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"Friends to lovers" or "slow burn"

Do you know, I don’t think I’ve ever written a REAL slow burn story. I’ve written plotty stories with romance subplots, but I don’t think of that as the same! Slow burn is so hard to do properly, is the thing. I am lazy I would almost always rather have everyone fight robots and then kiss in the heat of the moment instead.

Anyway, if I did write a slow burn story it would be Dumbledore/Grindelwald, totally ignoring any post-Deathly Hallows canon, and it would be the long golden summer they fell in love. This is probably ALSO my answer for friends-to-lovers. For some reason friends-to-lovers as a trope only REALLY works for me if the punchline is ‘but unfortunately his beloved friend turned out to be genuinely, seriously, no-two-ways-about-it A Bad Person’. see also: Celebrimbor/Sauron

Nickname: Mickey, but it’s really only used by my nieces and nephews now.
Star sign: Aries.
Height: 5'8.
Time right now: 10:00AM.
Last thing googled: Where is the pentagon.
Favourite music artists: Anyone who produces music reminiscent of 90s rock or pop.
Last movie watched: Monsters.
Last TV show watched: Legion. Although, I will admit that I’ve blown through like four seasons of girls in recent weeks for no real reason. 
What are you wearing now: A pair of my bf’s boxes shorts and a singlet.
When did you create your blog: I honestly have no idea. If I was a gambling man I’d say maybe two years ago, but I’ve been “around” since about 2010.
Do you have any other blogs: I created another blog last year because I thought it would encourage me to start writing more if I had somewhere to put it that wasn’t important or scrutinised but I had a small but significant break down in October and deleted everything without saving copies (bup-pow) and haven’t posted anything since, so. Kind of
Do you get asks regularly: Fairly regularly but I am not great at responding.
Why did you choose your URL: It was a long ago stage name.
Gender: No thanks.
Hogwarts House: No idea. Will says Slytherin and I feel like he would know these things.
Favourite color: Blue.
Average of hours of sleep: Six blissful hours of medicated sleep.
How many blankets do you sleep with at night: Ideally I would sleep completely cocooned in every blanket we own but it is hotter than fucking hades so I spend a lot of time tangled in the sheet and sighing dramatically.
Dream job: One of those sweet government jobs where you get to the point where they can’t fire you and you make enough money so you don’t have to cook for yourself every night. 
Followers: ~600 but it fluctuates with bots and the people who I guess just hate read me and then get fed up.

Tash and Heather tagged me in this and I think anyone who read it should also do it because I’m nosey. 

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I totally agree with the Nonnie that said the turn off thing about humans and Baby Luci. But he knew what he was doing. I'm almost 100% sure he slept with her to intentionally get her pregnant. I mean- he's literally got nothing going right now, what better plan then to fuck shit up some more? I also think his is his attempt to get more attention from daddy dearest who used him then up and left. Big family issues seem to get God's attention, this could be Luce's way of getting it.

Of course he’s done it intentionally, there’s definitely a plan behind all of this. But we still don’t know the exact reason why. Let’s be real though, it still doesn’t make sense. To him we’re nothing more but filthy apes. He’d do anything except have intercourse with a human. Worst thing out of this is that he seemed to enjoy it, too. So OOC.

I don’t even know what Chuck’s deal is, tbh. I don’t think even a baby from the Devil would bring him back, he doesn’t give a crap. He roots for Sam and Dean to fix it instead…

For Lucifer to fuck shit up is understandable. He’s desperate, he’s lost, he’s tired and he’s got nothing to lose anymore. He’s said it in episode 8. But have sex with a human? Naaaaah. I don’t think my son would go that far.

dear aphobes,

have you ever considered NOT doing that thing where if a singular ace person in like 2003 said something shitty that somehow means all aces think that? we aren’t a hivemind, and people can have ideas/behaviors unrelated to them being ace. surprisingly, asexuality is not actually the root of all evil. If you really want to criticize the community maybe actually find out what the majority of the community thinks for a change. I think you’ll find that for the most part it’s pretty reasonable and welcoming.

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19, 30, 34, 45, 50 first time doing this but I'd love to discuss them! :)

OK GIRL LET’S GET THIS ON @all-the-world-is-verse-to-me

19) Tell me how you feel about moriel, elucien, and nessian.
I love Mor and Az together, but I really don’t know why, I feel like they might not be end game??? Something might happen between these two that will make their relationship platonic.
Elucien: I think Lucien is such a deep character, and we haven’t really learnt that much more about the real him, but there must be a reason why SJM made Elain and Lucien mates.
Nessian: having read the bonus chapter of this ship, it’s safe to say SJM will definitely make them a thing, and there will be lots of sassy flirting and smut.

