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Can u believe my school security guard who only sees me when I walk in and out of school told me that I don’t need to go to a therapist because I don’t have any issues in my life and I always “"look happy.” He also told me that “"real depressed people” cant do normal things like shower and all they do is lay in bed. He also said that my childhood wasn’t bad so I have no reason to have depression. 

I have dealt with abuse since I can remember, have ZERO motivation to do anything (including personal hygiene!!), and mental illness runs in my family. 

Do not let adults make you feel like your mental health issues are not real. You are valid. People like him are all over the place and they are always ready to run their mouths about how “lazy” youth has become. 

ALSO you do not need a “reason” to experience mental illness. Chemicals are wack sometimes and you can’t always give a reason why. You are still valid!

Hey Guys

So I’m gonna be away for a bit, I wont bore you with the details but I have some real world issues that need my attention and I feel tumblr, and several others sites are distracting me.

But dont worry, i’m not leaving forever. Just for a bit. Like three weeks, maybe a month. It sounds like a bit, but time flies after awhile. 

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for following me so far. I meant to do a bigger thing for getting 500 followers, but the those issues I was talking about kinda got in the way of that. And its also the reason why a few of projects I’ve been meaning to work on (Lincpool and Ask L3) Have been stagnant for a bit. And honestly I shouldn’t have tackled them when I had bigger problems to deal with. Though I always had time to take requests (To those who I still owe requests too, don’t worry, I’ll get those done when I get back just PM to remind me.) and talking to you guys have gotten me through some of these tough times and I don’t feel like I can ever really truly repay you all for that.

I’ll probably miss some stuff, but I’ll probably catch up when I get back. You folks just keep on truckin’ and drawin’ and writin’ and Memein’ and whatever the hell else your doin’ on here. And I’ll be happy what did while I was gone.

Until then. 

So quick update on that thesis

Long story short, one of the cool things I want to talk about real briefly is the role of the Carnivalesque, which is important for a bunch of reasons and shows up in D&D research a lot, but atm all you need to know is it skews towards “the grotesque, including jokes about the body, food, sex and excrement.”

And the Polite thing to do in an essay is provide an example when you are trying to prove a thing.

Meaning I need to somehow need to pick a teeny tiny handful of favourite sex jokes from ALL OF CRITICAL ROLE. \o/ WHERE TO EVEN BEGIN

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Is there a reason or reasons for why you will answer a ask with a gif or some words with a gif? I'm not complaining just curious :)

Two reasons, anon.

The light reason: I love gifs. I collect gifs. I adore them. Gifs are pretty damn one of the most incredible stuff since internet revolution. 

The serious reason: As awesome as this medium is, it comes with its limitations - namely, no body language or voice tenor or facial expression with which to judge a response like you do in real life. Something can be interpreted in so many different ways. For example, I could be saying “Yes” to something while doing this 

and someone can think I’m being too curt in that, or angry, or bitchy, or a gazillion other things. And unless I’m writing an essay in reply of an ask, adding gifs with short answers allows me to add more dimension to express myself without getting too wordy, which in turn avoids misinterpretations. Does that make sense?

Bonus: Gifs are an amazing tactical tool for evasion. You don’t wanna answer something but have to? Use a gif from your abundance of gifs. 

Perfect case in point:

Also, have I mentioned how totally awesome gifs are?

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Do you think the whole division between augmented individuals and those who are pure human that was in Deus Ex will end up being a prediction of the future for when technology in real life goes in that direction?

I think it will be opposite of what happened in Deus Ex.

I think that it will start off as something looked down upon, for various reasons.  Moral, ethical, religious, etc.  People who get augmentations willingly, rather than those that need it, will be treated like outcasts.  

Simple human behavior and the idea of transhumanist shock.  People dislike things that are different than them and the older you are the harder it is to accept new fads like body modding.  Then you have transhumanist shock, a concept that humanity might look at augmented people with fear, out of a sort of existential dread that ‘normal’ people are no longer on the top of the food chain.

Eventually, like tattoos, piercing and body modding, the younger generation that is okay with it will overtake the naysayers.  During this transition, augmentation will be seen as something positive in some fields.  Military, construction, police work, etc.

