tense shoulders relax.

Now it was his turn to argue in his own mind. He actually felt angry.

Angry at Calum, angry at you, angry at himself to the fact that he was mad at you just because you’re letting yourself get fucked over by Calum again and again.

He really just wished you’d snap back into reality, to realise that Calum doesn’t fucking deserve you at all. He wanted you to be happy, he wanted to see that smile that he loved, and the giggles that escaped from your lips whenever she heard dumb jokes that her friends would tell her.

And most importantly, he wanted you to know that he’s in so much love with you.

But you’ll never know.

do u guys want a part 2 or do i just leave it like this

sugar-haus  asked:

Yes hello I have a headcanon: that immortal fake ah crew michael has gained, through years of practice, the ability to grab onto people when he knows he's about to be electrocuted, taking as many as three people with him

Oh my god, I love this. It starts in like the 1880′s when electricity was still relatively new and maybe that’s how he initially figured out he’s immortal. He got way too interested in trying to find out how electricity works, to the point where he’s almost reckless, and one day everything kinda blacks out  and he wakes up a few hours later feeling totally fine, but he ends up scaring the doctor that was just about to pronounce him ‘dead.’ It happens twice more before he catches on that he’s immortal and he ends up experimenting heavily with electricity and testing his limits. This is such a good head canon, I really do love it

And the best part it could go one of two ways. He could use the ability to remove a threat to the crew or it could just be a dick move on his part because somebody fucked up and if he’s going to ‘die’ then so are the three closest crew members.

What are your thoughts? And thank you so much for sending this :)

Murderous Flirtation, Part Two: A Theo Raeken Imagine

I’m back!!! So after a number of requests, I’ve decided to do a part two to Murderous Flirtation. There may be a part three, I’m still deciding, if you guys want one though, do let me know. Thanks to the anon who originally requested this, and I’m sorry everyone else who liked it that this has taken so long. Prepare for some dark stuff. Hope you guys like it and enjoy even if it is terrible x 

Part One

“Did you seriously not learn anything from me kicking your ass earlier?”

“Oh, you know me, princess. I’m persistent. And you didn’t actually answer my question.”

You rolled your eyes, a small part of you enjoying Theo’s attention. A small part.


“Wait, what?”

“I’ll come over.”

The darker part of you found amusement at his surprise. So, naturally, you chose to have a little fun with it. It was what made you, but it was also the part that he wanted, the part you wanted to hide. But, this time, you chose to give in to your demons. 

You turned on him, stroking your finger down his chest, reveling in the increase in his heartbeat. 

“I mean, it’s what you want. Isn’t it?”

The chimera’s lips turned up into that signature smirk, and you felt yourself resisting one of two urges. Of course, you weren’t quite sure you which one. 

Kill him or kiss him.

“Of course it’s what I want.”

“Well, I’ll see you then.”

“See you then, princess.”


The time you spent at Theo’s was…eventful. 

You’d stood on as he’d killed the one called Josh, taking his power for himself. The boy had a good tactic, you couldn’t deny that, but there was still that murderous part of you that was analysing his every move. Every stroke, how he used his claws, how he used his teeth. Everything. 

It was what you used to do anyway. 

When it was just you two, you chose to speak. 



“Your technique, your tactics. Not bad.”

You watched as he walked closer to you, trying hard to ignore the looks he was giving you, as not for the first time, his eyes raked up and down your body. There was something different about it this time. The look itself was more ravenous, and you didn’t find yourself growing annoyed. 

In fact, it seemed to stir something in you. Something dark, something monstrous, something the old you would have bathed in. 

“I’m glad you enjoyed the show. You in?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Y/N, you don’t seriously think I asked you here because I could, do you? I asked you here because I want you in my pack. You’re an alpha, I’m an alpha. We could do some pretty awesome stuff together.”

“Well, there’s not much of a pack if you keep killing them,” you replied, weighing up his offer. He moved closer, backing you against the wall, his hands either side of your head. 

“Details. You in or not?”

This was it. This was the moment when you decided whether to give into your old, murderous ways or carry on with this facade you tried so hard so uphold.

Fuck it. 

“I’m in.”

You forgot everything else as Theo’s lips were pressed against yours, his hands on the small of your back, and yours buried in his hair.

He picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist, as you eagerly granted his tongue access to your own, the two dancing together.

