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I finally read Boys at long last bc it seemed like a fandom favorite everyone and their goldfish read, and man. For being originally posted in 2008, it stands up to the sands of time and is done so wonderfully. It really encompasses everything in a realistic way with wonderfully flawed, human characters written as realistic teenagers/young adults as well as portraying so many of the aesthetics and characterizations the fandom had pre-Days that slowly disappeared over time. 
A lot of the references to what was happening in the 90s and culture in itself went over my head, but for the most part those aren’t utterly detrimental. I also found the timeflow to be a little strange, as it felt like it was taking place over months, but it does work as drama in your life as a teenager feels like 70 years.

Goddamn, if you like a novel-long read about some queer kids in the 90s with issues they’re slowly figuring out, then by all means please read it. Possibly the best fic I’ve read in this fandom, and I’m glad I read it now as opposed to as the little 13 year old I was when it came out because I wouldn’t have been able to grasp so much of the stuff in it. I would read the warnings on the fic, as there is drug use, alcohol use, violence, (rather vague and more emotionally perceptive) sex, teenagers being shitty, and so on.

Anyway, enjoy a shitton of art of various scenes, hope nothing’s really all that spoiled for you (I tried to avoid drawing spoilers!)

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favorite characters → cordelia

“followed by her lover, who’s a lesbian from next door, too!”

og paladins + language barriers bc i’m tired of photoshop

  • i imagine the og paladins had to learn each other’s languages and Nutbutton.png
    • alfor probably took the initiate first bc he’s a nice guy and a good diplomat. he started learning from his translator and then blaytz would not be one-upped and gyrgan and trigel sort of got sucked up in the excitement.
      • coran, showering:
        blaytz, opening the curtain: coran, would—stop screaming—would you teach me altean?
    • zarkon was the hardest to convince bc damn do the galra have pride.
      • no but really he only did it because he felt that the other four were gossiping about him behind his back.
  • Not Saying they get together each week to watch altean novelas but you know they did 
    • “why do we always watch altean things” “have you seen galra tv it’s 95% propaganda”
    • yes there’s a Galra TV Drinking Game bc holy shit is it all repetitive
  • trigel almost stops midbattle bc she can’t remember one goddamn word and it’s driving her crazy.
    • “hey, blaytz what’s the name of that large animal that nearly ran you over last week.” blaytz, dodging enemies, “i’m not answering that.” trigel, effortlessly causing two opponents to crash together, “come on!” “do you really think i stopped to ask for its name while it was chasing me down?” 
  • “gyrgan c’mon i know you and your people have some of the best curse words out there leak them
  • Some Magical Shit Happens and the og paladins somehow lose the ability to speak each other’s tongues and it’s just one really long and frustrating game of charades and zarkon drives his lion straight into a cliff out of sheer frustration.
  • drunk paladins switching between languages and laughing and having a good time
  • the og paladins vs the galran language: a saga
    • “what does that say, alfor” alfor leans in, shrugs. “i don’t know” “but you speak galran” “yeah, doesn’t mean i know how to read it have you seen the galran alphabets”
    • trigel: zarkon why is there no galran word for lesbian you need to fix this immediately
    • “zarkon, why is it that there are ten different galran phrases for ‘glorious death in battle’—each with a slightly difference connotation, mind you—but there’s no direct translation for ‘pillow’?”
    • zarkon, trying to learn all the different names for all the different articles of clothing alteans wear: alfor your people are so soft
      alfor, struggling through the tenth volume of the galran history of war book: yeah that’s fair
  • they sometimes borrow phrases from each other and since they’re sort of heads of state the phrases get disseminated down and it’s like a really risky game of telephone that might cause an intergalatic war
  • blaytz: and then gyrgan took the robot’s head clean off with his hands, and—
  • zarkon: we have a phrase for that
    trigel, without hesitation: of course you do
  • coran, to allura, immediately after learning that not only are the new paladins all the same species, but they all speak the same language: holy shit this is going to be so much easier we might actually live through this

inspired by @thecrowmaiden adorable fanfic that you can read here, :V pls go check it out!!

Burgess vs. Joe McCarthy: The Entire Story

This has been requested a few times since starting this blog, and now thanks to @namesisfortombstones​ the requests are really coming in. I could give you a short, impersonal answer that you can easily find on Google. But I want you guys to understand how big of a deal this was, and because I want to share how Burgess felt I’m going to make this as insightful as possible. I know it looks long and daunting, but please take time to read it - I promise you won’t be disappointed.