Finally, you’ll have public opinion shift.  You’ll have the majority accept augmentation, those who disagree with it but accept its a personal choice, and the hardcore anti-aug stance.

When this happens, you’re going to see a change.  Suddenly, augs will be getting preference for jobs because they can do things others can’t.  Anything that requires interfacing with computers for long periods of time, anything with fine motor skill requirements, anything with good eyesight, anything that requires heavy physical labor.

Eventually, you’ll end up seeing legislation being put in place to protect non-augmented people.

No but when the Priest aka Nardole went “this is the reason above all I love him…” I was so taken aback because I’d been doing that thing where you idly listen whilst watching Missy in the background and my first thought was wow is God gonna come down and bless The Doctor is this why it’s called extremis am I gonna witness this in a science fiction show for real- ok it’s River same thing.

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I'm fucking tired of sha/adongs painting themselves as the poor innocent victims. Here's the real truth: there are people in every group that are assholes. No group is free from assholes. Just because some anti's go into the ship tag and talk shit doesn't mean every anti is Satan. In fact a lot of them condemn that shit. And conversely all Sha/adongs ship an adult and a minor and SOME send suicide bate and threats to anti's and don't stay in their tag. 1/2

2/2 here’s the other truth. Not every anti HATES Sha/adins they hate the ship and wish people didn’t ship it and find it gross/creepy. They don’t want to interact with people that do things they view as gross/creepy. Every single Sha/adin by definition ships an adult and a minor. So some people dislike EVERY SINGLE SHA/ADIN. But only SOME anti’s are assholes. And only a handful harrass people. So the only real reason Sha/adins don’t like anti’s is because they call them out for being gross

As an anti myself this is 100% true on all accounts. I don’t hate the person but the ship, yeah. And am I gonna disconnect myself from you if you ship them or think it’s alright for people to “ship and let ship” Hell yeah because I don’t wanna involve myself in that mess.

I have full faith that younger fans will grow out of this and realize how problematic ships like this are actually really bad and will change their ways hopefully for the better.

People like 20+ I’m not even holding my breath for tbh

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*deep breath* we know this was coming. Yuya

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite | LOVE BEYOND WORDS

i’m so

conflicted rn

cuz i know you wanna see me write out a whole entire fucking essay or something as to why i love him so much

but i literally don’t feel like i can put it all into words like legitimately i dont think i’ll ever be able to.

let’s just say just, personally, i relate to him so much somewhat in backstory (i was bullied as a kid too, tho for different reasons, etc.) but mostly in personality. like even before arc v, my most fav thing has been making people laugh & happy so i kinda did the same thing he would do at the beginning of arc v: hide my real feelings thru a smile and laugh along with those laughing at you. (i’ll admit that happened to me more often before going to college, so before arc v ever happened). so his story kinda really hit home for me in that respect. seeing his growth and overcoming his fears and learning to believe in himself and respecting himself more. but his character isn’t just all believe x believe & smiles either. he’s realistically flawed. he tends to think in his own little world a lot til someone snaps him out of it or bring others to his attention. he’s stubborn and reckless as heck. and he’s incredibly dense. but i think the most… inspiring thing about him imo is he displays all these qualities and flaws that are so relatable but also shows that, by his own will, he has great potential to become anything in his own way. plus he makes me really smile and always has a surprise up his sleeve that not even his friends expect. that’s a true entertainer right there, even if he or anyone else would say otherwise.

also he’s super goddamn fucking cute and pretty and i could stare at him all day.

*cries* uGH I’m telling you i could go on forever (and trust me i want to so badly but i’m controlling myself i need to stop) but either way it wouldn’t be enough like this isn’t even the half of it not even close.

The very last thing I want to do is sit here and talk down at you and for this to fall short of nothing but a big old moan. But after witnessing the dash these past few days, there are a few things that I fear do need to be addressed if the group is to carry on thriving like it can.

1) AS ALWAYS, REAL LIFE OBLIGATIONS SHOULD COME FIRST! They’re more important than the dash. However I must ask that you do contact the main if you need time away. We have a HIATUS LIST for a reason, and all you need to do is provide a predicted start and end date and we’re gravy, guys. It’s that easy, and it can help with understanding the state of the dash.