“I hate you.”

He unbuttoned your shirt

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that princess.”

You tore his hoodie apart.

“Stop calling me that.”

He placed harsh, bruising kisses down your neck.

“You love it really.”

You scratched down his back, leaving burning red lines in your wake. 

“Shut up.”

He smirked against your neck, enjoying the control he had over you. 

Control. You wanted it back. 

Pulling him off you, you picked your shirt back up off the floor, placing it back on your shoulders. 

“What the hell?”

“Exactly, what the hell. I might have agreed to be in your pack Theo, but I won’t be yours. I won’t let this - whatever the hell this is - becoming your way of having a hold over me.”

“Who said I was gonna use it as that?”

“No-one. Just that’s what you do.”

You stared him down, and suddenly the smirk was no longer attractive. It was back to being irritating. 

“I guess you don’t need me to show you out, princess.”

You glared at him, eyes glowing red once again. 

“It’s Y/N, dick.”

anonymous asked:

I have never read or watched Gintama and all I get from what little I've seen here on tumblr is that it's a borderline-absurdist meta-comedy determined to sucker punch viewers in the honey nut feelios.

Gintama fandom happens in stages.

First you think, “wow. that’s so long. I’m not sure I can withstand an epic length shounen comedy. besides, seems like it’s just a bunch of butt jokes.”

Then maybe you try it. You make the mistake of watching episodes 1 and 2, the two-part beginning special. (do it if you want. but Don’t. episode 3 is the actual start as in the manga). Based on that, you think “this is kind of dumb. not even funny, really.”

But you keep watching it. Not bad, you admit after a while. Sort of episodic, but it works for the comedic format. It’s easy to watch a few episodes here and there, since there aren’t any big arcs. You get to know the characters and find them relatable, sometimes in hilariously specific ways. A little sprinkling of feel-good shounen power of friendship here and there.

What you don’t realize is that you’re starting to become attached. Starting to like these people, starting to enjoy their wacky adventures and yes, even their butt jokes.

Then, about 60 episodes in, shit gets real. Like, really real, for the first time. It’s the Benizakura arc. There’s fighting and blood and MAIN CHARACTERS GETTING SERIOUSLY HURT. AND IT’S TOO LATE. YOU’VE ALREADY BECOME ATTACHED. YOU’RE SCARED. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

But then that’s over and the show returns to its former silliness. You’re shaken, but relieved. Hahaha, that was so weird wasn’t it.

Wasn’t it.

Surely nothing like that will ever happen again right? Surely it couldn’t ever be worse.

Haha. Ha ha ha–*voice breaks*

riptidethepen  asked:

Just wondering if/when you're going to finish "Independent Catractor" (I think that's how you spell that)? I really like it and I can't wait to read more.

I originally intended it to be a one-shot, but it is written with the suggestion of more, and I do have a part two in mind.  If it works into my schedule, I’ll get it done today.


cinnamon roll /ˈsɪnəmən rəʊl/ 
   1. Salim from American Gods


Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5

Trust Fall

Langst/Klance short fic

Trust is a weird thing, isn’t it? It’s something people take so seriously, yet they also turned it into a game. Lance just falls, and sees what happens.



Lance made a grunt sound as he hit the ground in front of Pidge. Pidge shook her head slowly, gripping her laptop closer to her body.

“I trusted you.” Lance narrowed his eyes up to her. He laid there, arms splayed on his sides, a pout playing on his face. “I even gave you a warning.”

Pidge rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Do you think I’m just gonna drop my laptop to catch you for your dumb game? I’m sorry, Lance, but I’m really busy right now.”

Lance pout deepens, but nodded his head in understanding as Pidge lowered her face to give him a smile.

“Next time buddy, okay?”


Lance wanted to try it again, but this time it was with Hunk.

Lance walked a slow pace towards Hunk, humming innocently and tunefully, his arms at his sides until he was a close enough to Hunk for him to make the catch.

“Trust fall!” Lance shouted, turning his back and letting gravity take him down, falling, hoping a pair of arms would catch him.

Sadly, there weren’t.

“Oh, Lance!!” Hunk shouted in surprise, almost dropping, his plates, “Stop doing that! I can’t catch you with my hands full!!”

Hunk set the plates he was going to use for the food later down, holding out his hand for Lance to take, which he does.