 First of all, let’s start with who Joe McCarthy was - for those who may not know. So during the late 1940s and early 1950s, the prospect of communist subversion at home and abroad seemed frighteningly real to many people in the United States. These fears came to define–and, in some cases, corrode–the era’s political culture. For many Americans, the most enduring symbol of this “Red Scare” was Republican Senator Joseph P. McCarthy of Wisconsin. Senator McCarthy spent almost five years trying in vain to expose communists and other left-wing “loyalty risks” in the U.S. government. In the hyper-suspicious atmosphere of the Cold War, insinuations of disloyalty were enough to convince many Americans that their government was packed with traitors and spies. McCarthy’s accusations were so intimidating that few people dared to speak out against him. It was not until he attacked the Army in 1954 that his actions earned him the censure of the U.S. Senate - but we’ll get to that later. 


 On June 22, 1950, the right-wing publication Counterattack printed a pamphlet that would change the entertainment industry, if not American society itself. Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television listed 151 professionals in the entertainment industry, branding them Communists. Because of his liberal views, Burgess was one of the 151 names listed - and being called a communist frightened him to death. The result of being blacklisted was devastating to him and his career. He lost a sizable amount of film work - just take a look at the huge gap in his filmography in the 1950s. The accusations split Hollywood, leading studios to blacklist supposedly leftist actors and creators, while others, like Barbara Stanwyck, would join pro-blacklist groups such as the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. 


 In the spring of 1954, McCarthy picked a fight with the U.S. Army, charging lax security at a top-secret army facility. The army responded that the senator had used improper influence and sought preferential treatment for a recently drafted former staff member. Amidst this controversy, McCarthy temporarily stepped down as chairman for the duration of the three-month nationally televised spectacle known to history as the Army-McCarthy hearings. The army hired Boston lawyer Joseph Welch to make its case. At a session on June 9, 1954, McCarthy charged that one of Welch’s attorneys had ties to a Communist organization. As an amazed television audience looked on, Welch responded with the immortal lines that ultimately ended McCarthy’s career: “Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness.” When McCarthy tried to continue his attack, Welch angrily interrupted, “Let us not assassinate this lad further, senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?” Overnight, McCarthy’s immense national popularity evaporated. Censured by his Senate colleagues, ostracized by his party, and ignored by the press, McCarthy died three years later, 48 years old and a broken man. In the end, not a single spy or communist was revealed - yet the aftermath was devastating with many innocent people’s lives destroyed. 


Tail Gunner Joe (1977) was a three hour NBC televised movie that dramatized the life of McCarthy. The title of the film is actually a snide term for the Senator that originated from his false claim to have been a tail gunner on American bombers during WWII. The film covered his beginnings in Wisconsin to his demise shortly after the Army-McCarthy hearings. And guess who was chosen to portray Joseph Welch, the lawyer who essentially ended McCarthy’s career with nothing but a few short sentences? That’s right, Burgess. Burgess absolutely reveled in the opportunity to play this character, and always said he could not remember a happier time in his entire acting career. He regarded this role as the best he ever had in television - and boy, did it pay off! It earned him his first and only Emmy award. For the American public, Burgess winning the Emmy was HUGE. It represented a sort of win over right-wing extremism and paranoia that needlessly destroyed the lives of many innocent Americans. All in all, Burgess was pleased that the film “went well” and simply called it “splendid revenge”. Burgess was the most self-effacing person and loathed the idea of praising oneself…but I think deep down, he was pretty proud of himself!;) 

Below is the iconic scene from TAIL GUNNER JOE that portrays the very moment in the courtroom in which the career of Joe McCarthy (played by Peter Boyle) was destroyed by lawyer Joseph Welch (Burgess). It was also this exact scene that earned Burgess his long over-due Emmy.