2) WE NEED TO HELP THE DASH! I understand that sometimes, after you’re done with your day, the last thing you might want to do is write or sit on the dash. I get it, believe me. But there’s only so much a handful of people can do all by themselves to try and keep the dash flowing. If you’re worried about flooding the dash, I honestly actively encourage it! Don’t be afraid to do that. 

3) ACTIVITY! Musings, quotes, and photos still do not count as activity. Just like one or two replies then disappearing does not. I understand there are only so many hours in the day, but we all need to do our bit. And for the new additions to the group, don’t forget, you need to at least start activity within twenty four hours of having your follow posted. Whether it’s a plotting or starter call, a few replies, and a starter!

This did after all, turn into a bit of a moan. But it’s in the best interest to keep this thing going and is truly said in kind!

Long story short: please be proactive with your posting! It’s not a one man job to keep the dash alive, guys! And don’t forget to contact the main if you need to step back for a few.



to clarify– the show DOES NOT do any of this. it shows the real pain anguish that people go through and it never, not once, makes it seem like any of the things the people are going through are cute or anything like that. it is some of the viewers that are doing this.

Look, chowder definitely is the type to take a picture of you whenever you’re in an embarrassing situation and it is the bane of nursey and dex’s existence they barely have time to process it before chowder’s phone is in his hand and he’s always so??? Cheerful?? When he does it??? They don’t even know why he does it because it’s not like he sends them to the group text or anything, but they know….. that if chowder ever got mad enough he has more than enough to blackmail the hell out of them

I’m tired of being sad and having no clue as to why I am this way, so I’ll write about the happy bits of me and why I smile. I dance when I’m alone, when the music gets just right and I’m sure that no one is watching, it’s okay to feel lonely, I used to not like the idea of it, but once you’re comfortable in your own skin even depression starts to feel like a breeze. I’m reading a book that says we are the beliefs and thoughts that we think and believe in. So if I say that I’m happy a thousand times, one of those will come back as true. So if I say I’ll find the love of my life some day, some day she’ll appear in front of me while I’m writing another poem. It’s good to have goals, the only goal I’ve ever had up until recently was to keep myself happy with someone else, that’s not a goal, but an illusion. You can’t live your life for someone else, it’s called your life for a reason. Happiness must happen when I say so, so I’m saying so. We bring into this world the kind of kindness that we’ve been dealt, so when I fake a smile, my mother is omnipresent. Although it’s not real, fake it until you make it, right? The book also says, spend more time doing things that make you lose track of time, so I decided to write again and more often than not, to not compare myself to others because once you start doing that, there’s no going back. I don’t write like someone else, I write like myself. I don’t think like anyone that I know, there’s just you and the beautifully twisted world, we’re all trying to find redemption inside of coral skies and trustworthy friends. I would break my own hand to contain my anger, it is contained. Happiness is what we make it, so if I say that it exists, then it will be so. Listening to your guidance, that makes me happy. You know who you are. Breathless to the words, you paint the sunrise with your pinky and promise that as long as I’m here today, tomorrow will not be filled with sorrow. I keep writing letters to the future person that I will be, I wonder if I’ll change. I probably will, we all do in one way or another. I’m the kind of person that snaps a picture of the sky while I’m driving, I’m reckless, but we’re still alive. Life’s too short and I need to be more careful, I’m certain that death has given up a few passes for me. Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time? Like there’s something trying to make a statement, a lost word that even google couldn’t even get its hands on. Do you ever feel like no one’s really listening? We’re all selfish in the end, but the ones that truly listen– they are the ones that I live for. I maintain online friendships better than I do with my siblings, I guess our thinking is just on different frequencies. On the topic of frequencies– the you that you would like to be is out there, you just need to listen. Hear the right words said by the right person and you’ll be in the right spot to be the you that you’d want to be in this life. Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Remember that thing I said about thoughts? Sometimes we just need to let go a little bit, embrace the art of it. To be left to the wind, the unknown will bring us to more adventures and you may not be loved by many, but there’s a chance that you will be– why not take it? I would like to break out of this, I want to smile more and to laugh a little louder, I just want to make myself proud of who I will be versus who I used to be. And you can’t turn back the hands of time, you cannot change your mistakes– they are permanent, but you are not. There is a fire inside of your chest and if you keep suffocating yourself with an indescribable pain then you’ll only suffer in a incomprehensible way. I just want to fill this world with more love and less pain, I see a butterfly and I’m easily distracted– how beauty will fly past you if you’re not even paying attention because you’re so damn sad all of the time. So I drop all signs of negativity and lean towards the positive, I am the only vibe that’ll alter my moods, so I must feel more wealthy than a million silver spoons even if I don’t have any, so I must create the art that likes to spill from my fingertips, we live such short lives– why not be the best version of yourself? Who will you be if tomorrow was your last day on this planet? Will you cry because it’s over? Or will you search the ends of the earth until you’ve found the fountain of youth? I’ve got a secret to share with you. You can be a 100 years old and still have the sweetest smile, you can be in your 20s and have a soul heavy enough to sink the titanic, life is strange, life is strange. We live our youth to buy pretty things, but live our oak days trying to make up more time– it waits for no one, the wrong turn will break you, a simple kiss will turn your thoughts into poetry and a life of self-hate is a road that needs constant validation– why not be your own way out? Be your own lover, be your own brand of music, be your own kind of poem, be your own story of kindness, and if you’re not perfect just look around– nobody is. I’m tired of dreaming, I want to build it instead. You can’t be who you want to be if you’re still having the same thoughts from last year– you can’t change or heal in the right way if you’re not willing to break a few pieces of your heart because the clutter inside of our minds often match the attitude that we give off. So like a quote, so like a poem, so like a bedtime story. If I repeat it enough times, I’ll be happy. I just want to be happy. I just want to let go of the bad feelings. I just want to love myself enough to see a brighter day. You can’t change the world if you can’t even change yourself, right? If I repeat it enough times, then it must be real. I will be happy. Sadness is a crucial emotion because without it, being delighted and euphoric wouldn’t be so dense, but that’s the beauty of the intensity to which we should love ourselves. I want to be so fucking glad to wake up today that it’ll just drown my depression into the white noise. I want to glow in the dark and live like the jellyfishes, give my poetry the immortality to always bring a smile onto the faces of those that love who I am even if I’m a bit flawed because at the end of the day– you’re the only one sleeping on your bed, you’re the only one who’s going to determine if you’ve got enough room to breathe, you’re the only one to have the last say if you’re art or not.
—  I wanted to write something happy for you–
yes, you. The person that’s reading this.
The real reason some grimoires are so cryptic

