doing this in order they came in fyi

Serious questions

1. How many of those octopus strands does Dok2 have? 

2. Dok2′s octopus strands or Jay’s spider legs looking hair? Take you pick lol

Anyway, thought I throw in a few updates while I’m here:

- Currently writing a Loco angst/smut

- The Three Bears series is still ongoing. I’m trying to multi task by writing 2 scenarios at the same time but it’s harder than it looks D: 

- Fyi, I write requests in the order they came in. I got a few in on the same day and usually it takes me around 4-7 days to completely finish one scenario. 

- I know what I said about fake texts and how ‘easy’ they are to do but I was wrong lol (sorry);

- Can someone recommend me some apps that are used for fake texts? I’m currently using Threads but I want to try out different ones. 

The Long Run - Part 2

Title: The Long Run series

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Summary: The reader starts to work on Supernatural and life gets wonderful.

Warnings: Fluf and awkwardness…

A/N: Second part… Idk what to write here…. hope you guys like it! If you wanna be tagged, please, let me know.  AND: No hate towards Danneel or JJ, I love them, this is just a story.


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I! Have! Pokemon headcanons! (for a game I’ve never plaaayed help) Hold onto your hats it OT3 time yo (this has no order whatsoever just fyi and jaysus feck is it long I’ve been sitting on it for days)

Spark has zero guilty pleasures. If he likes something he likes it wholeheartedly, without shame.

Blanche is genderfluid and leans toward she/her. She just. doesn’t care about gender that much? When she came out to the other two they immediately were like “oh wow sorry do you want different pronouns what can we do” “…what? No just call me what you’ve been calling me its fine” occasionally prefers other pronouns, and lets Spark and Candela know when. totally chill about whatever other people read her as unless they pull “what are u” shit in which case this happens (and then she catwalks the fuck outta there). If there’s a persistent asshole and the other two are around Blanche has to restrain them from beating the asshole up.

Candela’s considered herself hella gay since she was a preteen. Meeting Spark was a “wtf he’s cute” moment, and she’s since decided she’s hella bi. 99.99% of the time only ladies turn her head tbh (Spark would rather think she’s Sparksexual and… Candela doesn’t argue that) Sometimes the other two will tease her if they catch her drooling over a girl, “you are so gay” “IM SO GAY” it’s become a running joke between them

Spark and Candela compete to see who can make Blanche blush because it’s so damn cute they can’t even deal(no, srsly, sometimes they have to leave the room so they can squee at each other over it). They keep a tally.

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