 To end this very long post, I will leave you with the last bit of dialogue in this film:

“McCarthy: actually a redefinition of the word ‘mediocre’ because he was, finally, a man with no goals, no guilt, no shame and no achievement. Most of the media and most of the public just stood around and watched. He more or less created a national climate of fear but he himself caught no communists, found no traitors, uncovered no subversives. NOT. ONE. He wasn’t Hitler, he wasn’t Napoleon but fortunately people like that aren’t born everyday. But people like McCarthy are born every 30 seconds….and that is the horror.”

serenofmadness  asked:

ok but for real when it gets closer to the Obi Wan Movie, you need to have a special snark wars of just Highlights and Lowlights: The Obes Kenobes Experience

This is such a good idea that I don’t know if I can wait however many years it’ll be. It might have to be my Official “Yay We’re Getting an Obi-Wan Movie!!!!” post: 

  • Great Moments In Kenobi Hair
  • Saddest Canon Kenobi Moments
  • Moments That Were Kinda Sad Anyways But Are Way Sadder When You Really Think About It
  • Non-Canon Kenobi Sadness
  • Best Sassmaster Action
  • Hot Sexy Disrobe Discourse
  • A Brief List of Reasons Why Obi-Wan Should Have Had a Musical Number
  • An Even-Longer Dissection Of That Time Obi-Wan Talks To Luke on Tatooine
  • People I Am 99% Sure Obi-Wan Slept With 

…it could take me weeks to finish! Ah, the possibilities. 

It’s not right!

No one asked for me to write this so I’m sorry but here it is

Roman wanted someone to write this, so i decided to bc why the fuck not its friday and i have nothing better to do

Prompt: ’…about Patton rushing about trying to keep the others from doing morally wrong things like posting butt pics and things of that nature.’ ~ from @what-even-is-thiss 

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Warnings: Swearing and nudes.

Pairings: None for once in my life


“Roman, Thomas can’t post that, it’s not right!” Roman looked up at Patton with a cheeky grin.

“Why not bless the internet with our bare butt? They’ll love it!” Patton was absolutely flabbergasted. How Roman could ever think to do something so against their morals, he would never know. Doing something morally wrong was a completely unfamiliar concept to Morality, to no ones surprise, but it seemed to Patton that killing morals was all Roman wanted to do.

“Roman, it’s morally wrong. Guess what, I know about that stuff! I’m Morality!” Roman let out a sigh of defeat and made Thomas delete the picture completely. Luckily he was easy to persuade. Patton strolled out of the common rooms to go check something, then not even two minutes later he was back. And Roman was doing something that didn’t seem very safe-for-work.

“Roman, what is that?” Patton asked in a scornful tone.

“A dick pic.”


“Roman, why the fuck would you ever think about making Thomas take a dick pic?” Anxiety asked. Patton glared at Virgil, but let his not-very-nice language choices be, considering they were on the same team in this instance.

“Some guy asked if he could have a picture of our… uh.. down there.. so…”

“Uhh, Roman, that’s not the way the world works. You’re an idiot,” Virgil deadpanned. He leaned against a wall, his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised. His dark expression matched the words that had just escaped his mouth.

“Also, it’s morally wrong. As in it’s not right. And, you know, i’m Morality. It’s my area, kiddo.” Once again Roman deleted the picture, sighing. Patton kept a close eye on Roman as he continued doing what he was doing, likely daydreaming unrealistic scenarios. Soon Logan came in and took over, odd considering Roman didn’t like Thomas to be ruled completely by logic.

Patton relaxed a bit. At least Logan understood not to take pictures of Thomas’ naked body and post them on the internet.

But of course, Logan doesn’t take other’s feelings into consideration while trying to educate. Of freaking course.

“Logan, that’s not very nice,” Paton scolded, looking over the message he had written in response to a hateful Tumblr ask.

“So? I was simply stating that this person is a blithering idiot and they are completely wrong in everything they’re saying, along with their simply horrific grammar. Where is the punctuation? The internet is deprived of common grammar rules, Patton, and I’m out to fix it.”

“Just another grammar nazi,” Virgil commented, earning a laugh from Roman.

“Logan, it’s not right! You can’t be mean to people!” Patton argued.

“All I’m giving them is the truth, Patton. What’s that thing you reinforce? It’s wrong to lie?”

“But you’re being mean to someone you don’t even know!” Patton cried. Virgil and Roman looked at each other, silently commenting on Patton’s overactive emotions.

“I’m just following your rules, Morality.” Patton frowned and scrunched his eyebrows, trying to think of a way to persuade him. He wiped the small tears that had formed in his eyes and smiled.