Sometimes grimoires obscure things with secret codes or don’t explain certain steps because logically someone at the time would have known how to do what was a common action of the day. But sometimes they’re cryptic and mum on the actual meaning of certain designs and symbols for seemingly no reason. But I think the reason is simply: magicians.

To go into further explanation and not be so cryptic: I just wrote down a spell in one of my journals, and where a couple of components would go that could be changed and customized depending on need, I just left brackets there with nothing inside them, to let myself know that the chunk is swappable, it’s a variable. In another part I drew a dashed diagram with arrows and no other explanation–it’s the instructions for a certain hand-motion to make at the end of the spell.

There are no full explanations written down simply because I’ll know what I mean, and when I thought about that at the end, I said: “fuck it, it’s my book, if someone finds it when I’m dead it’s not like the book is for them.” And that’s the explanation behind a ton of crypticness: in the end, a lot of these books are made for personal usage or would come with an oral tradition where one person would explain it to another. If you’re not that person or not in that oral tradition, then what’s written there isn’t for you to understand, and cracking it open is going to require intuition, divination, outright necromancy (throttling the author’s ghost for the answer), or just making something up and seeing if it works. It’s not really on every magic-user to write a personal magic book that will be perfectly instructive to people born generations after they die. It’s on us to try to figure out their cryptic bullshit anyway.

(…I should print out this post and attach it to my Will.)


The real problem people have with Aelin’s attitude throughout TOG (imho) is the fact that she owns what she is. She’s smart and strategic and carries a lot of burdens and is beautiful, and she never tries to diminish herself or act like she is less, in order to make other people feel better about themselves. And that’s what people don’t like to see.

We don’t want to see a pretty girl who knows she is pretty.

