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I have the Veronica from your dead girl walking with the "snapping off JD's window lock with her killer leg strength" as one of my friends contact pics if we're talking about your animatics and favorite frames

have a high quality window lock kick

BTS Reaction | comforting their s/o after pet loss

request: “Hello, just recently my first pet passed away and I’m really heartbroken about it and keep blaming myself and wondering how things would have turned out if I took care of him differently. How would the bts members comfort their s/o?”

Kim Seokjin 

“I wish I could fix this. I can’t bear seeing you crying.” And that’s true. There was nothing he could do to bring your loved pet back but what he can do is to be by your side and give you as much comfort with his presence as he could. “I know your strong, I know you’ll get over this just keep going.” He would pull you into a hug and let you cry, while gently stroking your back.

Min Yoongi

“Do you want to go for a walk? Get fresh air?” He would know that everything around you just reminds you of your loss, so he would try to get you out of here and help you get your mind free. Outside, he would hold your hand, give you his jacket if it’s windy and would listen to you, if you feel ready to talk about it.

Kim Namjoon

“Do you want to talk about it? Or do you want to me to just hold your hand?” He would know that it’s hard to talk about it, if it just happened recently. So he would hold your hand, cuddle you and try his best to make you comfortable again. He would start to talk about something, like about a tv show he saw or his band members to distract you, till you feel okay enough to talk about your feelings.

Jung Hoseok

“We don’t need to talk, if you don’t want to.” He would pull you into his chest, rest his chin on your head and let you cry it out. “We’ll get trough this together, you’re not alone.” Later, when you feel a little better, he would cook something nice for you and watch your favourite movie together.

Park Jimin

He would go get some ice cream and cuddle with you till you feel better, carefully listen to all your feelings and try his best to cheer you up again. “Everything will be ok, believe me.” He would take good care of you the following days and stay by your side, to make sure you’re really okay.

Jeon Jungkook

At first, he would be overwhelmed too. Seeing you cry really breaks his heart so he would hug you tightly and try his best to comfort you. “I know you’re feeling terrible, just know that I’m by your side whenever you need me.” Jungkook would stay the night and cuddle with you till you fall asleep and wake you up with breakfast in bed the next morning.

Kim Taehyung

He would let you cry for as long as you wanted to, even though seeing you cry is the hardest for him. Taehyung would do everything to cheer you up again by making silly things and trying to cook something for you what would end in him having to buy takeout food. “I know I’m not a good cooker but I thought it would be easier, how could I know that it burns that easily?” With his bubbly personality, he would make you smile again.

The Avengers Preference: How they cheer you up when you're sad

Bruce: He notices the changes in your behavior immediately, but before he’d talk about it, he would make you coffee/tea/your favourite drink and bring it to you in bed. Then he’d get in with you, ask about it all and if there’s anything he can do, and you’d end up cuddling your sadness away while discussing about deep, philosophical things and making bad science jokes.

Bucky: He notices easily when you’re upset, but he also knows you well enough to realize that pressuring you to talk would only make it worse. Instead, he would just subtly hint that you can tell him everything and anything that’s bothering you, and he’d do all kinds of small things to make your day better: he’d hold your hand whenever he could, and he would listen to your every word with great care. He’d hug you a little tighter than usual, kiss you a little deeper, sit closer to you and whisper sweet nothings and cheesy jokes to your ear to bring the smile back to your face.

Clint: When he sees you’re feeling down, he would either ask directly what’s wrong, or he’d try to distract you from your gloomy thoughts, depending on how you’re acting. If it’s the former, he’d sit close to you, his arm wrapped around your shoulders, listening attentively as you vent to him about what ruined your mood, and then he’d suggest different things to help solving your problem and to cheer you up. If it’s the latter, he’d ask what you’d like to do, and then he’d do that with you. Alternatively, he might also take you ice-skating because seeing him stumble around with the skates never fails to make you laugh.

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Natasha: Being no stranger to sadness and darker thoughts herself, and having known you for so long, she’d know exactly what to do: nothing. She knows the best way to cheer you up isn’t to do something specific, but to simply sit or lay down in bed together, fingers intertwined and just listening to the other’s breathing and the world around you, possibly quietly chatting about random things. She’d hold you tightly and she’d listen to you without interrupting, in case you’d feel like sharing what upset you, and she wouldn’t let go until you’d feel better.