“I trusted you.” Lance chuckled jokingly, narrowing his eyes as he did with Pidge. He grabbed the plates down and handed them back to Hunk.

“Sorry, dude,” Hunk frowned as soon as his hands was full of the plates again. He shifted his arms for a better position for the plates, and smiled. “Just kinda caught me off guard.”

“Ahh, don’t worry, it’s just fun and games,” Lance shrugged, “Don’t drop me next time, butterfingers.” He chuckled, and Hunk gave him a smile and shook his head, nudging Lance’s arm with his own.

“Next time, buddy, okay?”


Keith was next on his list.

It was after training of course. Lance had waited for Keith to be done with the bot, as it fell hard to the ground in pieces, Keith ended the session and moved out of the training area, where Lance waits for him near the entrance.

Lance was a little nervous for this one, considering that he would expect Keith to be the last person to catch him. But reality is, Lance doesn’t care if Keith catched him or not.

Because he already trusts Keith with his life.

Lance cracked a smirk, his arms ready to be stretched out, falling back on either against the cold floor of the castle, or the warmth of Keith’s arms and body.

He popped out, seeing the surprise in Keith’s purple eyes, and fell back.

“Trust fall!!!” He yelled.

Gravity took him, but instead of a pair of arms catching him, it was the whole body instead, taking both Keith and himself to the ground.


“Agh, LANCE!!” Keith groaned, “Get your dead weight off of me!!”

Lance laughed playfully, like a puppy looking for attention.

“Keeeeeith,” he pouted, sitting up and straddling his hips purposely, “I trusted you!”

Lance could’ve sworn he saw a quick pink flush on Keith’s cheeks, but he let that thought out of his mind.

Keith pursed his lips, not knowing what to do as if Lance straddling his hips was a once in a life kind of thing.

Keith gritted his teeth. “Get. Off.”

Lance would be hurt by this, but he caught the flicker of a smile on the corner of Keith’s mouth, knowing he was enjoying this as much as he was.

“I swear to God, LANCE!!” Keith whined, “You’re crushing me!!”

Lance grinned widely, and crossed his arms, a thought running across his mind.

“Promise me you’ll catch me next time, then.” Lance smirked.


Lance smiled again, taking his hands and tickling Keith’s sides, causing him to laugh uncontrollably. A laugh that could save his life, a sound that he finds the most comfort in when the days were dark.

Lance laughed wildly too. “Promise me!”

“I-haha!!-I-sTOP IT!!” Lance caught tears in Keith’s eyes from laughing too hard, clutching his sides and wiggling underneath Lance, his body warm from the contact.



Lance decided that his next target shall be Shiro.

But hey, what other ways can he spend his time around the castle without having a little fun for himself?

He peered around the corridor wher he saw Shiro talking to Allura about what move they shall proceed next with Zarkon and his army at hand on one of the screens, dragging their hands across it as they make the plans.

Lance wonders if even Shiro would drop everything just to catch him.

Lance made a small smile to himself, and walked in unnoticed, not listening to the talk exchanges between Shiro and Allura.

“Trust fall!!” Lance smiled widely, confident that maybe he would be caught.

Instead, he had his trust back on the floor.

Allura yelped in surprise and confusion, and Shiro just groaned with frustration.

“Ahh, Lance!” He raised his voice, “Not now!!”

Lance felt his heart break just a little, but it was alright. It was only fun and games, anyways.

“I trusted you.” Lance pouted, chuckling again. His arms at his sides, his head tilted up to look at Shiro and Allura, who both towered over him like his parents would when he was about to get -dun dun dun- la chancla.

Lance’s chuckle turned more into a light hearted laugh. It was enough for Shiro to lower his gaze to a more calm expression, cracking a small smile as he helped Lance back up.

Allura raised an eyebrow, still confused. “Is this ‘trust fall’ an earth thing?”

“Kind of,” Shiro chucked, “Hey, Lance, maybe you should stop doing this to everyone. We’re not always gonna be prepared, you’re always catching us off guard.”

Lance felt a small frown forming on his mouth when looked down, staring the ground where he was just laying. He felt a little guilty annoying everyone.

That “trust fall” thing was only something that he would do with his siblings, who no matter what they were doing or how annoyed they were, they would drop everything just to catch the boy in their arms.