We don’t want to see a smart girl who knows she is smart.

Those things bother people. And honestly, why. Why do we want people to feel like shit about themselves. Or at the very least, why is it that others need to be the ones to validate us and say “why yes, indeed, you are actually smart, you may think that of yourself now”. That’s so effed.

In conclusion, anyone who would want to put someone else down (real or fictional) for recognizing their own strength and not minimizing it or downplaying it, can screw right off.

(And sure you can have other reasons for disliking her, whatever, but a character having confidence in themselves should not be a reason to dislike them. Especially when that can spill over into the real world and suddenly we are shaming real women for feeling good about themselves, for whatever reason.)

Attention, spoilers below!

You know what’s the greatest thing about Thirteen Reasons Why?
It’s that everyone, every single character, is totally, completely human. They’re all 100% realistic and three dimensional. They’ve all got both virtues and vices, strenghts and weaknesses. They’re all also deeply flawed and damaged.
Obviously they’re not all the same… In fact, everyone has their own very distinct personality (and they always, always act on character).
But what I think the show is trying to say is that nothing is either black or white.
It’s one big fucking gray area and we’re all in it. The people who made small mistakes that ended up in tragic outcomes and the people who knew that what they were doing was wrong and did it anyway.
Because yes, Hannah was an amazing, funny, clever, beautiful girl who did not deserve anything she got. But yes, she also did have a flair for the dramatic.
And yes, Bryce Walker is a rapist and I hope he gets the sentence he deserves and more. But - and here you might not agree with me - Justin also told us he was always generous with him and his other friends.
This obviously is not to say that Hannah being a bit of a drama queen excuses the people who hurt her. And also is obviously not to say that Bryce being there for his mates excuses him for commiting one of the worst crimes possibile.
This is just to say that whoever wrote this show, whoever wrote this characters, knows exactly what they’re doing. Way too often TV and cinema (but also books, comics, video games ect…) tell stories in which people are either entirely good or entirely bad. And, I know, they do it because we like to read and watch stories in which we can identify with the good main characters. And it’s okay.
But it’s also not realistic. Those people are not realistic. In real life people fuck things up. Hopefully not as bad as they did in Thirteen Reasons Why, but still, it happens. People make mistakes and people kill themselves. It’s tragic, but it’s real.
To sum up, what I’m trying to say here is: it’s okay to watch shows in which the characters always choose what is right instead of what is easy. It’s okay to identify with those characters and it’s okay to “use” those shows as an escape from reality.
But sometimes you have to watch shows like Thirteen Reasons Why. Not because they tell you what is going to happen, but because they tell you what COULD happen. Anyone could be the next Hannah and anyone could be the reason why they decide to kill themselves. Shows like this remind us that actions have consequences. So, next time, think before you act and try to fix what you can still fix, before is too late.
Because, before Hannah proved them wrong, everyone on the tapes thought they were the good character.

… Except for Jeff. Jeff was 100% pure.

Also, sorry, I wasn’t planning to turn this into a morality lesson. It just happened.

Friendly reminder that exploring dark themes (murder, abuse, rape, kidnapping, etc) in fiction is something that humans have been doing for centuries - for all kinds of reasons - and is not something that automatically makes you a bad person.

While fiction can have an impact on you in real life, fiction itself doesn’t cause abusive behavior. It’s a bit more complicated than that - for example, different types of fiction resonate differently with people, the way the work is marketed/framed plays a part in how people view it, the reach the work has will affect its influence, people who already want to do X thing are more likely to see the depiction of X thing as support than people who don’t, etc etc, the list goes on.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you view/treat real life human beings. Don’t project your fictional interests onto real life people without their consent. Keep fiction and reality separate.

Why I don’t see Destiel as real

Have I noticed odd subtext between Dean and Castiel? Yes. Do I think that subtext adds up to a homosexual relationship between a sexless, genderless angel and a human man who can barely manage to have a meaningful relationship outside of the brotherly bond he has with his own brother? No.

I don’t see the show Supernatural as a show about romance. It’s about family. Castiel is family to Sam and Dean, the only family they really have left. (I don’t have positive feelings towards Mary, but she counts, obviously.) Destiel is something that was borne out of fan fiction. The two things are not related.