30) Do you think any major characters will die in Acowar? Who?
This is one of my BIGGEST THEORIES for ACOWAR: Tamlin will redeem himself to Feyre by sacrificing his life (to show his “love” for her), just like Feyre sacrificed herself for him in ACOTAR.

34) Name a ship you hope ends like the titanic…
Ok, this is super controversial but I find it a little bit extra that everyone [in ACOTAR] are pairing up with everyone. Like Feyre’s older sister has her eyes on Rhys’ Illyrian brother, and Feyre’s other sister is mates’ with Feyre’s ex-fiance’s right hand man???? (not saying everyone should break up, but I think it would be refreshing if say Azriel and Cassian said they were mates LOL)

45) Are you down for Rowaelin/Feysand babies in the epilogues or would you want them to wait?
YES. GIVE ME BABIES IN THE EPILOGUES (IF THEY’RE READY). HOW I WISH THE EPILOGUES ARE SEPARATE BOOKS THOUGH! I want to read everything that happens to these couples when they’re ready to take that next step.

50) Who is a better male lead? Rhysand or Rowan?
Ohmyfuck, I think personally for me, I read ACOTAR first and really fell in love with that story way before ToG. So Rhysand is my favourite lead, but not the “best” lead. You can’t say one is better than the other!!!

2016 in Retrospect

Oh boy.

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Usually I type this thing up as 2016 in retrospect for ME.

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Something like, “I went to Zootopia.”

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Or, “I met the hero of Harlem.”

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But this was a rough year.

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For a lot of people, for a lot of reasons.

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So it seems weird to do a post about movies and TV.

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But art and stories are born from real life.

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Remember that Rogue One, basically 2016 the movie, ends in hope.

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Remember Star Trek Beyond paints a picture of a united Earth and a united federation.

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Remember that Moana takes us on a journey of discovery…

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That Kubo taught us how to live with loss…

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That we have Ghostbusters fighting for & receiving recognition…

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And that Newt Scamander, in dark times which tested his morales, stayed good and honest with his friends.

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Stories have music!

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Stories have color!

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Stories shows us that even when we fight against ourselves…

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That there is still hope for the future.

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And when we forget that these things exist in real life…

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Art reminds us that there is still light in the dark.

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Stories gives us heroes who inspire us!

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(Sometimes not in the most appropriate ways.)

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Stories remind us that there is LOVE!

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That there is inspiration!

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That we have family…

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That we have friends…

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That we are not alone…

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And that we must always fight for what is right.

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So stay strong and remember what the stories taught us.

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Happy New Year everyone! And here’s to a better 2017!

Sometimes I will just be going about my day and suddenly for no reason at all - I will think of you and wonder where you are. I try to imagine what you are doing and what you might be thinking about in that exact moment, at that exact second …. Sometimes I dare to hope you might be thinking of me too. That somehow – in some way - we are connected to each other by nothing more than thought alone…
And though I may never know for certain if that connection is real or imagined, the one thing I know without question is real in that instant … is the overwhelming love I feel for you.

Let me just say faking your race is one of the most disgraceful things you can do ever and is one of the few things that I find unforgivable. Mixed kids are constantly harassed and told that they aren’t “real POC” but rather watered down versions of their race, that they “gave up” being a “real POC” by being mixed . They are taught from birth that they won’t ever fit in with either of their racial cultures because of them being mixed. There isn’t, and won’t ever be, any justifiable reason to fake your race. The only narrative you push when you fake your race is that us mixed people are actually just whites in denial. 

just a reminder that you’re allowed to be upset about things

even if you don’t understand why

even if the reasons are less about what’s happening now than they are about old pain or fears

even if other people have bigger reasons to be upset

even if no one can (or should have to) do anything to change the situation that upset you

even if you feel irrational for being upset

even if your own choices caused the thing that upsets you

you are entitled to feel what you actually feel. you’re responsible for your actions, yes, and for respecting boundaries and communicating appropriately without coercion - but you are allowed to be upset.

it is not inherently manipulative to be sad or angry or afraid or to tell people what you are feeling

you’re allowed.

your feelings are real and you’re allowed to acknowledge them.