It was all just fun and games, right?

“Sorry, Shiro,” Lance chuckled sheepishly, “I was just trying to pass the time.”

Allura grinned, “Well, you’re in luck Lance. Shiro and I have just finished our plan for when we infiltrate the Galra. Get the others, too. Are you ready?”

Lance’s eyes went up, a small smile finding its way back on his face.


He decided to do it just one last time.




That’s all that came to his mind. That’s all he wanted to do. But he didn’t. He couldn’t.

Lance was the one who drew the attention. He drew the attention away from Shiro and Pidge, so that they could get closer to what they needed.

Lance felt himself cornered, surrounded by the Galra.

He lifted his gun, ready to fire when they did.

And when they did, he just wasn’t quick enough to avoid all four guns aiming and firing him.

He remembers hearing the blast ricochet from all four.

He remembers their taunting words, how -useless- he was and how -irritating- he must be for his teammates to leave him all alone.

He remembers the aching pain from his chest to his leg, a burning sensation that his grandchildren could’ve felt.

He remembers seeing the Galra fall back, leading themselves to believe that they have killed one.

He remembers standing on his two, thinking of the first time he walked his first steps towards his older brother, now thinking of how these were him possibly taking his last few steps.

He remembers hearing echoes of voices and blasts coming from the end of the corridor of the Galra ship.

He remembers hearing Keith’s shouts stand out from the rest.

He remembers Keith’s laugh and his smile, which urges him forward.

Holding his sides, cracking his smile possibly for the last time, he takes bigger steps to get closer to Keith, who was crouching down behind a busted machine, a good hideaway from the Galra’s blasts.

As Lance got closer, he took smaller steps, croaking out his next words.

“Trust fall.”

Although, instead of falling back, he fell forward, gravity pulling him down, expecting to feel the cold ground of the Galra ship.

Instead he felt a pair of arms in front of him, and when he looked up, he saw a sight of someone, an expression he hopes to never see on his face again. The expression of pain and concern, eyes wide in panic. Brows furrowed worriedly, and mouth tightened as if trying to hold in the sobs. He saw the tears prickling his face.

Lance didn’t want to see that. He didn’t want to see Keith like that ever again.

“I trust you,” Lance chuckled, feeling Keith adjusting him in his arms, cradling him close to his own body, despite the fact that he was being drenched in Lance’s blood.

“S-Shut up, Lance, j-just-shut-,” Keith choked, trying to get a hold of himself. “You’re gonna be alright, you’re gonna-you have to-”

Lance lifted his hand and tangled it in Keith’s hair. He just wanted to see Keith smile one more time. He saw Keith shout something into his intercom of his helmet frantically.

Lance felt Keith tighten his grip on him when he felt himself drift away, as if he believes that the tighter he held on, the longer Lance will stay.

“I’m..not going a-anywhere Keith, but you..don’t n-need me,” Lance just laughed, “I’m just the s-seventh wheel.”

Lance was so close to Keith that he could hear the breath caught in Keith’s mouth.

“No, y-you’re not, you idiot,” Keith’s tears rolled down his cheeks, “Y-You weren’t supposed to go out like this. You -aren’t- supposed to–We were just getting-,” he sniffled, laughing like him crying was so stupid, “getting started.”

Lance laughed, and hugged himself closer to Keith, taking in his scent, even if his blood spilled over him.

Finally, he heard other voices, other hands trying to help him up. But all he did was held onto Keith tighter.

All Lance wanted to do was just lay there, knowing that his silly little trust fall wasn’t all stupid. He wanted to lay there, with Keith holding him close as if he was precious cargo. The longer Keith held on, the longer Lance will hold on.

Trust is a precious cargo that Lance likes to hold on. It’s funny, you know. The way it’s been made into a kind of game he held on as a kid? The way he trusts Keith with his own life. The kind of trust that turns a certain bond into something more than one person hoping the other will catch them.

It’s funny, the way he believes that falling is just like flying, except there’s a more permanent destination. Whether it’s the cold floor of a castle or a ship, or the warmth of someone who cares about him.

It all was just fun and games, right?


FFXV Week 3

Day 7: FFXV Staff Appreciation Day // Chocobros // Free Choice

English voice cast for Final Fantasy XV | Chocobros + Luna