I’m a bisexual woman. I’m not locked into the hetero-normative relationship patterns on TV. I don’t believe in traditional anything, so if I thought there was a reason to believe Destiel was real, I would. I’m also not trying to change anyone’s mind or argue about whether it exists. I don’t think it does, but others do, and that’s all fine. All I’m saying is, until it’s directly addressed on the show or confirmed by the actors/writers/etc., it’s not real. 

Jensen has repeatedly said(and been threatened as a result) that Destiel is not real. If the man who originated a character in the pairing says it’s not real, then maybe you should all just accept it as not real and move on until it’s confirmed or explicitly depicted. Obviously you shouldn’t stop shipping it or writing it in your fan fiction, because some of the hottest fic out there is Destiel fan fic. But you can’t really say it’s canon until it’s actually directly confirmed. Subtext isn’t confirmation. It’s disrespectful to the actor who plays the character to insist something is real when they’ve said it’s not. I respect the actors of SPN and their wishes. If Jensen says it’s not real, then that’s good enough for me. 

I realize that the Destiel shippers will likely be upset by this, but the truth is the truth. I don’t know why so much time(including this post) has been devoted to a fictional ship when it could be spent doing something so much more productive. The actors of SPN devote their time to helping people outside work, and we’re all here screaming about a nonexistent ship. It originated in fan fiction and not the show for a reason, y’all. Sorry. 

Post Script: Keep the hate coming, trolls. Your true colors are showing. 😉
Juvia isn’t a stalker

This is an old, very frustrating argument for Gruvia fans that shouldn’t even exist anymore. This post also shouldn’t exist because I am refuting something Juvia didn’t actually do, but this is what it’s come down to, sadly. The bottom line is that Juvia can not redeem herself for an issue that Mashima-sensei, the author, doesn’t believe exists (aka the non-existent stalking).

I. The amount of times Juvia watched Gray and why

Juvia did not stalk Gray EVER, but she did hang in the background. He and the guild had been the enemy. If she had walked right up to Gray and his friends, there would have been a backlash. It’s natural that she was afraid because of the damage she helped inflict. Despite this, she formed an affinity to Gray and Fairy Tail which she carefully approached to the best of her ability.

As it also shows in her memories, Juvia had a well-established history of being shunned because of her rain which further led to her tentative approach. Additionally, given the rejection and shunning of the past, Juvia lacked the developmental opportunity to refine social engagement. There was no malicious intent in her actions. She was afraid of being rejected again, so she kept her distance. 

And in fact, Juvia and Gajeel’s presence in Fairy Tail DID cause a backlash. Laxus and the Raijinshuu did get angry when they found out two former Phantom Lord members who had attacked the guild were allowed to join.

Yet, both Juvia and Gajeel made up for their former transgressions already against the specific members they had targeted by protecting them. Juvia protected Gray from Simon, and Gajeel protected Levy from Laxus. That was supposed to be their redemption…IT WAS THEIR REDEMPTION. As stated in the first paragraph, in bold this time: Juvia can not redeem herself for an issue that Mashima-sensei, the author, doesn’t believe exists (aka the non-existent stalking). 

Ultimately, Juvia did approach Gray when he was by himself to ask what he thought about her joining Fairy Tail.  This was their first direct meeting after they met in Chapter 56. Indirect encounters include chapter 67 where she observed from afar and delivered a bento and chapter 75 where we see her watching Gray and the rest of team Natsu at the resort.

It was at this point that Juvia approached Gray properly when she finally caught him alone, and they went to get drinks together. It’s supported by the manga that Juvia joining Fairy Tail would have caused a backlash, as even Gray was wary of her joining because of the things that they did, but he personally did not mind her joining.  Juvia then spent the rest of the arc openly helping Gray and his friends in the Tower Of Heaven. 

At the end of the arc, when Erza asked after Juvia, Gray was the one who knew her name, and where she had gone. Once team Natsu returned to FT, Juvia became a member, and Gray was quite happy about it. After chapter 75 Juvia has never in the manga followed Gray without his knowledge again until chapter 416, where she came to apologize for what happened to Gray’s father. 