“Logan, just like in the English language, there are exceptions to rules, and this is one. While some of the things you say about the person are true, you can’t be rude to them because it makes Thomas just as bad of a person! That’s why I’m here. Go ahead, educate him on what he’s failing to notice, and yes, his grammar too, but don’t be mean about it. Then, hopefully we’re making the world a little bit better while being nice about it too.” Virgil and Roman were both staring at them with their mouths open, while Logan had a sparkle in his eyes.

“Thank you, Patton. That is probably the most intelligent string of words I’ve ever heard you say.” While it was slightly insulting, Patton preferred to see the complimenting side of it, so he grinned.

“You could probably work on your compliments, but thanks Lo.”

Accidental - WillNE Imagine

Title: Accidental
Pairing: WillNE x Reader
Warnings: smut
Requested(?): no but if you want a Will imagine please feel free to send it bc I love Will.

“Will give me my phone back!” I began to chase Will through the flat as he held my phone high above his head.

He ran into his bedroom, now being trapped. He turned to me and still held my phone above him. Both of us were out of breath and I slowly walked towards him.

“William.” I said assertively.

“Y/n.” He used my full name instead of his usual nickname.

“Give me my phone back.” I said.

“What’s the magic word?” He taunted.

“Please give me my phone?”

“That’s not it.” I walked towards him and tried jumping up for it. As I was quite a bit shorter than him, I failed miserably. “You’re going to have to try harder than that love.”

“William don’t make me put my hands on you.” I warned.

“You wouldn’t dare hit me.” I stepped forward and placed my hand right over his crotch, pressing my body against his.

“Who said anything about hitting?” I said seductively, looking up at him through my eyelashes.

“Bloody hell.” He cursed, eyes wide. I stood onto my tippy toes and pressed my lips against his jaw line and kissed down his neck. He brought his hands down and wrapped them around my waist, holding me close.

I let one hand tangle in his hair and moved the other down to my side, sneakily pulling my phone from his hands and quickly running back towards the living room.

“You’re going to pay for that!” Will ran after me and I hid my phone. Although he wasn’t interested in the phone anymore. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up, my back pressed against the wall.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and he quickly pressed his lips to mine. Will and I had never been anything more than friends and I guess my little trick to get my phone back sparked something between the two of us.

My hands were tangled in his hair as he kissed me softly. The two of us had a lot of tension between us now and it was in desperate need of some relief.

He walked us back to his bedroom and he laid me down on his plush bed. He tossed his shirt aside and laid himself on top of me. I put my hand on his chest as he kissed me repeatedly, moving down my neck and sucking here and there, definitely leaving his mark on me. His hand nervously slid up my top and I sat up, removing my shirt and revealing that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Fuck.” He cursed under his breath as he took in my body. I was now aching for his touch and couldn’t wait a second longer. I grabbed his wrist and put his large hand on my breast, letting out a soft moan at the contact.

His other hand worked to unbutton my jean shorts as mine fumbled with the button on his jeans. Once we had both removed our bottoms I could feel his hard on pressed against my body. I slid my hand into his boxers and he let out a breathy moan. I stroked him as he kissed my collar bones and down my chest until he came to the top of my panties.

“Will please.” I said. He smirked up at me and slid my panties down my legs. He let a finger faintly trail over me and I arched my body at his touch.

“I already have you this ready for me are you sure about this?” He asked.

“If you even dare stop now I will actually hit you.” He laughed and nodded, kissing me again. He reached to his nightstand and pulled out a condom, removing his boxers and sliding the condom on.

He grabbed my hand and laced his fingers through mine, placing a soft kiss on my lips as he pushed into me.

Never in my life did I expect to be having such an intimate moment with my best friend. Let alone enjoying it this much. There was no denying that there had always been a special connection between the two of us. We thought it was the two of us being brought together as best friends. Clearly we were wrong.

As we both got dressed Will looked up at me, pushing his hair out of his face and standing up. He wrapped an arm around my waist and leaned his head onto my shoulder. We stood in front of that mirror staring at us together. I was mentally picturing us as a couple. Will and Y/n. In an actual relationship.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He asked softly.

“What if we were together? Like actually together?” He smiled a bit and let out a soft chuckle.

“I’d be happier.” He said. It was enough for the two of us. It was simple.