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Pietro: He would be like an exaggerated version of himself: he’d act funny, tell stupid jokes and do silly things to make you smile again. He’d tell a bad pun after another, challenge you in tickle fights, play video games, have movie/tv-show marathons; he’d do anything to make your sadness go away, and sometimes that includes asking Wanda for advice. If it was another person who ruined your day, he would go to have a word with them, but cheering you up and making sure you’re happy are always his primary goals.

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Sam: He sees through you and reads you like an open book, so he has no difficulty spotting when you’re sad, even if you try fooling with him fake smiles. He’d find out why you’re feeling down and he’d act accordingly: heartfelt talks, long hugs, movie nights, peaceful walks outside, candlelit dinners, small surprises hidden in your stuff, extra bad jokes to make you laugh. Whatever it is you need, he’s ready for that, and he always knows the best way to make you feel better.

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Steve: He gets overly worried whenever you feel even a tiny bit blue, and when something really gets to you and upsets you, he’d do everything in his power it make it right again. He loves it when you smile, and seeing you cry breaks his heart - you can be sure he’ll be there for you whenever you need him. He’d bring you the things you need and what you ask for, and even what you don’t, he’d do everything for you, he’d make sure you’re as cozy as possible and he wouldn’t go far away, in case you’d need him. He’d most likely be within touching distance whenever he isn’t holding your hand or hugging you.

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Thor: Feelings, identifying them and talking about them aren’t exactly his forte, and he might be confused as to why you’re feeling sad. He doesn’t like seeing you that way, however, so he’d try to cheer you up although he’s unsure of what he should do and it’d be quite clumsy. He’d do what he can to make you feel better, and in the end he always succeeds.

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Tony: Even with you, he’s not comfortable discussing feelings, so he wouldn’t just ask what’s wrong, and would go on about his day normally. He’d do all kinds of little things, however, to cheer you up, thinking you won’t notice: he’d spend even more time with you than usual, order your favourite takeaway so no one has to cook, he’d take you out to see that new film you’ve talked about for weeks. He might show you the new gadgets he’s working on and even let you test them.

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Wanda: Even without her mind-reading powers she’d know something’s bugging you since she knows you in and out. She is always going to be there when you need her and if you want to talk, but if you need space instead, that’s what she’ll give you. When you feel like talking, she’ll listen and offer advice and comfort, hug you and shower you with tiny kisses to your cheeks, doing her best to make you feel better again.

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+ Bonus!

Loki: Although he isn’t the kind of person to show his feelings easily, Loki hates to see you feeling down and he would go out of his way to improve your mood. He’ll patiently listen to you rant about what upset you, and he’ll take mental notes about everything you say so he can take care of whoever or whatever caused your sadness. He’d take you out to the most beautiful places on Asgard/earth, and make sure he’ll stay with you until you feel better, and even after that. He won’t let you go to bed feeling sad.

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BTS Reaction To You Having A Bad Day

Namjoon: Namjoon would try to make you feel better offering you to stay inside and watch that one movie you absolutely love. Throughout the whole movie he’d tell you how amazing you are and that tomorrow it’ll be a better day.

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Taehyung: Taehyung would try to distract you from thinking about how horrible your day was. You two would build a fort and watch dramas together. Afterwards, he would start tickling your side loving to see that your sadden face is now brighter.

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Hoseok: Hoseok would be saying stupid jokes and making a fool of himself hoping to crack a smile out of you. He hates seeing you down and if it meant being looked at weirdly by the other members to see that bright smile on your face it was all worth it.

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Jin: Jin would honestly make your favorite dessert to make you feel better. He would listen to all your worries and cuddle with you as he hummed a soft little melody as both of you fall to sleep. Your bad day didn’t seem so bad after all.

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Jungkook: Jungkook without a doubt will do anything in his well to make you happy again. Telling you silly things and dancing badly to girl group songs. 

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Yoongi: Yoongi wouldn’t find the right words to comfort you so he’d just hold you in his arms and listen to you tell him everything that’s been going wrong/bothering you. 

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Jimin: Jimin would be extra sweet and be very lovey dovey with you. He wanted you to forget about your bad day and just think of him and you. 

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☽  ♪♫ “𝐹𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉𝒾𝓃𝑔  𝑒𝓋𝒾𝓁  𝒷𝓎  𝓂𝑜𝑜𝓃𝓁𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉~” ♪♫  ☾

I saw people making memes out of Cor Leonis being a CORgi, so I… just happen to thought of something. LUNAfreya’s name tho’. DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? xDD Hi5 if you get it.