Look, chowder definitely is the type to take a picture of you whenever you’re in an embarrassing situation and it is the bane of nursey and dex’s existence they barely have time to process it before chowder’s phone is in his hand and he’s always so??? Cheerful?? When he does it??? They don’t even know why he does it because it’s not like he sends them to the group text or anything, but they know….. that if chowder ever got mad enough he has more than enough to blackmail the hell out of them

A lot of people who don’t play pokemon tend to think that pokemon are forcibly kept in their pokeballs. This is really not what happens in the vast majority of cases. Most of the time, pokemon can leave their own pokeballs. We’ve known since Yellow Version when the player’s Pikachu refused to use its pokeball that even weak pokemon can leave their balls. In Sun and Moon we meet this Machamp, who refuses to use a pokeball for reasons I won’t spoil.

Why do we have to catch pokemon then? Because the ones that pick fights with our teams are the ones that want to get strong through battle. We prove ourselves worthy of training them by catching them, it’s their test for us as trainers (~“to catch them is my real test”~). They could leave if they wanted.

Pokeballs just happen to be a tremendously useful thing. It makes them easy to carry and they don’t have to walk around all day. It makes it possible to use the PC system, too.

Tragedy of Ignis

I feel like I already have a post like that. Well I’ll have two then. But you know what’s really sad? Ignis is a function character. It’s not me shitting on the story, there are actual real life people who live like that, molding all their lives around someone else. Typical thing for mothers, maybe that’s one of the reasons why fandom thinks about him as a mom-friend despite the fact that he is adventurous pun master dork. But really all his life since the early childhood was dedicated sorely to Noctis. There are Gladio and Luna who are quite literally live for Noctis to fulfill his role but still, Luna has her oracle shebang, Gladio expresses characteristics that has nothing to do to Noctis: he loves his sister, likes reading, hiking, getting stronger, even those cup noodles. 

Every habit or quality Ignis exhibits is there for Noctis. He may enjoy cooking but he got into it to lift the prince’s spirits after the Tenebrae attack. His knowledge, his manners, his skills at fight all were developed to guide a young king to his fullest potential. And not once he shows even a trace of resentment toward Noct, even having every right, even after this quest leaves him fucking blind. The depth of his devotion and selflessness is truly mind-boggling. 

And the saddest part? It’s all for nothing. He dedicated every second of his life to make Noctis a perfect ruler he never meant to be. 

King Regis never pressed his son to be a great leader because he won’t be, it was good enough if he lived happily for those short years he had. But Ignis didn’t get the memo so he kept on trying.  

I mean even the fact that each bro gets an episode to dive into their character, lives and motivations exclude Ignis. Because “his” episode is still emotionally Noct’s story of coming to terms with his father’s mortality and his own role as an heir.     

I don’t wanna hear a damn word about “the gays not liking Mon-El.” This isn’t a gay thing. Most of us love James and wanted Kara to be with him. This is a “Mon doesn’t deserve Kara and is constantly an ungrateful, misogynistic asshole” thing. Kara has no real reason to like him. He’s been a pain in the ass. I understand her wanting to help him because she is literally too good for this world but he’s a douche and me disliking him has nothing to do with me shipping Kara with Lena.

What she says: I hate antis

What she really means: I don’t mind people disliking a ship for their own reason but the anti-shipping movement is driven by hate and bandwagon bullying to police what people are “allowed” to enjoy. They use fundamentally abusive and manipulative tactics on real people in the name of protecting survivors from speculative things in fiction. Antis want to act morally superior over ship wars and claim that to ship something problematic you must be a survivor. By doing this antis force survivors who may be uncomfortable with coming out with their status to out themselves and then hold them to impossible standards. Except when it does come to survivors who ship anti-deemed problematic things we are attacked, harassed, and then pushed under the bus anyway. Antis trivialize terms such as abuse, rape, and pedophilia by using them so often and out of place against a group made up of many survivors and minors– the people they claim to be protecting. They have bullied and suicide baited artists and other content creators they dislike in the name of “policing the bad ships uwu.” All antis are at fault for this, even if an anti claims not to send hate themselves they are still influencing this bad behavior because they are part of this hate group. The entire anti-shipper movement is a toxic cesspool that makes me feel sick.