“Then let’s do it.” I said smiling and turning around in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled at him.

“Are you serious?” He asked. I nodded in confirmation and he leaned down, pressing his lips to mine.

We stayed in his room watching films and talking, music playing softly in the background.

“I already like this so much better than us just being friends.” He looked at our intertwined hands and smiled. I turned my head towards his and traced my hand over his jaw, leaning in to kiss him. “And I really like kissing you.” I giggled and kissed him again.

“I like kissing you too. More than I’m willing to admit.” It was his turn to laugh now. “Wait, weren’t you supposed to film a video with Cal tonight?” His eyes went wide and he jumped up, finding his phone and seeing multiple missed calls from Cal.

“Shit. Come with me?” He asked grabbing a hoodie and finding his shoes.

“Sure thing.” I grabbed my things and we headed for the elevator. Will pressed the button for Cal’s floor. Once we had made it up, he knocked on the door and Harry answered, letting us in.

“Cal’s in the living room” he pointed us to their living room and Will thanked him.

“Jesus man you’re only three hours late. Hey Y/n.” He said standing to give me a hug and do his weird handshake with Will. “You look like you’ve had a rough shag mate.” He said seeing the love bites visible on my collar bones. I blushed and Will scratched the back of his head. “Wait, you two… oh my god you did!” I hid my face in Will’s chest and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Yeah yeah, calm down.” Will laughed and I sighed, clearly embarrassed by the situation.

“Calm down? Mate my OTP just got together how do you expect me to be calm about this.” I laughed and pulled back from Will.

“Right whatever, let’s just film the video and I’ll fill you in on the horny details later.” Cal nodded and I stepped over to the couch to watch as they filmed.

Will kept looking over to me as they tried to film and I tried my best to not stare right back at him.

“Keep your focus or we’re going to have to remove your girlfriend.” Will blushed and laughed. “Am I going to have to edit that out?” Cal asked.

“I don’t mind.” I said softly and Will broke into a smile.

“Neither do I.”

why are people so mad that some of us like josh? i haven’t seen any of us try to paint him as a great mastermind or even as an extraordinary game player (if anything, we’ve just pointed out that he’s the only one that had a successful hoh. someone who was gunning for him was taken out of the house under his hoh - no matter how that was done. that’s just facts). all the josh fans i follow have admitted and acknowledged whenever he has said or done anything wrong (and not even some p*ul or j*dy fans are able to do that even though they’ve said and done worse things). we even admit when he’s being annoying as hell! like there are plenty of people who don’t like josh, so if you’re so bothered by our small community on trying to have fun, just block us and live your life. it’s not that serious!

(M) Chapter One - The Hogwarts Express

Summary: When Oliver Queen returns for his final year at Hogwarts with the mysterious death of his father hanging over his head, he doesn’t expect much to change. But when he meets Felicity Smoak, a brilliant force of nature with her own mysteries, everything shifts. As they fall in love and delve deep into the secrets of Hogwarts, they uncover many truths about themselves and the darkness within the magical world.Nothing will ever be the same.


There are few things Oliver knows as undeniable truths in his life.

One: His sister is, above all, his greatest responsibility.

Two: He wants to make his father proud.

Three: He absolutely hates the train ride into Hogwarts.

Luckily for him, this will be the final September where he is subjected to the hours cooped up in the rolling tin can. The last fall where he’ll have to stare at the seemingly endless country and try to tune out the younger students restlessly wandering the hallways outside and chatting loudly.

Read on AO3 here

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shit i’ve said to my cat — starters

  • “what are you doing?”
  • “hey, shit-for-brains”
  • “please don’t eat that”
  • “you’re supposed to eat it, not play with it!”
  • “don’t eat the box”
  • “did you just bite my elbow?”
  • “your shit smells terrible”
  • “where are you going?”
  • “don’t start”
  • “let me sleep, it’s 3am”
  • “please calm down”
  • “stop biting my leg”
  • “you’re adopted”
  • “don’t look at me like that”
  • “why are you stepping on my laptop?”
  • “hey, people are trying to sleep”
  • “you’re lucky i love you”
  • “why is your ass in my face?”
  • “please don’t throw up on my bed”
  • “you scared the shit out of me!”
  • “stop eating the dog’s food, you have your own”
  • “that’s not a toy”
  • “you just sneezed in my face!”