My Masterlist

This is my first time doing a masterlist! In no particular order, here is everything I’ve written:


Embracing the Apocalypse:

(After a mysterious tragedy befalls Rebecca, she must become a citizen of the Sanctuary out of necessity. Can she adapt to a brutal society after years of living free in an undead world? Will she revolt against the rules? Or lay back, think of England, and embrace the apocalypse?)


  1. A Light in the Darkness (Negan sees a light in the distance and follows it until he finds its source, a woman taking refuge under a bridge.)
  2. Sparks (Follow Up to A Light in the Darkness. Written for @negans–dirty–girl‘s writing challenge. Rose catches Negan enjoying a little personal attention in his sleeping bag.)
  3. Double-Dare (This is a little something I wrote for Ash’s 2k Writing Challenge. It’s a one-shot in which a boredom-induced game of Truth or Dare leads to sexy consequences for Negan and two of his wives…Namely, a smutty, dirty threesome! Enjoy!)
  4. Guys Like Him (It’s a smutty, little story about Negan and Olivia that takes place after the events of All Out War (so, comic spoilers after this point!) while Negan is in jail. After messing up his bath schedule, Olivia has to get Negan clean all by herself. This, ironically, leads to both of them getting nice and dirty. If you know what I mean!)
  5. Nightclubbing (Sarah hates her life of drudgery working for points as a citizen of The Sanctuary. She learns about a semi-secret place in the building where Negan goes to look for his next wife and begins to devise a plan to seduce her leader. Will her scheme work?)
  6. Lets Get It On (Rebecca gets woken up from a nap by Negan doing a striptease for her. Things get silly and then sexy…and then silly again.)
  7. Overtime (A pre-apocalypse Negan story set in his former life as a middle school gym teacher / coach. Negan asks Kristen, one of the school’s admins, to stay late with him and catch up on some work. Sexy office sex happens!

Just to clarify how much my party (mainly sascha) like to draw all over the roll20 maps. The 4th one is kinda bare cause i had to use the dreaded “Clear Drawings” button when drawing was taking precedence over combat one time, sometimes i can be a grumpy DMily >.>

Ask liz why That Image appears on every map though :p 

These are all the i guess dungeon maps from the 2nd module i ran from the Tales of the Yawning Portal book of old dnd modules updated to 5th edition The Forge of Fury.
It was a good time, i wanted to run this as it’s a like real multi-level dungeon ending with a fight vs a dragon i think has a real Classic Dungeons and Dragons feel to it? It also allowed me to involve character backstories and reasons for them to leave the Neverwinter area to go north to do this thing even though i had to stop playing kobold NPCs which was a huge sacrifice i loved being Meepo so much :( :( But they’re going back down south so i get to be kobolds and goblins again and do silly voices awwww yisssss.

Bad things that happen:
Valeria the Paladin is currently 40 years older than she should be, the next adventure will definitely involve the reward being a Greater Restoration spell lmao.
Perrin the HMO Cleric fucking ate shit to the dragon, she ignored the plan and went into melee combat and ate exactly enough damage to die from the Massive Damage rules >.> (52 damage on 11d8 breath attack to a 26hp total)

Good things that happen:
Everyone who survived is stuffed full of gold, they recovered several very pricey swords for Loyal the Bard’s Boyfriend’s theatre school friend Baron Sebastian (who despite Loyal’s theories did not murder his brother to become baron)
Valeria’s long term plan to build a tower near the kobolds and goblins to protect them and let them start a farming and trading community is great and could definitely use the gold to start up.
The party favoured negotiation with a group of Duergar despite Excellence the Warlock’s constant suggestions to just kill them so they could all explore the last room on that floor (it was a fucking bathroom)
Loyal wild magic surged into a goat again (as well as a huge blue bald man covered in fog surrounded by eerie background music)
We decided this campaign and my last one are happening in the same world at the same time as some of the players want to revisit old characters so a bunch of silly jokes about minor connections in characters backgrounds or things that might happen are now All Canon.

Thank you to my players, i love you all @gallimimimus, @amarlex, @mostbeautifulgirl, @pigeonvampire, @gaycatdotcom.

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sits men trying to stop mc committing suicide after the death of all her family memebers (mom dad sibiling)

Base on MC POV

I suddenly received news from your hometown Neighbour that my parents had just passed away in a fatal car accident. I feel my whole world collapse. My boyfriend accompany me back to my hometown to settle the funeral. I decide to stay a few more days to calm myself and he agree. He even stays with me too. However, the sadness is just too much to take.