When Gray seemed dismayed that Juvia had followed him to his parents grave, she immediately apologized

In fact, Juvia has apologized a few times within the series when she thought she upset Gray, including in 413 Days when she apologized for fearing that she ruined Gray’s day of mourning. But, in fact, Gray ended up also apologizing to her, because he thought it was his fault. He profusely apologized to her in chapter 416 as well while sobbing in her arms.

II. Gray’s feelings

If Gray was so uncomfortable and disliked Juvia’s presence, the above scene would not have happened. He appreciates and is grateful for Juvia always being next to him, which by default completely annihilates the claim that he is disgusted by her. This is obvious because we see the change in their relationship throughout the course of the manga, on panel. I repeat, Gray likes the fact that Juvia is always by his side and wants her there.

Furthermore, Juvia’s comedic advances and Gray’s reactions (which have actually become softer/changed) are exaggerated on purpose. Japanese love this type of humor use in their mangas. It’s meant to be lighthearted, not give off an awful message regarding a pairing. As with many shounen, panel space is often limited for character interactions, so “dramatic” presentations are necessary for conveying points. Mashima-sensei has only ever portrayed Juvia’s love as a positive thing for both characters. Her love for Gray has saved not just Gray’s life, but also the lives of others on multiple occasions. 

While it’s true Mashima-sensei loves using Juvia for comic relief from time to time, it’s important to not let the jokes outweigh the serious moments. In reality, we are not supposed to put so much stock into comedy. Adding to the fact that Juvia’s fight with Meredy proved her love for Gray to be genuine, there’s another factor some people seem to miss.  

In the final chapter of the Tartarus arc, Juvia was about to give up on her love for Gray because she believed she did not have the right to love him anymore. She truly thought it was for his sake, and was prepared to be hated by Gray forever. An obsessive person or crazy stalker would never do this. But Juvia did, expecting this would ruin any chance she had with Gray, and was positive she would be loathed. However she knew confessing what she did was the right thing to do and came clean. Here, Mashima-sensei is showing the difference between an unhealthy obsessed individual and someone who’s love is selfless as they put the other person’s feelings above their own. Above all, Gray didn’t let Juvia give up on him. He embraced her, thanked her, and cried in her arms.

Chapter 499 speaks for itself, so I really don’t see the need to touch upon it other than the fact that the Japanese raw text confirms that Gray does see Juvia as more than a friend, aka, a love interest. As if his actions in the chapter and prior to weren’t enough. Double suicide in Japan is one of the most romantic acts of love based on samurai history.

III. The definition of a stalker

  • a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.
  • a person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc., in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner.

Neither of the above definitions describes Juvia’s character. Juvia would be the last person in the world to harass or threaten Gray in any way. The two times she watched him were harmless and there were justified reasons behind them. Back to the definition; Juvia doesn’t need to do any of these things, because she is Gray’s friend, and at this point, so much more than that. She’s a partner, they go on missions together, socialize together, and have even lived together. 

Real cases for stalking often involve the stalker having control over their victim, sometimes employing fear in a desperate attempt to maintain control, which Juvia has NEVER done. Admiring someone from afar is not the same as stalking them, especially when you don’t have the courage to talk to them. That’s why Juvia quickly threw the bento in Gray’s hands without trying to be noticed. She wanted to do nice things for him, but couldn’t do them directly out of nervousness. That’s not what stalkers do. And of course, as stated above, Juvia was about to give up on Gray. Stalkers aren’t willing to give up their ties with the person.

Juvia does not need to “stalk” Gray. She stands proudly by his side with no reluctance from him.

And even more importantly Gray has never expressed any adversity to Juvia’s presence. If anything, he has expressed the opposite. Gray of his own accord hangs around her. And Gray had mentioned once in 338 that he would say no to the things he dislikes from then on. Yet he had never said no before, nor after that statement. In fact, he contradicted his own statement later on by eating the bread Juvia offered him, and holding her hand in comfort during the Tartarus arc.  

We also have to keep in mind Gray falls under the tsundere character trope, which means his actions often contradict his words, and as stated above, his adverse reactions are often played off comedically, because he is not being honest about his actual feelings. Juvia’s earnest feelings towards Gray usually cause the cool and collected character to lose his composure. That’s the joke. 

