doing this for emma cos i feel like it

Do you feel like becoming a Dark One and wanting to seek revenge on Rumple has, in turn, reignited the flame that he once carried for Milah?

Oh, no. Milah is sort of this whole different thing. She’s a love that he had and he truly loved her, but he now has a whole different new love that is such a huge part of who he is – and maybe even more so because they’re so kindred. That’s not to say that he’s not incredibly annoyed with Emma, but I think deep down, as we’ve seen with Rumpelstiltskin and even with Emma, you can still love somebody. It’s just how you treat that person is the problem when you’re the Dark One.

- Colin O’donoghue


OUAT trash

[Still catching up, just started season 5, have been spoiled for a couple of future events. Haven’t gotten involved in the fandom at all because still a bit behind.]

Look I love Emma/Hook and have been shipping them since they first met, but sometimes…the way Regina looks at Emma, like she can’t believe how lucky she is to have someone like Emma care about her…the way Emma will go to any lengths to protect Regina from her own darkness (and knows she can trust Regina to do the same)…the way they start calling Henry “our son” and talk about him as though co-parenting comes naturally to them…I have a lot of Regina/Emma feelings, OK? If anyone has any fic recs…