Kyohei Rikudoh
Kyohei brought me to a nearby beach to take a walk. I know his intention is to let me forget my unhappiness. However, it is just too much to take. While he steps away to get us a drink, I wonder deep into the sea myself. I should just end my life here. I continue walking until I can’t feel the ground anymore and the seawater is above my head. When I am running out of air soon, I were suddenly pull out of the water. I start coughing and realized it was Kyohei who pulls me out.

“What the hell you are doing?” Kyohei scolded me after we reached the shore.

“I can’t take it anymore.” I cried.

“I am with you. I will take care of you. Please don’t do this again. I am really freak up just now. Promise me to stay with me.” Kyohei pleaded as he comfort me. He then hold me in his arms.

Iori Enjo
I told Iori I need want to take a walk alone. As I wonder around the street myself, I can’t help recall the happy times I spent with my parents. I just cope with their loss. I end up walk in to a building and get on to their roof top. Standing at the edge of the roof, I just wanted to end my life. Suddenly I were pull back as I am about to step out. Then someone hug me tightly from behind. I knew it was Iori from his body scent.

“Why are you so foolish. Have you thought about me when you want to jump off?” Iori said painfully.

“Sorry! But I am just so hurt so painful. Just let me end my life.” I cried.

“If you want to jump, I will jump down with you. If you don’t want me to die, please live as well. I can’t live without you too.” Iori pleaded as he tighten his hold.

Kota Igarashi
I been having problems getting to sleep. So I seen a doctor and was prescribed with sleeping pill. However, I still having problem falling asleep tonight. The pain is too much for me to take. Looking at the bottle of pill, I simply reach out and pour many pills onto my hand. As I am about to put it my mouth, my hand was pushed away and the pills scatter all over the floor.

“What are you doing? Lucky I came in to bring you a glass of warm milk. I cannot imagine if I came in late.” Kota scolded as he pull me close to him.

“I am sorry but it is just too painful. I don’t want to be alone.” I cried.

“You have me. How can you be alone? I will be here with you forever. So don’t ever do anything stupid again.” Kota said as he tighten his hold on me.

Nagito Aoshima
I lie to him that I need to buy something from the nearby shop. I don’t even know how to talk to him recently. It is too much to bear it. As I walk aimlessly along the road, a thought flash into my mind. With that, I walk out toward the busy road and decide to just end my life on the spot. Just as a car was horning loudly to ask me to move, I found myself been pull back to the roadside. I turn and saw Nagito’s pale face looking down at me.

“What do you think you are doing? Lucky I follow you.” Nagito rebuke as he pulls you close to his chest.

“Sorry! But I don’t have any more family members left. It is so miserable.” I sobbed.

“Silly girl! Aren’t me your family member too? What is going to happen to me if you are gone. Please don’t ever to do that again.” Nagito sobbed as his tighten his grips on you.

Takashi Ninagawa
In the bathroom, I am soaking in the bathtub after the shower. Tears can’t help but keep flowing down to my cheeks. Why is heaven making me suffer like that. I lost all my family. With that in mind, I sink myself under the water. My breathing is getting hard but I told myself not to get out. As I almost lost my conscious, a strong pair of arms drag me out of the water. A towel was wrap around me and I am carry out to the bedroom.

“I really freak up just now. Why are you doing this to yourself?” Takashi asked nervously.

“Sorry! I just don’t know how to live anymore.” I cried.

“You still have me. I will always be here for you. Please don’t do such silly thing again. I cannot imagine my life without you.” Takashi sobbed as he hold you close to his chest.

(tidak) benar-benar ada

Hujan sedang turun di kotaku saat ini. Dan entah mengapa aku hanya ingin sejenak menghilang dari segala dunia yang aku miliki. Menghindari segala percakapan, dengan siapapun. Menonaktifkan handphone dalam kurun waktu beberapa jam terakhir.

Satu kenangan mencoba mengintip dari balik memori …

Aku tidak pernah menyalahkan hujan sedikitpun terhadap rindu maupun kenangan yang seringkali hadir bersamanya. Aku juga tidak menyalahkan siapa-siapa atas jarak yang tiba-tiba saja tercipta. Atas sekat yang mungkin saja terbangun secara tidak sadar. Tidak, aku bukan seperti mereka yang kerap merutuki hal yang jelas-jelas sebenarnya itu semua ada pada kendali kita sendiri. Kenangan, rindu, perasaan dan segalanya jelas bisa kita control sendiri. Percayalah!