IV. Conclusion

Juvia is often labeled a stalker while we look past Gajeel crucifying Levy or Jellal trying to murder Erza. All of these things occurred at the beginning, but have ceased to be current habits. That’s character development. It’s one thing to not like a ship because of the dynamic. But it’s a double standard to hail the development of one ship and ignore another. People simply cannot move passed Juvia’s first impression, and that is sad.

Every pairing has its shtick, such as Natsu touching Lucy inappropriately and breaking into her house, and Levy hitting Gajeel often. Humor is completely subjective, that’s true, however it’s obvious what Mashima-sensei intends to fall under the umbrella of humor, and that absolutely includes Juvia’s antics and Gray’s reactions to them. Saying they aren’t meant to be funny is just being purposely oblivious and contrary. You don’t have to think it’s funny to know it’s meant as a joke. Gruvia gets condemned by the fandom the most when it comes to their particular aspect of humor, and that is unfair. 

This is a fictional world, they are fictional characters, and they do not have to meet real life standards. Many of the characters within Fairy Tail have quirks or perform actions that are not acceptable in reality. Fairy Tail itself is a fantasy manga. The world and the characters are exaggerated for the purpose of drama and comedy. This fantasy world is also based on Japanese humor and storytelling conventions, and ignoring this fact can lead to misunderstanding characters. 

Juvia has not watched Gray from a distance without his knowledge since before she joined Fairy Tail. That was at least 8-9 years ago in both our timeline and the manga time line (counting the 7 year time skip). No one in the Fairy Tail universe, nor Mashima-sensei, seem to think Juvia’s actions from her introduction need to be addressed or redeemed, because it is a non-issue that only certain parts of the fandom can’t let go of. She will not vocally apologize for a problem that doesn’t exist. 

Gray, especially, has gone so far passed his initial relationship and dynamic with Juvia. It’s sad that so many fans are concerned on Gray’s behalf, but never truly take Gray’s actual feelings or words into consideration. He cares for Juvia, he almost definitely loves Juvia romantically, and he is grateful she is by his side. He’s willing to go above and beyond, including sacrificing his life for her (twice) just to ensure her safety. Those are not the feelings of someone who is a victim of stalking. 

On Fidget Spinners and Normalizing Stimming

I really don’t want to get into discourse here, and many people seem to be all on one side or the other. I think the spinners could be a good thing, but we need to watch what is going on.

We can’t say not to let nt people have spinners, because if we try to keep fidget toys to ourselves, prices stay up and stigma stays put. Not to mention some people are nd and not diagnosed with anything.

Basically, on one hand I’m really glad they are getting normalized, because then it’s easier to get fidgets when you need them without having to go through all these hoops and doubt.

However, we have to make sure it isn’t overdone. I’ve seen it compared to silly bands and tamagotchis and other fad toys that were super popular then got abandoned. Some of them have gotten banned from places because of kids being jealous of other people’s stuff and because of them being a distraction.

These Are Even More Likely To Get Banned.

Already, a few weeks into their popularity, spinners are being banned in schools. Banning fidget toys because they are “distracting” is devastating for undiagnosed neurodivergent kids. While you Might be able to add fidget toys to an accommodations letter, that requires a lot of work and a diagnosis.

On the other hand, we need to make sure they are being normalized correctly, that people understand the true purpose of these spinners and other fidget toys. Just making it normal to have a spinner doesn’t help those of us that chew, flap, rock, or spin. Most nt people have a spinner but don’t know why they even exist. They think it’s just to look cool.

Don’t get me wrong, fidget toys Do look cool, however, we need to talk about the real reasons why some people Have To fidget. Stimming is necessary for autistic people and people with ADHD, and anxiety, and many other ND things. Stimming help to regulate sensory input, to concentrate, and sometimes just for fun. We need to make sure that when we normalize spinners, we normalize not just other fidget toys too, but other ways of stimming.

We can’t have kids showing off their new spinner toys then making fun of the kids that rock and flap and chew and stim in other ways. Basically, I want ALL stimming to be normalized and accepted, not just the pretty stuff. So please, let kids have their fun with the spinner fidgets, but make sure they know why they were made in the first place.