I loved a lot of things until it was a subject in school. I like learning about people without having to force myself to memorise every detail, I like drawing things how I want without them looking like how they look like in real life, I like throwing paint on paper for no reason at all, I like being interested in the world without forcing myself to stay up at night to make it get to my head. I like taking naps without waking up to a panic of undone work. I like a lot of things but the education system stops me from doing things I like. things I used to love.

☣VILLAIN meme☣

Response to the HERO meme here.

  • “You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?”
  • “Oh, little bug caught in my web… you really made this too easy.”
  • “Everyone is so noble in the beginning, but they learn and they lose.”
  • “Hope is a fool’s opiate.”
  • “I’ve come this far, and I certainly won’t let a little nothing like you get in my way now!”
  • “You think it’s so easy judging me. You know nothing of the real world. I am only acting on instinct.”
  • “The meek shall inherit nothing, they are meek for a reason.”
  • “Destruction is a part of the natural order of things, yet everyone fights it. I plan on making it easy on you all.”
  • “I deserve all the praise and power, and you will all suffer for it!”
  • “No one gets in my way and survives.”
  • “The fool that is stupid enough to betray me won’t live to do it again.”
  • “The law didn’t include me when it was made, so it doesn’t apply to me now.”
  • “It’s all their fault for falling for the lie. They have only to blame themselves!”
  • “I never loved you… you pretended to hear what you wanted, and created your own fantasy. I used you, and you willingly accepted.”
  • “Join me, and you will have everything you possibly could want. Stand against me, and you’ll regret it.”
  • “You lost it all!”
  • “No sad story made me this way, I am just stronger, smarter, and deserving. Others are little bugs beneath my heel.”
  • “Give me everything I ask for, and MORE!”
  • “I gave you everything, and this is how you repay me?!”
  • “I will rise above, and you will die for what you did to me!”
  • “You think your little pack of boyscouts can intimidate me? Come at me!”
  • “I’m feeling generous today. You get the first shot. After that, start running.”
  • “You people are all COWARDS! You were just BEGGING for me to do this.”
  • “Where’s your savior now?”
  • “Blood is thicker than water, but kerosene is the answer.”
  • “I killed your _____ and now I’m going to kill you.”
  • “Oh, sweetling. Your mother/father never loved you. That’s why you turned to me.”
  • “You’re my possession, and I don’t want other people touching MY things!”
  • “Money won’t save you. Don’t insult me. I want your soul.”
  • “Beg for me. Beg for your life. Beg for your family’s life… “
  • “Very good try. But let’s see them try and stop this—”
  • “Power belongs to those that take it, but that’s the easy part. KEEPING it takes blood and death, paid in buckets.”
  • “He/She is dead. I am the leader now. Swear fealty or you will join them.”
  • “Go and criticize me, you know you wish you had my power. But you can’t have it, and it KILLS you. Rather… I will.”
  • “All those that don’t bow to me will be put in chains!”
  • “Kill them all! Burn everything to the ground! Leave NOTHING behind!”
  • “I don’t want power or money. I just want to destroy things. Just because.”
  • “I don’t have to explain my motives to you. You wouldn’t understand anyway.”
The Zodiac Signs as The Perks of Being a Wallflower Quotes

Aries: “But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things.”

Taurus: “We didn’t talk about anything heavy or light. We were just there together. And that was enough.” 

Gemini: “There’s nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.”  

Cancer: “Maybe it’s sad that these are now memories. And maybe it’s not sad.”

Leo: “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.“

Virgo: “It’s just that I don’t want to be somebody’s crush. If somebody likes me, I want them to like the real me, not what they think I am. And I don’t want them to carry it around inside. I want them to show me, so I can feel it too.”

Libra:We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Scorpio: “People who try to control situations all the time are afraid that if they don’t, nothing will work out the way they want.”

Sagittarius: “Please believe that things are good with me, and even when they’re not, they will be soon enough. And I will believe the same about you.”

Capricorn: “She wasn’t bitter. She was sad, though. But it was a hopeful kind of sad. The kind of sad that just takes time.” 

Aquarius: “Standing on the fringes of life… offers a unique perspective. But there comes a time to see what it looks like from the dance floor.”  

Pisces: “I really think that everyone should have watercolors, magnetic poetry, and a harmonica.”  



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I love your baby paladins but I feel like they don't do enough annoying baby things. Like grab peoples, hair and faces or make awkward screeching noises for no reason...They're just too cute be real. Why are they so precious and innocent?

don’t test them m8