Tak pernah mudah menjalani kehidupan yang kita miliki, terlebih dengan kehidupan yang aku miliki. Bila mereka semua mengenakan topeng, aku tidak. Aku hanya menyimpan apa yang tak perlu orang lain tahu. Tak menyembunyikannya sama sekali, hanya menjaganya agar tak terlihat siapapun.

Bukan berarti aku enggan berbagi. Hanya saja sedikit sekali yang bisa melihat luka yang kupunya. Aku tak seperti yang lain, tak bisa berceloteh begitu saja tentang luka yang sempat menggoresku. Aku lebih memilih diam, dan membiarkan orang lain yang menemukannya lalu bertanya jika memang mereka ingin mendekat.

Ada bahagia yang menyeruak ketika kamu menyadarinya. Menyusup ke dalam, mencari tahu asal muasal lukaku yang menganga. Aku menghargai setiap detik yang berlalu bersamamu. Menikmati setiap celoteh yang tak henti memenuhi ruang ingatan. Bila ada yang bertanya mengenai rasa yang kumiliki untukmu, percayalah bahwa aku memang menyayangimu, tapi aku tak bisa mengungkapkan lebih selain itu. Yang aku tahu hanyalah bahwa benar aku memang bahagia berada di dekatmu.

Fase bergantung dengan orang lain sudah pernah kulewati dulu. Pun begitu dengan fase dimana ketika perasaan ikut campur dengan segala rasa bahagia maupun rasa nyaman yang ada. Katanya hanya ada 2 pilihan ketika segalanya bergulir. Yaitu menjauh atau mengakui. Kurasa tak perlu ada yang aku pilih. Karena perlahan namun pasti kamu bergerak menjauh. Meninggalkan aku sendirian (lagi). Dan aku lupa bahwa sebenarnya kamu belum pernah utuh berada di sampingku. Bahwa sebenarnya aku tak pernah suka ketika aku harus menjadi lemah, merengek atau sekedar nyampah dengan beragam keluhan seputar kehidupan kepada siapapun, termasuk kamu.

Candu, itu saja yang aku tahu kala itu. Dan kamu berhasil membuatku mencapai titik terlemah itu lagi. Dan kali ini aku lelah harus mengiba atau memintamu kembali. Setidaknya aku tidak adiksi berat kepadamu. Setidaknya aku sudah mempersiapkan segalanya ketika kamu tak lagi mampu untuk digapai. Setidaknya aku tahu bahwa pertemuan akan selalu begulir menjadi perpisahan serta kehilangan. Apapun itu, you’re the best damn things that I ever had! And the point is,  you (dan semua orang lainnya) really did too many good things for me.

Jika nanti kamu membaca ini, kemudian kamu bertanya-tanya siapa subjek yang kumaksud dengan “kamu” dalam tulisan ini, coba tanya saja hatimu, apakah itu kamu atau bukan. Jika setelah ini kamu pergi semakin menjauh, terserah, aku tak akan mempermasalahkan itu. Jika setelah ini kamu enggan untuk sekedar menyapa kembali, itu sepenuhnya hakmu, dan aku tak akan pernah mengusik apapun. Well, klimaksnya adalah aku sedang rindu kamu yang hadir untuk mendengarkan. Sedang ingin doing silly things together, again. Sedang khawatir akan keadaanmu, karena aku tahu kamu tak pernah baik-baik saja. Sedang ingin kamu yang seperti biasanya saja. Aku hanya sedang ingin, dan sepertinya sedang terjebak dalam ruang ingatan masa lalu, bersamamu.

ditulis dalam keadaan yang setengah mati jenuh dengan setumpuk pekerjaan. lalu lupa ingin melakukan apa, kemudian hanya terlintas ingin menuliskan apa yang tiba-tiba menari-nari di dalam kepala

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Fic: Reciprocity

Fic: Reciprocity | Word Count: ~1500 | ao3 link 

Summary: Episode Tag for 5x09 ‘Frenemies’. Sebastian sees Kurt and Elliot’s selfie, and offers Blaine the chance for payback.

Notes: This is something silly and fun I wrote for alannastark88. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. Just something I wrote quickly because she always leaves me lovely comments. I’m forcing myself to post without revisions lest it turn into A Thing. One-sided Seblaine implications, and implied klaine. 

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